queensland new south wales - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

queensland new south wales - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW

F10614 F20614 F30614 F40614 F50614 F60614 THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australian Buick C...

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queensland new south wales - Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW
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THE BUICK NEWS A joint publication of the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australian Buick Clubs


Buick Car Club of Aust. NSW Inc. Reg. No. Y1496506 www.buickclub.org.au 8 p.m. 3rd Thursday each month 134 Queens Road, Five Dock. 2046. P.O. Box 168, Merrylands. NSW. 2160. Greg Massey 02 9773 6899 Email: [email protected] Tony Gentilcore BH 02 9453 9199 Email: [email protected] Colin Castle 02 9980 2740 Virginia Russell 02 4653 1224 Email: [email protected] Lloyd Bracher 02 4572 8394 P.O. Box 4248, Pitt Town. 2756. Email: [email protected] Peter Allen 02 9601 5005 Gary Ferrett


QUEENSLAND Buick Car Club of Australia Qld. Inc. www.buickcarclubaustralia.com Buick Car Club Room, Cascade Hall, Cascades Park, Cnr Colburn Ave & Link Rd, Victoria Point. 4165. Key with B.Hall, D.Hawkins, S.Talbot.

P.O. Box 113, Cleveland. QLD. 4163. Brian Hall 07 3829 2222 Email: [email protected] John Forster 07 3282 5544 Laurene Forster 07 3282 5544 Email: [email protected] Kay Hawkins....................07 5543 6927 Email: [email protected] Linda Hall 07 3829 2222 Email: [email protected]

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Buick Owners Club of WA (Inc.) Reg. No. 1004664 www.westernbuicks.org. 10.30 am 1st Sunday alternate month, venue refer Club Calendar on page 8. 255 Benmuni Road, Wanneroo. WA. 6065. Alan Haime

08 9279 6427

Stuart Syme

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Bev Nicholson

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Gail Hitchcock

08 9342 3812

Doug Hawkins ................07 5543 6927 Jim Donis Chris Blakeley

08 9306 4556 08 9401 1801

Tech.Officers: C.Hinxman 07 3356 9816 D. Hawkins, I. Woodward 07 5545 1271 & R. Grant 07 3202 8702

Membership: L. Hall EVENTS DIRECTORS

Geraldine Massey 02 9773 6899 Email: [email protected] Jim Russell 02 4653 1224 Email: [email protected]


Allan Adams


John Gerdtz 02 9629 7957 Email: [email protected] Frank Hall 02 9654 8999 Wendy & Claus Gronau


02 9875 1177

MAGAZINE Michael Richmond 0412 404 061 CO -O RDINATORS: [email protected] CORRESPONDENCE TO: Dawn Castle 02 9980 2740 Email: [email protected]

7 Ruth Place, Cherrybrook. 2126 All Members $65


07 3829 2222

Peter & Sandra Kraschnefski 07 32021017 Harold Hitchcock

Email: [email protected] Dating Officers: P. Dearling, D. Hawkins, R. Davidson, C. Hinxman, H. van Riel, D. Bradford. Margaret Barker 07 3354 1030 Email: [email protected] Colin Hinxman 07 3356 9816 (& Comb.Council Rep & Lib'n) [email protected] & Website Co-ordinator: Ranald Grant 07 3202 8702 Ranald Grant Ph: 07 3202 8702 Fax: 07 3003 1198 Email: [email protected] or: [email protected] 107 Gibson Cr, Bellbowrie.Qld. 4070 All Members $65

0412 760 980 Email: [email protected] Murray Lizatovich 08 9299 6774 Examiner: Ken Churchman 08 9295 2569

Murray Lizatovich Lois Haime

08 9299 6774 Ph: 08 9279 6427

Email: [email protected] 22 Waylen St, Guildford. WA. 6055 $75 (inc. magazine) or $30

Annual subscriptions are due by 30 June each year A RTICLES APPEARING IN THIS MAGAZINE REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE CONTRIBUTOR AND ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE CLUBS. By submitting content to the Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. in NSW (BCCA), you agree that BCCA can use that content in any way, now and in the future. BCCA also reserves the right not to use the content you submit. Please send “For Sale” and “Wanted” advertisements, articles, items of interest, technical questions, solutions, helpful hints, recommendations for restoration supplies and services, recent (or long running) restorations, particularly from country members, and photographs to the magazine co-ordinator of your club. Photographs will be returned if stamped envelope provided with photos. Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced. In order to avoid any errors, all advertisements must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Any part of this magazine may be reproduced, duly acknowledging the source.

The deadline for all items is the 20 th day of the month, for publication in the following month’s magazine. The Buick News

Page 1

November 2013




i, folks. Some great stuff in the last Journal about the Nambucca Heads Meet. Here in Qld another AGM has come and gone and we have many good folk who have stepped up again to fill Club Roles and also some “newies”. It is good to see. Brian did express some concerns about the long-term survival of Clubs for a number of reasons and these are often echoed in other parts of the world. Many factors come into play here such as longer working hours for many due to difficult economic conditions and thus less time to contribute to Club activities, generally rising costs that limit the ability of many of us (and particularly younger people) to buy and restore cars and join in Club activities, and so on. I guess we can relate to all those as many of these issues have been around for a while. But what is the answer – I confess don’t know. I do have some problem with squawks about costs when I see the “squawkers” spending $20 a pack on cigarettes, drinking loads of Bottled water, spending thousands on Mobile Phones , Cameras, Travel, Dining Out and driving to work. Just the costs of driving to work and parking would cover a lot of work on an older car. In a previous “life” I spent two years as a Call Centre Consultant selling Mobile Phones and it was two years of listening to the most pathetic bleating and pusillanimous drivel about costs of usage etc that I have ever had to endure. I could have added another two thousand excuses to the “Australian Book of Excuses” I reckon. However that’s how it is I guess. Clubs of all types just have to keep plugging along. As I write this it is tragic to see the Bushfires in NSW on the News and its not getting any easier for the residents or the Firefighters. We can only hope for minimal human impact and so far it’s been small. Good work by many contributed to that good outcome. Appalling to see that we still have a small percentage of “human flotsam” who go Looting. It’s amazing the Looters have escaped with their life. My thoughts are with all those affected by these fires. For our New Members we have 25 years of the BCA Journal all on CD. Contact Colin Hinxman on 07 3356 9816 for a copy at a very nominal cost. It’s a mine of good information. Last Months Quiz Question; What is the famous expedition which originated in a South American Country and used knowledge from the inhabitants of Lake Titicarca ?. Answer Thor Heyerdahl and the KonTiki Expedition. New Quiz Questions; Who first said - “All that glitters is not gold”? What spice gives American Style Mustard its yellow colour?

My thanks also to all those who send me articles. I regret any formatting errors I introduce in making them ready for publication. I also apologise in advance if I need to ask you to remove content that I feel may offend some of our readers. Ranald Grant (AH) Ph: 07 3202 8702 ..... Fax: 07 3003 1198 The Buick News

Page 2


ell, we're almost at the end of another year and hasn't it flown! But, there are still so many things to do before Christmas hits us full on. As usual every year at the November meeting we have an auction night, so rumble through your sheds and look out for all that neat stuff you don't want, but think others may just love. All proceeds will go to the club, and perhaps a worthy charity if we raise enough. Don't forget the run to La Perouse on November 27, which includes a tour of Bare Island. Drop Geraldine a line with your RSVP. We also need numbers and payment for the Christmas lunch, on December 7th at beautiful Lake Munmorah, so please RSVP before November 24th. Our sympathies go to the families of June Knight, Dot Cubbin, Christine McKay and Don Jones who have recently passed away. As usual, we'd love to have your input with your own articles about your travels, your restorations or any topic you feel would be of interest to the members. Don't forget the photos too! See you on the road soon……. NSW Magazine Committee - Michael, Dawn, Colin, Peter & Alistair. MAGAZINE COVER PHOTOS Members please note we are always looking for good quality photos to be printed on the cover of our magazine. They can be forwarded to the following email address: [email protected] and must be at least 1MB in size. The photos should also include the owner’s name and car details. A reminder to all NSW Buick members. If you have changed your email address, please remember to let the Buick Club know so that you will receive notices sent via email. If you are not receiving any emails from the Buick Club, usually regarding Club Runs, please check that we have your up-todate address. Please forward your info to this email address: [email protected] For anyone who does not have an email address, please let me know, so that I can post any notices that are sent by email, thus keeping everyone informed. Ring me: Geraldine 9773 6899. Please leave a message if phone is not answered. November 2013



he year is quickly disappearing and we are already planning our activities and runs for 2014!! Our Club has had some really great runs throughout the year and I must thank those members who have put forward new ideas and assistance for our runs. Also, thank you to members for supporting the Events organised. I would encourage members to give some thought to suggesting places we can visit next year for our Runs.

Plans are well underway for our Christmas party, which will be held at John & Maggie Saddington’s home on the beautiful Lake Munmorah. If you have not yet replied, please RSVP by Come and help 15th November. celebrate the Christmas Season with your Buick friends.

We were very fortunate to have Dave Rundle and Geoff Morris as our guest speakers at the October meeting. Many of you know Dave well as a previous member of our Club. Dave and Geoff told us, in exciting detail, of the Fund Raising Tour around Australia in Dave’s 1927 air-cooled Franklin. What an adventure it was, with the benefit of raising funds for Care Flight. There was no “just sticking to the black top roads”, this adventure took on all roads and conditions and the ’27 Franklin took it all in its stride, with some minor and one major hiccup!! Any of you who know Dave would not be surprised that he took on such a challenge. Many of us will be attending ChromeFest for the first time, on

Sunday 27 October at The Entrance. I am looking forward to that event and will report back to you at our next meeting. Our current meeting venue is working well, as is the later 8:00pm start. We have now had several members showcase their cars and tell their Buick story after the meetings, which is an added treat. So, if you wish to show your Buick, please let me know so we can share your story. Now that the weather is warmer, I am looking forward to seeing more of you at our meetings. Keep doing it in a Buick. Greg Massey.



ur AGM was attended by 29 members and the management team was returned unopposed but with the addition of three new committee members. Welcome aboard Ranald, Paul and Troy. We look forward to your contribution over the next 12 months. Great events planned for the next three months include the Club Room Chin Wag for morning tea and lunch on Sunday 24th November, The Christ-

mas Party Lunch at the Karana Downs Golf Club on Sunday, December 1st and the President’s Run on Sunday, January 12th. Refer to the Queensland Events and the Queensland Buick Club website www.buickcarclubaustralia.com - for full details. I would encourage all members to regularly check the club website for upcoming events and news. We regularly receive phone calls and emails from people who have recently

purchased a Buick, are not members of a Buick club and sometimes don’t even know a Buick club exists, and are looking for parts. I would ask all our members to talk to any Buick owner you meet at car shows, cruises or on the street to encourage them to join the Club by simply going to the Club website and completing the membership application form on line. See you somewhere soon in a Buick. Brian Hall



e were pleased to hear about the good turnout to the General Meeting at Fred Jacoby Park near Mundaring Weir. The spring time is one of the best times to be able to get the Buick out and put a few miles on the clock. We saw lots of new Buicks driving The Buick News

around the streets of New York, the Lucerne looks especially nice in black. Buick runs a pretty aggressive advertising campaign on TV stating that Buicks are better than other brands and actually names the brands. I don’t think you would be able to get away with that in Australia. (at least you would have to be able to back it up). Page 3

Please check your events calendar. There are a few planned runs coming up and of course, there is the Christmas lunch date to be pencilled in. Lois and I will be back in Perth by late October and hope to catch up with members at the November Buick brekkie. Alan Haime November 2013

New south Wales BUICK MEETING PROGRamme Member Only Access: fireball User Name: Password: BuickNov13

Meeting Programme Co-ordinator: Don Rothnie 0409 820 815 Email: [email protected]

Meetings commence at 8 p.m. CLUB MEETING ROOMS: 134 Queens Road, Five Dock


Nov 21 Thu

General Meeting - Auction Night at our monthly meeting. Bring your auction items. This is a fun evening. In addition to the Club auction, there will be an additional auction of the late Club member Paul Mullaly's automotive memorabillia and books. The proceeds will go to Paul's widow, Barbara.

Dec 19 Thu

General Meeting and Christmas fellowship.

2014 Jan 16 Thu

General Meeting. New south Wales EVENTS CALENDAR

Nov 12 Tue

Gourmet Christmas Run at the St. Moritz Room at the Engadine Hotel. Meet at Pioneer Reserve, Campbell Hill Road, Chester Hill at 10 a.m. for morning tea. Numbers to Nancye or Frank Hall on 9654 8999.

Nov 24 Sun

Club run to La Perouse, with Tour of Bare Island, Anzac Parade, La Perouse. Follow the road signs to La Perouse. General tours of Bare Island are at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30pm and I have booked a group of 20 for a Private Tour at 12:30pm. Tour costs $15 Adult, $13 concession, $10 Child. Payment on the day. There is a lovely beach, so bring the grandkids for a swim. Our Tent will provide some shade on the grass. Please advise Geraldine on numbers ASAP, email: [email protected]

Dec 7 Sat

Annual Club Christmas Celebration Lunch this year will be at John & Maggie Saddington's home at 28 Anita Ave, Lake Munmorah on the Central Coast (just under an hour from Wahroonga, 10 minutes off the Freeway, and 3 minutes off the Pacific Highway, just past Doyalson on the northern end of Lake Munmorah). Members arrive from 12 a.m. for a 12.30pm. lunch which will be a lovely spit roast, with delicious desserts, in a wonderful setting, overlooking the lake. Please BYO preferred drinks. Cost is $30 p.p. John and Maggie are happy for people to stay for relaxing sunset drinks. Money to Treasurer, Lloyd by direct debit or pay at the meetings, please. Please advise Geraldine if you will be attending for catering purposes at email: [email protected] or phone: 9773 6899.

2014 Jan 26 Sun

Australia Day CARnivale. Members who have registered will be notified mid-December 2013 and will be supplied with further details. Registration and information: www.australiaday.com.au/CARnivale. You need to provide your name, address and details of your car. Our Club usually has around 15 cars and members greatly enjoy this event in the city. Contact: John Flower on 9513 2035 or email: [email protected]

Feb 23 Sun

Club Run.

Mar 23 Sun

Club Run.

Further details, contact: Geraldine Massey 9773 6899, email: [email protected] Events Directors are always happy to have any suggestions for Events, especially events where there is something to see or do as well as the drive. For anyone who does not have an email address, please let me know, so that I can post any notices that are sent by email, thus keeping everyone informed. Ring me on number above. Please leave a message if phone is not answered. SPANNER & NATTER held at Mike Doggett’s home on 17th September, 2013. It was the end of the rain and Mike’s beautiful 1948 Fisher bodied 56S was sitting in the drive. A great natter was had by seven present over a cup of tea and biscuits – no spannering was done. A great time was had by all. Hans Spannenberg. The Buick News

Page 4

November 2013

NSW OTHER EVENTS, LOGGED RUNS & SWAP MEETS All American Mystery Cruise Nights invitation to members to attend their cruise nights meeting at Parramatta Pool carpark, O'Connell, Street, Parramatta - contact 0419 695 301 - see following dates: 5th October, 2nd November, 7th December, 1st February, 1st March, 5th April, 3rd May.

Nov 2 Sat

Kiama Car Spectacular and Swap Meet - Kiama Pavilion, 4 Bong Bong St, Kiama, from 7 am to 2 pm. Contact: Bob Waite 02 4234 1336 or email: [email protected]

Nov 3 Sun

Vintage & Veteran Enthusiasts - Free entry to Farming Small Areas EXPO 2013. Hawkesbury Showground. Entry via Gate 1, between 7:00am-8:45am. Guy Rowlison 02 4570 4650 or www.expo.farmingsmall areas.com.au or email: [email protected] Please register now. Enquiries: [email protected] (02) 4570 4671.

Nov 10

Upper Hunter Motoring Assoc Inc - 2013 Global Village Motorfest & Fair to be held at Muswellbrook Show Grounds 10th November 2013 and Dinner Dance 9th November.

Nov 10 Sun Sutho Cops & Rodders. Boys’ Town Playing Fields, Woronora Rd, Engadine. 9am – 4pm Registration Forms available: email David Hayes at [email protected] Surplus monies raised to CareFlight. Special guests: V8 Supercar drivers Alex Davison, Warren Luff and others. Experience Australia’s only V8 Supercar simulator. Careflight helicopter open for view. Nov 10 Sun Upper Hunter Motoring Association invite to attend the 2013 Global Village Motorfest Fair at Muswellbrook Showground from 9am - 2pm. $2 per head or $5 family. Contact Geoff Budden 02 6543 2269 or 0407 247 998 or email: [email protected] 2014 Jan 19th

Mustang Owners Club - 32nd Annual All American Day, at Castle towers Shopping Centre, entry off Old Castle Hill road, Castle Hill - $15 entry per car with proceeds to Children's Hospital at Westmead. Contact: David Livian 0419 302 333 or www.mustang.org.au.

Feb 7/8/9th

Highlands Steam & Vintage Fair at Oberon, rally ground at Oberon Rugby Leagues Club, Lowes Mount Road. Contact: Jim Hawkes 02 6336 1934 or www.highlandssteam.org.au

Feb 8-9th

Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club invite to 39th Berrima Rally, a weekend of country hospitality and motoring through the Southern Highlands. Meet at Mittagong Public School on Saturday morning. Rally Secretary, Chris Knapman 02 4868 1252 or email: [email protected]

VALE June Knight

6-.6.32 - 30.9.2013

June and husband, Ken, were long time members of the Buick and Chrysler clubs before moving to Port Macquarie some years ago. Ken was President of the Buick Club from July 1997 to June 2000. We remember June as a happy person, always willing to help, with a smile on her face. She was a great asset to the club and a marvellous support to Ken while he was President. Our thoughts go out to Ken and their sons and family for their loss. Eric North


The Club has also received the sad news that Christine McKay passed away on 22nd October, after battling an illness. Christine is the wife of Bob McKay whom we haven’t seen at club events of recent times but a long standing member nonetheless. Our thoughts are with Bob and his family in their time of bereavement. Colin Castle

Late Press:


Dot Cubbin

We have received the sad news that Dot Cubbin passed away in October. Keith and Dot Cubbin joined the club in the 80's and Keith had several Buicks and his last Buick was a registered 1947 Super. RIP Dot. Ron Noonan The Buick News

Christine McKay

Don Jones

We have just heard of the sad passing of long time member, Don Jones. Don had been an active member of the club for many years and his sudden passing is a shock to all of us and our sincere sympathy goes to Yvette and his family for their sad loss. Colin Castle Page 5

November 2013

Queensland Buick Events and Activities Calendar Club Meetings and Activities are as follows. I will keep Club Members reminded about and informed of upcoming events by email. Please ensure that I have your current e-mail address – Sandra K.

Nov 3

Club Run to the Hampton Holden Museum - meet in Esk at the park on the left in Town centre at 9.00 a.m. We will make our way to Hampton for Morning Tea at 10.00 a.m. Entry to museum is $10 per person. 12.00 noon we will leave museum to visit Hedley and Barbara Dearling’s home at Highfields for a sausage sizzle lunch , our meeting and to ‘check out the shed’. BYO drinks and chairs. Also be a place of interest for the ladies to visit.Please contact Laurene on 3282 5544 or via email on [email protected] by 29 October for catering purposes.

Nov 17

Aust. Pre War Buicks Division – day run in South East Qld. for pre war cars only. Meet at 9 am at the Yamanto Shopping Centre, near Ipswich, just off the Cunningham Highway (take the Yamanto exit and look for the McDonalds) and from there we will travel to Boonah and the Fassifern Valley. Morning tea in Boonah and a look around before setting off to a country pub for lunch, purchase off the board on the day. Contact John and Laurene Forster.

Nov 24

Club Room Chin Wag at the Club Rooms, Cascade Park, Victoria Point. (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE) Join us for morning tea at 10.00am and lunch at 12.00 noon, complimentary lunch supplied for club members. Our final club room chin wag for 2013. Another reason to get your Buick out for a run. If you would like to attend, please contact Linda Hall by 18 November.

Dec 1

Club Christmas Party at the Karana Downs Golf Club - 212 College Road, Karanaa Downs. We can arrive from 11.00 a.m. - lunch will be served at 12.00 noon. This is a pre-paid event - you have booked once you have paid. Once again the Club will subsidise Members and partners. Members and partners $15 per head. Friends and other guests $30 per head. Members children free. Please forward payment to Treasurer, Linda Hall (or direct deposit into the Club account stating your name) by 18 November 2013. This is always a fun event to end the club’s events for the year so come and join the fun. Remember you are not booked until you have paid. The Club has decided to make our Christmas charity this year the Queensland Institute of Medical Research for children’s Cancer Research. If you wish to donate a sum of up to $10, you may do so by either adding the amount of your donation to your Christmas party payment or donate on the day.

2014 Jan 12

President’s Run - This run will start with breakfast at the Club Room at 8.30 a.m. compliments of the President. We will have our Meeting then leave around 10.30 a.m. for an interesting run to a hinterland hotel for lunch. Lunch orders will be taken at the Club room. Please contact Linda by 7 January for catering.

Feb 2

Club run.

Feb 14-16

Moonshine Run in Stanthorpe. Contact Kay Hawkins for further information.

Mar 15-16

IVVVC 40th Anniversary Rally in Ipswich. Further information to come.

Apr 6

Queensland Autospectacular at Willowbank - keep this date free.

Apr 12-13

Allora Historical Demo Day. Hotel rooms have been booked. ([email protected])for further information.

Apr 25-27

Warwick Club’s 40th Anniversary Rally. Further information to come.

May 22-26

ROA Meet in Bathurst. Keep this date free for Riviera owners. ([email protected]) for further information.

Jul 22-26

BCA National Meet in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Nationals in Perth.

Contact Laurene Forster at email:

Contact Linda Hall at email:

Events Co-ordinator - Peter & Sandra Kraschnefski 07 3202 1017 Noggin & Natter Night Co-ordinator - Stewart Talbot 07 3396 6941, Mob. 0439 919 808 QUEENSLAND COUNTRY MEMBERS: Please advise of remote events to ensure we put it in the Journal and achieve Compliance with concessional registration requirements.

BCA “NOGGIN & NATTER” Nights listed above are held at the Club Rooms at Victoria Point on the 1st Wednesday night of the month at 6.00 p.m. unless advised otherwise by the Events Director or Stewart Talbot 3396 6941 or Mob 0439 919 808. Keys to the club rooms are held by S Talbot, D Wilson, B Hall, D Hawkins).

CRUISE NITES: Kosmos Cruise Nite Sat Nites (Jan-Dec 2013) Ferry Road Cruise Fri & Sat nites (Jan-Dec 2013) Kosmos Café, Behind Hungry Jacks,Browns Ferry Road Diner, Ferry Rd, Bundall Plains Rd, Browns Plains

Friday Night Cruise at Harry's Diner Newmarket Rd, Newmarket

Munchies Cruise Nite Fri Nites (Jan-Dec 2013) Munchies Diner, Mt. Lindsay Hwy, Acacia Ridge

Pioneer Village, Old Petrie Town Sat mornings 7 am onwards.

The Buick News

Gumdale Cruise Nite Sat Nites Gumdale Shopping Centre Page 6

November 2013

Queensland Buick Events Calendar contd. Events set up by other "Auto" or related Clubs::-

Note:- these listings are taken from many sources and accuracy is not guaranteed. Please check with Venues/Organisers if you are interested in any of these events etc. All events listed below are Buick Club sanctioned events for attendance by our members in their concessional registered vehicles. Emails on most events below will be sent out when they are received by our club.

Every Saturday All Wheels A Go hold a regular car meet for automotive enthusiasts at Crusty Devil Bakery, Cannon Hill Shopping Centre from 5.30pm onwards. Contact Russell for further information (0412 302 669). Nov 3

North Pine Country Cruz - “Old Petrie Town”, Dayboro Rd, Kurwongbah. Pre 1974 hotrods, customs, classics & motor bikes. Gold coin donation entry. Market stalls and a working pioneer village to view. No time given.

Nov 16-17

Gold Coast Autorama at Don Paxton Park, Station Street, Tugun. Further information - Graham Cogzell on 07 5534 5941 or email: [email protected] or Website www.gcaac.com.au

2014 Jan 25-26

Allora Heritage Weekend at Allora Showgrounds - Swap Meet, tractors & trucks, stationary engines, Harley Davidson motor bikes, music, poets. Further information on 07 4666 3693 or 0418 875 469.

Mar 2

Logan Car Show 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. Enquiries 3442 1700.

Mar 15-16

IVVVC 40th Anniversary Invitation Rally in Ipswich

Apr 18-20

Townsville Hub and QHMC Rally to be held in Charters Towers. Information – [email protected]

Apr 25-27

Warwick Club’s 40th Anniversary Invitation Rally

May 18

Sports & Classic Car Festival (prev Macleans Bridge) - Mt Gravatt Showrounds. Further information from email: [email protected] or 3286 1180 or mobile 0427 447 148.

May 22-26

Riviera Owners Association (ROA) Australia Region Meet to be held in Bathurst, NSW. The Meet is open to all ROA members and owners of Buick Rivieras 1963-1999.

Queensland Club Members A reminder to all Members that all Club expenditure must be pre-approved by the Committee and paperwork supporting that expenditure must be provided before reimbursement can be made. Thanks - Brian Hall on behalf of the Qld Committee

Australian Pre War Buicks News

The Queensland branch of the Buick Car Club of Australia has established a Pre War Division to cater to the drivers of those earlier model Buicks built before Dec 1941. Following an initial run for Pre War only cars into South East Queensland it was agreed by those in attendance to continue to hold Pre War events on an irregular basis and to further the use of these fine older cars. As part of that commitment to the older Buicks the Queensland club now publishes a Pre War e-Magazine which includes news and information about not only Pre War Buicks but also other Pre War cars and stories that might appeal to the readership. Subscription is free and may be obtained by forwarding your email address to John or Laurene at [email protected]

Australian Pre War BUICKS The E-Magazine QUEENSLAND COMMITTEE EMAIL ADDRESSES: President Brian Hall - [email protected] Vice Presidents John Forster - [email protected] Laurene Forster Secretary Kay Hawkins - [email protected] Treasurer Linda Hall - [email protected] Committee Members Doug Hawkins - [email protected] The Buick News

“A Great Old Read!” Technical Officers Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Ian Woodward - TBA Ranald Grant - [email protected] and [email protected] Events Directors — Sandra and Peter Kraschnefski - [email protected] Property Officer – Margaret Barker [email protected] Webmaster, Combined Council Rep and Librarian - Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Page 7

Liaison and Journal Editor – Ranald Grant - [email protected] Noggin and Natter Co-ordinator – Stewart Talbot - [email protected] Dating Officers Paul Dearling - [email protected] Doug Hawkins - [email protected] Rod Davidson - [email protected] Colin Hinxman - [email protected] Hans van Riel - [email protected] Don Bradford - [email protected]

November 2013


Nov 4 Mon Breakfast at Fast Eddys. Join us again at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00 for brekkie and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together. Nov 6 Sun

Committee Meeting - to be held at Bev and Pete Nicholson's place, starting at 7:30pm .

Nov 10 Sun Maurice Brockwell Run - Port to Whiteman Park Classic car run. This year the run will be part of the Fremantle Festival and will again commence from Wilson Park in South Fremantle. The first vehicle will depart Wilson Park at 10.30am, but as this is also being promoted as a spectator event as part of the Fremantle Festival we encourage participants to assemble from 8.30am to allow public access and avoid congestion. No pre-registration is required. Last year 218 vehicles took part and we would love to see an increase in numbers this year. Toilet facilities and a food outlet are situated adjacent to Wilson Park and are also available at Whiteman Park Nov 17 Sun Goodfellas Hot Rod Picnic at Yanchep - This will be the 4th year we have joined the “Goodfellas” Hot Rod Club for their annual run to Yanchep. This is a very well organised event and last year attracted over 300 Hot Rods and American Classics. Our Buicks were well represented and very well received. BYO everything for a picnic by the lake. Food and drinks are also available at the Yanchep Pub. Nov 24 Sun Armadale Autos Parts Open Day - This is a run organised by the Cranksters Hot Rod Club and usually attracts several hundred cars. Our Buicks are usually well represented—put in your diary—more details to follows. Dec 1 Sun

Christmas Lunch - Details to be advised.

Dec 2 Mon Breakfast at Fast Eddys. Join us again at Fast Eddys in Walter Road Morley between 08.00 and 10.00 for brekkie and a chat. This has become a very popular and regular monthly get together. Please check our website for updates on events. We will email out updates if anything changes, please ensure we have your correct email address. If you have not previously had an email from us, please email Harold Hitchcock at [email protected] to get on the list.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Q: What car first referred to itself as a convertible?

2014 Buick National WA Aug 26 - Sep 20

A: The 1904 Thomas Flyer, which had a removable hard top. The Buick News

Page 8

November 2013

THE HERSHEY SWAP MEET 2013 After spending a few days in New York, we rented a Chevy Impala (nice to see that Chev is using the old names for their cars) and drove south-west to Hershey, the last part of the drive being through old farming country. We were lucky to get a room at a Holiday Inn which was only about two kilometres from Hershey Park. Wednesday, 9 October, was Day One with the weather being cold and dry. Alan managed to get a swag of stuff for his 1947 Packard Clipper including a new steering wheel, grill, door handles, park and tail lights and other stuff. Looking for Buick parts, we called at the Buick Club of America tent and had a chat with the blokes manning the tent. Home baked cookies were offered and a place to sit down. I always think American cookies taste too cakey and never have the shortness of a proper Aussie bickie, however these ones were disappearing pretty quickly. They gave us a black Buick carrying bag which was very practical on the day. One of the blokes remembered a young police “constable” visiting from Australia many years ago. We think this must have been S. G. Syme. There was an amazing amount of stuff available from the vendors and the map and directory supplied was first rate, enabling you to find your supplier with a minimum, of fuss. One hub cap bloke had five different types of Buick hub caps. I couldn’t help but feel that someone in the club could have used one or two of these. Most of the Buicks for sale were well priced, eg a green 1971 Boattail for $16,000 in excellent condition, a 1963 Skylark convertible for $18,000. There was a 1978 Electra sedan in mint condition for $5,800. This would have made an excellent touring car for four people touring the US, especially with its big trunk. Of course there were top of the wozza Buicks – like a 1948 Buick Roadmaster Woodie Wagon for $99,500 and a 1938 convertible for $69,500. The two most expensive cars in the Corral were two 1932 Packard tourers for $330,000 each. The cars were immaculate but somewhat ungainly looking. Day Two and the rain came down. However there were still big crowds and business was booming. Trolleys with body parts and bumpers were being ferried over to the parking area which held about 5,000 cars. Everyone was out in their wet weather gear.

bisected by Cocoa Drive. There is a huge amusement park in the Hershey Park grounds complete with Ferris wheel. A large proportion of the town must work for Hershey chocolates in some category. The US Government shut down didn’t seem to be interfering with us anywhere except in New York where you couldn’t catch a ferry across to the Statue of Liberty. Also parks like Yellowstone etc were closed to the public. By Friday, the Hershey area had had about 200mm of rain. We drove out in the morning to find the main parking area (a grassy paddock) flooded and closed off. Another one had been opened up about a kilometre down the road but cars were slipping and sliding on the slopes. We had arranged for a seller to bring in a Packard grill part overnight. It was too far to walk to the Green Field where the part was, so we searched for a parking area a bit closer. At one place a parking Nazi came out and told us to move on. When we tried to explain that we would only be a few minutes he said “lady, don’t make a scene or I’ll call security”. This guy was one step away from invading Poland. Alan dropped me off and I paddled in and checked the part. I gave my expert opinion when I was picked up a few minutes later – “yeah, it’s alright” – not really having a clue. Alan had to return later that afternoon and they let him in to pick up the part, which turned out to be in good nick. By evening all creeks and low lying intersections were flooding. Our Impala just about floated when we were caught by the bow wave from a Ford 350 and a Silverado when they took off from the lights with us in the middle lane. We spent the last day at the post office sending off the steering wheel and packing parts in a large suitcase we had bought. I daresay the Packard grill and other metal parts will show up as interesting items on the x-ray machines at the airports. It was a fun few days and certainly called for innovative measures on how to get the parts home!

L M Haime (WA Buicks)

Hershey itself is a chocolate town, its factories churning out Hershey Bars, Kisses and anything else chocolate. One day we noticed we were on Chocolate Avenue which was The Buick News

Page 9

November 2013

Painting the Old ‘55

by Gary Ferrett

The ’55 looked good at a distance, as many a photo in previous magazines showed, but the red colour paint was fading and cracked on the bonnet and boot whilst the white roof was chipped along the top of the windscreen and touched up with white house paint. “Wreck A Mended Smash Repairs” at Ingleburn (NSW) got the job of stripping it back, repairing minor dings, replacing a pop riveted small panel that had been bogged over and blocking it, etc., ready for painting. The Dover White was resprayed to a similar Porsche White and the red was matched to be the same dark red.

but close – nine out of ten!!!

The code plate originally showed that the car was painted two-tone, with a Dover White roof and cream body, including below the sweep spear, but I liked it the way I got it with a white roof, Titian Red body and a white underbelly.

No Bing, No Bob and No Dorothy Lamour – just Gary and Janice on the “Road to Nambucca Heads” – Next Stop. Gary.

I recently saw an article in “Australian Classic Cars” on an imported 1955 Century, two-tone white and Titian Red (No, I don’t miss-spell it!!). I hope mine looks as good! (It’s back on the road and looking stunning!).

Question: What is “Titian Red”? 1. A dark red. 2. A copper metallic red. 3. A port wine red. We have purchased all rubbers from “Steele Rubber” in the USA and hope everything fits as it goes back together. One not just right,

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Hi, as a Coffs resident and club member, I didn't miss the chance to meet some other members and check out their cars at the East Coast Meet at Nambucca Heads. My partner and I drove my SS ute, (GM product of course) amongst the Buicks to Bowraville where we conversed to some about parts suppliers, and gained inspiration for getting on with my own project, a 1936 8/40 Sedan, now 7 years into the rebuild. I hope all who attended enjoyed the weekend and the weather. As we watched the cars leave for the Pub With No Beer, we met another local restoring a 1929 Roadster. He invited us for a look on our way home, and that proved quite interesting. If anyone can help me with a front bumper and front fender supports, it would be much appreciated. Here are a couple of pics of 'Betty'.....

Tim O’Grady ( Email: [email protected]) The Buick News

Page 10

November 2013

Buick East Coast Meet 2013 Nambucca Heads As we did the U turn, I focused on the things I wanted to remember. The feel of the skinny wheel in my fingers; its light resistance, easy wheeling into and out of every turn, the slight body roll as the big lime mist car leaned over and then came back. Nosing into the curb the slight braking neither hard nor soft; easing to a stop and knocking the auto to neutral, scan the gauges. Oil and temp where they had obediently been for the last four days and 1200 plus kms. A huge sigh of relief… the car is home safe, as we are who enjoyed every beat.

others at servos, the shared excitement of heading to a good time rendezvous. The same glint in the eye and cheer in the step. Adventure. We love it.

Sitting there sighing as I listened to the sound of the steady, V8 engine burble, not quite ready to turn it off. I relished in my bucket seat and black dash surroundings and dwelled in the myriad of multiple senses, satisfaction, and emotions of the journey we just completed. I clocked it all into my memory for recall as a great time, really good people, excellent countryside, so many smiles and oohahs, magic weather, pretty locations, essences of timelessness and grandeur, slick organisation, nostalgic reminiscences on river side roads, great cars and bringing the wow into the peoples’ lives. Faces beamed up on those who watched the cars, showing the appreciation. Yep the Buick East Coast Meet 2013 in the Nambucca River Rally Meet was fantastic.

Friday night catch up and chat, register, re-acquaintance, drink and an easy meal and tales of how we got there. Some a couple of days; others an easy few hours. Us, well I never knew I could smile non-stop for 500k’s soaking up a highway. Reassured.

Arrive. Follow the river into town with glimpses of its beauty presented like hints of shades to come. Smiled in by the locals. Country seaside caravan park (with pub) graced with Buicks….pretty spot walking around exploring, Buick here, Buick there, ooh look at that. Hear a V8 rumble background noise thinking yes another one of us. Buick afficionados.

Saturday drive to lunch at the pub with no beer after a short jaunt for coffee and museums at Bowraville. Both great places…so country. Losing ourselves in the hinterland so many turns, climbs, drops and vista changes the sense of direction is gone. Are we going the right way? The tail of five Buicks behind still there so must be. Funny being in front. Saturday night…. Island Golf Club sit down dinner for a bit of glow and

gloat in preparation for the galahs show and shine on TV. Who did we inherit this time? An Abbott and a couple of bishops who promise to follow the cardinal rules. Sunday queuing and jockeying under marshal for the progression into town. More banter Ric and his mate saying Tony said you can spin the wheels, why do I believe, you? A few police sirens from under hoods with cheeky owners grinning. The Buicks were special. Fifty or so parked sequentially and spread into four categories, each an insight into how life changes between generations, and had changed. Walking around looking at them all in sunny Nambucca Heads on Sunday it stood out. Happy, smiling faces, banter, a little teasing, easy stories whilst queuing for and sipping coffee, light in the eyes, wander the shops, see the onlookers awe and joy. Catch up with friends, more experiences, compare scores from dinner over the knowledge questions. Yes this is fun, a deep emotional satisfaction. All well balanced and rolling to where we are supposed to be. It was such a feel good day, showing off our collective hobbies and priorities. Trying to vote for cars that all looked so good. Wanting to challenge the concept of a single winner to a

On Thursday, met Tony and Barb. Impressed with their cars and overwhelmed they were lending us one. Super generous. The gift of giving. My first trepidatious turns leaving the servo feeling the body roll, steering softness, adjusting to left hand drive, super alert and hoping I didn’t hit a silent copper. Not used to NSW. All good. A sleep; early start, quick out of Sydney, follow the blue Riv in front. Up PCH at what the cars were designed to do, wind the windows down and not get blown away, road trip. What a gas. Meeting The Buick News

Page 11

November 2013

collective but having a go anyway. Out of protocol didn’t vote for ours, it had my vote already, it looked great, such a credit to the owners. A huge surprise in getting up to jointly accept the best in class at dinner and presentation on the Sunday night. Yes the cars were great and the people who have them made it fantastic. Monday goodbyes, great time, see you again. Expectantly fixating on the next one a goal to go for, meanwhile look out for the photos and seal that happy time into the memory. Three weeks later it’s still fresh and heady. Buick magic.

Matt Richardson (WA) and Cassie Vale

My Nambucca East Coast Meet I picked up the ‘55 on Monday, 2nd Sept (four days before our trip north) after three months in the paint shop, but needed to get the recent repairs to the torque tube checked out by repairer ST Performance (at Arncliffe). Peter, the mechanic, reckons all good! Coming back, I thought I had a full tank of petrol (19 gallons equals 80 litres approx.) but near Hurstville, it died. You guessed it, I’d run out of fuel (don’t believe the gauge). Luckily, I had an empty (full would have been better) 10 litre jerry can in the trunk (boot). A short walk to the nearest servo and back, got it going again. The next couple of days, I had to go away to Mudgee and Gulgong for work, but got home by Thursday to load up the ’55 for the run to Nambucca. All went well, cruised along taking 6½ hours up the Pacific Highway, our only major stop at Heatherbrae, north of Newcastle, to top up the fuel tank and put in 30 litres (for the 120 miles – 192kms). Unbelievable, 15.8 litres/100 kms. Is that 17 miles to the gallon? – The Buick News

Tony Gentilcore's 1971 Riviera and Claus Gronau's 1972 Riviera.

approx. (Haven’t calculated American gallons). Does that sound right? Let me know if my calculations are wrong?!! We got to The While Albatross Caravan Park right on 4pm, settled in and went to the barbecue area for the Meet and Greet before 6 pm. A light barbecue dinner catered by the local Lions Club was preceded by German sausages provided by Claus and Wendy Gronau’s butcher neighbour, and was appreciated. Along with a grew glasses of red wine. Linda Hall and John Curry also provided an impromptu singalong with their guitars. Talented people only make you jealous. I wish as a kid I’d finished learning those Hawaiian guitar lessons. Saturday at 8.45 am, Barbara Gentilcore organised three cars and all of us to take a group photo. That took half an hour to take, due to heavy traffic leaving the caravan park. After we all mounted up, we cruised in a spasmodic convoy to the historic verandah town of Bowraville, filling in our observation sheets along the way. After parking in the main street, most if not all of us, attempted to aqueeze into the “Mad Hatter’s Cafe” and tea garden for morning tea. After which, you could visit the Frank Partridge VC Military Museum or the refurbished Bowraville Theatre, and or walk the streets checking out the Emporium, cake shop, chocolate shop (I saw Jim and Virginia in there Page 12

buying chocolate sweets) and the pub (was that Keith standing at the bar?). The Stewarts, Allens and Saddingtons organised our arrival and itineraries all weekend as the East Coast Meet Committee. The activities fell into place under Barbara’s (and Tony’s) coordination. A well oiled operation. A few didn’t make it – Owen Mansford was in hospital and only a house fire kept the Adlers away, others went home and got another car. Peter and Margaret Cook had heaps of trouble with their 1925 Tourer but got there and got it home again on a tilt tray. Lloyd and Nanette Bracher’s 1963 Skylark also taking a trip home on a truck due to a faulty (another article for the magazine) timing chain?? Once again, 5 Victorian cars attended with 17 Queenslanders and 27 N . S . W . m e m be r s w i t h M a t t Richa rd son and Cassie Va le representing W.A. in Tony’s 1971 Riviera (loan car). Lunch at the “Pub With No Beer” was a short drive out to Taylor’s Arm for drinks (yes it was licensed) consisting of gourmet sandwiches. After lunch it was back to Macksville if you wanted to do a tour of Mary Boulton’s Pioneer Museum and Cottages, before heading back to the caravan park. Dinner was at the Island Golf Course at 6.30 pm. A local due “Loose November 2013

time to dress up for dinner. This evening was at the RSL for the Presentations interspersed with music, eating, drinking and conversation (no elections). Colin and Dawn Castle taking out the major trophy with their 1950 Super Convertible.

Goose” sang and tried to entertain us but the election results proved more popular. After, some walked home along the boardwalk, others drove, but most caught the shuttle bus home to bed. Sunday morning was brief, a briefing at the barbecue area at 9 am before lining up in descending age and era to marshall the cars in the main street of Nambucca for The Show and Shine – 10 am to 12 noon. Era costumes accompanied some cars. We dressed in ‘50s style, others like Ken and Sue, Roger and Barbara dressed in 20-30s appropriate to their old Tourers. Kay Hawkins dressed a black rock and roll dress with pink shirt, belt and scrunchie – all good fun. The People’s Choice judging saw us all zig sagging up and down the main street marking our category choices for the Awards Dinner later that night. The run after the Show and Shine was optional. Some Queenslanders headed further south to Scotts Head while NSW folk headed north to Urunga, for a lunch of fish and chips, or they just went back to the caravan park. Tony Gentilcore sprinted into Coffs Harbour to get the group photos printed and then back to hand out to everyone at the Presentation Dinner. Our friend, Allan, who spray painted our ’55, turned up and we walked around chatting about cars and an odd impromptu quote, etc. until we got to Keith (Nancy was asleep) Packham’s unit and stayed for a beer, until it was The Buick News

The walk home along the boardwalk was shorter from the RSL. What a beautiful night, a beautiful place Nambucca and a perfect weekend. Monday morning 7 am saw some early birds waiting for the Lions Club cooks to get brekkie underway so they could get an early start and others, including the E.C.M. Committee, stayed on, relaxing after their hard labours. We got home with no troubles cruising along with the Castles, Weekes’ and Russells for a while in a mini convoy until Newcastle, when we split up. We had no problem getting through Pennant Hills, just before peak hour, again taking 6½ hours travelling time to Liverpool. Thanks to all the organising committee, Jan and I, and all the others, had a great weekend away. No major issues and lots of fun!

Gary Ferrett. Our East Cost Meet at Nambucca Heads

good run not much traffic and no problems. We arrived on the Thursday afternoon in time to book in and go and do some shopping. The rally did not start until Friday evening with a get together and light snack. We had a run to Bowraville with morning tea and visit to an historic theatre then onto Taylor's Arm for Lunch at the Pub with no Beer. Along this route we had to do an observation run. Then we went to Macksville to look at the heritage cottage then back to the caravan park. Evening meal was at the Golf Club. Sunday's run was a show and shine in the main street of Nambucca it looked really good with all the cars lined up in year model. The afternoon was free to do as you wished. Evening meal was at the Ex Services Club which was the presentation meal. We were lucky enough to win shared runners up highly commended. Everyone had a cooked breakfast before they left on the Monday morning. We had booked our unit for the week so on Tuesday we went to Woolgoolga to visit Betty White who was a member of the Orange Club. We had a lovely day with her. Rest day on the Wednesday then Thursday morning we left for Tamworth then Friday home. We traveled 1171 miles averaged 14 miles per gallon and cost in petrol was $521.00. The Buick went well and we had a good holiday.

Nancy & Keith Packham.

We left Molong on the 4th September and drove our 1930 Buick Coupe to Tamworth, it took seven hours. We had a small problem of the car vaporizing just before we were at Werris Creek other than that we had a good run that day. Next day we went up through Armidale then down through the Dorrigo Mountain to Nambucca Heads. This was a Page 13

November 2013

Nambucca East Coast Meet by Barbara Gentilcore Tony and Barbara were lending Matt and Cassie from WA the '71 Boattail to drive on the East Coast Meet so were eagerly awaiting their arrival in Sydney on Thursday 5th September. They arrived to be greeted, welcomed and introduced to their ride for the weekend. Matt very kindly washed the car while getting to learn about the car. Plans were made for an early departure the next morning and M & C were off to Cassie's sister's for a good sleep. Everything was packed and ready on the lounge room floor including products for the goodies bags some of which had been farmed out already to others driving up. There was plenty to fit in Matt and Cassie's ride as well as the '65 and it thankfully all fitted in. At 6am on Friday Barbara and Tony waited for Matt and Cassie (WA) to arrive and pack up the cars to depart to Nambucca. The sun was just up colouring the sky dotted with a few clouds. Dog walkers were out and workers were on the their way for the last working day of the week. Along the freeway now called the M1 Yellow wattles were blooming and air was hazy and smokey. Matt quickly got into driving a left hand drive car and Cassie was very excited. The service centre at Wyong was a good place to stop for petrol and coffee and a bite of breakfast at Oliver's with a few people admiring and chatting about the cars. As usual when you lift the bonnet a little group gathers! Just before leaving, the Castle's and Weekes turned up for breakfast. Traffic was good and the next stop was at Bulahdelah to catch up with Claus and Wendy for coffee coming off the newly completed section of the bypass. Having the three cars there gave the people of Bulahdelah a mini car show which they appreciated. The Buick News

Information received by phone indicated that Peter and Margaret Cook along with their travelling companions the Allens were just outside town having some mechanical trouble with the 1925 Tourer's vacuum tank. Concerned Buick travellers popped in to help where possible. It was quite hot so the girls sat in the shade on the running board of Peter and Gwen's Marquette having a chat to pass the time. Luckily a mechanic who had a 1927 Buick was found to fix Peter's car to help them on their way. The rest of the journey was a convey of three with Leadfoot Claus passing and the lead changing quite often. There was a bushfire in the distance and just past Port Macquarie there was a 4WD in the ditch with police in attendance. The convoy arrived in Nambucca just after 1pm, checked in and unpacked everything. The committee met to put together the name badges and goodies bags for the registration. A few early birds hung around to say hello. There was a production line going with the contents and a few more helpers got the job done quite quickly. Off shopping for some of the committee while others handled Registration. Old Buick friends turned up along with some new ones as well. There were lots of hellos, introductions etc. with the sun setting in the background. Everyone came back around 6pm for welcome drinks and nibbles including some frankfurts, thanks Claus and Wendy for attending to them. There was lots of chatting, catching up and meeting new attendees. The Lions club then provided us with a lovely Steak Sandwich, cake, tea and coffee. Linda Hall (Qld) kindly set up the PA system and later entertained with some singing and guitar along with John Curry on guitar as well which the locals enjoyed as well. Couples wandered off to bed in preparation for an early start. The committee tidied Page 14

up and prepared for the morning. Saturday 7 th Barbara woke around 5.30am to a cacophany of bird calls. An early morning walk around the park and down the v-wall where a musician from the Blue Mountains was sitting on a bench strumming a four string banjo with his little sausage dog sitting nearby and then along the Mangrove Foreshore walk and Wellington Rock passing Peter Cook who was wrestling with his trophy of the vacuum tank! On her return Barbara made a cuppa for Claus and Wendy to enjoy in bed before getting up! Unusually for the Buick crowd, just about everyone was early for the photo shoot and were antsy to get it done! Some of the couples were dressed in Era Costume from the 20's to the 70's which was great to see. Ken Forster (1925), Colin Castle (1950) and Brian Hall (1984) positioned their cars in readiness for the photo. Barbara briefed everyone while up the ladder used to take the photo out front of the park after which everyone started off to Bowraville. The drive there was lovely with an Observation Sheet to keep the navigators busy on the way. Rolling hills, green paddocks, lovely flowering trees lining the road and John Stewart lay in wait to take photos of individual cars as they came around a roundabout! On arrival locals were directing the Buicks towards great parking provided and watched over. Some members needed to vote at the Anglican church. The Chamber of Commerce had organised a lovely welcome to the group at the Mad Hatter's Tea Garden. The weather was lovely for an outdoor coffee. Service was a little slow and they were rather overwhelmed with the numbers but had provided some lovely cakes and slices and handmade chocolates. Then it was off to the Theatre for a rather interesting tour with Barbara while November 2013

others ventured to inspect the Folk Museum and Military Museum. Tony Gentilcore and Brian Hall were interviewed by Ceri Wrobel, a presenter from Nambucca Valley Radio, and she actually asked some very good questions. At 12noon, it was time to move from Bowraville and travel to Macksville and then onto Taylors Arm to visit the Pub with no Beer for lunch. Lunch was a lovely variety of sandwiches with a drink from the bar seated either inside or outside in the many various spots to sit including the verandah. People took advantage of the large log out the front for a photo opportunity and the locals enjoyed checking out the cars in the paddock. Len was contorting himself in the front seat for some reason. Did you find what you were looking for Len? Next on the agenda was the Mary Boulton Pioneer cottage for a look at the housing of the early settlers. Most of the committee returned to Nambucca to prepare for the dinner at the golf club, changing into their glad rags and off to the club with boots full of prizes and table decorations. The courtesy bus picked up some members while others walked or drove. The evening was a two course meal with live music provided by Loose Goose Duo. There were some dancers among the group, a car quiz filled in some time along with the many trips down to the other end of the building to check on the election results. The Car Quiz winner was Martin Jansen with a couple of runner ups. The evening finished around 10pm with the stayers dancing to the end and some walking home enjoying the moonlit evening. Sunday 8th Barbara was up early with the birds & off for a walk along the Nyambaga Walking Trail after a brief beach visit to draw 'Buicks in Nambucca' in the sand and up the hill to view Shelley Beach from above. Meeting up with Len and Kay, who walked off into the sunrise holding hands. Around the The Buick News

park varied styles of Buicks were dotted in between the units. The morning briefing was in the barbeque area where the Flying fox beckoned for John Saddington, Peter Allen and Barbara to have a go. Decade groups of cars gathered in the front car park and were dispatched by Barbara up to the main street to be parked by Peter Allen and John Stewart amongst the local cars. Everyone checked out the cars, Era Costume couples, voted, had coffee and shopped in the various open businesses. Votes were popped into the paint tin sitting on the back of Cook's 1925 Tourer. Husbands parked themselves outside the Ladies wear shop while waiting for their wives to finish clothes shopping. John Saddington and Wendy Gronau were playing frisbee through the windows of the '71! Many locals also came to have a look at the cars on display. The Show n Shine finished at 12noon after which the afternoon was free for a trip up north or south, a nap, walks or for groups getting together for lunch, drinks and nibbles before freshening up for the presentation dinner. After lunch on the balcony, Barbara and the committee were busy organising trophies, prizes and the evening programme. The RSL bus ferried many of the members up to the club around 6pm ready for a fun evening. Dinner was lovely interspersed with DJ music, past ECM trophies, photos and stories on display and presentations of prizes, trophies and thankyous. Many couples were again dressed in Era Costume. Some of the presentations were for Hard Luck Stories: The thoughts and prayers of the East Coast community were with Rod and Judy Adler (Vic) who were unable to attend after losing their house to a fire recently and to Owen Mansford who sadly ended up in hospital at the last minute. Thankfully the Adler's garage with the cars in was okay and Owen was being well looked after. On the mechanical Hard luck side Paul Dearling had to return Page 15

one car and come in another, Peter and Margaret Cook had a rather difficult slow journey up to Nambucca and Lloyd and Nannette Bracher's car made it to the accommodation and that was it! These sorts of problems don't phase Buick owners though. The evening finished around 10.30pm packing the cars and back to the park to pack up ready for goodbyes in the morning. Monday 9th September No time for a walk this morning for Barbara but the birds on the lagoon were interesting to watch. Breakfast was served by the Nambucca Lions Club at the barbeque area with spasmodic groups arriving before 7am until 9am. Again a very nice breakfast from the Lions Club. There were goodbyes left, right and centre from happy people with cars passing and people waving. Many were sad to be leaving with some wanting to come back and some lucky ones staying for a few days! The committee tidied up the barbeque area, packed up units, vans, tents and cars, said goodbyes and departed on their way. Wendy and Claus convoyed along with Tony and Barbara and Matt and Cassie. The journey was without incident thankfully stopping at the Pt Macquarie Service Centre for Petrol along with some Banditos bikies! On Cassie's recommendation being a local girl the Taree Aquatic Sailor's Club was suggested for lunch which was lovely. As is usual with Leadfoot Claus the lead changed giving Barbara the chance for photos of the boattails together. A further stop at the Wyong Service centre for petrol before arriving safely back at Davidson just before dark. The cars were unpacked and sadly goodbyes were said to Matt and Cassie who were happy to have had such a great weekend. Tony and Barbara had an enjoyable weekend as well. Looking forward to the next East Coast Meet hosted by Qld in 2015. Barbara. November 2013



It was a lovely sunny day for our trip to Kilcoy for the Kilcoy Classics on Wheels. This was the third year they have held this event which is open to all makes of cars and bikes. The first year they had 50 entrants, last year there was 100 entrants and this year they had nearly 200 cars in for judging.

The event has become very popular and attracts a large range of some very fine cars and bikes. It is a pleasant run to the country town of Kilcoy and apart from the field full of lovely cars, there is also a number of stalls selling local produce, local wines, local craft and many other interesting crafty things, as well as a number of food stalls.

The Hall's '67 Riviera & The Humphries '57 Caberello

The Classic Car Club took out the club prize with 27 cars on display. The MG Car Club also presented a great display which included two of the later model MGs with the 3.9 litre Rover V8 engine. These cars were badged front and back MG but badged on the sides Rover. Whilst never sold in Australia, there were only 1900 of these cars made and most of these were exported to Japan. The two that were on display today were from Japan. It was disappointing that so few Buicks attended our October Club run to Kilcoy. However, Jim and Bev Humphreys did us proud by taking out the Grand Champion Car of Show with their 1957 Cabellero. Congratulations Jim and Bev! Thanks to those Buick members who attended - Jim and Bev Humphreys, Col Hinxman, Darryl Rush and Brian and Linda Hall. There was also a very original 1930 Tourer on display.

Colin Hinxman's '62 Skylark.

Let’s try and get more Buicks to this event next year - it’s a good day and a nice drive. Linda Hall

1930 Tourer

Some of the other makes on display.

Darryl Rush's GS

The Buick News

Page 16

November 2013

NSW September Run to Lugarno Spring Fair

see Kevin and Marie Liddy who came in their Reo.

It was a beautiful sunny day with clear sky for the September run to Lugarno. Barbara and Tony set off in the Wildcat with the roof off. Along the way Red and multi coloured Grevilleas were flowering profusely. Cyclists, runners, walkers and dogs were out enjoying the morning. The journey was via the tunnel with the bridge closed for the Running Festival in town with a few helicopters hovering over the bridge. 'Cruising down the Freeway' grooving to the music on the radio with hair blowing in the wind, the way lined with flowering bottlebrushes in pinks and reds, bouganvillia and gymea lillies. Do you remember 'Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do' and 'Doing the Eagle Rock' were playing on the radio. Finally arrived at Gannon's Park, found the Buick spot and parked. Camp Buick was already well established with it being morning tea time in usual Buick style. Graham Weekes came and joined in having spent all morning on duty with the SES. A total of 9 cars were representing the Buick brand amongst many hundreds of different brands and clubs. Weekes' (Skylark), Massey's (Riv & '48 convertible), Jim Russell (Skyhawk), Gentilcore's (Wildcat), Castle's ('29), Gary Ferrett's ('55), Mike Doggett ('48). It was lovely to

There was much conversation in the tent circle, reading the paper and checking out the cars and questions from the onlookers with some checking under the bonnet! Plant and flower purchases were very popular decorating the tent with colour. Mike bought a car matching yellow clivia. Stalls, Jousting, Medieval fighting, Polo, Air League boys marching band, dancing and lots of entertainment with multiple choices of food kept everyone occupied along with some very dirty feet! Visitors for the Day: John and Enid Neale, Graham and Narelle's daughter, Natalie and her family. Congratulations to Mike Doggett who took out 3rd prize in the VIP Choice category. Dogs and young ladies queued up to pose for photos with his car! Virginia arrived around 3pm having run a ¼ marathon over the bridge. Around 3pm the tent came down and everyone left with Barbara and Tony driving through a different area of Sydney to visit daughter Stacey in Stanmore and go for a gelato at Cow and Moon before driving home. It was 'Rolling rolling rolling down the highway, Cruisin on home' as it said on the radio! A very pleasant day in the convertible. Barbara Gentilcore

Greg Massey's 1968 Riviera

Graham Weekes' 1963 Skylark

Mike Doggett and his 1948 56S. Jim Russell's 1977 Skyhawk. Garry Ferrett's 1955 56R Coupe

The Buick News

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November 2013


by Stuart Syme

The 2013 Buick Club of America National Meet was held in South Bend, Indiana. South Bend is the home of Studebaker, a vehicle make well known to me as it was the vehicle of my choice as a youth. The itinerary looked good and it included tours of the Studebaker Museum as well as a day trip to the nearby Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. Fellow Club member Jim Donis was keen to attend and another couple of old mates decided to tag along. To cut a long story short we arrived in Los Angeles on June 30 and headed straight out of town with the intention of travelling Route 66. We collected our hire vehicle (or as the Yanks say "rental", apparently a hire car comes with a chauffeur) which was a black Chevy Suburban, complete with dark tinted windows and only 600 miles on the clock. Lots of fun things on these new Suburbans including a 911 button on the rear view mirror where an operator mysteriously says “what emergency service do you require – Police, Fire or Ambulance!!'' (as button pushing Jim found out). One of the mates had borrowed a GPS which had been purchased in the USA earlier in the year, funny how certain terms and words used by the yanks mean very different things to us. We soon found out that "turn left" really only meant "verge left" and the list of subtle variations were discovered over those first few days. We hadn't made any accommodation bookings except for five nights at the host Motel in South Bend so we just followed our nose. A couple of days in Las Vegas (which seems to have got twice the size and losing a lot of its former appeal) and then back down to Route 66. The temperature was around 118F in Las Vegas and later in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Very grateful for the climate control system on the Suburban and it was interesting to see some signs on the highway advising TURN OFF AIR CONDITIONING!! It was evident that a few older cars had expired on the side of the road because of the heat and the drivers had probably expired as well without the air conditioning on. We made a rule to hit the road fairly early, pick up breakfast at a local diner – 3 rashers of crispy bacon, 2 eggs over easy and toast and made sure we were off the road and into accommodation by about 4pm. If you travel much later without pre-booked accommodation you run a real risk of missing out on a bed for the night. We did all the usual Route 66 things, travelling on some long sections of the old original road which is interesting and pretty busy. Saw several groups of up to 20 European The Buick News

tourists travelling the route on hired Harley Davidson motorcycles. It's not easy to describe an overweight middle aged German dressed in full leathers riding a Harley in temperatures around 118F – although those of you who have caught and cooked your own Lobsters in BOILING water probably get the picture. We pulled off Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri and headed to Nashville, Tennessee for a quick look and that was worth the effort. Caught up with a good friend in Evansville, Indiana who arranged a look at some local collections of collectable cars which included the biggest single group of Chev Camaro pace cars ever assembled, I think. Great collections not generally seen by blow ins from out of town. My mate in Evansville restored a 1950 Jetback Coupe at the same time I was doing mine and he was real helpful with a few parts problems I had. He is also in the same line of work as me so we hit it off from the get go – sorting out our Buick problems and also comparing our own local work issues, plus the usual "warries '' (war stories or exaggerated Police BS). Dan's son is also in the local Police so we arranged a little taste of what might happen to Jim if he didn't obey the local road rules!

I have to report that Jim didn't take this warning on board and we later encountered another Police Stop out in the back blocks of Wyoming. On to the Nationals.......... We booked into our accommodation at the Inn at St. Mary's which, along with the next door Hilton were the host motels. Both motels are situated on the grounds or adjacent to the University of Notre Dame. One side looks out across luxurious expanses of green lawn, the other side across the bitumen car park. The heat wave had followed us all the way to South Bend, still 110F in the water bag I

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November 2013

reckon and I was thinking how pleasant the show field will be – all that expanse of green lawn, a few trees to keep out of the mid-day sun. Well that didn't happen! The show field was in the car parks behind the host motels. Got to give it to those Yanks, they sat out there with their cars right through the heat of the day and as far as I know no-one expired. We were lucky. Being at the host motel we actually looked over the cars. We could duck down, walk the field for awhile then back to the air conditioned motel for a bit of R & R before back into that heat again. We did the tours over a couple of days and these were well organised and enjoyable. I highly recommend both the Studebaker and Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museums as must sees if visiting the USA. I participate on the BCA Forum and have made some really good acquaintances through that avenue. The Forum has a breakfast at each National Meet – bit of a chance to put a face to a name etc. There is an exchange of gifts at these breakfasts, sometimes something good like alcohol and frequently something quirky or downright #####!! The banter on the Forum for a couple of years has been about the virtues, or other of an American canned food product called SPAM. Needless to say SPAM gets passed around in one form or another as a gift, usually turning up again in the same packaging the following year to be given to some unsuspecting attendee. I stated early in the piece that I would be attending the breakfast and would supply the Vegemite. This drew some pretty insulting comments, but regardless I pressed on and made toast and Vegemite at the breakfast. What a mob of whimps – could hardly convince anyone to taste it, those that did reckoned I had poisoned them and so on. Seeing as how it was so unpopular I have put plans in place to ensure it appears again at the Forum breakfast next year, even in my absence. Many very nice Buicks attended the meet, a bit disappointing that many only arrived late on Friday or some just for the Saturday judging. There were a total of 8 Australians at the Meet. Besides our group of four, Peter and Bev Nicholson and Ian and The Buick News

Margaret Baxter (all West Aussies) attended. When attending the Banquet we secured a table together (thanks to Bev Nicholson) and were joined at our table by Pete Phillips who is the Editor of the BCA magazine, the Buick Bugle. One of the first people I ran into at the Meet was Everett Ayres from Seattle. Many will know Everett as he has attended a couple of Aussie Nationals travelling with Dave Chaffey. Everett is one of nature's gentlemen and we shared a couple of meals while in South Bend. Everett let on that he had purchased a 1934 96C Convertible Coupe and invited us all to drop in and see it on our way back to Los Angeles via the West Coast. We pulled stumps after the meet and to avoid Chicago we headed north through Michigan and over the Mackinaw Bridge, still taking our time and sticking to State highways and secondary roads. We worked our way through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington state avoiding the interstate wherever possible. Get off the beaten track in America and you find the locals are tremendous and accommodation and food reasonably priced to really cheap and generally good. So we caught up with Everett in Seattle and I got my ride in his Convertible Coupe – lovely car.

After visiting with Everett it was back to Los Angeles down the West Coast – very busy and lots of traffic on narrow winding roads. We spent a couple of days in Los Angeles, mainly because the others hadn't seen it. Jim got upset when we had to return the Chevy Suburban to AVIS. After 8000 miles he had got very attached to it (he did ALL the driving).

Then onto that long haul flight back to Melbourne and back home to Perth on August 8. Takes me a long time to recover from those flights nowadays. Stuart .

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November 2013

Merlin Engines in WW2

by Ranald Grant

I was looking at some material on Merlin Engines and as usual the behind the scenes things that happens with the pressure of war is just amazing. It brings out some astounding design work and manufacturing work all when cost is no object and the whole Spitfire/ Merlin/ Hurricane/Mustang is a very interesting episode. I understand that the CAC (Comm Aircraft Corp) factory in Australia also made Merlin Engines but not sure how many but I believe that they were very good. The USA built versions by Packard performed better than the RR Versions. The Ford Coy effort in WW2 to build these engines and build Liberator Bombers in a massive purpose built factory in the USA is a logistics and construction effort that almost beggars belief. The other Car Companies also did a huge amount and without them we would probably be talking a different language. The article that follows came from a much larger piece that indicated that penultimate versions of the Merlin produced up to 2600 HP and I have seen an interview with the Pylon Racers in USA with one Merlin powered plane where the Merlin was tweaked to produce over 3000 HP. Ford Trafford Park Factory Early in 1940 Ford of Britain was approached by Herbert Austin, who was in charge of the shadow factory plan, about the possibility of converting an abandoned factory in Trafford Park into an aircraft engine production unit. Construction of the new factory was started in May 1940 on a 118-acre (48 ha) site. During this time Ford engineers went on a fact finding mission to Derby, where their chief engineer commented to Sir Stanley Hooker that the manufacturing tolerances used by Rolls-Royce were far too wide for them. As a consequence over a year was taken up re -drafting 20,000 drawings to Ford tolerance levels. Ford's factory, which was completed in May 1941, was built in two distinct sections to limit potential bomb damage. At first, the factory had difficulty in attracting suitable labour, such that large numbers of women, youths and untrained men had to be taken on. Despite this, the first Merlin engine came off the production line one month after the factory's completion, and the production rate was 200 Merlins per week by 1943. Ford's investment in machinery and the redesign resulted in the 10,000 man-hours needed to produce a Merlin dropping to 2,727 man-hours three years later, while unit cost fell from £6,540 in June 1941 to £1,180 by the war's end. In his autobiography "Not much of an Engineer", Sir Stanley Hooker states: "... once the great Ford factory at Manchester started production, Merlins came out like shelling peas. The percentage of engines rejected by the Air Ministry was zero. Not one The Buick News

engine of the 30,400 produced was rejected ...". Some 17,316 people worked at the Trafford Park plant, including 7,260 women and two resident doctors and nurses. Merlin production started to run down in August 1945, and finally ceased on 23 March 1946.

I hope you find this interesting and food for thought. R.G.

In recent weeks Hemmings Daily Newsletter (which comes to me by e-mail) has published some useful Technical Articles. Last Journal we had an article on selecting batteries – this one is all about charging them. It has been slightly edited from the original for our purposes. A few basics first as a reminder - One of the major causes of battery failure is poor or incorrect maintenance of the battery itself and/or the attached terminals and cables. Corrosion of the battery posts and the cables that attach to it can limit the ability of the charging system to charge the battery and could result in a constantly undercharged battery that will fail to start the car when you least expect it. Proper cleaning of the terminals and replacement of frayed cables will ensure the full charging current is getting to the battery. For those traditional batteries that still have removable caps, the water level inside should also be periodically checked. The battery will not recharge fully unless the plates inside the battery are covered in electrolyte. As the battery charges, the chemical reaction releases water vapour, which will lower the water level in the battery. Once the level becomes too low, the battery will not accept a charge or a jump start. New batteries often don’t have caps to inspect; however, they still use a venting system. On some sealed batteries, the vapor is reclaimed, while other nonsealed batteries use a vent tube that expels vapour and gases safely away from the battery. For recharging a dead battery, there are several different types of battery chargers to consider. The fastest method is the “Jump Box” or a commercial Fast Charger with a Boost Mode. These chargers will provide enough capacity to start the car in place of your bad battery, and the cars charging system should produce enough current to maintain the electrical system until the normal battery can be fully recharged or replaced. Jump Chargers usually provide between 500 and 1,200 amps of boost for starting, but they are not meant to be used as a charger. Commercial Fast Chargers will recharge a battery quickly at a high amp rate, usually 60 to 100 amps per hour and will have a separate Boost switch for Jump Starting that provides 50 to 250 amps for starting power. Commercial chargers will also have a timer that can be preset to protect the battery from overcharging.

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November 2013

Most home-use chargers are lower power units that charge your battery at between 5 and 50 amps. Features may include a small Boost Charger, a Timer or Automatic Shut -off that senses when the battery is approaching full charge and shuts itself off. These smaller battery chargers take longer to complete a recharge, but are less likely to cause damage to your battery over a commercial fast rate unit. When storing a car over several weeks or months, the possibility of the battery discharging while at rest is another concern. Newer vehicles have computers and other power accessories that remain active while the car is at rest, and these electrical items can slowly drain a battery until it no longer has enough cranking amps to start the vehicle. Outside of that all batteries self-discharge to some degree. For these reasons, Trickle Chargers have become widely popular. The Trickle Charger produces a constant low current charge, often 2 amps or less, that keeps the battery fully charged while at rest. The Trickle Charger can also keep the battery from freezing in extreme cold because the chemical reaction it causes during the recharge process produces a small amount of heat. Some of the 500 milliamp chargers still need to be monitored and disconnected periodically, however, most Trickle Chargers on the market today have an automatic shut-off and turnon mode that will maintain your battery over extended periods of time without constant checking. Most battery manufacturers recommend that you use a Trickle Charger to recharge a discharged battery. Because the current ratings are low, the trickle charger can bring the battery back up to full charge slowly without causing any excess heat or sulfating caused by chargers with larger current rates. Although the trickle-charge process can take days to complete a recharge, several manufacturers recommend that it is the only way to “top off” the charge on their batteries. Faster rate/higher amp Jump Boxes, commercial or medium-duty chargers can be used to get a dead battery strong enough to start your car; however, the battery should still be finish-charged with a Trickle Charger regardless of which charger you use initially. If you are considering outfitting a garage or storage area for your car, it is recommended that you invest in both a Trickle Charger and a larger unit with an emergency boost mode to cover all bases. Known brand names such as Battery Tender may be more expensive, but have been found to be more reliable and longer-lasting than cheaper models. Hope this is useful.

The Buick News

R Grant.

From the desk of our " Foreign


Laughable labels These are some real labels from around the world and as usual “Do Not Try This at Home” as your eyes may water. R.G. On a blanket from Taiwan NOT TO BE USED AS PROTECTION FROM A TORNADO. On a helmet mounted mirror used by US cyclists REMEMBER, OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE ACTUALLY BEHIND YOU. On a Taiwanese shampoo USE REPEATEDLY FOR SEVERE DAMAGE. On the bottle-top of a (UK) flavoured milk drink AFTER OPENING, KEEP UPRIGHT. On a New Zealand insect spray THIS PRODUCT NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. In a US guide to setting up a new computer TO AVOID CONDENSATION FORMING, ALLOW THE BOXES TO WARM UP TO ROOM TEMPERATURE BEFORE OPENING. (the instruction was inside the box.) On a Japanese product used to relieve painful haemorrhoids LIE DOWN ON BED AND INSERT POSCOOL SLOWLY UP TO THE PROJECTED PORTION LIKE A SWORD GUARD INTO ANAL DUCT. WHILE INSERTING POSCOOL FOR APPROXIMATELY 5 MINUTES, KEEP QUIET. In some countries, on the bottom of Coke bottles OPEN OTHER END. On a packet of Sunmaid raisins WHY NOT TRY TOSSING OVER YOUR FAVOURITE BREAKFAST CEREAL? On a Sears hairdryer DO NOT USE WHILE SLEEPING. On a bag of Fritos YOU COULD BE A WINNER! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. DETAILS INSIDE. On a bar of Dial soap DIRECTIONS - USE LIKE REGULAR SOAP. On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of the box) DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN. On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding PRODUCT WILL BE HOT AFTER HEATING. On a Korean kitchen knife WARNING KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN.

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November 2013

william (billy) crapo durant

by Eric North

This brief biography of a man who contributed much to the history of land transportation, hardly does him credit. Several books have tried to convey the character of this charismatic and complex personality, the man who founded General Motors, Chevrolet, Frigidaire and the Durant Motor Company. Born in Boston Massachusetts on 8th December 1861, he was the grandson of former Massachusetts Governor Henry Crapo. The Crapos moved west in 1869 to the then small city of Flint, Michigan, and went into the lumber (timber) business and when Billy’s parents separated in 1872 his mother moved with Billy and his sister Rebecca to Flint. Billy, although not a bad student, was eager to get into the commercial world, he left school before completing his education, taking up various selling jobs. In 1886 Billy had a ride in a friend’s new road cart which featured a new system which gave a much better ride than contemporary road carts. So impressed was Billy with the ride of this cart - “that he bought the company”. Literally, Billy sought out the manufacturer in the village of Coldwater about 120 miles from Flint, and asked if he could buy into the business. The operators agreed to sell him the entire firm, with the patents for the springing system, for $1500. Billy agreed and hurried back to Flint where he was able to borrow $2000, with little more collateral than his reputation. His friend J. Dallas Dort asked Billy if he wanted a partner, Billy sold him half interest in the firm for $1000. Billy at this time was a partner in a successful insurance brokerage. The cart was shown at the Tri State Fair in Wisconsin and the first distributor appointed, with an initial order for 100 carts. Billy then went on the road to appoint more dealers and returned to Flint with orders for 600 carts-but with no factory in which to build them. He contracted with a local carriage builder, Paterson Carriages for 1200 carts at $12.50 each, which Billy’s new firm would sell for $25. However when Paterson decided he could sell retail, Billy and Dallas were forced to build their own carts. In their first year they sold 4000 carts. To cut a long story short, within a few years Billy and Dallas Dort were the biggest producers of road carts in the world. In the 1890s Durant was in the mood to expand and purchased four more firms, three in Flint and the Imperial Wheel in Jackson, later expanding to establish the Flint Axle Works and the Flint Varnish Works and purchased large tracts of timber land to ensure continued supplies. By the turn of the century Durant Dort had over 1000 employees, had plants in several states and a nationwide dealer network , Billy was a millionaire. The Buick News

The Motor Car Cometh! In 1901 Billy sent his manager A.B.C. Hardy to Europe on leave. Hardy was intrigued with the new fangled mechanical contraption and on his return told the board of Durant Dort “to get out of the carriage industry before the motor car drives you out”- nobody listened. For a while the carriage industry continued to flourish, it would be three more years before Billy would be introduced to the Automobile business. David Dunbar Buick had perfected a method of applying an enamel coating to bath tubs, this invention had made him a small fortune to go along with his Detroit plumbing supplies company, however he had been bitten by the “motor bug”. He and engineer Walter Marr perfected a gasoline engine using the overhead valve principal. They produced small numbers of stationery and marine engines, but Buick wanted to get into the automobile business. In 1903 Buick produced a few cars, sources vary on the actual number, from none to three, but whatever the number it made no money for Buick and Marr. To shorten this complicated story, basically Buick was indebted to the Briscoe Brother, a major supplier and they took control of the Buick company, eventually sold it to James Whiting’s Flint Wagon Works and the Buick Motor Car Co was formed in Flint. David Buick and son Tom were minor shareholders. Billy got involved when Whiting got into financial trouble and asked Billy to take a look, although, up to that time Billy had not been impressed with automobiles, he spent some time driving the Buick himself and was convinced of the quality of the car. On November 1, 1904 the company was reorganised with capital of $500,000 and Billy was elected to the board. Billy used the same tactics to sell the Buick as he had done to sell his original road cart, he displayed it at the New York Auto Show and reportedly sold 1108 cars, although up to that time Buick had assembled less than 50 cars. Assembly was briefly moved to Jackson Michigan until a new factory could be built in Flint, Billy had persuaded the Weston-Mott Axle Company to relocate to Flint and their new factory was built at the same time as the new Buick plant. C.S. Mott would later become a leader in General Motors and in Flint civic affairs. With Billy at the helm Buick succeeded beyond most people’s dreams, by 1908 Buick was the largest automobile producer in the world8820 units (Ford produced 6181 and Cadillac 2380). General Motors 1908 was a tumultuous year for Billy, he divorced his first wife Clara, to whom he had two children, Margery and Clifford. The day after the divorce was finalised he married Catherine Lederer, 25 years his junior and a friend of his daughter, Margery. Also in 1908 Benjamin Briscoe, one of

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November 2013

the Briscoe Brothers mentioned earlier approached Billy with an idea for consolidating some existing motor companies. The Briscoes had joined with Jonathan Maxwell to form the Maxwell-Briscoe Company. Long and difficult negotiation took place during 1908 with a number of companies including Ford and numerous bankers but no deal could be put in place. Billy then decided to “go it alone” and on 16th September 1908 General Motors was registered as a holding company. Buick shares were transferred to the new company on October 1. Almost immediately the W.F Stewart Company, body builders, was purchased and on November 12, the Olds Motor Works of Lansing Michigan. Billy and General Motors were off and running. Billy then went on a spending spree acquiring companies and controlling interests in companies such as Cadillac, Oakland, Western Mott, Reliance Truck. Such was Billy’s spending spree that by the end of 1909, General Motors controlled more than twenty automobile or accessory companies. Many of the acquisitions had been for General Motors stock, but much cash had been spent and many of the acquired companies were not profitable and required large capital injections. The financial crisis came to a head in May 1910, building construction at Buick ceased, workers were laid off and Billy was desperately trying to borrow money from any bank that would talk to him, although at the same time looking to acquire Willys-Overland after negotiations with Ford failed. Bankers, being a conservative lot, did not approve of Billy’s management style and all his rash acquisitions and would not lend to G.M. while he was in charge. So, when it seemed all would fall in a heap, Billy decided to step down and allow the bankers control of G.M. This they did in November 1910. Billy remained on the board but took no part in the running of the company. Chevrolet However, Billy was not finished with the automotive industry. He organised three new Automobile companies, in Detroit with former Buick racing driver Louis Chevrolet, the Chevrolet Motor Company, in Flint he purchased the Flint Wagon Works and organised the Little Motor Company with former Buick General Manager William Little and the Mason Motor Company with former Buick Engine works manager Arthur Mason. The Mason Motor Company occupied part of the Flint Wagon Works. Mason engines began production in February 1912 and supplied engine for Chevrolet and Little cars. The Flint ventures proved successful, but Chevrolet could not get into production, hence Billy transferred Chevrolet to Flint with the Little and Mason factories under the direction of former Durant-Dort Carriage Company partner Dallas Dort. Dort also introduced further capital and Billy established the Sterling Engine Company in Detroit to build engines for the Little car, eventually it would build The Buick News

engines for Chevrolet and several other Detroit manufacturers. The Little car sold quite well and except for its name (imagine telling your neighbours “I’ve just bought a little car”) it was quite a good vehicle. Soon the Little name was discontinued in favour of the Chevrolet name. Early in 1914 Louis Chevrolet sold out his shares to Billy as he had disagreed with Billy about using his name (Chevrolet) on a small “economy” car. The Chevrolet car was a huge success and Billy purchased the huge former Maxwell Briscoe plant in Tarrytown, New York and on June 1, 1915 the Chevrolet 490 went on sale (at $490) and within 17 days, orders with deposits for 46,600 cars had been received-Billy had done it again! Billy had not forgotten his “baby” General Motors and worked to regain control, he and his friends had acquired a large block of G.M. stock, much of it from Chevrolet’s success. On 16th September 1915, Billy announced at the board meeting that he intended to regain control of G.M. Even though the banker’s interests fought back, Billy paid off the bankers loans and on 27th June 1916, regained control of G.M. The new board named Billy as President, the first time he had accepted the title. The board also included Buick General manger, Walter Chrysler, (yes the same Walter Chrysler who started the Chrysler Corporation some years later - after a disagreement with Billy). Unfortunately Charles Nash (yes- Nash Motors) resigned when Billy came back, Nash and Chrysler were responsible in large part for Buick’s phenomenal success in the “teens”. Now in full control Billy splashed out again, making some great purchases like Hyatt Roller Bearing company, with which came Alfred Sloan who would later lead G.M. to the height of its success, Dayton Electric Company with which came Charles Kettering, the inventor of the electric starter motor, and later “leaded” petrol. Guardian Refrigeration which became Frigidaire and Fisher Body were other successful acquisitions. Chevrolet was brought in G.M. in 1918. As previously, not all Billy’s purchases were good ones, Samson Tractor was a money pit, as was Oliver Plow Company. Again Billy had indebted G.M. to a huge amount and stock values were falling, Billy tried to prop up the stock value by investing and asking friends to buy G.M. stock. However with the recession of 1920-21 G.M. was in trouble again, this time it was the Chemical and Armaments manufacturers the DuPont family who bailed out G.M. and on December 1, 1920 Billy was out again, this time for good from G.M. but not from the automobile industry. Durant Motors On 22nd January 1921, Billy announced the formation of the Durant Motor Company, to the great surprise of the market and the bankers. Some details of the Durant car were released suggesting there would be four cylinder

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November 2013

models in the Chevrolet price class as well as fine six cylinder models.

remnants became the DeVaux car and ultimately the Continental car for 1933 and 1934.

The Durant Four, the first car released by the corporation, it was designed, engineered and put into production in 47 days and production was well under way by mid 1921. Some 30,000 order were received for the Durant Four before production commenced - had Billy done it yet again? Production was slow in getting fully under way and few cars were delivered in 1921. The big sales push came in 1922, but Billy realised that at the current prices ($890-$1365) the Durant Four was not competitive, so he instructed F.W. Hohensee (A former Chevrolet vice president of production) to design a car to compete in the Chevrolet price class. The result was the Star car (Marketed as the Rugby in areas, mainly the British Empire, where the name Star was registered by the company Star of Wolverhampton England), it was first shown in New York on 14th June 1922 at prices from $348 (or $443 with electric start and demountable rims) to $645. A Station Wagon was also offered, this was the first known production “woodie” wagon. The Star was an “assembled” car using a Continental engine and bought in parts. It offered excellent value for money.

Billy had amassed a huge fortune during his lifetime and lived the “Good Life”, his greatest pleasure was playing the stock market and “making deals”. His personality was such that people trusted him and liked him, but he could infuriate them just as easily. He officially retired in 1936, filing for bankruptcy with his only assets his clothes. The magnificent Summer house “Raymere” in Deal, New Jersey, with its sumptuous contents were auctioned off.

The Six Cylinder Durant used an Ansted engine and again all bought in parts. Billy purchased the huge former WillysOverland plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey with which came the plans of the proposed Chrysler car which had been designed by engineers Breer, Skelton & Zeder (later to join the Chrysler Corporation). Although the three had set up their own independent consultancy, Billy asked them to redesign the car using a Continental engine, the design turned out to be the Flint Six.

However not all his friends forsook him when he was down, Alfred Sloan, mentioned earlier, C.S.Mott also mentioned earlier and Sam McLaughlin whom Billy helped initially by supplying Buick engines for the Canadian McLaughlin car, later the McLaughlin Buick and Chevrolet 490 for Canadian production. (This led to G.M. of Canada, and Sam McLaughlin was appointed to the board of G.M.) each paid Billy a voluntary stipend of $1500 a month until he died. Billy suffered a stroke in 1942, and although he tried a few new ventures like a “bowling” alley, he died virtually penniless in New York on 18th March 1947, with his faithful wife, Catherine and his secretary, Aristo Scrobogna, at his bedside.

Eric North

Billy also purchased the old and well respected Locomobile Company but soon realised that the high priced six cylinder car could not compete with the V12 Packard or Lincoln or even the V8 Cadillac. So a new car called the Locomobile Junior Eight, which used a straight eight Continental engine was produced. Although the cars were more than satisfactory, the Durant Motor Company did not have the dealer network and production facilities to compete against the established marques and losses soon started to mount. For 1925 the loss was almost $2 million, 1926 almost $3.5 million. The Crash “Black Thursday”, October 24, 1929, Billy Durant was doomed to bankruptcy, it was reported that Billy poured $90 million of his own money into the stock market to try to prevent the “crash”. The End Durant Motors struggled on until the end of 1931 and the The Buick News

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November 2013

BUICK OWNERS CLUB OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA (INC.) MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD on Sunday, 13th October, 2013 at fred jacoby park, mundaring. Vice Chairman, Stuart Syme opened meeting at 11.41 am.

Murray Lizatovich also mentioned that vehicles on the permit system as is applicable in Victoria needed to acquire a permit from the WA Department of Transport to use their vehicle in Western Australia.

ATTENDANCE: 15 members & families. APOLOGIES: Paul & Josie Dickson, Joan & Nic Nicoli, Lois & Alan Haime, Ian & Margaret Baxter, Steve & Jenny McLennon, Jill Churchman, Barry & Lynne Bittens. VISITOR:

Lisa Sprlyan.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETING: th Held on the 18 August, 2013 was read out by the Secretary. Moved to Accept: Stuart Syme. Seconded: Scott Barker. BUSINESS ARISING: Nil. CORRESPONDENCE IN: CMC – minutes from the August 2013 meeting. Flyer Avon Classic Rally 27/10/2013 Flyer Brockwell Run 10/11/2013 Flyer Busselton Motorfest 24/11/2013 Flyer Northam vintage swap meet 16/2/2014. Buick Banner September. Buick Bugle August & September. CORRESPONDENCE OUT: Nil. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gail Hitchcock Opening Balance as at 17 th August, 2013. $7,671.93 Income Member subs 75.00 Donations & Sponsorship 2014 1,000.00 Expressions of Interest 60.00 Waroona Deposit 100.00 1,235.00 + Expenses AGM Sausage Sizzle 59.00 AGM Engraving 24.95 Buick News July & August 475.20 Waroona Deposit payment 100.00 Venue Hire Nationals 2014 440.00 Bank fees 0.75 1,099.90 th $7,807.03 Closing Bal to date on 27 Sep 2013 Moved to Accept: Gail Hitchcock. Seconded: Jim Donis. EVENTS: Harold Hitchcock th 10 November Maurice Brockwell event. 17 th November Hot rod run to Yanchep. th Armadale Auto’s run. 24 November 1st December Buick Christmas Lunch. MAGAZINE REPORT: As Lois Haime was absent – No report GENERAL BUSINESS: Nationals 2014 Stuart Syme gave an update to the members of what will be happening during the Nationals. The S.A. “meet & greet” will start on the 26th August arriving in rd Perth on the 3 September. The National event will be held in Perth and surrounds from the th th 4 September to 7 September & the Post tour will be from the th 9 September to the 20th September. The 8th September will be a “free” day. The Buick News

CMC REPORT: Murray Lizatovich Murray Lizatovich advised that the CMC were still communicating with the Department of Transport re the new Code 404 regulations. Another person has been appointed to the D of T who will continue working with the CMC. Murray then read out from the latest CMC minutes the following paragraphs:“John McLean (CMC) outlined the history of our dealings with transport over the last two years and that the level of cooperation since December last year has been nothing short of astounding since Alistair Butcher took over from David Moir who had retired. Transport approached us with a view to simplifying the system and today we are almost there. The department, for the first time ever had produced a set of business rules that define code 404. The majority of these rules were taken from our code 404 handbook and put together in a practical sense for the better management of the code for both transport and the member clubs with concession authority. Transports main thrust is that code 404 is but one of many concession codes and why should it be treated any differently, from a departmental point of view, than any other concession. That is why they no longer have a requirement for an annual report and therefore there is no need for an annual inspection. The onus of vehicle use and road worthiness remains solely with the owner. A senior policy officer within the department had looked at all other concession systems in other states and determined that WA had the best system that suited transport and the member clubs and that they wished to keep the spirit of what we had without prejudice to that system. The approval of minor modifications in the spirit of keeping the vehicle on the road on concession is vested in the CMC Technical Committee. As is the current case, individual applications for modifications must come through with the approval of the parent club. The CMC Technical Committee has been vested with the responsibility of approving vehicles for the Unique and Historic category (25 years or younger) providing they satisfy all other requirements of code 404”. Peter Nicholson queried whether WA members with vehicles on concessional license were able to attend interstate events. Murray replied that if the event was being organized by another Car Club then WA entrants were covered. Peter Nicholson also mentioned that he had heard that you could transfer vehicles from concessional license to full license and vice versa without inspections. Murray replied that this was not official at this stage.

There being no further business Stuart Syme closed the meeting at 12.08 pm & thanked Harold for arranging the location of our meeting.

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November 2013


NUMBER OF MEMBERS AND VISITORS PRESENT: 26 Members and visitors Geoff Morris and Dave Rundle, and Martin Jansen from Qld.

APOLOGIES: Geraldine Massey, Dawn Castle, Barbara Gentilcore, Alison Spannenberg, Frank Hall. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING accepted as published in magazine. Moved: G. Ferrett. Seconded: H. Spannenberg. CORRESPONDENCE IN: (incl. Email) 1. Gerald Root, USA - requesting pins and grill badges from our National Meets. 2. Collectorama, Toy & Hobby Fair, Sunday 27/10 near Penrith Panthers 3. Owen Mansford, thank you card. CORRESPONDENCE OUT: 1. Dawn & Colin Castle, sympathy card. 2. Keith Cubbin, sympathy card. 3. Ken Knight, sympathy card. 4. Peter Pinner, get well card. 5. Australia Post, returned magazine for Kayla Szumanski.

SPANNER AND NATTER REPORT: Peter Allen thanked Mike Doggett for hosting the last Spanner and Natter event. Next event would probably fall in December and since that is a busy period that event will be missed. GM DAY REPORT: Next one to be held Sunday 27th April, 2014. WEBSITE REPORT: Continuing trouble with the website counter but it is probably 340,000 hits to date, approximately. East Coast Meet photos are up on the club website. CMC REPORT: 18th May National Day of Heritage Motoring 17th August Shannon’s Classic, Eastern Creek. The Valiant raffled by CMC has since been listed for auction by the successful ticket holder. Multi Club historic registration: Clarification of permission to take vehicles on runs with other clubs must be issued with the “primary” car club. Further details regarding this in the magazine. PLATES REPORT: LIBRARY REPORT: LIAISON REPORT: PROPERTY REPORT:

MAGAZINES: The Spoke'n Word (Bath) Buick Bugle (USA) Buick Banner (Vic) Chrysler Restorer's Club Vintage Motor Club Bulletin.

Nil. Nil. Nil. Nil.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Graham Weekes talked about a recent trip to Bundanoon where he and Narelle came across a 1927 Buick ute owned by Les Rundell. Les (now a club member) complimented the Buick Club on its wonderful members who have helped him a great deal with his original ute. Graham suggested Les bring the ute to the next club concours day. Graham and Narelle also discovered Fairground Folleys which is a museum at Burrows Road, St Peters and suggested it as a suitable run in the new year (a suggested date of 23rd March). It is a museum of antique mechanical pieces including street organs, various antique fairground items of interest. Members will receive an email seeking interest in this run so if you would like to see this interesting museum please respond to Geraldine’s email. Tony Gentilcore talked about a run he and Barbara recently enjoyed. The Camaro Firebird Club hold American Mystery Dinner Cruise which run each month, a different type of cruise as it is run at night and a fun night.

ACCEPTANCE OF CORRESPONDENCE: Moved: T. Gentilcore. Seconded: G. Ferrett. TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance on 1st September, 2013 (Term Dep $21,679.95) + Cheque A/c) Receipts Magazine income Qld & WA Membership renewals Property sales Credit Interest TOTAL RECEIPTS Expenses Magazine expenses TOTAL EXPENSES Closing Balance at 30th September, 2013

GOURMET RUN REPORT: . Liddy Pub run is on second Tuesday in November. Please make sure you contact Frank Hall to book your seat.

$30,267.05 1,075.90 245.00 35.00 $2.78 $1,358.68 2,935.50 $2,935.50 $28,690.23

ACCEPTANCE OF TREASURER'S REPORT: Moved: P. Allen. Seconded: M. Richmond.


MAGAZINE REPORT: Michael thanked Garry Ferret for his recent contribution to the magazine and asks that more stories are sent in. Perhaps someone could write a story on the guest car, the Franklin. Keep sending articles in please and photos too.

Guest speakers Dave Rundle and Geoff Morris with their 1927 Franklin in which they toured right around Australia ATTENDANCE: 26 members & visitors Geoff Morris and Dave Rundle and Martin Jansen from Qld. Club. Meeting closed at 9 p.m.

EVENTS REPORT: As per Geraldine Massey’s list. Chrome Fest: Meet at 8am for 8.30 departure at Diggers Club car park. If you would like to attend there is one entry ticket left, please see John Gerdtz. The Buick News

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November 2013

" The Gabble from Gibson" by R Grant, Qld Hi Folks, Have been a bit busy on other matters this month so I have not done as much reading/research as usual. However - I have to admit I am non-plussed by some of the items that bob up in the News or Auto Trade Publications. Toyota has made the statement that they have to take $3800 off the manufacturing cost of their cars to stay competitive in Australia. So I guess they are foreshadowing a request for Govt Assistance – that means, of course, some of your money and my money is going to assist them to keep going. But how does that translate into car prices. It should make the Toyota Yaris a fantastic buy but what does it really mean? Opel is closing down in Australia after apparently only 12 months of giving it a go amid much fanfare etc. They do seem to have a more compassionate Exit Policy than some others, so good work by them. But if you have just bought a new Opel for $40k or so how do you feel. How many cars did they sell and what do you do if you need some key parts. Fiat is now doing some “Tub-Thumping” about all the terrific things they are going to do. It seems to me that we have had 50 years of European car makes coming and going and making a schmozzle of Support facilities, Parts Supply, Servicing facilities etc. Who remembers the Button Plan and did it ever happen? Is it just that we have to get to grips with the fact that living in this wonderful country may mean that some things will have different pricing to what we see elsewhere. Maybe we just have to adjust our expectations. I confess I really struggle to make sense of so many conflicting items like Car Companies in trouble but not responding to National Fleet Vehicle Purchasing arrangements as some conditions don’t suit or whatever. Maybe it doesn’t suit us (Joe Public) to give them handouts to keep going. I see one report that Volvo sold 3885 cars up to September - how does an importer etc make any money on sales of 3885. Do we have any real idea what a car should cost in Australia or anything else for that matter? Do we just talk about a cost or price reduction and if we get that, then we are happy. Not a lot of logic at play here I suspect. Hemmings Newsletter has featured some absolute bargains in nice looking Classics in recent months as well as some absolutely stratospheric prices. One example was a 1946 Buick 50 series for about $6000 – a lovely car and different to our 46’s in the rear. I also saw the 1940 Buick 81c Phaeton used in the Bogart/Bergman film Casablanca and pre-auction estimates were $450,000 to $500,000. Apart from the Lambrecht Chev Collection, Hemmings have had some information on other collections that are coming up for sale and one is a Chrysler Dealer who had cars somewhat like the Lambrecht situation by the sound of it. So it could be a long time before all these collections are seen and made available to us -- so barn finds -- they haven’t ended yet!. I see the differences in SIV Schemes in Australia are causing some grief for our WA National Meet in 2014. Just generally, the different rules that apply in different States to so many things continually causes hassles. “Long Live the Qld SIV Scheme” -- I reckon it’s a great Ranald. arrangement.

To: Grant, Ranald M Subject: Bosch Website Inquiry Reference Number: 57588 Dear Mr. Grant Thank you for your inquiry on Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, received on Monday, 27 May 2013. Bosch Response (on 16/7 - nearly 3 months later) We would like to advise the blades you have bought are purposely built for reverse cutting action (hence the "R" in the model number). They are designed so when you cut through laminate board it doesn’t chip the laminate off on the up stroke. If you require the standard blades, you will need to purchase any blade that does not have the "R" in the model. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Regards, Stephen King, Power Tool Customer Service, Customer Service Representative. Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd

My enquiry was: I purchased a set of 3 Jigsaw Blades for our Bosch Jigsaw and they had a type number 12T101BR ( bought possibly from Mitre 10 in Brisbane City). We used one in some woodwork on Sunday and behaviour of the Jigsaw was almost disastrous. On inspection I noted that the teeth are angled down whereas all other older blades have teeth angled up (as they should be I feel) I need to swap them for the correct teeth orientation. I can forward a picture of the blades old and new to underscore what I am saying but I need an e-mail address to do that . can you assist/advise. End Note :- As a matter of interest we did not find the reverse angle blades to be that good as they cause a lot of chattering of the piece we were working on unless it was really well clamped down. So we went back to normal blades. R.G.

I have published this as a bit of light relief in your busy day and as an example of how fast Customer Service can work in this modern age of Websites and E-mail over superfast Networks etc. Please look at the dates of my query and the response from Bosch. From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 3:05 PM The Buick News

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N.S.W. BUICK CLUB PROPERTY SHOP Hats $23.00 Umbrellas $25.00 Tea Towels $ 7.50 Key Rings $10.00 Club T/shirts $25.00 Badges & Tie Tacs $ 6.00 Club car badges $25.00 Caps & Beanies $10.00 Property Officer, Allan Adams 02 9875 1177. Orders can be sent anywhere for cost plus postage and handling.

BUICK CAR CLUB OF AUST (QLD) Club Property for Sale Mens Business Shirts $30.00 Short sleeve Ladies business Shirts $30.00 Short sleeve Caps $15.00 Pocket Patches $10.00 Club window stickers $ 1.00 Buick Club Car badges $25.00 Orders sent anywhere for cost plus postage & handling. Phone Secretary, Margaret Barker 07 3354 1030. November 2013



Advertisements are run for one month only. Items for sale must be priced In order to avoid any errors, all ads must be typed or neatly written. As this magazine is distributed throughout Australia, please ensure that telephone numbers include the area code. Your name should appear as a matter of courtesy. Ads submitted for the Buick News may also be loaded to Buick Club web sites in WA, QLD and NSW. This is done in an effort to help members find or sell parts/cars. Be cautious when receiving inquiries as they may not all be legitimate.



One left hand rear guard for 1939 Buick, will also fit 1939 Oldsmobile. New, mint condition, No rust, or dents - $500. Dale 02 6583 6990 (arrange own delivery). Horn ring and emblem, correct for 1940 Buick. Excellent condition. Completely restored including electrics. Tested ok on car. You won’t find better - $100. Bryson 07 3202 7136. 1984 Buick Regal - 91,115 miles (Speed registers in kms) - 2 door, V6, Sunroof, 6 months' rego. Cream with brown interior upholstery. Inspected over the pits on 15/10/2013. Complete new muffler/exhaust system 3 weeks ago. New distributor about 8 months ago. New power steering. Most engine parts compatible with Ford. RHD conversion done in 1990. Serviced regularly last 14 years. Some surface rust but nothing major - $6,000 o.n.o. Merle 08 9561 1813 or email: [email protected]com

I purchased my first vintage car (1929 Morris Cowley) and looking for an American make from the same era . I love the looks of cars made in the 20's and early 30's. Can afford around $15,000.00 for a reliable daily driver tourer. Jayesh 0406 799 985 or email: [email protected] (The Beachside Barracks, Hervey Bay). Bosch wiper motor for 37-38 6 volt Holden Body. Hans Spannenberg 0438 39 669 or 02 9605 2192.

Places of interest on the Internet mentioned to our club: www.gmobsolete.com (GM obsolete, Buick Parts 1950 and up) http://www.hidxenonheadlights.com/ http://www.myspareparts.com.au (Search for spare car parts) www.xtremefuelsystems.com.au (Carburettor Remanufacturing,, Restoration and Reconditioning) www.usaautodirect.webs.com (exports cars, etc. from the USA) www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com 1952 Buick – Model 48D – Special Deluxe 2 door sedan www.autosurplus.com.au Boat Tail Riviera Egroup: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Boat-Tail/ with CID engine - $31,000.00. (Previously belonged to Peter www.oldride.com (Your Classic Car Community) McKenzie). www.hubcaps.org (factory orig. hubcaps, wheel covers, etc.) Lyn McKenzie Email: [email protected] www.1933buickregistry.com (1932-35 Buick parts) www.buickprphotos.com (1000’s Buick photos) 1946 8/40 Special - sedan body by Holden 90% of ground 1930 Marquette Automobile Registry (USA) Email: [email protected] up restoration completed. 100% rust free. Body and panels www.alexroehl.com (Buick parts – 40s – 50s) sandblasted and 2 pack painted except front clip and boot lid www.buickshoprag.org that need painting. Chassis sandblasted and 2 pack painted. www.RockAuto.com (auto parts store) All mechanicals overhauled or replaced, rewired to 12v syswww.classicandexoticclassiccars.com (Parts for 1930-60 Buicks) tem, alternator fitted, 6v generator and regulator, heaps of www.alancarter.com.au (garagenalia & enamel signs) spares supplied. Interior re-trimmed in leather, also enough www.TopSpeed.com (a car enthusiasts resource) leather to complete door cards supplied, new carpet, all body http://www.falconglobal.biz/buick.htm (buick engine parts) rubbers new, all fittings supplied all glass supplied, hood linOriginal Buick literature - McLellan's Automotive History http://www.mclellansautomotive.com/sales-lit/bymake/buick/index.shtml ing and door cards needs replacing - $24,000 ono, changing www.then-now.com (new fibre timing gears for Buicks etc) work conditions force sale [working interstate] no time to finwww.classiccarpartsclassifieds.com (new parts site) ish it or trade for 20’s model roadster in going condition. www.retroautos.com.au ([email protected]) Barry Cornford 0408 758 957 or 02 6674 3677 or email www.carspics.net (picture collection of car models) [email protected] www.uscarsandparts.com www.expressengineering.net.au (auto parts & machining workshop) Steering wheel about 1948 era – very good – 18" diam. www.lov2xlr8.no/broch1.html (orig factory brochures of American cars) Horn Ring Buick crest in centre - $300 plus postage. http://www.automotobookshop.com.au/ (motoring bookstore) Russell Wallace 02 10 245 7984 New Zealand (Qld. Member). www.evadress.com/50s-01.html (vintage clothing) www.sovintagepatterns.com/vintagepatterns.html (vintage clothing) South Australian ROA Member, Tim Harper has a red 1970 http://www.achieveaustralia.org.au/ (vintage fashion, fabric, yarns) Riviera for sale in SA. (Photos available). http://oldsobsolete.com and http://oldsmobileobsolete.com If any Member is interested please phone 0418 831 540. http://www.carcoversdirect.com/ (Quality Custom Car Covers to Fit Any Vehicle) www.borninthe forties.com.au & www.borninthfifties.com.au (both websites cover growing up in these eras) www.americanclassicsint.com (classic car brokers) www.OldTimeParts.com (Jacksons old auto parts company) Our club encourages membership of the Buick Club of America. Information on member http://www.tubeworx.com.au/ (auto tube bending and hoses) ship can be obtained by calling 0011 1614 472 3939 or [email protected] www.abouttimespares.com.au (new old stock parts on line) The Buick News

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November 2013