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Prodigy ® Digital VAV Diffuser Prodigy INDIVIDUAL COMFORT AND CONTROL ® Digital VAV Diffuser The Prodigy® Personal Diffuser monitors space con...

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Digital VAV Diffuser




Digital VAV Diffuser

The Prodigy® Personal Diffuser monitors space conditions and regulates

The Prodigy ® enhances traditional system design by adding the element of personal control. A room temperature sensor provides constant feedback to the microprocessor controller located in the diffuser, enabling precise monitoring of the space temperature. Using the room, duct, and setpoint temperatures , the Prodigy ® modulates supply air to maintain comfort in the space.

the flow of supply air to maintain the room setpoint with an accuracy

use in areas with multiple work

the setting that represents their individual level of comfort.

spaces within a single zone. It

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to provide an immediate and controlled response to even the smallest fluctuations in room or load conditions.

ACCURATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL The Prodigy ® features PI (Proportional + Integral) control algorithms for proven control, stability and versatility. Continual feedback of room

Aerodynamic damper

control by monitoring room temperature and modulating the flow of supply air into a particular use in retrofit applications, the Prodigy® can be used to replace traditional diffusers and provide improved occupant comfort

temperature compared to room setpoint improves response over time

through dynamic monitor and

by eliminating “hunting” and “thermal overshoot”, maximizing comfort

control of room temperature.

in the space.

Duct temperature probe

provides personal temperature

work space. Well suited for

Prodigy® Control Panel

Low voltage, high torque motor

The Prodigy® is well suited for

of +/- 1°F. This setpoint is adjustable, enabling occupants to establish

Direct digital control signals and a direct drive motor enable the Prodigy ®

Seismic restraint connection point




The engineered direct drive damper is designed to maintain outlet


Manual Adjustment

velocities as the unit modulates. Throws and mixing characteristics




Drone Unit

remain relatively constant throughout the performance range of the diffuser.

ACCESSORIES ++ Prodigy® Power Module (PPM)

Plaque face houses room temperature sensor

++ Pressure Relief Collar (PRC) ++ Pressure Control Valve (PCV)

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TWO CONTROL OPTIONS Manual Adjustment This




adjustment with potentiometer located on the diffuser back-pan. The temperature sensor is located on the face of the diffuser, ideally suited for cooling only applications. This control option can be easily upgraded to work with a wall mounted thermostat.

DRONE UNIT Drone units contain actuators and control circuitry to respond to signals from a single master unit. The drone damper moves in sync with the master unit damper ensuring all units meet zone setpoint requirements. Up to five drones can be daisy-chained and supported by one master.

AUXILIARY HEAT CONTROL The Prodigy allows for auxiliary heat control through a 24 VAC output signal ideally suited for perimeter heating devices such as baseboard units and radiant panels. On/ Off, Pulse Width Modulation, and Pulse Delay Modulation (default) configurations are available.

Wall Mounted Thermostat Thermostat setpoint adjustment is the most commonly selected control option and is suitable for applications that require dedicated cooling and/or heating cycles. Due to the buoyancy effects of heated air and the location of the temperature sensor, the wall mounted thermostat provides the most accurate room temperature reading. Five thermostat options are available, ranging from a dial thermostat to a motion sensing, LCD screen thermostat, the details of which are available in the thermostat catalog.

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Prodigy® Power Module (PPM) The Prodigy ® Power Module provides the most economical and

Multiple Power Supply Options

convenient method for powering multiple Prodigy ® diffusers. As

The Prodigy ® is available with three power supply options:

wiring, and electrician time are dramatically reduced.

++ Terminal plug for field supplied 24 VAC, requires each Prodigy ® to be wired individually.

The Prodigy® Power Module includes:

++ Diffuser-mounted 20VAtransformer, can support up to 6 Prodigy ® master or drone units.

++ 96 VA Class 2 Transformer (Input voltages

a result of the simple plug-and-play wiring, the costs of conduit,

120/240/277/480 VAC 50/60 Hz) 24 VAC output.

++ Prodigy® Power Module, can support up to 15 Prodigy ® master or drone units.

++ Master On/Off switch and green power indicator LED. ++ 6 individually protected output jacks with Red LED indicator lights for overload notification that automatically reset when the fault is corrected.

Prodigy® Pressure Relief Collar (PRC) The Prodigy ® Pressure Relief Collar (PRC) slips over the diffuser inlet to provide a simple and inexpensive solution to control inlet static pressure. To limit excessive diffuser noise and pressure drop, duct static pressure should be below 0.25 in. w.g. A PRC is recommended for applications where duct pressure may exceed the recommended limit,

Power Supply

such as installations with a constant volume air handler BACNet Interface Option

where multiple prodigy units are operating with a mostly closed damper. As duct pressure increases past 0.25 in.

Auxiliary Heat Output

w.g. calibrated shutters gradually open to release excess air into the ceiling plenum.

Parallel Drone Output Jacks

Pressure Control Valve (PCV) The Pressure Control Valve (PCV), available in both round and rectangular models, uses electronic control to regulate duct pressure. To limit excessive diffuser noise and pressure

Cables and Connectors

drop, duct static pressure should be below 0.25 in. w.g. A

A variety of snap-in low voltage cables and

PCV is recommended for applications where duct pressure

connectors are available to facilitate fast,

will exceed the recommended limit. With the integral VAV

simple and foolproof installation of the entire

damper, the PCV regulates airflow to maintain duct static

Prodigy® family. All cables are plenum rated

pressure below 0.25 in. w.g.

and safe to use anywhere in the building.

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BACNET INTERFACE OPTION The Prodigy® BACnet interface option allows connection to any Building Automation System (BAS) supporting the industry standard BACnet communication protocol. Once connected, information such as room temperature, setpoint, and load can be shared with a BAS allowing remote monitoring and control of the Prodigy ®; maximizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Network connection is tool free, and simply requires plugging in the supplied RJ-45 plenum rated network cable.

Prodigy Master

Pressure Relief Collar (PRC)

Pressure Control Valve (PCV)

Prodigy Master

Prodigy Drone

Prodigy Drone



Prodigy system with Pressure Control Valve (PCV)

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Prodigy system with Pressure Relief Collar (PRC)

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