PWP Door System - BPW Transpec

PWP Door System - BPW Transpec

PWP Door System The tailor-made door system stem door systems king assembly hicle industry. tion solutions. Customer Service A well-established cus...

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PWP Door System The tailor-made door system


door systems king assembly hicle industry. tion solutions. Customer Service A well-established customer service sector is of great help particularly for users of commercial vehicle components. Specialised technical assistance, an understanding, awareness and realisation of customer needs and reliable supply and delivery are taken for granted at PWP. Thanks to many years of experience and a large pool of know-how, PWP finds optimal solutions in all areas. For you too!

PWP Door Sys

PWP supplies tailor-made and is renowned for innovative and forward-look components for the commercial veh PWP is your partner for simple construct

Rear and Side Doors

Sliding door

BOXER lock

Wall thicknesses: 20, 25 and 30 mm Door-fill material: aluminium hollow frames or sandwich boards Supply: ready mounted or in components

The mono-rail system is suitable for all types of commercial vehicle.

The patented lock that really can be operated with one hand.

Advantages: – surface-mounted door construction for 1 to 6 wings – combinable aluminium frame-profile for casement bolt with revolving rods and hinge – profile-integrated hinge and bolt system for 20,25 and 30mm wall thickness – door-fill material: aluminium hollow frame or sandwich boards – free choice of assembly position: integrated in door surface or below door wing – robust guide for the middle bolt – invisible from the outside – patented double-jointed hinge – swivelling 270 degrees – steered hinge axles – precise opening and closing due to continuous hinge axle – maintenance-free hinge bearing – continuous rubber seal in hinge


– protection of the rubber seal by retainer key – simple ordering, two measurements suffice – Hi + Ba

door systems king assembly hicle industry. tion solutions.

Door system CONTACT

Front panel and aluminium uprights

The PWP door sealing system guarantees a dry loading space.

The optimal solution for a rapid, secure and watertight awning assembly.

The renowned aluminium flatbed bodies from PWP in building block system. Can also be supplied as tipper.

Cross section of the PWP range

PWP Ltd. is a Swiss leader in the supply of bodywork components and aluminium systems for commercial vehicles. The product range, developed and produced by PWP, is complemented – due to international contacts – by renowned general distributors. The PWP programme consists of around 4000 articles including chassis components, bridge elements, awning frames, roller shutters, box bodies, structural components for aluminium bridges and lorry accessories. PWP responds to market needs by providing innovative ideas and constructions: the extensive product range is always state-of-the-art. Many possibilities are available for special designs. Foremost on our list of priorities is top achievement in advice and customer care. Our on-going development aim is to ensure and maintain the quality and reliability of all PWP products.

CH-1530 Payerne/Switzerland Tel. ++41 26 662 71 11, Fax ++41 26 662 75 40 E-Mail [email protected]