Quantity Surveying - JLL

Quantity Surveying - JLL

g n i t l u s n o C c i g Strate We deliver solutions that maximise the value of your real estate. JLL works with you to realise opportunities and red...

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g n i t l u s n o C c i g Strate We deliver solutions that maximise the value of your real estate. JLL works with you to realise opportunities and reduce your risk.

Our clients face complex challenges every day. Our Strategic Consulting team works with clients to develop solutions that maximise the value of their real estate - supporting their strategies.

We are Strategic Consulting. We are JLL. We are property specialists. Clients value the expertise we bring to support them – along with the expertise we source from colleagues across Australia and around the Globe.

What we do Land use policy and strategy • Land use planning • Land use surveys

A Fortune 500 company, JLL helps real estate owners, occupiers and investors achieve their business ambitions. In 2016, JLL had revenue of $6.8 billion and fee revenue of $5.8 billion. On behalf of clients, we managed 409 million square metres, and completed sales acquisitions and finance transactions of approximately $136 billion.

Development advisory • Highest and best use • Feasibility studies • Development strategies • Partnering arrangements • Development management

JLL has over 50 years of experience in Asia Pacific, with 36,000 employees operating in 94 offices in 16 countries across the region. The firm won the ‘World’s Best’ and ‘Best in Asia Pacific’ International Property Consultancy at the International Property Awards in 2016.

Property market analysis • Sectoral studies • Trade area analysis • Historic market trends

Some of our clients • Australian Government – Department of Finance • Credit Suisse • Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria • Department of Treasury and Trade Queensland • Lend Lease • NSW Land & Housing Corporation • NSW Department of Planning & Environment • Royal Bank of Canada • Salvation Army • Stockland • TAFE NSW • VIVA Energy

Financial analysis • Cash flow analysis • Financial forecasting • Risk simulation • Statistical analysis Transaction advisory • Structured transactions • Commercial options • Due Diligence • Divestment strategies

Case Studies Development Advisory Transaction – Northshore Hamilton 2010 – Present Economic Development Queensland

Queensland Northshore Hamilton in Brisbane is the largest urban renewal project in Queensland. The total area comprises 304ha, 10,000 dwellings, 80,000m2 retail and 50,000m2 commercial. The project’s estimated end value is in excess of $5 billion. Through a two-stage EOI and tender campaign, JLL formulated a development management agreement between the state government and a development partner involving an upfront payment to the State, as well as annual payments and a percentage of asset value created during the development lifespan. Over the life of the development the State will receive a capital realisation well in excess of the land’s underlying value.

Neighborhood Sites Program – Communities Plus Program

2015 – 2016

NSW Land and Housing Corporation

New South Wales NSW Land and Housing Corporation is the owner of the largest public housing portfolio in Australia, comprising 129,000 homes with a value in excess of $35 billion. JLL was engaged to provide project management for the Communities Plus – Neighbourhood Sites Program. This program accelerates social housing development through structured land sales. This ongoing program will offer the opportunity to deliver ~800 new dwellings every six months, in place of ~100 current stock.

Market Analysis of Edmondson Park Town Centre 2014 Stockland

New South Wales Stockland engaged JLL to provide research on the Edmondson Park Town Centre (EPTC) to gain an understanding of the potential demand and pricing for apartment and townhouse product within EPTC. EPTC had a requirement to provide a minimum of 912 medium density residential dwellings. We made recommendations on dwelling type and accommodation mix, internal area ranges, sales price ranges, sales rates, escalation rates and indicative englobo values. Our recommendations were vital for Stockland as they impacted both on the internal feasibility and architectural design.

Analysis of Large-Scale Development Opportunities 2016 Austrade Northern Australia

JLL was appointed by Austrade to identify and assess locations within Northern Australia that may be suitable for largescale investment. These locations, falling within 70 Local Government Areas, covering an area in excess of 300 million ha, were assessed using a criteria-based assessment; reviewing and ranking locations based on 34 key metrics including land tenure, access, population, infrastructure and tourism. We produced a series of interactive GIS maps including overlays and analyses for the key drivers of development. These maps were presented to Austrade in the form of a simple web-based mapping solution as data to clients and potential investors.

Development Management and Strategic Advice 2013 - Present DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club New South Wales

DOOLEYS is one of the largest community-based clubs in Australia. The Club owns over 3ha of land immediately adjacent to Lidcombe railway station. The Club plans to diversify its commercial and community-based operations through a structured program of redevelopment at the site. Over 150,000m2 of mixed-use development will be delivered. JLL supports the Club as its Strategic Property Advisor, Development Manager and Land-Use Analyst.

Analysis of long term land value and property price trends for Port of Melbourne 2015 Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria

JLL advised the Victorian State Government on long term land value growth and the impact of infrastructure improvements at Port of Melbourne – to support their vendor due diligence. Our analysis supported the sale of this asset for $9.7 billion on a 50 year lease. The analysis sourced long term indicators of land values from a variety of public and private sources, overlaid with economic and demographic data, economic cycles and port related drivers. It was then used to inform decision making about future land rental revenues from port land leases.

Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement 2015 Australian Government New South Wales

Western Sydney will be the site of a new airport to be developed on ~1,700ha. JLL provided a specialist report examining the potential impact the operation of the Western Sydney Airport may have on land and property values within the area around the airport site. Utilising multiple regression techniques, we analysed property sales data from areas around Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport and a number of other Australian airports. The study analysed the effect of airport operations on the sale prices of residential property.

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