queensland new south wales - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

queensland new south wales - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia Buick Clubs NEW SOUTH WALES NAME OF CLUB WEBSITE Buick C...

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THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia Buick Clubs NEW SOUTH WALES NAME OF CLUB WEBSITE

Buick Car Club of Aust. NSW Inc. Reg. No. Y1496506




Buick Car Club of Australia Qld. Inc.


Buick Owners Club of WA (Inc.) Reg. No. 1004664 www.westernbuicks.org


8 p.m. 3 Thursday each month 134 Queens Road, Five Dock. 2046.

Buick Car Club Room, Cascade Hall, Cascades Park, Cnr. Colburn Ave & Link Rd, Victoria Point. 4165. Key with S. Talbot and L. Hall.


P.O. Box 168, Merrylands. N.S.W. 2160.

P.O. Box 113, Cleveland. QLD. 4163.


Virginia Russell 02 4653 1224 Laurene Forster 07 3282 5544 Peter Nicholson 08 9405 7451 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]


Greg Massey 02 9773 6899 John Forster 07 3282 5544 Stuart Syme 08 9299 7231 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Colin Castle 02 9980 2740 Linda Hall 07 3829 2222


Paul White 0407 762 970 Email: [email protected]


Geoff Ward 0418 259 741 Linda Hall 07 3829 2222 Gail Hitchcock 0412 068 101 23 Bevan Place, Carlingford. 2118 Email: Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] [email protected]


Peter Allen Jim Russell



10.30 a.m. 1st Sunday alternate month, Venue refer Club calendar on p. 8. 255 Benmuni Road, Wanneroo. W.A. 6065.

Ranald Grant 07 3202 8702 Bev Nicholson 08 9405 7451 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

02 9601 5005 Justin Hawkins & Troy Barker Jim Donis 08 9306 4556 02 4653 1224 Tech. Officers: C. Hinxman 07 3356 9816 Email: [email protected] D. Hawkins, Paul Dearling & R. Grant 07 Murray Lizatovich 0457 860 522 Tony Gentilcore 02 9453 9199 3202 8702. Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Membership: Susan Grant 07 3202 9056 Rick Beazley 08 9439 1094 [email protected] & Email: [email protected] Ranald Grant 07 3202 8702


Geraldine Massey 02 9773 6899 Sandra Kraschnefski 07 3202 1017 Harold Hitchcock 0412 760 980 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Barbara Gentilcore 02 9453 9199 Laurence Forster 07 3282 5544


Jim Russell 02 4653 1224 Dating Officers: P. Dearling, Murray Lizatovich 0457 860 522 Email: [email protected] D. Hawkins, R. Davidson, C. Hinxman, Email: [email protected] H. van Riel, H. Dearling Examiner: Ken Churchman 08 9295 2569 Mike Doggett 02 9605 5449 Margaret & John Barker 07 33541030 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]


Gary Ferrett

02 9734 6800 Librarian & QHMC Rep: Colin Hinxman [email protected]


Wendy & Claus Gronau

02 9858 2921 Webmaster:




Colin & Dawn Castle 02 9980 2740 Email: [email protected] 7 Ruth Place, Cherrybrook. 2126 $65 (inc. magazine) or $40 (pdf)

Linda Hall Webmaster: Beryl Donis Email: [email protected] 08 9306 4556

Ranald Grant 07 3202 8702 Fax: 07 Harold Hitchcock 0412 760 980 3003 1198 E: [email protected] Or: [email protected] Email: [email protected] 78 Gibson Cr. Bellbowrie. Qld. 4070. 9 Cobine Way, Greenwood WA 6024 $65 (inc. magazine) or $40 (pdf)

$80 (inc. magazine) or $45 (pdf)

Annual Subscriptions are due by 30 June each year BY SUBMITTING CONTENT TO THE B UICK C AR C LUB OF AUSTRALIA INC. IN NSW (BCCA), ARTICLES APPEARING IN THIS MAGAZINE REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE CONTRIBUTOR AND ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE CLUBS. YOU AGREE THAT BCCA CAN USE THAT CONTENT IN ANY WAY, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. BCCA ALSO RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO USE THE CONTENT YOU SUBMIT. Please send “For Sale”and “Wanted” ads, articles, items of interest, tech. questions, solutions, helpful hints, recommendations for restoration supplies & services, recent (or long running) restorations, particularly from country members, and photographs to the magazine co-ordinator of your club. Photographs preferably sent by email. Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced. In order to avoid any errors, all advertisements must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Any part of this magazine may be reproduced, duly acknowledging the source.

…The deadline for all items is the 20th day of the month, for publication in the following month’s magazine. The Buick News

Page 1

February 2017




i, folks. Welcome to 2017 and I hope that you all had a great Xmas and New Year. It sure has been hot around our great country but I guess that should be no surprise. As I write this in early January it looks like NSW is to get more searing temperatures. The entertainment world suffered some losses in December and it always makes headlines but many families had losses also and it is just as impacting for them. RIP to all those who passed. We have also been subjected to the usual quantum of people who do the wrong thing by themselves and their families and find themselves “on the front page” after a social media firestorm by the injured party. I think it’s a signal to the increasing level of stupidity of some people who don’t seem to take any warnings from recent history. Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley is a good example and as the story expands it is all starting to look like a sequel to the movie “Dumb and Dumber” and regrettably she is not the only example in the media. My main objection is that these people make a justification story that implies we are so dopey we would believe it and I find it monumentally insulting. The November and December issues of the Journal had some great stories from NSW National attendees and my thanks to those who took the time and effort to write them. Well done. Paul White (NSW) seems to have had a tough trip home and I am glad the Buick ran well as a car hassle would have been a real problem when you are by yourself and out of sorts as well. I trust that Paul has fully recovered from his malaise. The new President of the USA has already impacted the Auto Industry by asking Ford and GM to think where they manufacture cars and it seems he may be talking to Toyota also. We may see some interesting times with Trump as President and it may influence what cars come to Australia and how much they cost. Over the Xmas New Year period we caught up on a couple of movies and we liked the last Jason Bourne effort. Exciting and great special effects and driving sequences. The CGI components are totally seamless today in most cases. The movie about Paul Hogan has only one item of interest for me and it is the Silver Grey Fairlane featuring as John Cornell’s car. It is actually owned by my brother and was “made up “ to look like a NSW car. As for the rest of the film well the shorts/trailers I have seen are just plain embarrassing from where I sit - there is only one Paul Hogan and it’s not that “gumball” with a snow cone on his head. SBS has been running some very interesting Documentaries which are worth a look. We were particularly taken with those about Prince Philip and the early days of the UK Royal Family. Special Notice to Qld Members- Paul Dearling has initiated a Cruise for Modified Buicks and the details are – it takes place on the third weekend of the month-- (it’s mainly Sundays but if it varies from this time, the Club will be notified in advance). Participants are to meet at The Gap Village Shopping Centre Carpark top floor near MacDonalds at 10am (Waterworks Road The Gap). Cruises to leave between 10.30 and 11am. Destinations of the Cruise will be notified through Facebook or group email. This will appear as a regular listing in our Rally and Events Calendar. Once again let’s all stay safe on the roads and in everything we do so that we can enjoy more Vintage touring in 2017.

Quiz Question

None this time.

Ranald Grant (AH) P: 07 3202 8702 Fax: 07 3003 1198 The Buick News

Page 2


appy New Year and welcome to 2017.

This year unfortunately has not started well with the passing of our long-standing member Roy Pegler. Roy was a wonderful member who contributed so much to this club and he will be very sadly missed. Our sincere condolences to Beryl and his family. The club has also been informed of the death of a past member, Barry Boyce and our condolences go to his family. The Victorian Club are holding their 50th Anniversary this year and all members are encouraged to attend. Please refer to the full details on the outer mailer sheet with this magazine. Get your registration in and book your accommodation. Members please advise our Events Director if you will be attending our February Club run to the Norman Lindsay Gallery, also the March Run to the township of Joadja. Numbers are required. We thank those members who have contributed articles to this magazine and encourage other members to give consideration to supplying us with info on your restoration story, handy hints, etc.

NSW Magazine Committee Colin, Dawn, Michael, Peter & Alistair.

MAGAZINE COVER PHOTOS Members please note we are always looking for good quality photos to be printed on the cover of our magazine. They can be forwarded to the following email address: [email protected] and must be at least 1MB in size. The photos should also include the owner’s name and car details. A reminder to all NSW Buick members. If you have changed your email address, please remember to let the Buick Club know so that you will receive notices sent via email. If you are not receiving any emails from the Buick Club, usually regarding Club Runs, please check that we have your up-to-date address. Please forward your info to this email address: [email protected] For anyone who does not have an email address, please let me know, so that I can post any notices that are sent by email, thus keeping everyone informed Ring me: Geraldine 9773 6899. Please leave a message if phone is not answered.

February 2017



appy New Year everyone and I hope you have all had a restful break with family and friends. Sadly in January we farewelled Roy Pegler who was a wonderful member of our club. I remember Roy and Beryl well on our first National Meet in Tasmania as a lovely warm couple. I met them much earlier though and Roy nominated me as Treasurer all those years ago. Ahh, thank you Roy! He will be fondly remembered by all who knew him. By the time you read this magazine All American Day at Castle Towers and Australia Day celebrations will have come and gone. Hopefully you have been able to find somewhere fun to take your car on Australia Day and share in that anniversary. I know a few people will have en-

joyed their day at Parramatta and others at Camden. Perhaps you can write a story about where you have taken your car recently and send it to the Magazine Committee who are always looking for a new story. 2017 is going to be a great year. The Riviera Owners are meeting in early May on the Central Coast NSW, the Victorians are celebrating 50 years of Buick Clubmanship at Moama, NSW and in between there are lots of other outings to take your car on. So be sure to keep your eye on the Events page in the Buick News. The Log Book Scheme trial continues and as long as people adhere to the rules the scheme should become a reality sooner rather than later. Please remember to complete details of your trip BEFORE you take your car out of the garage! If you

have any queries, please give Jim Russell, Plates Registrar a call as he will be happy to guide you on the rules. Jim is spending a whole lot more time at home these days and not because he has retired! He took a tumble off the last step of his semi-trailer in early December, smashing his upper left arm through his elbow. A nasty mess very beautifully stuck together with some surgeon’s gaffer tape and a couple of old running boards, probably off a ’39! Repair to his arm will be slow but hopefully he will be able to return to work around the middle of the year. We wish him a speedy recovery, especially me because my list of jobs for him grows each day! Until next time, safe travels. Virginia Russell



elcome to 2017 and a great year for driving our Buicks and catching up with new and old friends. John and I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and new year. We have already started our year of events with our Presidents' Rally and had a good roll up on the day. After a lovely drive through the country we arrived at our lunch destination only to find new management and a double booking. Although I had phoned with numbers on the day the mix-up was not realised until we started to order and I was asked about the

set menu that had been arranged. After discussion with the staff we were able to order and have a lovely lunch still in time for them to reset the tables for the next group. Just goes to show that with a little co-operation there is no problem insurmountable. This is a philosophy that we have applied in our away rallies to good effect over a number of years also. The ROA Regional National event will be hosted by the NSW branch at The Entrance in early May. This will be a busy time for John and I as the two weeks before that we will be in New Zealand for our son’s wedding.

Our Pre War division run in July will be put on by Dave and Colleen Wilson; this is always a great weekend away. If you are interested in coming take a look at the events page and let The Wilson’s know you are coming along. These are just a few of the runs that are planned for the year which is shaping up to be another great year for driving our Buicks. Stay safe and enjoy your Buick Laurene Forster



opefully everyone has had a Christmas and start to the New Year as good as the ones experienced by Bev and myself. Christmas was quiet but in the company of family it was most enjoyable. New Year was spent at the beach with the grandchildren which was great and as a bonus we caught up with many of our friends. At last concessional licence code 404 has been finalized and an information booklet printed by the Council of Motoring Clubs. I will have a small number of The Buick News

booklets available at the next Club meeting, otherwise details are available by accessing our website – www.westernbuicks.org One very important rule is that to retain your concessional licence you must be a financial member. If you are not financial even for one day the vehicle becomes unlicenced and you may be charged by the Dept. of Transport the difference between concession and full licence for the period you remain unfinancial or have the vehicle examined and put on full licence. If you drive the vehicle you will of course also not have insurance etc. This will be Page 3

enforced regardless if the Club gives allowance for late payment. This means membership fees need to be paid by 30th June, 2017 to avoid any problems. There are other grey areas which need to be investigated further and the Management Committee will be discussing these at future meetings and advise accordingly. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Club Registrar, Murray Lizatovich or myself. Meanwhile enjoy the start to the year and get those motors running. Peter Nicholson February 2017

New south Wales BUICK MEETING PROGRamme Member Only Access: Password:


Meeting Programme Co-ordinator: Don Rothnie 0409 820 815 Email: [email protected]

Meetings commence at 8 p.m. CLUB MEETING ROOMS: 134 Queens Road, Five Dock


2017 Feb 16 Thu

General Meeting. Members vehicle - Paul White 1936 Buick.

Mar 16 Thu General Meeting. Apr 20 Thu General Meeting. Members vehicle - Greg Massey. New south Wales EVENTS CALENDAR Feb 7 Thu

Spanner and Natter at Len and Kay Pendlebur y' s gar age: 97 Railway Road, North Mulgr ave fr om 9:30am. Len has a great collection of classic cars. Bring a folding chair and something for morning tea. Len has a BBQ at the garage so, if you wish to stay for lunch, bring something to cook. NOTE: This is the correct date. RSVP Peter Allen 9601-5005.

Feb 14 Tue

Gourmet Run Valentines Day to The Gr ange Functions & Restaur ant, Macar thur Gr ange Countr y Club, Lot 18 Raby Road, Kearns $40 pp. Meet at Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve, Campbell Hill Road, Chester Hill at 10am for 11am departure. Alternatively, arrive at the Club by noon. Numbers please to Lloyd Bracher on 9639-0363 or e: [email protected] by 3 Feb, 2017

Feb 19 Sun

Club Run visit to Nor man Lindsay Galler y and Cafe - 14 Norman Lindsay Crescent, Faulconbridge. Meet at the Cafe, (on site) followed by visit and tour of The Gallery. Arrive from 8:30 at the Norman Lindsay Cafe for breakfast or later for morning tea. Order a la carte on the day as we will not be arriving in large group, the set breakfast has been cancelled, although it is available on the menu. RSVP [email protected] please. Visit the Gallery and beautiful gardens (Open10:00-4:00). $15 adults, $12 Seniors - includes 40 min tour of private areas of the House. We have chosen this location due to the hot weather in February - hopefully it's cooler in the mountains and you can be home before the afternoon heat. To Do in February: RSVP for Norman Lindsay Gallery and/or café 19th February. RSVP for Spanner and Natter and Gourmet Run. RSVP for March Run to Joadja Township 19 March 2017. Register/book for Riviera Meet at The Entrance, 4-8 May 2017. Register/book for Victorian Club's Meet at EchucaMoama, 8-14 Oct 2017.

Mar 19 Sun Club Run visit to Histor ic Township of J oadja, 25km west of Mittagong (about 25mins dr ive). Meet at the Information Centre carpark at Mittagong, by 9:00 for 9:30 departure. Arrive at Joadja Settlement around 10:00am for unlimited morning tea, 90min tour of the historic town and surrounds on people movers, then a delicious BBQ lunch, sausages, rolls, salads, juices on the cool veranda and a tour of the Distillery with tastings. $39 pp includes morning tea, BBQ lunch & juices, 90 min tour and distillery tastings. RSVP [email protected] Minimum of 20 people required. About 6km unsealed but graded road. Directions will be emailed before the event. To Do in March: RSVP to [email protected] to have your car counted for CMC Day in Berry (Sun 21 May 2017). Club booking has been made for 10 cars. Register for Bush Council Rally, Albury-Wodonga 18-22 May 2017. Not held at Easter this year. More cars allowed. email: [email protected]

Apr 23 Sun

44th Annual G.M. Display Day—held at The Museum of Fire, Museum Drive, Penrith, gates open from 8am, exit from 2pm. Display vehicles $15. Enq: Ron Fraser 0432 897 757. Food is available on the day. Volunteers are required to help on the gate, please contact Peter Allen on 9601 5005.

Further details, contact: Geraldine Massey 9773 6899, email: [email protected] To assist members making direct deposits into the club's bank a/c, the details are: BSB 062 517 A/c: 2803 0663 REF: (your name and event). For anyone who does not have an email address, please let me know, so that I can post any notices that are sent by email, thus keeping everyone informed. Members with vehicles on Conditional Registration should ensure when attending events that a current club magazine is kept in their vehicle at all times. If you are unsure of the rules, please contact the Plates Registrar, Jim Russell. The Buick News

Page 4

February 2017

NSW events May 7 Sun Lost in the 50's Museum and Lunch in the Hunter Valley. Member s invited to join the ROA (Riviera Owners Assoc) National Meet.. Star t at 9am in the Lost in the 50’s Museum carpark. (42 Stenhouse Drive Cameron Park, NSW) This great museum is crammed full of American cars and automobilia, even if you were there last time our club went, 30% of their vehicle stock turns over every year. After a couple of hours poking around there, we will head to the Hunter Valley for a Lions Club catered BBQ lunch around 1pm. (details on the day). Museum entry is $20/head (children under 12 years free). Catered BBQ Lunch is $12/ head (inc. steak sandwich with salad & drink) Child’s lunch if under 10 years $6/head. You will need to register and pay by March 31st, 2017 for museum entry and lunch. Members not attending the ROA Meet, please complete the Registration Form on our club's website: http://buickclub.org.au/event/lost-in-the-50smuseum/. Contact for this event is Tony Gentilcore - 02 9453 9199 email: [email protected] As part of the celebrations of the Victorian Club's 50th Anniversary they are planning a one week National Meeting in Echuca in October 2017. Accom: Moama on Mur r ay Resor t 03-5480-3031, now taking bookings. Please note that the centre of activity will be the Riverside Function Marquee next to the Murray River. Try to select a Villa in Wildcat Circle, GSX Loop or Roadmaster Drive. ID yourself as a Buick Club member when booking. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Free Cancellation; your deposit is fully refundable up to 2 weeks before the start of the Meet so you should book, even if you are not 100% sure that you can attend. The entire resort is booked out by the Buick Car Club until end of February 2017 so please make your booking as early as you can. Please note that Villas are spacious and fully equipped. Tariffs – same price for all days (Fridays are normally much higher). The week will be packed with activities, great food and fabulous runs in Echuca Moama and the river district. 8th Oct Sun afternoon and evening – Meet, Greet & Eat. 9-13th Lots to do and see. (Full itinerary will follow) 14th Oct Sat– Farewell Breakfast. The last day of the meet is Sat 14th October, however, if you wish to stay an extra day or two the 55 56 57 Chev Car Club will be holding their bi-annual convention over the weekend. Their Show and Shine on the Sunday is an All Makes event with a huge array of cars from interstate and the Murray River district. So why not stay the extra night(s) over the weekend and see the town awash with Chevrolet, Buicks and other GM divisions. Our special rates at the resort apply before and after our official meet dates.

Oct 8-14

NSW OTHER EVENTS, LOGGED RUNS & SWAP MEETS All American Mystery Cruise Nights r ecommencing 1st Satur day in Sept to May 2017. Meet at Par ramatta Pool car par k, O' Connell, Str eet, Parramatta at 7 pm ALL AMERICAN VEHICLES WELCOME - contact 0419 695 301. Machines & Macchiatos—2nd Sun every month at Harbord Diggers Club 7-9am, contact Sam Princi 0438 060 821 or check on Facebook.

Feb 4 Sat

Visit Hydro Majestic for a display of classic cars, part of the month long Roaring 20's & All That Jazz at venues all over the Blue Mountains area. Enjoy High Tea and many fun events.

Feb 5 Sun

Bathurst Historic Car Club 30th Annual Swap Meet to be held at the Bathur st Showgr ound—$5. Catering by Local Clubs. Enquiries: John Hodges 0412 814 590 or Mick Hope 0408 415525

Feb 12 Sun

Rock 'n 'Roll Market at Univer sity of Sydney. Register your car and then spend the day r oaming these great markets. Many stalls and food outlets or bring your own lunch. BYO chair. Great music and cars to look at www.rocknrollmarket.com.au

Feb 18 Sat

Gerringong Lions Club ar e holding a Motorfest/Carshow on Michael Cr onin Oval, Blackwood Str eet, Gerringong, charity event, participating vehicles free + 2 passengers, others $5. Contact Mark Westhoff, Secretary email: mark.westhoff56!hotmailcom or Keith Watson 0401 777 130.

Feb 18-19

Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club invite to 41st Berrima Rally. Enq: Leon Myers 0418 480 490.

Mar 26 Sun Devonport Motor Show—www.devonportmotorshow.com.au Mar 26 Sun Annual Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival is all about Rock n Roll, Classic Cars, Hot rods, Fashion, Music, Dancing & everything good about the 50's and 60's. The weekend attracts large crowds of people from all over Australia to join in the atmosphere as the town centre is transformed into all the glory of a bygone 50’s and 60’s era. There’s a classic car and hot rod 'Show and Shine', over 150 retro markets stalls and food vans, lots of free entertainment and much more. The festival is free to enter and tickets to indoor shows may be purchased through the Kurri Kurri Visitor Information Centre or at the event door. Free event parking will be available at Booth Park, Kurri Kurri on both Saturday and Sunday. A shuttle bus will run between Booth Park and the main festival area at Rotary Park between 7am and 4.30pm each day. www.kirrikurrinostalgiafestival.com.au 02-4936-1909.

NEW MEMBERS TO NEW SOUTH WALES Stephen & Robyn Liddy, Cronulla. Geoff & Meg Heaton, Kenthurst. The Buick News

Welcome to the Buick Car Club

1933 Reo Sedan. 1966 Ford Galaxie Sedan. Page 5

OR. RES. February 2017

Queensland Buick Events and Activities Calendar Club Meetings and Activities are as follows. I will keep Club Members reminded about and informed of upcoming events by email. Please ensure that I have your current e-mail address – Sandra K.

2017 Feb 5 Sun

Monthly run to Rathdowney. Meet at Camer on Par k, Easton St, Booval (UBD map 213 Q15) fr om 8.30-8.45am. We will leave here at 9.00am. BYO morning tea at Boonah, then a scenic drive to Rathdowney Hotel for lunch. Order off the board. Run notes will be provided on the day. Please let Linda know if you are coming by 27 January 2017 – 3829 2222 or email [email protected] There is some great scenery on this drive, so come along and join your Buick friends on the day.

Feb 19 Sun

Modified Buick Cruise (3r d Sunday of month) – Meet at The Gap Village Shopping Centre car park, top floor near McDonalds at 10.00am (Waterworks Rd, The Gap). Cruise will leave between 10.30-11.00am.

Mar 5 Sun

Club Run – meet at the Club Rooms at 9.00am for BYO morning tea and a meeting before going for a bayside drive with lunch at a hotel – order off the board.

Mar 19 Sun Modified Buick Cruise (3r d Sunday of month) – Meet at The Gap Village Shopping Centre car park, top floor near McDonalds at 10.00am (Waterworks Rd, The Gap). Cruise will leave between 10.30-11.00am. Apr 2 Sun

Club Run - information to come.

Apr 16 Sun Modified Buick Cruise (3r d Sunday of month) – Meet at The Gap Village Shopping Centre car park, top floor near McDonalds at 10.00am (Waterworks Rd, The Gap). Cruise will leave between 10.30-11.00am. May 4-7

ROA Meet at The Entr ance, NSW

May 21 Sun

National Heritage Motoring Day – information to come.


Club Run.

Jun 25 Sun

Annual Buick Club Car Show.

Jul 28-30

PreWar Rally.

Oct 1 Sun

AGM at the Club Rooms.

Oct 8-14

Victoria Buick Club 50th Anniversary Nationals in Echuca. Fur ther infor mation will be in the Buick Magazine in coming months.

Dec 3 Sun

Club Christmas Party.

(Modified Buick Cruise runs organised by Paul Dearling. To be held on the 3rd weekend of the month – mainly Sundays but if it varies from this time, the Club will be notified in advance. Destinations of the Cruise will be notified through Facebook or group email. This will appear as a regular listing in our Rally and Events Calendar.)

Events Co-ordinator - Peter & Sandra Kraschnefski 07 3202 1017 Noggin & Natter Night Co-ordinator - Stewart Talbot 07 3396 6941, Mob. 0439 919 808 QUEENSLAND COUNTRY MEMBERS: Please advise of remote events to ensure we put it in the Journal and achieve Compliance with concessional registration requirements.

BCA “NOGGIN & NATTER” Nights listed above are held at the Club R ooms at Victoria Point on the 1st Wednesday night of the month at 6.00 p.m. unless advised otherwise by the Events Director or Stewart Talbot 3396 6941 or Mob 0439 919 808. Keys to the club rooms are held by S. Talbot and B. Hall).

Events set up by other "Auto" or related Clubs:-

Note:- these listings are taken from many sources and accuracy is not

guaranteed. Please check with Venues/Organisers if you are interested in any of these events etc.

All events listed below are Buick Club sanctioned events for attendance by our members in their concessional registered vehicles. Emails on most events below will be sent out when they are received by our club. Please contact Sandra ([email protected]) if you are not receiving club emails from her (or phone 07 3202 1017).

Mar 19 Sun Beaudesert & District Restored Auto Club's 40th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Jubilee Park, Beaudesert (entry off McKee Street) from 8am. Display your vehicle and enjoy a social day out. Free admission – sausage sizzle lunch provided. BYO light refreshments. Enquiries to Rob (0417 077 212) or Peter (07-5544 8188). Mar 25 Sat Power Up Car Show & Shine at the Nanango Spor ting Fields, Bur nett St, Nanango. Family entertainment, good food, market stalls and a swap meet along with several categories in the Show & Shine. Cars need to be in place by 9am. Trophy presentations will be at 3pm. Car entry is $15. Further information by phoning 4163 3513 or 04 27260853 or email [email protected] Apr 2 Sun The Buick News

Queensland Autospectacular at Willowbank. Page 6

February 2017

Queensland Buick

Events Calendar contd.

May 6 Sat

Ipswich HONK Festival & Vehicle Parade in Br isbane Str eet, Ipswich. Fr ee entr y but you must submit an entry application by 20 March. Further information from Sylvia Norton on 07 3812 2974. An email has been sent out with all the information.

May 7 Sun

David Hack Classic Meet, Toowoomba. Entr y $10 per car . Fur ther infor mation fr om Chr is Seydel on 0407 372908.

May 28 Sun QVVA Swap at Car ina State School. Gates open 6.30am for swapper s and 7.00am for the public. Sites to be vacated by 2.00pm. Jun 9-11

2017 RACQ QHMC Rally in Beaudesert – initial entry form has been emailed to members. Further information to come.

Jun 17 Sat

Caboolture Regional Car Club Swap Meet. Gates open 6am. Stalls cost $25 (inc entr y for 2 people). Further information from Johrik Chalvatzis on 0410 515392 or email [email protected]

Jul 9 Sun

RACQ Motorfest at Eagle Far m Racecour se. Infor mation on 3872 8696 or [email protected] acq.com.au

Aug 18-20

Northern Rivers VVCC Rally – held in Lismore.

Oct 7-8

LAMA (Gatton) Rally - further information to come.

WELCOME TO SOME NEW MEMBERS TO THE BUICK CLUB IN QLD Ronald & Cheryl Morrison, 14 Northview St, Birkdale. 4171. John Allardice, 31 Mackenzie St, Elmeo. 4740. David Perry & Janine Dywer, 610 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, Carbrook. 4130. CRUISE NITES: Contact Justin Hawkins at: [email protected] Every Saturday All Wheels A Go hold a regular car meet for automotive enthusiasts at Crusty Devil Bakery, Cannon Hill Shopping Centre from 5.30pm onwards. Contact Russell for further information (0412 302 669). Every 2nd Saturday night – Cruise to Show and Shine at Masters, Upper Coomera, Old Coach Road, Upper Coomera from around 5.00pm. First Saturday each month at 5.00pm Woolworths' Car Park at the Logan Village Shopping Centre. Corner of Albert and North Streets, Logan Village. UBD 303 G2. Friday Night Cruise at Harry's Diner Newmarket Rd, Newmarket. Munchies Cruise Nites, meets at the shopping centre car park on the corner of Beaudesert Rd & Elizabeth St, Acacia Ridge on Brisbane's southside each Friday night. 1st Friday every month – McDonalds at Yamanto Shopping Center – Warwick Road, Yamanto. 3rd Friday every month – Cruise Up the Mountain - Main Street, North Tamborine Mountain from 6.00pm 'ish – for a get together (pizza, fish-n-chips etc). Contact Justin Hawkins at [email protected] . Gumdale Cruise Nite Sat Nites Gumdale Shopping Centre. Kosmos Cruise Nite Sat Nites (Jan-Dec 2014) Kosmos Café, Behind Hungry Jacks, Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains. Masters Car Show at Morayfield Masters Centre, Morayfield Rd, Morayfield from 5.00-8.00pm on the first Saturday of every month. Every 2nd Sat night, cruise to Show and Shine at Masters, Upper Coomera, Old Coach Rd, Upper Coomera from 5pm. 3rd Fri every month, Cruise up the Mountain, Main St, Nth Tamborine Mountain from 6pmish for a get together (pizza, fish-n-chips etc). 3rd Fri every month, contact Justin Hawkins at: [email protected] Ferry Road Cruise Fri & Sat nites, Ferry Road Diner, Ferry Rd, Bundall. Pioneer Village, Old Petrie Town Fri 5-9pm & Sat 7 am onwards. QUEENSLAND COMMITTEE EMAIL ADDRESSES:

Technical Officers Colin Hinxman - [email protected] President Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Laurene Forster - [email protected] bigpond.com Ranald Grant - [email protected] Vice Presidents [email protected] John Forster - [email protected] Paul Dearling Linda Hall - [email protected] Events Directors — Sandra Kraschnefski Secretary [email protected]] Ranald Grant — [email protected] Laurene Forster Treasurer [email protected] bigpond.com Linda Hall - [email protected] Property Officer – Margaret & John Barker Committee Members [email protected] Justin Hawkins & Troy Barker Combined Council Rep and Librarian - Colin Webmaster - Linda Hall Hinxman - [email protected] The Buick News

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Journal Editor – Ranald Grant - [email protected] Noggin and Natter Co-ordinator – Stewart Talbot - [email protected] Membership Susan Grant [email protected] or [email protected] & Rod Davidson - [email protected] Dating Officers Paul Dearling - [email protected] Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Rod Davidson - [email protected] Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Hans van Riel - [email protected] Hedley Dearling February 2017


2017 Feb 6 Mon

Breakfast at Fast Eddy’s – J oin us again at Fast Eddy’s on Walter Road, Morley between 8.00 am and 10.00 am for breakfast and a chat. This has become a very popular monthly get together.

Feb 8 Tue

Committee Meeting to be held at Gail & Harold Hitchcock’s starting at 10.00 am.

Feb 12 Sun

Valentine’s Day Breakfast. “Buick Par k” Bur swood (off Resort Drive near the Causeway and opposite Heirisson Island). This is an old favourite with great parking and views over the river. BYO breakfast anytime from 7.30am onwards. BBQs are available.

Feb 15 Wed Cruize to Mandurah – A cruise to Mandurah for fish-n-chips on the Mandurah foreshore. There are many restaurants and cafes etc. if you prefer. This year we will be meeting at the Jandakot Central Shopping Centre, cnr Armadale Road (near Solomon Road) and the freeway, in the car park near Getaway Outdoors and BCF shops. Meeting at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm departure. Feb 19 Sun Northam Swap Meet – This is not a designated event. Many of our members attend this swap meet yearly. Mar 6 Mon Breakfast at Fast Eddy’s – Join us again at Fast Eddy’s on Walter Road, Morley between 8.00 am and 10.00 am for breakfast and a chat. This has become a very popular monthly get together. Mar 12 Sun Bullcreek Aviation Museum – followed by a General Meeting. Further details to be advised. Please check our website for updates on events. We will email out updates if anything changes, please ensure we have your correct email address. If you have not previously had an email from us, please email Harold Hitchcock at [email protected] to be placed on the list.

Some comments on Car Manufacturing in Thailand

Ranald Grant

Taken from various sources and edited for the BCA Members Journal. The minimum wage in Thailand equates to less than $2 an hour however car assembly line workers are paid more generously at about $6 an hour (about $12,500 a year). The average annual Australian car manufacturing worker wage is about $70,000. However lower labour costs are not the only reason Aussie jobs are being sent offshore. Import tariff reductions — supported by both sides of politics across the past three decades — accelerated the end of car manufacturing. As the tariffs were removed, imported cars got cheaper — or better equipped — which had the instant effect of making Australian-made cars less appealing. The policy that was the most impacting was the Free Trade Deal with Thailand, introduced in 2005. Since Australia agreed to lift the import tariff on cars from Thailand, we have bought 1,877,446 vehicles from our AsiaPacific neighbour — from brands as diverse as Ford, Holden, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda and others. In return, Australia has shipped to Thailand just 100 cars- the Ford Territory, in 2012. That’s because Thailand maintained hidden, non-tariff barriers while Australia opened its borders completely. Thailand continued to impose higher registration fees on cars with larger engines and Ford and Holden produce large cars with largecapacity engines.

Australia was the only country in the world to manufacture cars and not have some form of protection for its local industry. Now those jobs have been transferred to Thailand which is known as the Detroit of the Asia-Pacific. It is the second-biggest source of motor vehicles in Australia after Japan and ahead of South Korea. Thailand has been so lucrative for Ford it now has two factories there. Ford also opened a brand-new Thai factory in May 2012. It makes the Ford Focus small car that was supposed to be built in Broadmeadows. In 2007 Ford announced the Focus would be built in Australia. But exactly two years and one day later the Company scrapped those plans. Thailand would build the Focus instead, for a fraction of the cost. Both Ford facilities produce a combined total of almost 500,000 cars a year, employ more than 6000 workers, and export to 130 countries. Broadmeadows last year built fewer than 20,000 vehicles, the factory workforce has shrunk to about 800 and it has one export destination -- New Zealand. It’s not just the car assembly lines that have moved to Thailand. The parts supply industry has followed and it seems that there are around 20 Australian auto-related manufacturing companies in Thailand — or companies with an Australian link.

Ten years after the free trade deal was signed, Australia is shutting its doors on an entire industry and with it more than 50,000 jobs. The Buick News

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February 2017


Roy Leslie Pegler

21/6/1921 - 4/1/2017 Remembering Roy Pegler…... I thought it would be easy to write this little article, about a man I have known and greatly respected for something like forty years, but I find that it is not easy to define Roy’s character in a few words. Sure it is easy enough to list his accomplishments as a successful businessman, and thank him for the contributions he made to the club. Roy was the instigator of the Australian Buick National Meets. The first one was held in Dubbo in April 1991. Roy also started the very popular “gourmet runs”, and although I could never be termed a “Gourmet”, Margaret and I enjoyed these runs immensely, for many years, until we moved out of the area. Roy was always a gentle man, his advice and mentoring was always appreciated by me, and I know by other members of the club, his wealth of experience in the business world was always available to anyone who needed his advice. He was a private man and almost never spoke about his war achievements, although, I and few others were privileged to have him emotionally recount some of these experience, some years ago. Members will recall an article in the Buick News a few months ago, when Roy was honoured by the French Government. Roy and Beryl contributed to the club in many ways, their homes were always open to members and on several occasions to the whole club. He was a contributor to the Buick News and for some years and was part of the editorial committee. Roy was always a Buick and Mercedes Benz enthusiast, and although the Buicks have been gone for some years, Roy and Beryl maintained their interest in the club and the members. Roy’s other loves were his garden and restoring antique furniture, which like everything he did was done with love and passion. Rest in Peace Dear Friend.

The Buick News

Eric North

Roy and Beryl have been members of our club since 1977 and have been over the years, an integral part of the club. Roy’s great humour, storytelling and poetry reading have been missing from our meetings for a few years more recently however will be fondly remembered by all who knew him for many years to come. I remember dearly his mentoring of me in my early days as Treasurer of the club. Virginia Russell.

While attending Roy’s funeral, I was heartened to see so many Buick Club members attending, it showed me how much Roy meant to each one of us. Roy and Beryl opened their home and hearts to us, with their well planned Gourmet Runs, with the time and effort they took showing us new areas and restaurants around Sydney. One special Gourmet Run, I was lucky to go with them in their beautiful 1938 Buick to Jenolan Caves for an overnight stay. The “come in bad taste” party in their Eastwood home in 1984 lived up to its name by some of the outfits worn, especially John Brodie who no-one recognized as a tramp. It was a great party with lots of members attending. Roy had a great sense of humour and a special laugh. Claus and I will always remember you. Wendy Gronau.

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February 2017

Buick Nationals 2016……… Continuation of article by Lance Jenkins and Paul Unicomb 3rd Part of the Canberra Rally

For some time there has been a tinny sound coming from the front of the motor but unable to be diagnosed as it came in at about 80k's an hour in top gear. A Wag at our Museum said, "Use the Kodak Principle" and I said, "What is that?" "Let it develop" he said. So I had taken his advice and arriving in Canberra I had the fan work loose and the fan belt flapping at medium rev's so I was in the market for a new fan belt. Thursday Morning 1st September - Visit to Cockington Green Gardens and the Australian War Memorial We gather at the gravel car park which is very wet from the rain the day before, a gardener is using an old Scot Bonner (remember them) to finely groom the dew covered Couch's or whatever they were. I had been here with my children but it was nothing like I remembered - the work that has gone into the representation of grand old buildings in foreign lands is to be commended. I am sure the train was running last time I was here. Had a coffee in the cafeteria and wandered out to the road. Paul and I wander down the road and looked at some of the old historic buildings but then decide it was time to go. We go into Queanbeyan and visit a few places we are told exist; one was a tractor firm that said they stocked many old parts. The problem being that the '39 Buick belt size is between a B and a C and they located something that they thought would fit - when she said $48 dollars she must have seen the look on my face and she dropped it to $42. On the way out of town I see another place that looks likely to have a belt and I go in and get one for $24. Somewhere in there we had lunch at a cafe. It is time to be at the War Memorial and being the last to arrive we wander around a bit before finding the way in fortunately some Marshall's come to the rescue. I get lost in these places and I lose all track of time - once again I get told five minutes to the ceremony by an attendant. The cer-

emony was very moving and would do any Anzac Day proud - a photo of the Soldier remembered that day was on an easel and some of our ex military members stepped forward to lay wreaths. I hope I have this right but they do this ceremony daily when the museum is open. Leaving the Museum and going along the main road, lights go orange and there is a loud clatter in the engine - nowhere to pull over and probably 2 kms before I find a road with a verge. It is now spitting large drops of rain but the problem is evident the back has broken off the harmonic balancer. Another Buicker pulls up just as I manage to snip the offending piece of metal twice with the tin snips. The fan belt is put back on and I climb into Bertha with a soaked tee shirt (Kodak Principle - photo is now developed!!) motor running there is charge on the amp meter so the fan belt is turning and we make it back to the hotel. Because of Bertha we elect to have tea at the Hotel Restaurant with Bev and Ron and he says that Phil Cancillier has wrecked 3 x '39 Buicks over the years so he should have at least one Harmonic Balancer. Friday 2nd September - Visit to Lanyon Homestead and the Arboretum I see Phil and arrange to borrow a HB and he would bring it to farewell dinner that night. Paul and I decide to give Bertha a rest and as it was still very wet I get a lift with Stewart Talbot in his beautiful red '39 and Paul goes with Graeme Weekes as he is travelling on his own. It is wet and the first thing I notice is that he has less drips from the windscreen than I have. As often happens opportunities to get fuel are missed but these old girls are unforgiving so on some windy road out of Canberra there is a splutter and the engine dies. Stewart is carrying a few gallons as John Barker pulls up and offers another tin (just as well as we didn't see another garage till back in Canberra). Today is Lanyon homestead and I have to say the one on Lake George impressed me more - maybe because it was a nicer day. The morning tea under the Marquee - I can only say that they were not familiar serving more than 10 people

Cars seen at Cockington Green Gardens The Buick News

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February 2017

The miniature villages at Cockington Green Gardens

at a time. Next the Deep Space Tracking Station which was an eye opener and well worth the visit. I tag onto a school group, the passionate speaker convinced everyone - oh well at least me - that the space program is well and truly paid for by other spin offs for mankind. To think, that I thought, they only invented Silastic and Teflon - he brought a young girl out the front and proceeded to explain that from the clip in her hair down to her shoes all originated from the space exploration program. The National Arboretum set up as a fire resistant barrier to the devastating bush fires that reduced the pine forests to ashes and several suburbs. Again a drizzly day and I spent the time learning about Bonsais. Back at the Hotel I give Stewart some money to fill John Barker's petrol tin then it is time for a shower and down to the dining room for tea. Phil has come good with the HB and I place it in the boot. I don't remember much about the dinner but there was a sense of it all being over bar the shouting.

lent of NRMA so he proceeds to spend 30 minutes on the phone we are near a major turn off on the left so easily located. The sun begins to peep out and I am itching to start removing something. We were not stuck - in a couple of hours we would have been running again. We continue to wave all the Buickers on as they slow to lend assistance, within 30 minutes the tow truck is there and I have another belt on by then so Bertha is driven onto the truck. What an advertisement for the SA Organisation who insure the driver not the old car against breakdown acknowledging you can only drive one at a time. We pass Margaret and Peter Cook on the Hume - what a way to save petrol!! I have enough to drive around Wollongong for a fortnight. Footnote: I bought a new HB from Martin Jansen after his eventful travels.

Saturday 3rd September - Departure Down to last set of underwear, T shirt, socks - so it must be time to go home. Also down for our last Continental breakfast at this hotel and say our goodbyes to all we see. John Barker has my box of shocks to take back to WW Shocks in Brisbane (thanks John). It is still raining and Bertha is cranked into life, we find a service station and fill her up!! Talk about missed opportunities. Paul says his daughter lives across the road and she has an underground car park but no car. Well Bertha is still running okay at this stage and against common sense, I resist the need to stop. Paul says last chance as we drive past (very prophetic).

Lance Jenkins and Paul Unicomb.

Cars lined up at Lanyon Homestead

We get about 20kms from Canberra and on a downhill stretch Bertha reaches 80 and there is a brief smell of rubber, steam flashes and she has thrown the belt. We pull over safely on the concrete at the top of the cutting. The concrete drain is running a torrent of water and the new belt is carved up. Paul says let's try the SA equivaThe Buick News

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February 2017

The new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) for conditional registration, covering modified vehicles will go LIVE on Monday 19th December 2016.

The 10 most important facts you need to know are:1) The existing Historic Conditional Scheme (HCRS) will not change in any way, shape or form. If your

vehicle complies with the HCRS rules, as interpreted by your Primary Club, it can stay on the scheme and you do not need to do anything. 2) If your vehicle is 30 plus years old and has some modifications which take it outside the HCRS rules

then this new scheme is for you. 3) Take a look on the RMS website at VSI-6, using the following link, http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/

documents/roads/safety-rules/standards/vsi-06-light-vehiclemodifications.pdf for some guidelines on what you can do to your vehicle without needing to have those changes certified by an engineer who is on the VSCCS list. You can state that the mods to the vehicle are safe and done properly and that should be enough. 4) If your vehicle goes beyond those VSI-6 rules then such a VSCCS Engineer has to certify your vehi-

cle. Then it is able to go onto the new CVS. If it has old certification that should be acceptable, but you need to check that with the RMS. Some documents are very old and pre date their system. 5) You MUST be a member of a vehicle club. That club MUST be a member of one of the seven associ-

ations affiliated with the ACMC. Please use the following link www.confederationofmotorclubs.org.au/affiliations.html to check if your club is affiliated with one of these organisations. If it is, then the club is automatically eligible to approve your application for CVS rego. It does not have to apply to the RMS for inclusion, the link to the ACMC is adequate. 6) You will be required to obtain a BLUE slip for the initial CVS application; no matter if the vehicle is cur-

rently registered or not. This is a requirement of the RMS and is not negotiable. Blue slips have a 42-day expiry date so you have to move relatively quickly once you have one. 7) Now you can start the process of filling in the forms required and getting them stamped before you go

to the RMS or Service NSW centre near you. 8) Go to the ACMC website at the following link http://www.confederationofmotorclubs.org.au/ to find the

links and instructions for that process. 9) You will be required to purchase new number plates. Your existing personalized plates (if you have

them) will have to go on hold or onto your daily drive. The new plates for your Classic will be the white with green numbers and letters which you see on forklifts and golf carts etc. Currently they end in a D. The RMS computer system cannot handle conditional rego using normal number plates so we have to live with this for a while yet. You will get a window sticker with your new CVS rego as well, due to the same issue. 10) The 60-day logbook and all of your clubs listed events will be applicable to this new CVS scheme. In

Oct 2017 the logbook scheme trial period is up for review and if there have not been any problems it hopefully will be continued as a permanent benefit for all historic and classic vehicle enthusiasts. 

The Buick News

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February 2017

Reprinted with permission from The Buick Bugle, the official publication of the Buick Club of America.

When David Buick, Eugene Richard, and Walter Marr developed the valve-in-head design, the automobile was forever changed By

Dunham, BCA

Apopka, FL - © Copyright 1993

So far as is known, only one Buick stationary engine exists today. An OHV unit, it is on display at Harold Warp's Pioneer Museum in Minden, Nebraska. -photo by Bruce Collin, BCA #3651

Dated September 24, 1903. and signed by Eugene Richard, this is the original enqineering drawing for the flywheel of Buick's first production car engine. -courtesy Terry BCA #217 The Buick News

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February 2017



The Buick News

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February 2017

Straight 8s came on stream in 1931 and powered all Buick automobiles through 1952. This 1941 model, owned by Ken Barnes, BeA #18896, has compound carburetion. =photo by Pete Phillips, BeA #7338.

By the mid·1940s Buick was working on V8s. Officially designated the engine, prototypes of a "narrow V" - so named due to the 30·degree angle between cylinder banks - were tested. The narrow angle allowed the use of a common cylinder head. Some versions, such as the 1949 model shown here, were supercharged. -photo courtesy John Burnside, BeA #11251

The 170 cid four brought out in 1916 was used on and off through 1924, when the four -cylinder engine finally disappeared at Buick until modem times. The first Buick six appeared in 1914 in the Model B55 Touring Car. It had 331 cid and 48 horsepower. It was used through 1916 and then disappeared for 14 years, coming back briefly in 1930. 1914 also saw the first Delco self starters and lighting systems installed at Buick. A smaller six was introduced in 1916 on the 06-45. It had a 3-in. x 4½-in. bore and stroke, 224 cid, and 47 horsepower. The 241 cid, 3-in. x 4½-in. bore and stroke sixcylinder engine first made its appearance in 1917. It was the only six offered through 1923 and was rated at 50 horsepower all during its use. Standard and Master sixes of 190 and 255 cid were brought out in 1925. Several other six-cylinder engines were also used up until 1931 when Buick converted all production to a new Straight 8. The decision to build the first Buick eight was made during a meeting of General Motors and Buick management at the proving

The Buick News

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February 2017

grounds in Milford, Michigan. When work was started in the engineering department a few weeks later, it was kept secret for months. As it first went into production in 1931, the Straight 8 was available in three sizes, 220,272, and 344 cubic inches. In 1934, a 233 cid version was brought out for the new Series 40. Beginning in 1936, Buick offered two versions of the inline eight. They were the 233 cid producing 93 horsepower, and a new 320 cid engine rated at 120 horsepower. The 233 cid engine was increased to 248 cid in 1937, and then to 263 cid in 1950. Both engines went through a number of refinements over the years.

When first introduced, the Buick V8 was dubbed the "nail head" because of the small valve size.

Advanced technology was brought Pictured is a 401 cid version owned by The Valley of the Sun Buicks. to Buick's engines in 1938 when it was accidentally discovered that a new combustion chamber, accomplished by modifying the shape of the piston dome, would increase horsepower. Combustion chambers were redesigned and improved again in 1941 for an engine Buick called the “Fireball”. GM President, William Knudsen, somewhat irritated at all the innovation and performance coming out of the Buick engineering department at the time, accused Chief Engineer, Charley Chayne of building ä god damned racing car”.

In point of fact, Buick was. One of the engineers told this writer in the mid-1970s that the 1941 camshaft he was able to get released for proIn Buick brought out the cid aluminum Fireball V8. Offered in the Special and Skylark, duction had virtually a racing profile the engine was eventually sold to British Leyland and is still used today to power the Land Rover. on the lobes. -photo by Pete Phillips, BCA engine owned by Valley of the Sun Buicks. The Fireball engines used in 1941 and 1942 had a performance package called Compound Carburetion. In addition to the camshaft, it consisted of dual carburetors, two separate exhaust manifolds that could easily be called the first production headers, and a thinner head gasket for a higher compression ratio. It was standard equipment on the

The Buick News

50, 60, 70, and 90 Series, and was optional on the Series 40. The horsepower increase for the 1941 Fireball was dramatic. From 1940 to 1941 it went from 141 to 165 on the big engine, and from 107 to 125 on the small engine. Due

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February 2017

Even though heavily promoted by engineering, the narrow V did not make it into production due to a secondary vibration that could not be eliminated. Buick initiated a major advance in engine durability in 1949 after the first 5000 production engines were built when insert bearings, instead of babbited rods were installed. In 1950 three different Straight 8s were used. The Special had the old 248, Super got a new 263 cid engine (actually a bored

The 231 cid V6 grew out of the 198 V6 of 1962. Eventually this engine would be turbocharged and later, in a further refined state, installed in the high performance GN and GNX to the war, the 1942 package was released with a lower compression ratio and had less performance. The performance of the Buick engine from 1936 to 1942 was exceptional. Buick tended to be rather low key about what it was putting under the hoods of its cars, but several models, notably the Century, were extremely fast for their time. The 1936-42 Centuries with a light body and a 320 cid engine rated between 120 and 165 horsepower, were among the fastest cars in the country. In 1941 Buick was able to claim it was building the most powerful car in America with its 165 horsepower big series. By the mid-1940s Buick knew that engine development would have to turn toward a V8, and by the Spring of 1947 had several designs running on the dynamometer. One of these, nicknamed the "super fine narrow V" by Chief Engineer Chayne, was an unusual effort. Officially code named the "Buick Z engine," it used cylinder banks that were 35 degrees apart instead of the normal 90. Seventeen different prototypes were built in two sizes 212 and 249 cubic inches - using a compression ratio of 8:1. Dynamometer runs proved the larger version to be capable of 115 horsepower. At least one of the narrow V prototypes was fitted with a roots blower for dynamometer testing but no horsepower figures are available for it.

The Buick News

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February 2017


The Buick News


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February 2017


park with lots of families and groups enjoying the excellent facilities available there. We had 13 cars with 23 people in attendance.

QLD PRESIDENT'S RUN Sunday 15th January 2017 President Laurene organised her annual run to start in the Brisbane suburb of Seventeen Mile Rocks, with a suburban/country run to lunch in Lowood. We had been having very HOT days in the week leading up to our Sunday run, so thought we might have to go “modern”. On the day though, we decided to take our “Ruby” for a run – hoping it wouldn't get too hot!! We had a mix of old and modern cars on the day.

Following our meeting, we set off for a pleasant drive through the suburbs of western Brisbane, out through Pine Mountain and into the countryside through Fernvale to Lowood. As we had a visitor travelling with us today, I decided to “hitch” a ride with Col who was on his own. Thanks Col for the lovely “air conditioned” ride! We all enjoyed our meal in cool comfort at the Lowood Tavern. Thanks to Laurene and John for organising our run today.

The Rocks Riverside Park was a nice location for our morning tea and meeting. It was a very busy day at the The Buick News

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Sandra Kraschneski February 2017

Buick Adventure 2017/One Wollombi By Paul White Christmas 2016 came and went before I even had time to accept that it was that time of the year again. I had several weeks off work to spend time with my daughter Ciara, who, was already showing signs of school holiday fatigue after the first week, but we found ourselves being held hostage by the heat and humidity that I imagine many have been suffering from over the past few weeks. As a result, trips out in the Buick have been rather rare recently or should I say medium -rare, which was the condition of my left foot that I had absent mindedly rested on the fire wall during one relatively short trip to The Entrance for an ice-cream last week. The combination of ambient atmospheric temperature, coupled with the furnace-like heat coming through the fire wall left my foot perfectly cooked and ready to eat! Sunday the 15th January was the last day of my Christmas holidays. A glance outside at 7.00am looked promising, with cloudy and coolish conditions and just a little hint of a shower of two. I was determined that I wasn't going to return to work without a Buick adventure under my belt, so after the usual check of oil and other vital fluids, followed by a quick flick through the road map, I decided upon a trip up to Wollombi and lunch at the pub. Leaving Woongarrah, I drove west on Sparks Road passing over the M1 and eventually turned south onto Hue Hue Road and onward toward Wyong. At Alison Road I turned west on to Yarramalong Road, heading out toward the village of Yarramalong which lies at the end sharp end of the funnel shaped valley of the same name. One of the good things about living on the Central Coast is that you can be shopping at Westfields Tuggerah and within ten minutes drive find yourself in verdant farm land with only the occasional farmer driving by. It should be noted that there are quite a few alternate backroad options on the Coast that can help you to sail passed M1 holiday traffic snarls.

station for that last minute refuel before tackling Bumble Hill for the steep climb to Kulnura via Greta and then Spring Roads eventually turning north onto George Downes Drive and then took another turn northward onto the Great Northern Road just south of the town of Bucketty. The road undulates through more tree-lined country side. The trees gradually changed from European species to a seemingly never ending forest of gums. Similar to the old Pacific Highway between Hornsby and Gosford, the Great Northern Road is a magnet for motorcycle riders coming up from Sydney via Wiseman's Ferry or the Peats Ridge Road from the M1. There are several morning tea stops available on the route with Jerry's Gourmet Kitchen and Cafe located just north of Kulnura which was overwhelmed by lines of parked motorcycles. At various points on the side of the road I noted a number of convict constructed bridges and culverts that provided points of interest along the way. The road was originally built by convict labour between 1826 and 1836 to connect Sydney with Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. At the town of Laguna I found a small farmer's market and on an adjacent grassy bank I notice this unfortunate Mercedes Benz under attack by several enormous ants! Look out Claus they are coming for your Benz! I thought it best NOT to drink the local water and so continued on!

Yarramalong Road is single-laned and curves gently through the valley with turf farms making up the majority of the businesses in the area. Most of the road is either lined with evergreen trees forming an almost formal corridor or an overhanging canopy. The village itself is made up of several cafe/ restaurants, a vintage style homewares shop and a service The Buick News

Page 20

February 2017

There seems to have been some recent roadworks completed on some of the more scary bends and hills. One significant section is located on a steep and narrow decline just south of Wollombi suitably called "Lemmings Way"! Wollombi is a township first settled in the early 1800's which was directly linked with the construction of the Great Northern Road. There are number of historic colonial sandstone buildings in the town which are centred around the main "T" intersection. The pub has been in operation since the 1840's but was burnt down in a fire in 1959. I had planned to have lunch there sitting in the shade of the veranda but one look at the line to the cashier found me looking for other options.

I decided to return home the same way I had come as I had driven passed some beautiful locations that I thought would make a great back drop for a photo of the Buick. It would be an interesting and an easy thing to start a trip from Asquith up on the old Pacific Highway via Brooklyn and Central Mangrove then link up with the trip I have just recounted and continue on from Wollombi towards Cessnock, Singleton or Maitland and probably more interestingly the former paddle-steamer port at Morpeth on the Hunter river. Morpeth is a lovely town...but that will be another Buick Adventure.

Paul White

Heading off to find other less crowded locations for a bite to eat I found a museum in the old Court House, a gallery displaying Aboriginal Art, a General Store that takes you back to the late 1800's as well as a cellar door for wine tastings and a nice little restaurant next door (see right-hand photograph and below).

At the rear of the restaurant there is a beautiful garden for the use of patrons that I did not expect to find. A few extra tables and it would make for a fantastic lunch stop for a bunch of car enthusiasts.

The Buick News

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February 2017

NSW Club run to All American Day at Castle Hill 22nd January A beautiful day greeted us for the drive to Castle Hill with roof down. Dawn and I set off all of 5kms but it was still nice. We were there early and spent the next hour keeping spaces for more Buicks. Twelve cars in all turned up with two new cars on the run. Rod and Sue Learmonth with a lovely white 1967 Riviera and Kim Osborn with his rare 1936 Century Sedan. We hope to see them at many more runs. The girls unbelievably found the shopping centre more comfortable than out on the concrete in the sun looking at a great collection of cars. Winners on the day were Francois Vivot and his 1926 Tourer (category Best Pre 1948) and Phil Green won 2nd prize for his 1937 Century 8/60 Coupe.

Colin Castle.

The Buick News

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February 2017

“The Gabble from Gibson

— by R Grant, Qld

(Taken from various sources and edited by R. Grant for BCA Journal )

The Toyota Motor Corporation has offered to pay $US3.4 billion ($A4.5 billion) to compensate owners of vehicles which might rust so badly, they lose their structural integrity. The offer comes as a result of another class action against an auto manufacturer in the US. In this case the plaintiffs alleged that the vehicles had inadequate rust protection. The suggested settlement covers some one-and-a half million Tundra Pick-ups, Tacoma Compact Pick-ups and Sequoia SUVs sold in the US between 2005 and 2010. Toyota has not admitted liability but said “we want our customers to have a great ownership experience, so we are pleased to resolve this litigation in a way that benefits them and demonstrates that we stand behind the quality and reliability of our vehicles”. Toyota will inspect all affected vehicles for 12 years from the date of first purchase to determine whether the frames need replacing, and has also offered to reimburse owners who already have had to replace chassis frames. It was claimed in court hearings that each frame replacement would cost $US15,000 ($A19,740) while the ongoing

inspections were priced at $US60 ($A79) per vehicle. This is not the first case of this as

they replaced frames and extended the Rust Warranty on 800,000 Tacomas built between 1995 and 2000. There were also recalls on 2001 to 2003 Tundras for structural rust. Footnote: The last time such an order for rust was made on this scale was when the UK government in the late-1970s ordered Fiat- owned Lancia to buy back vast numbers Lancias on British roads which were said at the time to rust so quickly that the cars “disappeared before your very eyes”. The Ford Powershift transmission saga has taken another turn with up to 50,000 Australian owners of Ford Focus, Fiesta and EcoSport petrol- powered cars equipped with the troubled dual-clutch transmission receiving fresh letters from the Company asking them to take their cars back to their dealership for another software update. Ford is now saying that a problem has been traced to a computer chip in the transmission control module. It says the chip might develop “an electrical communication concern” that could progress to cause delayed or harsh gear changes “and ultimately loss of gear engagement while driving or inability to start the vehicle”. These are the sort of problems Ford small-car owners have been complaining about The Buick News

for several years, resulting in a class action by Sydney- based law firm Bannister Law on behalf of disgruntled owners of petrol- powered vehicles with the Getrag- supplied transmission sold between 2011 and 2016. Eighty years ago, the Cord epitomized the car of the future. Now, thanks in part to legislation intended to encourage low-volume replica car builders, the Cord may once again have a future as a production car. Houston area oil industry consultant Craig Corbell started to lay plans for a Cord revival following the passage of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, which passed Congress last December as part of a $305 billion highway funding bill. “Until now it was cost prohibitive to manufacture these cars profitably,” Corbell said in a press release announcing the plans. “But now that expensive high speed crash testing, for example, is no longer required to manufacture low runs of replicas, this makes tremendous sense.” The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, initially introduced in June 2015, permitted low-volume replica car-builders to sell as many as 325 turnkey cars using EPA or CARB-certified current model year engines without going through the same certification and testing processes other car manufacturers must complete before selling new cars. Previously, replica car builders could only offer complete cars minus drivetrains or cars in kit form. Corbell bought the rights to the Cord trademark after the Pray family decided to auction off those rights in 2014. Those trademark rights, which Glenn Pray re-registered in 1963 after the marque’s liquidator let them lapse decades prior, sold for $242,000 and had at one time allowed Pray to build his own replica Cord: the Royalite-bodied Corvair-engined 8/10. Other Cord 810 and 812 replicas followed, including the rear-wheel drive SAMCO, an Eighties-era Oldsmobile Cutlass-based version of the SAMCO, and an Oldsmobile Toronado-engined version built by Southeastern Replicars. No specifics on the revival Cord have yet been released but it seems Corbell is currently discussing partnerships with manufacturers and may have a display vehicle ready by the fall of 2017. “We want to get this right to uphold the honor that people like E.L. Cord and Gordon M. Buehrig brought to this brand,” Corbell said. To date, two other companies have announced plans to take advantage of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act: The De Lorean Motor Company, also based in Texas, intends to offer revival DMC -12s; and the revived British carmaker AC intends to offer MkIV Cobras powered by a 6.2liter GM LS V-8.

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The Volkswagen Group emissions scandal looks set to further involve its prestige Audi brand and include some petrol-engined models. According to media reports, officials from the California Air Resources Board recently discovered that software in certain Audi models alters the shift pattern of the transmission during emission testing to improve the test result while reverting to different patterns in ordinary driving. Apparently the transmission is programed to shift gear earlier while on a dyno, or rolling road, for testing, and only reverts to real-world behaviour when the steering is turned through 15 degrees. This has led to a new round of class actions; this time for Audi. It seems the Audi models involved include the A6, A8, Q5 and Q7 fitted with 3.0-litre petrol engines and automatic transmissions. The latest accusations involve emissions of carbon dioxide, held to be a major contributor to global warming. Regulators in both Europe and the United States have instituted stricter standards for carbon dioxide emissions in recent years. German publication Bild am Sonntag has been asking questions to try and determine whether the systems constitute a defeat device in petrolpowered cars. A VW AG company spokesperson stated that “dynamic shift programs can lead to incorrect readings and results that cannot be reproduced”. Audi apparently believes that the shifting program does not violate any European laws, but the situation in the US is less clear and needs to be determined by US authorities. The existence of this particular software does not appear to be contested, but there are certainly different views as to its legality and the intent of those who designed it. The Wall Street Journal has reported that use of this software was discussed in early-2013 during a test drive of new cars in South Africa by senior VW management. Minutes of a meeting there reportedly show the head of Audi’s powertrain division saying: “The shifting program need to be configured so that it runs 100 per cent on the treadmill but only 0.01 per cent with the customer”. A report in The Australian stated that “Audi disabled the test recognition shortly before Volkswagen admitted to cheating on diesel emissions in 2015”. Despite concerns that the USA Environmental Protection Agency would put an end to ethanolfree gasoline sales with its Renewable Fuels Standard ruling for 2017, the agency permitted E0 a reprieve at the same time it declared its intention to transition the entire nation’s fuel supply to E10 and above. While the EPA has no say on the exact proportions of E0, E10, E15, E85, and other ethanol-blended fuels that make up the country’s fuel supply, it does set forth the total amounts of ethanol to be blended into the February 2017

fuel supply, and in its final numbers for 2017, released last week, the agency increased that total amount to 19.28 billion gallons. While the EPA made no direct reference to the concerns of old car enthusiasts in its ruling, it did address those concerns in its official response to public comments on its ethanol policies. “While some vehicle or engine owners other than owners of recreational marine engines may prefer E0, we do not believe that volumes of E0 used by such parties should be included in our determination

of the applicable volume requirements for 2017 since they do not have the same particular sensitivity to gasoline blended with ethanol – with the exception of the oldest engines, essentially all vehicles and engines currently in use have been designed to be compatible with E10.” Regardless of the amounts of ethanol-free fuel available in 2017, the EPA noted in last week’s ruling that it intends to “continue incentivizing the market to transition from E0 to E10 and other higher level ethanol blends.” That final

figure of 19.28 billion gallons translates to about 10.7 percent of the nation’s fuel supply. Of that amount, 15 billion gallons will come from “conventional” sources – that is, from corn – thus meeting the standards set by Congress in the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2007.

Editor- Again I struggle with this. How can E0 be an Ethanol Blend if it contains No Ethanol. Also if we talk about E85, to me that’s not a blend, its almost entirely Ethanol - !!. It would be more correct to call it E-Petrol15.

BUICK club of Australia in nsw+ (INC.) MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD SUNDAY, 15TH JANUARY, 2017 AT MILNE PARK, BAYSWATER. MEETING opened by President, Virginia Russell. NUMBER OF MEMBERS AND VISITORS PRESENT: members. 27 members. APOLOGIES: Geoff War d, Alison Spannenber g, Lloyd Br acher, John Gerdtz, Colin Booth and Geoff Dowe. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING as published in magazine. Moved: H. Spannenberg. Seconded: C. Castle. CORRESPONDENCE IN (INC EMAIL): Sec: Paul White. 1. Thank you card from Francine Vivot. 2. Christmas card received from the Norths. 3. Christmas card received from Just Auto. 4. Pitstop, online book catalogue. 5. Registration form from F. Smith. 6. Registration form from N. Cirillo. 7. Rover Owners Club letter re problem with conflicting bookings. 8. Thredbo Jazz Festival, info flyer from the CMC. 9. Sydney Tramways Museum, info flyer. 10. National Motoring Heritage Day—Berry info flyer & registration form for 21st May, 2017 event. 11. 44th GM Display Day info flyer—23rd April, 2017. 12. Sydney Bus Museum. CORRESPONDENCE OUT (INC EMAIL):


MAGAZINES: Buick Bugle (USA) Buick Banner (Vic) Classic Lines (CMC Wagga) Aug and Nov ACCEPTANCE OF CORRESPONDENCE: Moved: G. Massey. Seconded: T. Gentilcore. TREASURER'S REPORT: Geoff Ward. Treasurer's Report for November Income: Interest received Membership subscriptions Magazine income Sales -name badge & property Advertising income Christmas party Total income Less Outgoings: Magazine expense - 2 months Club functions -supper Insurance Name badges Total outgoings Net trading result for November 2016 Account balances at 1 November 2016: Cash at bank Term deposit East Coast Meet a/c Total cash on hand at 1 November 2016 The Buick News

$3.17 $140.00 $326.40 $60.00 $950.00 $1,020.00 $2,499.57 $2,302.30 $46.69 $1,022.23 $35.20 $3,406.42 ($906.85) $11,530.23 $25,709.73 $1,562.09 $38,802.05

Stock on hand Total assets as at 1 November 2016 Account balances at 30 November 2016: Cash at bank - general a/c Term deposit East Coast Meet a/c Total cash on hand at 30 November 2016 Stock on hand Total assets as at 30 November 2016 Treasurer's Report for December 2016 Income: Bank interest Interest received on term deposit Membership subscriptions Magazine income Christmas party Total income Less Outgoings: Magazine expense Club functions -Christmas party Rent of clubhouse Development & hosting of website Paypal commission Miscellaneous expenses Total outgoings Net trading result for December 2016 Other transactions: Transfer to term deposit Interest on term deposit reinvested Delayed expense from Buick Nationals Account balances at 1 December 2016: Cash at bank Term deposit East Coast Meet a/c Total cash on hand at 1 December 2016 Stock on hand Total assets as at 1 December 2016 Account balances at 31 December 2016: Cash at bank - general a/c Term deposit East Coast Meet a/c Total cash on hand at 31 December 2016 Stock on hand Total assets as at 31 December 2016

$500.00 $39,302.05 $10,623.38 $25,709.73 $1,562.09 $37,895.20 $500.00 $38,395.20

$3.55 $309.36 $75.00 $360.80 $360.00 $1,108.71 $1,060.47 $1,620.55 $270.00 $1,342.00 $2.25 $23.85 $4,319.12 ($3,210.41) $3,980.91 $309.36 $19.95 $10,623.38 $25,709.73 $1,562.09 $37,895.20 $500.00 $38,395.20 $3,122.70 $30,000.00 $1,542.14 $34,664.84 $500.00 $35,164.84

ACCEPTANCE OF TREASURER'S REPORT: Moved: J. Russell. Seconded: M. Doggett. MAGAZINE REPORT: Colin Castle Thanks to Peter Cook for his efforts in the production of the December edition of the magazine in the absence of Dawn and Colin with a suggestion that Peter’s services will be utilised more often in the future. Club Register issued in January 2017 which contained some errors due to members not providing updates at all or not providing them in time

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February 2017

for the Register to be compiled. Currently, Register changes are received by Magazine Committee and passed onto Eric North who compiles the Register. An audit of Register details to be undertaken by all states who contribute. There was some discussion about creating an on-line Register. Also suggested that each state are to collate their member’s details for submission. EVENTS REPORT: As per Geraldine Massey’s list. Thanks to the Spannenbergs for hosting a wonderful Christmas party. 22 January 2017: All American Day to be held at Castle Towers. Numbers are needed to allow for the reservation of parking spots to avoid the Buicks being split up. 26 January 2017: CARnivale to be held in Parramatta Park. 26 January 2017: Camden Street Parade followed by a BBQ at the Russell house. BYO food and swimmers. 18 February 2017: Breakfast Run to the Norman Lindsay Gallery. Arrive at 8.30am or come later for morning tea and the Gallery opening at 10.00am. 19 March 2017: Visit to historic town of Joadja located 25km south of Mittagong. Cars to meet at the Mittagong Tourist Information Centre carpark at 9.00am for a 9.30am departure. 7 May 2017: ROA holding a visit to the “Lost in the ‘50s” museum from 9.00am. ROA are holding a weekend event but invite other Buicks to this museum visit. They currently have 12 registrations. The Riv’s will then head off to the Hunter Valley where the Lions Club will be providing BBQ sandwiches for lunch. 21 May 2017: Buicks invited to CMC historic day of motoring at Berry – you can register on line at the Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club website. GOURMET RUN REPORT: Lloyd Bracher. 14 February 2017: Valentine’s Day Gourmet Run to be held at the MacArthur Country Club from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Meet at Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve, Campbell Hill Road, Chester Hill. 10.00 am, depart 11.00 am. SPANNER & NATTER REPORT: Peter Allen 7 February 2017: Next gathering to be held at Len and Kay Pendlebury's garage from 9:30am. Len has a great collection of classic cars. Bring a folding chair and something for morning tea. GM DAY REPORT:Peter Allen. Flyers were available on the night. 23 April 2017: To be held again at the Museum of Fire at Penrith $15.00 per car. Buick members will be on the gate roster. Details to be announced. Buicks will try and get the same parking location as in 2016. Clubs to organise their own trophies with Peter and Mike to arrange this for the Buick Club. Discussion concerning the acquisition of tents from Kangaroo Tent City. They have good quality 12x12 tents with wind up side for $300.00. Nothing decided. SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT: Buick Nationals 2016: 4th July, 2017 - Riviera Owners Meet. MARKETING AND MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Tony Gentilcore. One new membership application received from Steve Liddy. CMC REPORT: Mike Doggett Annual affiliation form should already have been completed. Shannon’s Eastern Creek event registration available from January 2017 for the August event. If you want to get in it is on a first in best dressed. No trailers allowed in the tunnel, cars must be disembarked and driven into the site. There will be another raffle for a car trailer given the success of last year. Bus and truck museum is popular despite not being open all the time. A bus can be arranged to pick you up from the rear of the QVB and deliver you to the museum. Meeting to be held on the 22 January at 1.00pm to discuss modified vehicle plates. Issues such as age and blue slips to be discussed. More rules and regulations relating to classic/ modified vehicles commence January 2017. The Buick News

A Holden Monaro was awarded 100/100 points in Melbourne. Owner thinking of trying his luck in Pebble Beach. Current log book system in NSW said to be best in Australia. The CMC and the Government deserve praise for arranging and running scheme. PLATES REPORT: J im Russell. Steve Liddy taking over ownership of his father’s Reo. Discussion of club rules relating to need to own a Buick to qualify for conditional registration. Previously it was the case that if you own a Buick you could apply to have other makes/models on the Register. Discussion concerning Committee’s role in determining whether someone is an active club member. Reflection that other clubs had too many members and that this may be the result of people wanting to access the log book scheme. Those clubs having instituted rules that Members had to attend at least three meetings and bring their cars to at least three meetings to qualify. Suggestion that rules may need to be changed to accommodate member such as Steve Liddy with concerns raised as to whether insurance covered non-Buick owning Members. Two months notice is needed for any amendments. It was suggested that there would be no fees in relation to the change of rules and their submission to Dept. of Fair Trading. It was suggested that Club rules and the constitution need to be reviewed in their entirety. It was also suggested that there could be an “associate” membership established. LIBRARY REPORT: Gary Ferrett. Library needs to be moved by the 6 February 2017. PROPERTY REPORT: Mike Doggett. Nil to report. LIAISON REPORT:Wendy Gronau. Gronaus report that there were no fascinating people to talk to over the month. There was a suggestion that there was lots of talking happening but not about Buicks. GENERAL BUSINESS: Discussion of letter from the Rover Owners Club and a clash of dates for the use of the club house in December 2016. Virginia was in contact with the VVCA president who offered his apologies and a credit for December 2016 fees. The December meeting was moved to the Canada Bay Club who found room for the Club and made everyone feel welcome. Email to be sent to the Club thanking them for their efforts and their warm welcome. Virginia to respond to the Rover Owners Club correspondence. Roy Pegler passed away on 4th January. A number of club members attended the funeral. There was some conversation with members recalling Roy’s involvement with the club and his character. Claus mentioned Roy was a nice guy despite the fact that he had bombed Germany in the war. Suggestion made not to include our financial report in magazine to save space. Executive Committee to discuss. Victorian 50th Anniversary Oct 2017 meet in Moama, NSW is immediately followed by the Chevy Club meet for those who wish to extend their stay. Book soon as accommodation filling up. Also consider sharing multi-bedroom units as there was more of these left. Sharing accommodation means sharing costs. Peter received a call from a person from Narromine seeking help to identify what he thinks is a 1929 Buick. Pictures available. Geraldine reports that the CCVC management report that the kitchen is to be upgraded and that any Buick club boxes etc must be removed after the January 2017 meeting. They stated that there is not enough room for all clubs to store goods on site. Virginia will bring the club’s urn and box of supper supplies to each meeting with other’s bringing supper as previously arranged. Virginia suggesting purchase of cabinets for the storage of expired trophies. Counter suggestion that this would cause issues with upkeep. Don Rothnie’s book concerning the history of Blackwoods has now come off the press. Meeting Closed: 8.50 pm.

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February 2017


MEETING OPENED: Pr esident, Peter Nicholson opened the meeting at 4.30 pm. ATTENDANCE: As per the attendance book. APOLOGIES: Stuar t & Delys Syme, Sher r in Bar ker , Teresa Lizatovich, Jill & Greg Churchman.. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES of meeting held on the 18th September, 2016 as printed in the Buick News. Moved to Accept the minutes: Harold Hitchcock. Seconded: Rick Beasley. BUSINESS ARISING: Code 404 – Peter suggested that further discussion take place under the CMC Report. CORRESPONDENCE IN: CMC – minutes of the GM held 19th November, 2016. Membership application for Trevor & Rachael Salter. Peter Taylor re issues with Code 404. Matt Smoje re 1937 Buick Special.


CORRESPONDENCE OUT: Letter of appreciation to Michael Monaghan. Welcoming letter to Trevor & Rachael Salter. Moved to Accept the Correspondence: Scott Barker Seconded: Ian Baxter. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE CORRESPONDENCE: Nil. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gail Hitchcock Opening Balance as at 5th Dec, 2016 $11,594.36 Income Bank Interest 2.85 New member 80.00 Xmas lunch voucher refund 40.00 122.85+ Expenses Buick Mag, Nov, Dec & Jan 541.20 West Aust Notices June Woodruff 91.85 Xmas Gift Card Mike Monaghan 100.00 Xmas Buick Lunch Gift Vouchers 400.00 1,133.05Closing Balance to date 14th Jan, 2017 $10,584.16 Moved to accept the report: Gail Hitchcock. Seconded: Alan Hunt. EVENTS: Harold Hitchcock Please refer to the Events Calendar on the website www.westernbuicks.org for the full listings. 6th February Breakfast at Fast Eddy’s, Morley. Join us again at Fast Eddy’s on Walter Road, Morley between 8.00 am and 10.00 am for breakfast and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together.

The Buick News

8th February Committee Meeting at Harold & Gail’s, 9 Cobine Way, Greenwood at 10.00am. 12th February Valentine’s Day Breakfast. “Buick Park”, Burswood (off Resort Drive) near the causeway and opposite Heirisson Island). This is an old favourite with great parking & views over the river. BYO breakfast anytime from 7.30 am onwards. BBQs are available. NB: Please check website as there may be a change to the venue due to the parking area being used by Contractors. 15th February Cruise to Mandurah – for fish and chips on the Mandurah foreshore. There are many restaurants and cafes etc. if you prefer. This year we will be meeting at the Jandakot Central Shopping Centre, Cnr Armadale Road (near Solomon Road) and the Kwinana freeway, in the car park near Getaway Outdoors and BCF shops. Meeting at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm departure. 19th February Northam Swap Meet. This is not a Buick run but there are many members who attend the swap meet.

CMC REPORT: Murray Lizatovich The new Code 404 has been finalized and copies of the booklet are available via our website – www.westernbuicks.org Peter also had printed copies of the booklet available to members to take. A discussion followed with Murray advising the members of some of the rule changes that will affect us. Payment of Annual fees must be paid by 30th June, 2016 otherwise the vehicle is deemed to be unlicensed. Murray advised that he is still able to do the first inspection on the vehicle so long as it is prior to 1970. After that the vehicle has to go over the pits to be inspected by Dept. of Transport officers. Peter advised that further discussion will be carried out at the future Committee meetings to formulate guidelines for the running of events. He asked for patience as clarification was needed on several points within the Code 404 booklet and the decisions the Committee make will be advised to the members in due course. GENERAL BUSINESS: Marny Howe has donated several Buick caps to members if they so wish. There was also a “Route 66” sign & several car badges for sale. Ian Baxter queried whether any other members have problems accessing the electronic version of the Buick News. Suggestion was made for him to contact Tony Gentilcore to sort it out. There being no further business Peter Nicholson thanked the members for attending and closed the meeting at 5.00 pm.

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February 2017

BUICK CLUB OF AUSTRALIA qld. INC. MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD at the park at 17 mile rocks on Sunday, 15th january, 2017

Laurene opened Meeting at 9.35 am and welcomed all to Presidents Run. The Attendance Book was circulated and attendance recorded as well as Apologies. Laurene asked if there were any Risk or OH and S issues. None from Membership but Tamara (visitor) alerted all to the distance to the toilets and the existence of low height concrete barriers which are a serious tripping hazard.

The March Run was discussed as details need to be in the Feb Journal which means they have to be with Sandra by 20/1/17. Stewart to action this. QHMC Rep – Col Hinxman No Meeting since November. QHMC is now on Facebook and there is lots of good information available through this facility. Librarian – Col Hinxman – Nothing to report. Webmaster -- Linda – All is OK re the Website.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Ranald stated that the Minutes appeared in the December Journal. Ranald moved that they be accepted as a correct record. Seconded Dot Talbot. Vote taken and all in favour.

Magazine Coordinator: Ranald thanked those who sent articles but is still keen to get car stories.

Business arising from Minutes:

General Business: Laurene advised the Meeting that Christine Stevens from QHMC had suffered two strokes in December but was doing OK. Club wishes Christine good health. Linda commented that the Australia Day Rally is usually a very good day with a big attendance and is worth attending. Martin raised some issues in getting his 1929 onto the Buick Register and asked if it is feasible to have a fully available electronic version via say the Website so that we could update online. Some discussion ensued and the outcomes were— 1. Register changes additions etc. need to come to Ranald 2. An electronic version would need much design to ensure security, freedom from hacking etc. and is likely not to be considered. Ranald raised the issue of a requirement to have an extensive FEP (Fire Evacuation Plan) - a document of about 40 pages. This was discussed and the outcomes were— 1. We would clarify Councils simple and brief requirements in this regard and comply and advise Olympic Fire Services 2. If necessary, we provide a laminated Evacuation Plan fixed appropriately in the Club Rooms 3. It was agreed that the format of an FEP as suggested by Olympic Fire Services was unnecessary and not really applicable to our situation 4. Linda/Ranald to action as convenient.


Correspondence in/Out: Ranald and Linda noted a few items including: 1. New Members Applications from John Allardice, Ron and Cheryl Morrison, David Perry and Janine Dwyer 2. Some advertising material from Qld Personalized Plates Qld -- 4 letters and 2 numbers $1495 each 3. Linda commented that the Victorian Club has been working hard on their Magazine/Newsletter and it is really good 4. Recent Bugle has a write-up on the NSW Nationals 5. Moved Ranald that Corresponded in out be accepted/endorsed. Seconded Marguerite Barker. Vote taken and all in favour. Treasurers Report: This was provided by Linda and covered all existing Operational accounts and Investment Accounts which have recently been re-invested and recent payments which included  Fire Inspection  Minor electrical Repairs  Annual Insurance for Office Bearers etc.  All current Bills have been paid. It was agreed that Club is AOK financially. Linda moved that Treasurers Report be accepted. Seconded John Barker. Vote taken and all in Favour. Events Directors Report: Sandra thanked all for coming today and provided a summary of upcoming Runs. The Buick News

Liaison Officer Ranald: Nil to report.

Laurene closed Meeting at 10.05 am.

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February 2017



Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced In order to avoid any errors, all ads must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Ads submitted for the Buick News may also be loaded to Buick Club web sites in WA, QLD and NSW. This is done in an effort to help members find or sell parts/cars. Be cautious when receiving inquiries as they may not all be legitimate. Places of interest on the Internet mentioned to our club:

FOR SALE 1937-8 radiator $100; 1946-8 radiator $100; 1937 centre tail light $50; 1937 tail light $60; 1937 rear axle assembly $150; 1937 rear mudguard $200; 1937-8 sloper spare tyre door $100; 1940 RH spare tyre cover (6 wheel) $100; 1961-3 Skylark rear axle assembly $150. Universal joint 1929-30 Master 1931-35 (8090) series) $130; front wheel bearing 1934-40 (40-60) inner $90; outer $80. Buick 350 V8 motor $950. 1938 Special Sedan, 6 wheel, part restored $7,500. 1940-49 (40-50 new Stromberg carb $250; 1936-52 (60,80,90) new Carter carb $300; 1946-8 fuel tank with gauge, retainer straps $220; 1950-3 fuel tank with gauge $150; 1938 fuel tank with gauge $150. Ron Noonan 02 9631 4763 or [email protected] 1956 Buick parts— complete diff with torque tube $400; complete Dynaflow transmission $800. Andrew Richards 0429 404 245 (Echuca). 1948 Buick Roadmaster Sedanet Model 76C - multi award winning Buick Roadmaster, full body off, back to bare metal restoration, no expense spared. it is a great reliable rally car it has won many club and state concourse awards. Motor has been fully rebuilt as has the Dynaflow transmission, the differential was rebuilt using the highway ratio, which allows it to cruise beautifully at highway speeds . The car comes with a custom fitted car cover, runs on unleaded fuel. It is fitted with 320cid engine, kerb weight of 4065 lbs, length 217in. wheelbase 129in - $75,000. Any further information contact John on 0438 517 409 or Colin on 0414 588 994. Parting out 1973 Buick Century Grand Sport Coupe. Doug Hawkins 0418 631 233. 2016 Buick Nationals Jacket — unworn — wrong size ordered. Contact Geraldine at [email protected] if you are interested.

WANTED 1958 Buick steering wheel. Scott Barker 0408 119 992, email: [email protected]


BUICK CAR CLUB OF AUST (QLD) Club Property for Sale

Hats $23.00 Umbrellas $25.00 Tea Towels $ 7.50 Key Rings $10.00 Club T/shirts $25.00 Badges & Tie Tacs $ 6.00 Club car badges $25.00 Caps & Beanies $10.00 Property Officer, Mike Doggett 02 9605 5449 Orders can be sent anywhere for cost plus P & H. The Buick News

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Mens Business Shirts Ladies business Shirts Caps Pocket Patches Club window stickers Buick Club Car badges

$20.00 Sh/sleeve $20.00 Sh/sleeve $15.00 $10.00 $ 1.00 $25.00

Orders sent anywhere for cost, post & handling. Secretary, Margaret Barker 07 3354 1030. Page 28

February 2017