PorchTalk - Porch de Salomon

PorchTalk - Porch de Salomon

Porch de Salomon Panajachel, Guatemala www.porchdesalomon.org and on Lloyd and Melanie Monroe Founders/Directors [email protected] 011.502.5141.0...

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Porch de Salomon Panajachel, Guatemala www.porchdesalomon.org and on Lloyd and Melanie Monroe Founders/Directors [email protected] 011.502.5141.0335 [email protected] 011.502.7762.0876 Mirna Recinos Aceituno Solomon’s Porch/Hotel California [email protected] 011.502.7762.0793 Noe Benjamin Perez Humanitarian Relief Director [email protected] 011.502.5945.1313 Will and Amber Deeds Assistant Directors [email protected] [email protected] Betty Conley, R.N. Medical Coordinator [email protected] 011.502.5350.0248 Rex Ware Stateside Support Team [email protected] 850.933.0344

PorchTalk Volume 98

NURTURING GROWTH (Seeds of Hope 2) I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. Paul at I Corinthians 3:6 June was a tremendous growth month for our mission ministry. We started three new house builds and hosted a different short-term team each week! We love those volunteers helping us nurture the “seeds of hope” planted by Porch de Salomon (as per last month’s newsletter theme). We avoid “drive-by ministry” --- we strive to stay connected with families we serve (for example, families which have received a new house) and demonstrate, in tangible ways, God’s faithfulness to them. It is great to see a family’s, or a team member’s, faith, perspective, and commitment grow. Paul Schutes, a Christ the Shepherd Youth Team chaperone, wrote: Two things struck me during my time in and around Panajachel. First, the incredible juxtaposition between the beauty of the surrounding area and the depth of the poverty in so many of the local villages you serve. And then there are the two of you – real, authentic, relatable, talented and beyond 100% sold out for “the lost, the least and the last.” You are powerful witnesses to what I certainly believe God calls His people to be and the work He would want to accomplish through each of us. But so few people answer His call and lay their lives down for Him to the extent you have – certainly I have not. The work of the Porch exudes your passion and excitement and it mirrors your relatable approach. Yours is a powerful mission, not focused on simply “giving” someone in need something but providing an opportunity for a future by planting, and nurturing, seeds of hope. *** May God be praised for any good Paul (below, second from left) sees in us. We also praise and thank God, as always, for our mission partners and donors, like many of you, who help keep our long-term team and us “in the field” and in the nurturing “business.” Gracias! Lloyd and Melanie (Below) Amarilis finally grew enough to receive her first cleft-palate repair surgery. She receives monthly milk, and more, from Porch.

Fred Thomson, Leslie Redding Co-treasurers [email protected] 850.559.5960 [email protected] 850.228.5947

Tax-deductible Donations: Porch de Salomon PO Box 10509 Tallahassee FL 32302-2509 Or on-line www.porchdesalomon.org *Short-term mission teams in Guatemala *Humanitarian relief for indigenous families *Solomon’s Porch café ministry *Live music outreach * Helping transform churches

July 2013

(Above) Team Christ the Shepherd Youth (34 strong! from Georgia) poses with Inocenta’s family in the foundation of their new house. All the building material was hand-carried up in steep Santa Catarina --go team! Check out the “million dollar view” this family will enjoy.

“For the lost, the least, and the last”

WATERING WITH SWEAT (EQUITY) Without exception, each family that receives a new house gets involved in the building process, right down to little children carrying materials up. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with these sweet indigenous folk is one of our teams’ favorite things. It changes hearts; both of the teamers and of the family members.

Element3 teamer Karen was part of the tough block-brigade up to Santa’s house in El Duraznal.

We appreciate the families’ investment in their houses and the pride with which they care for their house later. Of course, we also appreciate our visitors’, and our local building workers’, great efforts in building these life-changing houses.

Santa’s son Juan Carlos and E3 teamer Mike dug the septic tank

Santa’s son Daniel (11) carried an amazing number of blocks up

“If you had a mere kernel of faith, a poppy seed….there is nothing you wouldn’t be able to tackle.” Jesus, at Matthew 17:20 (MSJ)

(Left) Team E3 celebrates “blocks up” with the family. (Above, at right) Multi-talented Pastor Eric Case added his superb lead guitar work at Pana Rock that evening!

SPEAKING OF FAITH…. Faith Presbyterian Church (Tallahassee, FL) was our third team of the month. They funded and staffed four free village medical clinics (417 patients) and worked on Santa’s house as well. Special thanks to team leaders Larry Wood, Mary Rivers Cooper, and Rev. Bea Miller for their leadership and promo. We also thank our North Carolina State Master’s program intern Erica (below, second from left) for being such a hard and positive worker all summer.

Ol’ pal Bill Peebles (right) and new pal Bill Lange (left) pitched in with great hopes to help our partnership with the Casa Tat Loy drug/alcohol rehabilitation center across the lake. Porch de Salomon’s base monthly budget is $8000. We operate in high impact/low overhead fashion, and provide “seeds” of help and hope to hundreds of folks each month. Your faithful and generous financial donations fund all this as well as special projects. Thank you for nurturing and “watering” our work with your tax-deductible gifts. Please use our donation information on page one, or contact me at [email protected] or Rex at 850.933.0344, to make a gift or if you have questions or ideas. Gracias! Lloyd

EYES OPENED My week in Panajachel touched my heart and has been etched into my memory forever. This was my first time I outside the USA. I have always dreamed of traveling; just having my passport stamped made my week! This was my first mission trip and I don’t think I could have picked a better ministry to support. Porch de Salomon is “progressive”; the fact you aren’t “Bible thumpers” and don’t shove Jesus in people’s faces make it successful and impactful. You guys have changed what a missionary looks like to me. I used to think missionaries were holier-than-thou people who mostly talked about God. You are regular people and love and accept everyone for who they are. That’s amazing! I thought I couldn’t really help a family like Inocenta’s—their story was too heart-breaking. Carrying building material up and working with her family changed that. Now, my eyes are open to a world of possibilities of helping others. Muchas, muchas gracias for this week and for everything the Porch does for this area. With love, Hannah Glass,16 (Team CTS Youth)

PRAISES and PRAYERS *Everyone, everything and every “seed of hope” mentioned in this issue * Funding and resourcing for our multi-faceted work and outreach * “Guatemala Joe” Swartz * Will and Amber Deeds stateside furlough/promo (through early August). Follow them www.deedsville.org

(Below) Guadalupe’s family of 16 is shown at their house dedication! Noe jokingly called this complicated project “my nightmare”. The family’s comments were especially gratifying. W e will continue to nurture the seeds of hope everyone who funded and worked on this house planted. Please pray for them all as well as our hope for an eventual second floor.

(Above) Lila celebrated her 55th birthday (and 19 months of sobriety!) after our worship gathering. We are nurturing her with a baby-bootie business micro-loan. We hope for self-sufficiency for her.

Porch de Salomon PO Box 10509 Tallahassee FL 32302-2509 www.porchdesalomon.org and on