Portrait Dolls Listing - Peggy Nisbet Dolls

Portrait Dolls Listing - Peggy Nisbet Dolls

Page 1 of 8 Portrait Dolls Listing P/209 P/210 P/216 P/238 P/248 P/249 P/256 P/275 P/329 P/400 P/401 P/402 P/403 P/404 P/405 P/406 P/407 P/408 P/409 ...

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Portrait Dolls Listing P/209 P/210 P/216 P/238 P/248 P/249 P/256 P/275 P/329 P/400 P/401 P/402 P/403 P/404 P/405 P/406 P/407 P/408 P/409 P/410 P/411 P/411 P/412 P/413 P/414 P/415 P/416 P/417 P/418 P/419 P/420 P/421 P/422 P/423 P/424 P/425 P/426 P/427 P/428 P/429 P/430 P/431

Mary, Queen of Scots - Fotheringay Costume Charles Edward Stuart - "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Lady Jane Grey - The 9 Days' Queen of England Margaret Tudor Lady Diana Anne of Denmark Margaret of Anjou Nell Gwyn Royal Herald (Court Dress and Royal Arms Tabard) Queen Elizabeth 11 - State Robes (new crown from Feb 79) Queen Elizabeth 11 - Garter Robes Prince Charles - Garter Robes H.R.H Prince Philip - Garter Robes H.R.H Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - Garter Robes H.R.H Princess Anne (Wedding Dress) Queen Elizabeth II - Robes of the Order of the Thistle Captain Mark Phillips (Wedding) (red jacket) Queen Elizabeth II - Trooping of the Colour Prince Charles - Grenadier Guards - Trooping the Colour Prince Philip as Admiral of the Fleet Prince Charles - State Robes (as worn at his investiture as P of Wales) Prince Charles - State Robes (Red with white fur and gold trim) Princess Anne - Informal Riding Dress Prince Andrew Balmoral Prince Edward - Balmoral (Kilt) Queen Elizabeth II - Silver Jubilee H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Princess Margaret - State Dress King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor Mrs. Simpson, Duchess of Windsor King Edward VI Princess Elizabeth Princess Margaret Rose - Coronation Prince Charles - Uniform of the Royal Regiment of Wales Lord Mountbatten The Queen Mother - 80th Birthday - State Dress Prince Charles - Colonel-in Chief of the Gordon Highlanders Prince Andrew Lady Diana Spencer (Engagement) Archbishop of Canterbury Elder Bridesmaid - Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones Younger Bridesmaid - Clementine Hambro © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/434 P/435 P/436 P/437 P/438 P/439 P/440 P/441 P/450 P/451 P/452 P/453 P/453 P/454 P/455 P/456 P/457 P/458 P/459 P/460 P/461 P/462 P/463 P/464 P/465 P/466 P/467 P/468 P/469 P/482 P/489 P/507 P/538 P/589 P/559 P/592 P/600 P/601 P/602 P/602 P/603 P/604

The Duchess of Kent Princess Michael of Kent Princess Margaret Princess Alexandra Princess Anne - Formal State Dress Prince Andrew Naval Uniform Prince Edward - University Cape Princess Anne Evening Dress Queen Anne Prince George of Denmark Queen Mary II King William III (William of Orange) Queen Mother, (85th Birthday) Queen Mary I (Mary Tudor) - Bloody Mary King Philip II of Spain King Richard Ill Lady Anne Neville King Louis XVI Marie Antoinette Napoleon Bonoparte Josephine Beauharis Horatio, Lord Nelson Emma, Lady Hamilton Shah of Iran Empress Farah of Iran Empress of Austria (Sisi) King Charles II Nell Gwyn Georgina - Duchess of Devonshire Queen Mary II Marie Antoinette Queen Mary James IV of Scotland, and I of England Queen Mother (Limited or Special Edition) King James IV Lady Randolph Churchill Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I Sir Francis Drake (part of "The Spanish Armada" LE Set) Katherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/605 P/606 P/607 P/608 P/608 P/609 P/610 P/611 P/612 P/613 P/614 P/615 P/616 P/617 P/618 P/618 P/619 P/620 P/621 P/622 P/623 P/624 P/625 P/626 P/627 P/628 P/629 P/630 P/631 P/633 P/635 P/636 P/637 P/638 P/639 P/639 P/640 P/641 P/642 P/643 P/644 P/645

Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr Mary, Queen of Scots - Wedding Gown Mary, Queen of Scots - Holyrood Dress King Charles 1 Queen Victoria - Widow King Edward VII in State Robes (new crown from Feb 79) Queen Alexandra King George V Queen Mary Sir Winston Churchill - Robes of the Order of the Garter Sir Walter Scott William Shakespeare Robert (Robbie) Burns Robert (Robbie) Burns Bonnie Prince Charlie Flora MacDonald Cardinal Wolsey Sir Francis Drake Mary Tudor Prince Albert Mary Rose - (Sister of Henry VIII) Mary Livingston Mary Beaton, Mary Seaton Mary Fleming Henry, Lord Darnley James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, 3rd Husband of Mary, Queen of Scots Flora MacDonald John Knox King Edward VI Robert Bruce King James VI of Scotland - (King James I of England) King Charles II (Old) King Charles II (New) Pope John XX111 Princess of Wales 1875 King Henry VI Margaret of Anjou King Edward IV Elizabeth Wydeville © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/646 Warwick, the Kingmaker P/647 Anne, Countess of Warwick P/648 King Richard III P/649 Anne Neville (Queen Anne?) P/650 (a) Edward V (One of the two Princes in the Tower) P/650 (b) Duke of York (One of the two Princes in the Tower) P/651 King Henry VI1 P/652 Queen Elysabeth of York P/653 King Henry VIII - (Blue Cloak) P/654 Lady Elizabeth Raleigh P/655 Lady Elizabeth Drake P/656 The Laughing Cavalier P/657 Romeo P/658 Juliet P/660 Lady Jane Grey - The 9 Days' Queen of England P/661 Mary, Queen of Scots P/662 Marie Antoinette P/671 Campbell of Argyle P/672 MacDonald of the Isles P/673 MacLeods P/674 Stewarts P/675 Camerons P/676 Sinclairs P/677 Mistress of the Robes P/678 Earl Marshall P/680 Elizabeth I (for the Heritage Theatre, Stratford-on Avon) P/681 Earl of Leicester (for the Heritage Theatre Stratford-on-Avon) P/682 William Shakespeare (for the Heritage Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon) P/685 Oliver Twist P/686 Artful Dodger P/687 Fagin P/688 Bill Sikes P/689 Nancy P/690 Mr. Bumble P/691 Queen Elizabeth 1 (special) P/692 Sir Francis Drake (special) P/693 King Philip II of Spain P/694 Anna of Austria P/695 Sir Walter Raleigh P/696 Napoleon Bonoparte P/697 Empress Josephine P/698 Duke of Wellington © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/699 P/700 P/701 P/702 P/703 P/704 P/705 P/706 P/707 P/708 P/709 P/710 P/710 P/711 P/712 P/713 P/714 P/715 P/716 P/717 P/718 P/719 P/723 P/724 P/725 P/726 P/727 P/728 P/729 P/730 P/731 P/732 P/733 P/734 P/735 P/736 P/737 P/738 P/750 P/751 P/752 P/753

Charlotte, Duchess of Richmond Duke of Gordon Queen Victoria General George Washington Martha Washington Paul Revere Indian Warrior King George III - State Robes Queen Charlotte, Consort of George III Queen Victoria - State Robes King George V Queen Mary Queen Mary, Consort of George V - State Robes King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor (As Governor of the Bahamas) King George VI Queen Elizabeth, Consort of George VI - State Robes Lily Langtry - Black Dress Abraham Lincoln Mary Todd Lincoln John F Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy Flora MacDonald - Scottish Jacobite Heroine Thomas Jefferson Martha Jefferson Randolph - (Daughter of Thomas Jefferson) Franklin D Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt John Adams Abigail Adams Benjamin Franklin Will Rogers Theodore Roosevelt Edith Roosevelt Harry S. Truman Elizabeth (Bess) Truman Dwight D. Eisenhower Ronald Reagan - Inaugural Ball Nancy Reagan - Inaugural Ball Gown Ronald Reagan - at the "Western White House" Clark Gable - as Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind" Vivien Leigh - as Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" Jean Harlow in "Bombshell" Greta Garbo in "Camille" © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/754 P/755 P/756 P/757 P/758 P/759 P/761 P/763 P/764 P/768 P/769 P/770 P/771 P/776 P/777 P/778 P/779 P/785 P/786 P/787 P/788 P/789 P/790 P/791 P/792 P/793 P/794 P/795 P/796 P/797 P/798 P/799 P/800 P/801 P/809 P/820 P/820 P/821 P/822 P/823 P/824 P/825

Judy Garland - in "Meet Me in St Louis" Charlie Chaplin - as the Tramp, in "City Lights" Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy Elizabeth Taylor in "Father of the Bride" W. C. Fields as Micawber in "David Copperfield" Vivien Leigh Danny Kaye in "Hans Christian Anderson" Bob Hope in "The Road to Morocco" Stan Laurel - in "Swiss Miss" Oliver Hardy - in "Swiss Miss" Doris Day in "Calamity Jane" (Never Issued – See “Limited Editions” for details) Vera Lynn - The Forces' Sweetheart (Never Issued – See “Limited Editions” for details) Britannia The Statue of Liberty John Bull Uncle Sam Captain James Cook Lady Brooke, Countess of Warwick The Honourable Alice Keppel Lillie Langtry - coloured silk dress Princess Victoria, Empress of Germany Kaiser Frederick III Tsaritsa Alexandra, Empress of Russia Tsar Nicholas 11 Queen Ena of Spain King Alfonso XIII of Spain Joan of Arc Sir Winston Churchill - (Karsh Portrait) (Morning Suit) Pope John XXIII Captain James Cook Rob Roy St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland Edwardian Lady (Ascot) Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester Charlotte Bronte Joan of Arc Pope John Paul 11 Margaret Thatcher General George Custer Sitting Bull Pocahontas © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/826 Jane Austen P/827 Lord Baden Powell P/828 Lady Baden Powell P/829 14th Century Lady P/830 President Anwar Sadat P/831 Jennifer Jerome (Jenny) - Lady Randolph Churchill P/832 Pope John Paul II - The Pope visits the UK P/833 Archbishop of Canterbury - The Pope visits the UK P/834 Margaret Thatcher - Victory in the Falklands P/835 Oliver Cromwell P/836 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart P/837 Sherlock Holmes P/838 Doctor Watson P/839 Lady Randolph Churchill - (Jennifer Jerome) P/840 Lady Astor - (Nancy Langhorne) P/841 Duchess of Marlborough - (Consuela Vanderbilt) P/842 Emily Pankhurst P/843 Elizabeth Fry P/844 Florence Nightingale P/845 Madame Curie P/846 Carmen P/847 Violetta from "La Traviata" P/848 Madam Butterfly P/849 Mrs Indira Ghandi (Limited Edition) P/850 The Gibson Girl P/851 Gainsborough Lady P/852 Regency Lady P/853 Lillie Langtry P/946 Teddy Roosevelt and "friend" (Query this number) P/1001 Mrs Peggy Nisbet (Silver Anniversary Doll) P/1001 Prince Charles (Royal Visit with Diana) P/1002 King Tutankhamen P/1003 Queen Nefertiti P/1004 H.R.H. Prince Charles - Wedding Model P/1005 H.R.H. Princess of Wales (Princess Diana) - Wedding Model P/1007 H.R.H. Prince Charles - (Royal Birth Model) P/1008a H.R.H. Princess of Wales - (Royal Birth Model) P/1008b The Royal Baby - (Royal Birth Model) P/1009 Mrs Peggy Nisbet - 30th Anniversary Doll P/1012 Queen Elizabeth II P/1013 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother P/1015 Prince Charles - Royal Tour (Klondike) (Part of LE.25) © www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk

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Portrait Dolls Listing (continued) P/1016 P/1018 P/1025 P/1028 P/1029 P/1030 P/1031 P/1032 P/1033 P/1034 P/1035 P/1040 P/1041 P/1042 P/1044 P/1045 P/1046 P.1047 P/1953

Princess Diana - Royal Tour (Klondike) (Part of LE.25) Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth II in Robes of the Order of St Michael and St George (Hamleys Special) Princess Diana (Day Dress) Prince William (Sailor Suit) Prince Harry (in cradle) King Richard III - (Part of LE.27) Boy King Edward V - (Part of LE.27) Boy Richard, Duke of York - (Part of LE.27) Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Wedding) - (Part of LE.28) Sarah Ferguson (Wedding) - (Part of LE.28) Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) (Discontinued after only 40 made) Prince Rainier of Monaco (Discontinued after only 40 made) Teddy Roosevelt and "Friend" (LE.24 is 125th Anniversary edition) Peter Bull - In Memoriam - (with friend) (Limited Edition) Statue of Liberty (Restoration Model - Bronze) Elizabeth I (replica of early Nisbet doll) (white gown, orb & sceptre) (Ltd Ed re-issue of P.601) The Adventuress Queen Elizabeth II - The First Nisbet Doll - Replica Edition (Ceramic) Queen Elizabeth II - Order of the Bath (Special) Prince Philip - Order of the Bath Princess Margaret - Wedding Dress

Specials for the Australian Market Captain Cook Sir Robert Menzies

© www.peggy-nisbet-dolls.co.uk