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Table of content The Concept






Example Shops


Company Timeline


Facts & Figures


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The Concept Customized and fast

Spreadshirt Homepage

Spreadshirt Designer

Spreadshirt allows anyone to start their own clothing label quickly and easily. It

Business Profile

signing, buying and selling their own apparel online. In a few minutes, users can

Branch: Personal Branding/ E-Commerce/ Online-Merchandising

provides everyone from Homer Simpson to Salvador Dali with a platform for decreate one-of-a-kind t-shirts which they can either buy or sell in their free online Spreadshop. The Spreadshop can be easily integrated to their own websites.

Opening a shop with Spreadshirt is free and the only requirements are an inter-

net connection and if you have it, the graphic file you want to use as your design.

Spreadshirt takes care of the rest: from production, shipping, payment processing to customer services and all the tools necessary for selling your merchandise on

Founded: Concept 2001, Start Summer 2002

the internet.

Employees: >250

300,000 web users - from private individuals, companies, teams to music bands -

Brands: (shopplatform), Spreadshirt Designer, Spreadshirt Marketplace , Deutsche Druckservice, laFraise (Shirt Design Competition)

have become shop partners, with access to over 80 products from cotton apparel, to gifts and accessories, all of which are available for customized printing. Users earn a profit on their sales by freely setting a commission onto the base price of each product, which they earn each time a product is sold.

For those who only want to buy a one-off customized item, Spreadshirt develo-

ped the “Spreadshirt Designer”. With just a few clicks, customers can arrange and order their customized apparel or gift with the design and text of their choice.

Spreadshirt offers a centralised Marketplace enabling all users to create, buy and sell the hottest designs and products from one place without having to open a

Spreadshop. Designers submit their designs and set a commission (earned each time their design taken from the Marketplace to be used). Shop partners pick

their favourite designs from the Marketplace and use them to create products for sale in their own Spreadshops.

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Spreadshirt has been distinguished many times for its innovative business concept and its extraordinary growth.

Entrepreneur of the year 2007 in Saxony 3rd place, award for successful entrepreneurship in Saxony given by Sächsische Zeitung

OnlineStar 2006

'Founder of the Year' for Lukasz Gadowski

Europe's Top 500

5th Place among medium-sized companies showing the most potential for growth in Europe, No. 1 in Germany

German Internet Prize 2005 Decoration from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Employment

Champion Founder 2005 for the State of Saxony

Nominated for the German Founder's Prize 2005

Decoration for successful Entrepreneurship from Stern, Sparkassen, McKinsey and the ZDF (German Television Station)

futureSAX 2002 & 2006


Business plan competition for the Free State of Saxony: Winner in the category of 'growth'

Red Herring 100 Europe Award 2006 In the list of the 100 most innovative Companies in Europe from the US economics journal Red Herring

IQ Innovation Prize for Central Germany 2005

HP Business Innovation Award 2004

Central German Company of the Year 2005

Decoration from Consortium of Independent Companies and from Federal Society of Young Companies.

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Over 200 000 Shop Partners to choose from

Canvas Magazine

The UK Lifestyle Magazine has been a partner shop of Spreadshirt since January 2007, providing customisable shirts for the young design scene. php?sid=235347

Goal the movie

Spreadshirt provided a platform for the merchandise shop of popular football film GOAL! The Movie, providing shirts for football and movie fans alike.


MTV opened a Spreadshirt shop as part of their Staying Alive sexual health campaign in 2007. Site users can choose from MTV’s designs or create their own “ME” cartoon character from the interactive website. php?sid=219648


Napster, the pioneer of digital music, has been a shop partner of Spreadshirt since early 2005.

Tommy's The Baby Charity

designs since 2005.

Tommy's exists to save babies' lives through funding research into and providing information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. Spreadshirt provides the platform for the charity’s t-shirt shop, which helps raise money for the cause. php?sid=178872

Hello Magazine

The Register

The Guardian

The Guardian Unlimited cartoons can be printed onto shirts at theguardian. The Guardian Spreadshirt shop has been successfully selling customisable products with their cartoon

Hello is one of the UK’s most popular magazines, covering celebrity news and fashion and lifestyle commentary. The Hello Magazine shop has been selling customised shirts for the magazine website’s readership since 2005.

One of the UK’s top IT sites, The Register’s Cash and Carrion store has been Spreadshirt based since 2007. Quirky shirts from those who “bite the hand that feeds IT”. www.habbo.de

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Shop Examples

Whether whimsical, biting, odd, or political... Spreadshirt lets ideas run wild with individual and unique online marketing. Merchandising allows site oswners to solidify their online community, further their offline presence, and earn from their site's popularity.

2 Smart Monkeys

Festival Shirts

crafted about their person.”

The 2smartmonkeys shirts are inspired by “stuff that we like and that we think other people will like,” says Steve, a simple enough concept that has proved to be highly successful. “It’s about letting people stand out from the mass market crowd and feel a bit freer for having something lovingly

Amorphia Apparel

Former art student Jeremy Kalgreen founded this highly successful Spreadshirt shop aimed at students, slackers, and general ne'er-do-wells -- all with a big sense of humour.


Bestiario’s unique “animal person” tees are becoming a cult hit in Europe and the USA. In 2007, Bestiario designs were featured on hit tv show “The IT Crowd.”

Chuck Norris Shirts

Chuck Norris facts are a viral sensation

- and so are the shirts. Fans of Chuck Norris and his facts can't get enough of these

Created by designer and music lover Frank Prendergast, for those who can't get enough of the Festivals, these quirky shirts have beceome highly popular music festival gear.

The ultimate selection of shirts for nerds, gamers, and anyone with a silly sense of humour, is one of Spreadshirt's top selling stores.

Retro Football Shirts

For those who want more beautiful shirts to go with the beatiful game, Retro Football T Shirts designs for football lovers who like a bit of retro panache on their shirts.

Retro Kiwi

RetroKiwi's site founders noticed how Kiwis around the world sought niche products that helped them celebrate their culture and identity. The site's colletion of "in-joke" Kiwi designs has been a smash hit amongst the Kiwis and one of Spreadshirt's most successful shops.


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Company Timeline

"from e-commerce to social commerce"

Spreadshirt Crew ready for take off.

2001 March

Lukasz Gadowski spends his semester break as an intern at the IT startup (Mundwerk AG) in Berlin

and develops the basic concept for Spreadshirt.


First model for the shop system goes online. First order placed.

Spreadshirt Chefpiloten (Vorstand)

He takes care of IT development, Lukasz Gadowski

takes on marketing and business development, while still continuing his business school studies. The

first automated, complete version of goes online.


Doctors without Borders signs up as Spreadshirt’s

first key account.


Spreadshirt‘s business model wins the FutureSAX

2002 January

competition for most innovative business project.

Spreadshirt celebrates its 100th shop partner.




A competition for new business plans describes Spreadshirt as an „unrealistic business model“.


Spreadshirt reacts to political developments and opens two successful theme shops, „Recession

2003“ and „War in Iraq“.

Spreadshirt founded, Matthias Spiess joins as partner.

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5,000 Shop partners use Spreadshirt services.


Gadowski finishes his master‘s in business


Fellow Leipzig School of Business Management graduate Michael Petersen moves from the business

consulting firm McKinsey to Spreadshirt. He is taken on as partner and managing director for internatio-


nal expansion.


Spreadshirt wins the HP Business Vision Award for

more prominent shop partners.

its „innovative business idea and intelligent use of

eMule and join Spreadshirt as two


Spreadshirt Limited (GmbH) is founded and takes

over business operations from the civil law associa-

tion (GbR).

Germany 2004. The jury recognises Spreadshirt for information technology.“


Spreadshirt Inc. founded in Louisville, USA as a full subsidiary of Spreadshirt GmbH.


2004 March

Spreadshirt opens unique shops in the English and French markets.

November is created as a one-stop shop for per-

Spreadshirt registers its 40,000th shop partner.


Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish markets.

sonalised sportswear, targeted at sports clubs and


Spreadshirt Designer is activated in the Spanish,


25,000 Shop partners use Spreadshirt to offer their

The American Spreadshirt subsidiary begins opera-

Spreadshirt Designer is created, under the name

der USA wird versendet.

own merchandising products online.



tions and sends its first t-shirt.

Spreadshirt opens its own logistics centre with a


duction, distribution and service departments, the


tates higher standards: quicker production time so

create their own Spreadshops.

1,400 square feet area. Supported by its own procompany starts independent activity. This facili-

that products ordered are shipped out within 48 hours.

English and French-speaking shop partners can now


The first Russian Spreadshop goes online.

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Founder of Saxony 2005 by DeGUT (German Foun-


CEO Lukasz Gadowski is chosen as the Champion der and Entrepreneur Days).

Spreadshirt founder Lukasz Gadowski is decorated

Spreadshirt made available in Polish.


Spreadshirt Inc. moves to its new location in


as Central-Germany‘s Entrepreneur of the Year

Greensburg, PA.

A new logo is born. A stylised fingerprint was


Spreadshirt. Over 600 designers worldwide partici-

Spreadshirt is nominated for the renowned German Founders Prize sponsored by Sparkasse, McKinsey

and ZDF and is honoured for successful

selected from the Open Logo Project to represent

pated with over 1,100 entries to the competition.



Spreadshirt leaves its headquarters in the BIC, to


1,200 square meters space available.

modate increased orders. Production and shipping

Spreadshirt also launches the Derby, a nonstop

Spreadshirt moves it‘s production centre to accom-

move to the technology centre „GaraGe“, with over

capacity tripled.

shirt design competition and platform for discus-


out regularly to the highest-ranked design.

The 100,000th shop partner registers an online


sing and rating new design. With prize money given


Spreadshirt nominated for the German Internet

Spreadshirt awarded in Paris for the Red Herring

Under the category „Development of product in an

innovative companies in Europe.

Prize from the Ministry for Economics and Labour.

SME business“.

100 Europe Award 2006 as one of the 100 most



The Derby Store opens in central Berlin (Gabelsber-

Spreadshirt Designer goes online.

shirt Store. The shop presents and sells winning

The Open Logo Project starts: Spreadshrit makes the

Spreadshirt Limited (GmbH) is transformed into

international competition open to anyone interes-


Spreadshirt enters the Asian market. The Japanese

development of its corporate design online into an

ted in design.

ger Str. 16, Friedrichshain), the first official Spread-

shirts from the design competition The Derby. Cooperation (AG) and carries on business

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As the first European business in its branch, Spreadshirt secures venture capital


(status april 2007)

to finance international expansion. Spreadshirt acquires laFraise, Europes largest ongoing T-Shirt-Design-Competition.

Spreadshirt awarded for a second time by the futureSAX award under the category „Growth“.


Spreadshirt takes over the German site This business lets users to sell their hand-crafted products online.

Europe‘s Top 500: Spreadshirt awarded as 5th strongest growing mid-sized busi-

2002 - 2004

nesses in Europe.

Lukasz Gadowski wins special prize at the OnlineStars as „Founder of the Year“.




Jana Eggers (CEO, Spreadshirt, Inc.) joins the board.



(status april 2007)

Spreadshirt acquires a minority interest in the online-marketplace DaWanda.

With DaWanda professional craftspeople and ambitious amateurs can sell self-





form”. Spreadshirt sets up new company goals to put its focus back on apparel.








made products.

The new Mission Statement is revealed: ”To be the world's creative apparel plat-

Spreadshirt launches its first organic shirts. Partnering with Earth Day (April 22nd), the company donates 3 Euros to the international Earth Day Foundation for every shirt sold.


Yay! 300.000 shop-partners are now using the service.

The brand new Spreadshirt Website goes live. We unveil the Spreadshirt Marketplace offering a shared platform for designers, shop-parters and endcustomers.

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Designs and products can be offered there without the creator having to open a shop.


Spreadshirt takes over eQuisto Limited (GmbH). All eQuisto customers can migrate their shops and products to Spreadshirt and continue their business with immediate effect.


The present US-CEO Jana Eggers becomes Spreadshirt CEO. She takes over the

position from Lukasz, who will act as founder & president from now on. He will

still have influence on the Spreadshirt strategy, but he will spend more time as a

Business Angel and Investor.

Spreadshirt opens a capital-office in the center of Berlin. The office has room for

about 30 spreaders who will work for departments like IT, Product-Management and Sales.

The Open Logo Project 1.6 begins: Spreadshirt makes the development of its cor-

porate logo into an international online competition open to anyone interested in design. New tagline “your own label” was announced as a lead-in to the contest.

The production facility in Greensburg (PA, USA) moves to a new renovated and three times bigger building.


With a new office in Boston, MA (USA), door to door with the MIT, Spreadshirt opens its new US-headquarter.

Spreadshirt signs a longterm lease contract for custom built, state of the art of-

fice in Leipzig. The building will become the new Deutschland HQ. Production will move once again back into the same building as the other core departments.

The winners of the Open Logo Projects 1.6 are revealed: The drafts 'Play with

the forms' and 'Lovetab' both convinced with their experimental and adjustable

framework concepts. Both logos will be modified in the next weeks, before a final decision on which will become the new company logo is made in december. Over

2000 designers from over 45 countries participated submitting 2800+ entries to the competition.

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Fact Sheet Profile Spreadshirt is the "things you wear" answer to the

Shop partners focus on the creative... Spreadshirt

tomers quickly create one-of-a-kind, high-quality,

dard shops are free to maintain.

growing desire for personal branding - letting cusexpressive apparel. Two types of customers include: Buyers. Like tattoos, phone skins, and MySpace or

Facebook pages, Spreadshirt lets people show who

they are through shirts, shoes, bags and more, with affordable prices, high quality, fast delivery, and no minimum quantities.

Sellers. With Spreadshirt's online shop platform,

sellers offer their creations without worrying about managing inventory, accepting credit cards, manufacturing, shipping, or customer service.

delivers the rest. Shops are free to set-up, and stan-

Launched in 2002 in Leipzig, Germany, Spreadshirt

was named one of Europe's fastest growing companies. The company now has an ever growing list of

300,000 shop partners worldwide, which include a range of private individuals, charity organizations, artists and corporations. Notable partners have

included Samsung, Coca Cola, Chuck Norris and The Guardian. With t-shirts as the company's specialty,

shop partners can create branded merchandise with a range of around 80 printable items, from sweatshirts and jackets to bags and shoes.

Brands Shop-Platform Merchandising made easy. Free online shops for personally-designed products. Spreadshirt Designer Design and order your individualized shirts on demand. You can upload your own design and text for the shirt, or choose from our design gallery of free images. Marketplace Search designs and order or provide personal designs that can be used to sell.

La Fraise (Shirt Design Competition)

The non-stop design competition and community. With regular awards given to the highest-rated t-shirt design.

Deutsche Druckservice

The complete merchandise solution for bulk orders. High quality printing for customised products. Customers include, degussa, vivento, and Dresdner Bank.

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Founding Concept created 2001. Company founded in 2002 in Leipzig, Germany. American subsidiary founded in 2004.

Branches Spreadshirt is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany and has recently extended its main office to central Berlin.

Production centres are in:

Taucha (Germany), Legnica (Poland) and Greensburg (PA, USA)

European Branches:

Cork, Ireland (Sales & Marketing) Paris, France (Sales & Marketing)

Utrecht, The Netherlands (Sales & Marketing)

US Branches:

Greensburg, USA (Production)

Boston, USA (Marketing & Sales)

Executive Profiles Jana Eggers, CEO

Taking over from Lukasz Gadowski as Spreadshirt's CEO in 2007, Eggers formerly

led Intuit’s QuickBase to be the Fortune 1000 company’s fastest growing business unit, while at the same time founding and leading Intuit’s corporate Innovation Lab. Prior to this, Eggers, a Mathematics and Computer Science graduate, held

leadership and technical positions at American Airlines’s Sabre, Lycos, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and several start-ups. She has been recognized with various

leadership awards, and regularly is an invited speaker on innovation and management.

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Jana Eggers


Lukasz Gadowski, Founder

Lukasz studied at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the University of Mannheim, and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA). Earlier work

experience includes Mundwerk, Procter and Gamble, and Infi neon Technologies.

Matthias C. Spieß, Founder

Mattias received his Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Universities of

Dresden and Berlin. He was product manager at Llynch meta Medien and project director for the development of an electronic customer management program (eCRM).

Lukasz Gadowski

Michael Petersen, Partner

Michael studied at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the University

of Kiel, the University of Lima (Peru), and the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana (USA). Earlier work experience includes Credit Suisse First Boston, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Dresdner Bank, McKinsey.

Matthias C. Spieß

Employees Over 250 employees

Interesting Statistics

Michael Petersen

Over 2,000 new shop partners per week.

Ober 30,000 newly designed articles per week.

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History While still a student at Paderborn and Mannheim, Lukasz Gadowski had already

begun working on the foundations for Spreadshirt, collecting contacts and expe-

Contact Information

rience within the textile industry. His interest in online business spurred research and various business models in the field of e-commerce.

By 2001, Gadowski had founded Spreadshirt and the specialised areas of textiles and e-commerce were cleverly combined. Towards the end of 2001, Matthias C. Spiess became interested in Spreadshirt and the IT end of its business. One of

Spreadshirt's first customers and a software developer and electrical engineering


team. By early 2002, a full, automated version of the site went online.

Eike Sievert AG Karl-Heine-Straße 97 04229 Leipzig

student from Berlin, he was interested in the project and ended up joining the Since then, Spreadshirt has grown at a rapid rate. The management team was

soon joined by Michael Petersen, a graduate from the Leipzig Graduate School

of Management, former McKinsey employee, who began directing Spreadshirt’s

Tel.: 0049 (0)341/ 940 16 224 [email protected]

Jana Eggers joined Spreadshirt in 2006 to grow the US corporation and to as-

The latest news, press releases and material for download are available at www.spreadshirt. net.

international expansion.

sist in managing the global corporation. Since joining, she's focused on defining

Spreadshirt's product offerings and the business units to manage those offerings. On 1 August, 2007, Jana became Spreadshirt's CEO, her focuses on the Executive Team, maintaining time-bound and strategic guidelines and, of course, to fulfill the company's mission.

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Contact AG Eike Sievert

Karl-Heine-Straße 97 04229 Leipzig

Mail: [email protected] Tel. 0341 94016-0

Fax 0341 94016-129