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Calibration Centre PRODIGY Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd PO Box 3038 Nunawading VIC 3131 1300 800 200 version...

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Calibration Centre

PRODIGY Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd PO Box 3038 Nunawading VIC 3131 1300 800 200 version 11.11

User Manual



Thank you for purchasing an AlcoSense® Prodigy. The AlcoSense® Prodigy is a state of the art instrument used to detect ethyl alcohol from a valid breath sample. It uses an electrochemical fuel cell to measure the concentration of alcohol from the breath sample expelled from a human subject. If alcohol is present, a corresponding voltage is generated from the fuel cell, which is proportional to the alcohol content of the sample provided by the human subject. This voltage is then sent to the CPU and converted to the subject’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration) which is then displayed.

PREPARATION Gently pull down the battery compartment cover to remove it. Insert fresh alkaline batteries (4 x AA), checking that the + and - on each battery are aligned according to the polarity diagram inside. Carefully replace the battery compartment cover.


DIAGRAM EXPLANATION Disposable mouthpiece Button to remove mouthpiece Touch screen display On/Off button External power connectors Stylus pen Function button

The manufacturer warrants for 1 year from the date of purchase, the product to be free from defects in workmanship or material (excluding recalibration) under normal use. The manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing, adjusting or repairing the unit if returned along with proof of purchase. This warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, damaged or abused in any way. To register your warranty online, go to

PRODUCT REGISTRATION Register online at to extend your warranty by one year and receive calibration reminders. Alternately, complete this form and forward to: Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd PO BOX 3038, Nunawading VIC 3131 Australia.


AlcoSense® Prodigy

Date of purchase Place of purchase Surname


Given name

The AlcoSense® Prodigy uses a sensor to measure breath alcohol levels. Depending upon the amount of alcohol registered by the sensor after a period of time, it will require recalibration. Andatech recommends the AlcoSense® Prodigy is calibrated every 12 months or after 1500 uses. For recalibration and technical support, please contact us at: Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd Hot line: 1300 800 200 Website:

Address Suburb Postcode Contact no. Email





Release lever

If a printer is to be used, press the ON/OFF button on the printer, the indicating lamp should turn on. If an alcohol breathalyser with a wireless print feature is used, make sure the S/N number on the printer is the same as the breathalyser; if this is not working or the printer cannot receive a signal from the breathalyser, please connect the breathalyser and printer with a cable. To turn off the printer, press and hold the ON/OFF button on the printer.

• Ensuring the two small holes in the bottom of the mouthpiece are aligned with the sensor, insert the notched end of the mouthpiece into the slot on the right of the screen. • Lower the other end of the mouthpiece until it snaps into place.

Pull the handle. When inserting a new roll of paper, make sure glossy side of paper is kept close to indentation. NOTE: If nothing can be printed, change the side of the paper and try again.

High Capacity Lithium rechargeable batteries can print around 30 meters of paper. The printer can also be powered through a car battery with a 6V cigarette cable. In order to down load your data to a PC you must have the Prodigy PC software available from

THINGS TO REMEMBER • Always wait a minimum of 15 minutes after your last drink before testing. • NEVER take a sip of alcohol and blow immediately into the device. • Ignoring these two points WILL cause damage to the unit that is NOT covered by warranty.

• Discard remaining wrapper from mouthpiece.


• Hold down the on/off button to switch the unit on. • Select the top right icon to enter Specific Testing Mode • Take a deep breath and blow into the mouthpiece until the progress bar counts down from 100% to 0, then stop blowing.


A wireless thermal printer can be used with the device.

6cm X 1000cm

Caution: Only use Lithium battery provided.


• Tear the perforated section from the wrapper of a new mouthpiece. • Pull back the wrapper to expose half the mouthpiece.




• The reading is displayed on the screen.





This product must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions in this manual.

Attach a mouthpiece to the sample port and select the icon. Using the stylus pen, select “keyboard” in the settings 1 , then input information 2 .

This product is intended to provide the user with an indication of alcohol on the breath. However, neither the manufacturer nor the supplier gives any warranty (express or implied) that the product can give any indication of blood alcohol level.

If “Keyboard” is not selected, the unit will move directly to test mode 3 . Note:16 character maximum for each input. When the screen displays “Please Blow”, take a deep breath and blow until the operator advises. The display will show a progress bar, indicating 0% once a sufficient sample has been taken. The test result will display 4 . Select

to start another test.

If the subject does not blow into the unit within 30 seconds, the operator can either select “Refuse” to confirm the subject refused to do the test; or can select “Test Again” to allow the subject to redo the test.


A person's BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) can only be accurately measured by the administration of a blood test. This product only measures breath alcohol content which, in turn, only gives an approximate indication of blood alcohol concentration.

EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL ON THE HUMAN BODY Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant.This means it slows down the processes occurring in the higher centres of the brain resulting in such classical symptoms as loss of balance, poor coordination of the eyes and limbs, tunnel vision, and an inability to be self-critical, with the result that affected persons genuinely believe themselves to be driving better and safer than they really are.

In particular, neither the manufacturer nor the supplier shall be in any way liable if the user of the product asserts that the product led them to believe they were fit to operate a motor vehicle and are subsequently found not to be so fit. If the subject fails to give a valid breath sample, the operator can either select “Discontinue” to confirm; or can select “Test Again” to allow the subject to redo the test again. A passive test can be performed by selecting “Passive” whilst the user is blowing. Slide up the button underneath the mouthpiece to remove the mouthpiece.

In these circumstances the user of this product should not rely on the information provided thereby as an accurate indication of their blood alcohol concentration or of their level of intoxication or of their fitness to drive and in particular should not take any action in reliance on such information as the product can provide no more than an indication of alcohol on the breath. If the user of this product makes any decision or takes any action based on the use of the product such decision or such action shall be at the sole risk of the user and neither the manufacturer nor the supplier assumes any responsibility for such decision or action.



Working temperature range of AlcoSense® Prodigy: 5°C to 40°C

Use a clean mouthpiece for each test.

Storage temperature range of AlcoSense® Prodigy: -15°C to 65°C

Do not allow samples containing smoke, tobacco or other chemical products to enter the unit, as damage to the fuel cell can occur. There must be an interval of at least 15 minutes after alcohol consumption as alcohol residue in the mouth may give a false reading. Such residue may also be left by aromatic drinks, mouthwash, medicines and drops, as well as by belching and vomiting. Rinsing your mouth with water or non-alcoholic drinks does not substitute for an interval. A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can continue to rise for up to 2 hours after drinking alcohol. If a caution results or a result is close to the designated BAC, it is recommended to wait and retest after 20 minutes. It can take 10 hours or more for a person’s BAC to return to zero after a high BAC has been reached. A further test should be carried out later in the day or the following morning.


LIABILITY FOR PROPER FUNCTION OR DAMAGE The liability for proper functioning of the instrument is irrevocably transferred to the owner or operator in the event the instrument is serviced or repaired by personnel not employed or authorised by Andatech. In such an event, the warranty will be void.





Only a qualified person is authorised to use these settings. A password is needed.

Select time limit to turn off the device automatically. Select to confirm . 11



Up to 10,000 test records can be stored, depending on the length of the records.

Attach a sampling cup to the sample port and select the



to move to the next or previous record.

Press the On/Off button to move 10 records forward, and press the Function button to move 10 records backward. Press the On/Off button and Function buttons together to jump to the record needed. First: Jump to first Record End: Jump to end Record 0 00 00: Jump to a specific record, e.g. 0 01 00 means jump to record 100; 0 92 00 means jump to record 09200. In order to download your data to a PC you must have the Prodigy PC software, available from


When the screen displays “Please Blow”, take a deep breath and blow towards the sampling cup until the BEEP tone stops. “Alcohol Detected” or “No Alcohol” displays on the screen. A passive test can be performed by selecting “Passive” whilst the user is blowing. Select

to start another test.

The optimum temperature range for operating the unit is -10°C -50°C. Use within this temperature range will limit condensation from the subject’s breath and ensure an accurate reading is taken. It is recommended that the operator observes the subject for approximately 20 minutes before administering the breath test. This is to ensure the subject does not consume anything. Following this procedure will ensure the subject’s saliva is clear of alcohol so it does not alter the outcome of the breath sample test.

If the screen shows “Alcohol Present”, use a mouthpiece to perform a standard test so that an accurate BAC reading can be obtained. NOTE: A “Passive Test” is only used for screening; it checks for the presence of alcohol in a breath sample. An accurate test result can only be obtained through use of a “Standard Test” with a mouthpiece. NOTE: Test records of the screen tests cannot be printed or stored.



SOFTWARE FEATURES Passive Test Specific Test





If you have a compatible printer use this section to set the number of copies printed a and if you want all readings to print automatically select b

DATE & TIME Set correct Date and Time. Select “Update” to confirm.