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RaDo_Oct19_1929 .pdf - JumpJet .info

Radio Doings October 19 3 Surface cJilY11111iitÿ On the outside they all look alike. It's their superior performance that makes Cunningham tubes "a...

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Radio Doings

October 19


Surface cJilY11111iitÿ On the outside they all look alike. It's their superior performance that makes Cunningham tubes "a nation's choice." Be guided in your selection by a name that has meant absolute tube integrity for the past fourteen years. The name is Cunningham choice of the American family. .






Radio Doings


October 19

Help Take the "Guesswork" Out of Radio Programs Vote in the National Radio Preference Poll. Full details, Bremer-Tully Hour, 9:30 p. m., KNX every Monday.

BIIEMER-TULLY RADIO The new Bremer -Tully Micro -Balanced chassis has taken all the guesswork out of radio reception. Its every part is micrometer-gauged to .005 inch-a super-sensitiveness heretofore unknown in radio. That is why a Bremer-Tully instrument "hears" every whispered inflection, every delicate overtone-why it leaps the continent to capture far -away stationsand why its big 10 -inch Power -Dynamic reproducer "speaks" in a voice so rich and mellow that the distant artists seem to be performing, gloriously, at your very elbow! Model 81-De Luxe Open Console, AU tubes, including rectifiers. Electric Rich Walnut Cabinet, 10 -inch Super Dynamic Speaker, $164.00, less tubes. Small down payment-a year to pay.


Telephone WEstmore 8229 for Name of Nearest Dealer

P. A. MITCHELL Distributor for Southern California and Oregon 1.248 So. Hope St.

Los Angeles


,October 19


7Raòío New York Office J. W. HASTIE 155 East 42nd Street


Trade. Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Los Angeles Office HORWOOD PUB. CO. 407 East Pico Street

San Francisco Office CONGER & MOODY

1207-8 Hearst Bldg. Kearney 8483 WEstmore 1401 Vanderbilt 4661 GEORGE W. MARSHALL K. G. ORMISTON CLOYD MARSHALL, JR. Business Manager Technical Editor Editor Copyright, 1929, by Horwood Publishing Co. RADIO DOINGS, OCTOBER 19, 1929. Issued weekly at 407 East Pico, Room 400, Los Angeles, Calif. Volume 15, No. 17. Subscription $3.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, November 25, 1922, Los Angeles, Calif., .Post Office,. under Act of March 3, 1879.

CONTENTS ;Radio Topics of the Day Studio News


11 13 15

"Believe It or Not"

DX Club

Schedule of DX Stations Football =8chédule Questions and -Answers Timely Trade Topics

19 17 28 62





KDYL...Salt Lake City.... IKEJK...Beverly Hills .... IKELW".Burbank Los Angeles KFI KFOX...Long Beach 'KFQZ ...Los Angeles KFRC...San Francisco `

KFSD...San Diego

KFSG... Los Angeles FVD...Culver City KFWB..Hollywood

IKGB ....San Diego

kGEF ...Los Angeles 'KGER.. Long Beach 'KGFJ...Los Angeles KGO .... Oakland

KGW....Portland, Ore.

Freq. 1260 1170 780 640 1250

860_ 610 600 1120 710 950 1360

1300 1370 1420 ,

790 620


Page 60 44 '34 _24 42 - 42 52 46 55 40




KHJ.... Los

KHQ....Spokane KMIC...Inglewood KMO....Tacoma

KMTR. Hollywood

KNX....Hollywood KOA....Denver KOL... Seattle KOMO.. Seattle KPLA..:Los Angeles 36 KPO.... San Francisco 46' KQW....San Jose, Cal 55 KTAB...San Francisco 40

38 55 ' 56

Freq. 900 590 1120 1340. 570.



KTBI... Los Angeles KTM....Santa Monica

WLW ... Cincinnati, Ohio National Broadcasting Co


1050 830 1270 920 1000 680 1010 570 1300 710

Page 28 59 44 56 34 30 61 58



50 48 60 5t 5

3: 58 26

EVERY PACIFIC COAST SET OWNER SHOULD HAVE THIS GUIDE TO THE AIR Logs, programs, news, DX, short wave, technical helps, illustrations-all delivered to your home in RADIO DOINGS for less than 6c a week. Radio Doings, 407 East Pico Street, Los Angeles, California: Enclosed is $3.00. Please mail Radio Doings each week for one year to my address.





HEADLINERS National MB 29 Tuner

Velvetone Amplifier Shortwave Thrill Box

Resler 111 Tuner

Amplifier and Power Supply

Pilot Super Wasp Shortwave



912-914 S. Broadway

VA. 3178, 3179

Los Angeles


Largest Radio Parts Jobber West of Chicago Supplementary Sheets to Our Spring Catalogue Are Now Ready

KISS or PARTS RECEIVING AND TRANSMITTING Always a Complete Stock Watch This List of Parts for Changes Dudlo Mfg. Co. Wire Dunham Loops Dunton Solder Eby Binding Posts Ekko Ground Clamps Electrad Products Elkon Chargers Essenbee Ball Aerial Fidelity Speakers Flewelling Adapters Formica Insulation Co. Franco Batteries Frost Products Goodrich Rubber Panels Gosilco Wire

Alco Loop. Acme Apparatus Acme Wire

Advance Crystals Aero -Product.

Aero'vox Wireleu

Products All-American Products American Beauty Irons Amertran Producto Amperites Armco Condensers Baldwin Units Baldor Motors B B L Cone Units Benjamin Elec. Mfg. Co. Benwood Linze Rectifiers Birnbach Products Bodine Loops and Coils Bouldin Cage Antennae Brandes Phones Brannon Honeycomb Coils Bremer -Tully Products Brentwood Leaks Browning-Drake Kite Camfield Coils

HFL Transformer.

Hammarlund Products Hedgehog Transformer. H-K Sodderdipt Lugo Hoosick Parts Jefferson Products Jones Product. Kara. Products Hen -Rad Tubes Kellogg Parts Knapp Power Unite Kodel Products Kurz -Kasch Dials Kuprox Charger.

Carborundum Product. Cardwell Condensers Carter Products CeCo Tubes Celeron Panel. C R L Resistance

Chicago Koster Solder

Clarostats Corning Pyrex Insulators Crescent Transformers Daven Radio Parts DeJur Rheostats DeLuxe Products Dictogrand Units Dubilier Condenser Corp. DEALERS:

Lynch Leaks Magnaformer Unite Magnavox Dynamics Marco Products Master Voltage Controls Morris Ball Antenna Kits Mueller Universal Clips

Polymet Condensers Preston DX Ground Racon Horns Radiali Co. Amperites Radio Owls Ray -O -Vac Batteries Raytheon Tubes Readrite Meters REL Apparatus

Remler Products Samson Transformers

Sanganio Condensers Scranton Hydrometers Selectone Transformer. Sensory Insulators

Skindervicken Buttons Silver -Marshall Products Sovereign AC Tubes Spaulding Bakelite Steinite Eliminator. Sterling Tester. Super Ball Antennas Sunset Aerials and Grounds Sunset Sensitizer Thordarson Transformers Tube Condensers Tom Mack Products Tower Speakers Transcontinental Coils Tyrman Parts Universal Battery Clips Universal Microphones Utah Units Vesta Power Unite Victoreen Parts Ward Leonard Products Weston Meters Wright-DeCoster Dynamics X. L. Variodensers Yaxley Products

Naald Parte National Soldering Irone National Co. Part. Paratone Cone Units Parvolt Condensers Phonovox Pickups Park Next Door At Our Expense


912-914 S. Broadway

VA. 3178, 3179


Los Angeles

Largest Radio Parts Jobber West of Chicago

Radio Doings


October 19


A Product of

Genera) Motors

DAY-FAN NEW Brilliance of tone . en s itivene and ssensitiveness selectivity .power ... volume without dis torti on Day -Fan an surpasses










itself through

refinement of its famed audio - frequency - am-



system. Two 245 tubes power output stage...

specially designed and matched dynamic speaker.


G. 17 {. .4. C. Finance AA



Model 68 Compare the wonderful performance of the new Day -Fan with other sets. The beautiful Burl Walnut Console Cabinetthe clear reproduction of the dynamic speaker-the power of the nine tubes. You will agree that at $179.50 less tubes Model 68 is real radio value.


Exclusive Southern California Distributor

C. C.



1125 Wall St.

WEstmore 5395

CO. Los Angeles



lober 19


Radio Doings

»view of radio 111reìvs-2kouglaand Opinion


COPYRIGHT SITUATION 'l'he latest twist in the complicated radio -movie -song publishers situation Is the effect which the merging of several song publishers with companies which also operate broadcasting chains, may have ultimately On the payment of royalty for popular copyrighted music by the broadcasters to the American Society of Composers. With the announced merging of the Paramount and Warner Brothers interests, Paramount now controls the Harms group, formerly contracted to Warner Brothers. And Paramount is interested in the Columbia Broadcasting System through a recent buy -in. The National Broadcasting Company's song pu 1lishers hookup is through the consolidation of Feist's and Carl Fischer, Inc., with Radio-Keith-Orpheum, both subsidiary holdings of the Radio C'orporatlon of America. It seems the parent companies, namely the Radio Corporation of America and Paramount, are interested in affiliations with the song publishers primarily for movie productions, but at the same time, one cannot overlook the fact that these parent companies are building up a counter weapon which might be used to break down tho music royalty Bartler, to which the broadcasters have been 4o much opposed.

SEEK T(1 PREVENT CHAIN PRt1GRAN1 DUPLICATIONS An attempt to prevent duplication of chain radio programs on the listeners' dials is being made) by the Federal Ra d10 t'oninilasion in a survey of broadcasters on cleared channels who use chain programs at night. Copies of n questionnaire, designed by W. J. I'iavtrtnnn, tit the instigation of Commissioner Harold A. i.afount, asks fourteen questions. The information, obtained from fifty -odd stations, will be



used "to assist the Commission in its work of assigning frequencies to broadcasting stations in such a way as to provide the satisfactory reception of desirable programs without unnecessary duplication, interference, and waste." Senator C. C. Dill, of Washington, recently hurled charges of favoritism to chain systems as against independent stations at the Radio Commission, and complained of the Commission's continual postponement of putting into effect General Order No. 43, which would limit the operation of stations on cleared channels broadcasting the same programs to transmitters 300 miles apart. This order has been delayed upon five different occasions, the latest effective date being set for December 31st.

RADIO ADVERTISING MAKES STRIDES Radio advertising has Increased 94.3 per cent in the first seven months of this year over the corresponding period of 1928, according to statistics just made public by the Bureau of Census, Department of Commerce. The date shows expenditures of $9,947,000 by advertisers for broadcasting facilities as compared to $5,133,000 in the same time last year. These figures cover only the National Broadcasting Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System and do not include the amounts of money spent for talent. During this same period, newspaper advertising gained only 18.8 per cent, a survey of papers in 50 leading cities reveals. Radio advertising in newspapers, which contributed 3.8 per cent to the total lineage, made a gain of 133 per cent within the seven months. In an emergency, a radio station can be "fired up" and made ready to go on the air in the short space of thirty


r -


Radio Doings


And What Other

October 19


Manufacturer Wouldn't like to Have Just One of These Feathers? What an unequal race this radio game has become! Model 60, with the perfected Atwater Kent Screen -Grid circuit using Screen -Grid tubes, is out in front...gaining in favor every day... while imitators and old-style sets lag far behind in a bunch. All Screen -Grid sets, to be sure, are more modern, demonstrating improvement in this os- that particular salient feature. But none is comparable in any way to Model 60, the master of radio performance and leadership. A radio alive with, power. -100 times more pulsing through every tube. A radio with 10 times greater distance records. A radio with needle-point selectivity that has eliminated that irritating fault of having one, two, three and sometimes four stations audible at once. A radio that reproduces the scale from the high notes to the low notes...not just in between. A radio with volume, but volume of only that which is broadcast, and not with the hum, distortion, squeals, howls, whistlings and a clattering of noise. You'll never be satisfied with any other radio once you hear Model 60 Atwater Kent. So why not hear it first before you buy? Then you'll have no regrets.


Distributor 1224 S. Hope St. Los Angeles

MODEL 190-60C Complete, Less Tubes


Other Screen - Grid Cabinet M1lodels, complete, less tubes, $146.00 and up.

Radio Doings

October 19


lUDIO Nk.e, ld`1/o'


George Olson, whose bland and smiling personality dominates an aggregation of exceptional musicians at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, appears on this week's cover. In this day of truly marvelous dance music, Olson's Band is famous for novelty arrangement of dance numbers and a tendency to clown on the part of the drummer, who is Mr. Olson himself. Radio listeners -in are indebted to KFWB for the pleasure of hearing these broadcasts nightly except Sunday and Tuesday. (See KFWB's program schedule.)

Listeners -in will be glad to hear that June Pursell, the KNX Girl, will return from Honolulu and rejoin the Navigator crew on Wednesday night, October 23rd, from 8:30 to 9:30, over KNX.

Laughner-Harris Orchestra, from Paul Perrot's new cafe, is broadcasting nightly, except Sunday, over KMTR, at 10 o'clock, and furnishes dance music par excellence. The Two Black Crows are back on the air over the Columbia Chain on the Paramount-Publix Radio Hour, which is broadcast every Saturday, at 7 p. m. KFRC and KHJ, both take this program.

Robert Hurd and Virginia Flohri, KFI's peerless artists, started an interesting series of programs intended for the musically select on October 17th, when they presented a program consisting of the cream of the classics. Mr. Hurd and Miss Flohri will offer these programs every Thursday evening, from 9:30 to 10, and they will make no concession to the popular taste at any time during the series. KOA and KSL are the only western stations which had the pleasure of hearing Miss Gloria Swanson, who sang two numbers on the Victor program on Thursday evening, October 10th. Miss Swanson will be heard from time to time on this program.

KPLA is conducting auditions on Thursday evening, from 6:30 to 7:. Rip Caldwell and his Strollers is the new orchestra for the KGB Frolics on Saturday nights. The personnel of five men play a total of ten instruments, and two vocalists are included in the group. Dick Creedon, for the last year and a half radio editor of The Examiner, has joined KHJ, the Don Lee station, as feature director, under an expansion program for the station.

Henri Damski's Neapolitan's offer a delightful program of light classics over KJR on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, beginning at 9:30 p. m. Smiling Eddie Marble and his crew merry -makers assemble every Sunday night at 9, and continue their amusing activities until 11:30, over KGER. of

KHJ wants new radio talent of all kinds. Raymond Paige, KHJ musical director, is holding morning auditions at which singers, musicians and entertainers of all types are given a fair and courteous hearing. KHJ presents the cream of these auditions in a series of Discovery Hours broadcasts. Talent, which clicks with the public on the Discovery Hour programs, has an excellent chance of joining the regular KHJ entertainment staff.

Frank Watanabe, formerly of KFRC, and lately with KGO, has discontinued his "team idea" with the latter station. Eddie Holden, creator of Frank Wata nahe, Japanese, is now in the midst of preparing a new series of comic sketches in collaboration with a nationally known writer of comics. Don Wilson, the tenor of the Two Boys' Team, until recently heard over KHJ, is now conducting KFI's Children's Hour daily, except Saturday and Sunday, at 4:30 p. m.


Radio Doings ;: it:ß.l 9ìit.i'', Wei lldVCIIW; B141NT,ï rpm

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lone ie time t


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I have made $1597 in five months. I shall always tell my friends that I owe my success to you." HENRY J. NICKS, Ja.. 302 Safford Ave.

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than satisfied." HENRY R. HEIKKINEN, 173 W.


Erie St., Chicago, IIL

ilese to Pear

Moot of the N. R. 1. course is that it is the best to be had at any price.' When I enrolled I didn't know a condenser from a transformer, but from December to April l made well over $1000 and I only worked in the mornings.". "111v opinion


AL. JOHNSON, 1409 Shelby St., Sandusky, Ohio.


October 19

Iwilishow you too how

to start a spare time or full time

Radio Business of Your Own, without capital

Radio's amazing growth is making many big jobs. The world.

wide use of receiving sets and the lack of trained men to sell, Milan and service them has opened many splendid chances for spare time rind full time businesses.

Mere Trained ladle Mai Needed A famoihá Radio expert says there are four good jobs for every man trained to hold them. Radio has grown so fast that it simply has not got thenumber of trained men it needs. Every year there are hundreds of fine jobs among its many branches such as broadcastigg stations, Radio factories, jobbers, dealers, ,on boord ship, commercial land stations,'nd many others. Many of six to ten million receiving sets now in use are only 25% to 40% efficient. This has made your big chance for .a spare time or full time, business of your own selling. installing, repairing sets. Be Many Opportunities You Can Matto Extra Money White Learntns Many of our students make $10, $20, $30 a

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week extra while learning. I'll show you the .plans and ideas that have proved successful for them-show you how to begin making extra money shortly after IOU enroll. G. W. Page, 1007 -21st Ave... Nashville, Tenn., made $935 in his spare time


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lxperkees, With My Cosrp



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Find out -what Radio offers you. My 64.page book, "Rich Rewards in Radio" points out the money making opportunities the growth of Radio has made for you. 'Clip the coupon. Send it to me. You C00% be obligated in the least, .

oat date ll- gat "

course is not just theory. My method gives you practical Radio experiencet, and "why"' you learn the of practically every type of Radio set made. This gives you confidence to tackle. any Radio problems;. and shows up in your payenvelopetoo

Address J. E. Smith, Pres. Dept. 9X53. National Radio Institute Washington, D. C.


You can build 100 circuits with the Six Big Outfits of Radio parts I give you. The pictures here show only three of them. My book explains my method of giving practical training at home.. tet your copy I

J. E. Smith, Presiden#


National Radio Instituto, Washington, D. C.. Dear Mr. Smith: Send me your book. I want to know snore about the opportunities in Radio and your practical method of teaching at homo in spare time. This request does not obligate nie to enroll and I understand no agent will call on me, Age Name Address

r. '




Radio Doings



"Believe It or Not" By K. G. OR MISTON

Our uneventful life is marked each year -by certain= outstanding incidents which are both anticipated and remembered with pleasure. Notable among"these is our annual visit to the home of William Macdonald in Chula Vista, the world's DX champion, whose ac-

complishments are so remarkable that he has been included in that famous volume, "Believe It or Not!" Accompanied by Seymour Hastings, we spent the night of October 7-8 with Bill, looked over his vertifications for the past year and incidentally tuned in a little DX ourselves. Mac blushingly admitted that he had not "accomplished so much" this year, as it seems more difficult each year to get foreign DX. The real difficulty is that Bill has logged pretty nearly all of the stations in the world, so it becomes increasingly difficult for him to find new ones. In the entire year Bill has verified reception of but six new stations. This is illustrative of his patience. But these six stations constitute an enviable "catch," any one- of which would justify any other fan in retiring on his' laurels, The documentary evidence is complete in each case. Macdonald dispatches his registered letter to the broadcaster on the same date he hears the station, -preserves the registration card and .carbon _copy. of - his letter to file with the reply from the broadcaster, and in all keeps his files very complete and accessible. The six stations heard and positively verified during the past year are: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. This is a 2500 watt station, and Bill heard them on the night of April 30th. A small 400 watt station at Halsenborg, Sweden, was logged -on February 24th. Radio $HL, Tananariva, Madagascar, was heard on May 19th. This station management was so excited when Bill's letter was received that they replied by cablegram, paying about $1.50 per word for a lot of words. Radio 7UX, a 20 watt station at Launceston, Australia, was logged and verified, and the prize package of the '



lot was KTC on October 11th of last year, a station located at Khartum, efudan, Africa. This is a 3000 watt station and wag heard at 1 a. m. August 14th. The letter from the station was signed by Flight Sergt. W. Cullen. The sixth station was in Genoa, Italy. We were very happy also to meet Mrs. S. S. Stelzer at Mr. Macdonald's home. We have published her DX accomplishments from time to time in Radio Doings. Her latest vertifications of importance are from Tallinn, Estonia, and San Salvador, Central America. Bill; Macdonald still uses a battery operated Magnaformer 9-8, and he swears by (not at) the Radio Doings Call Book, which has helped him "find" many of his foreigners. We happened to have an Atwater Kent. 60 in the car, and hooked it up during the evening and early morning. XEB in Mexico City was the first station we stumbled on, and of course all of the usual `eastern stuff was tuned in. After midnight the six big Japanese stations were received with so much volume that at no time did we have the "60" wide open. 2YA, Wellington, was strong enough for us to understand announcements and recognize musical selections, and 4QG and 2BL were heard when not smothered by the powerful Japanese. In all it was the sort Of a night that a DX. fan thoroughly enjoys, thanks to Mr. Macdonald's genial hospitality. '

The manager of Radio JOGK, Kumamoto, Japan, in a letter to Roger B. Hall, of Wendling, Oregon, lists the stations in China and India as follows: Station Call Meters Power 5000 Bombay, India 357 7BY 370 5000 Calcutta, India 7CA 2000 Moukden, China COMK 420 .


Mr. E. Arroyo, .of -520. Pine Avenue, Long Beach (Parmelee-Dohrmann Co.), has- just completed a Pilot Super -Wasp receiver, and would like to get in touch with some other fan in/Long Beach who owns a Super -Wasp.

BT Counterphase 8-World's Greatest Radio-Sold with a Distance Guaremtee. H. A. Everest, 1032 North Ogden Dr. GRanite 9915.

Radio Doings


October 19


Model 48



inches high,

equipped with Kylectron, here, complete, $290.75

just smooth, subtle sound FLOWING vibrant notes


symphonic, vocal or with never a trace of distortion or hum. Tones so true that you know they come from Kylectron-equipped Peerless and Courier radios. No other radios could possibly reproduce so clearly. But there are other features besides Kylectron, the sensational speaker, in Peerless and Courier radios-there's But power detection, three screen grid tubes, and you must see and hear for yourself. Drop in for a demonstration. blue



Sole Southern California


C. W. Smith, Inc. 1224 Wall Street

Los Angeles, Cal.

WEstmore 5158

October 19

Radio Doings


Through the courtesy of the Sylvania Products Company of Emporium, Pa., and Don are offering a Sylvania tube to the prize winner in the DX Club each week. This tube may be of any of the DC types or a 24, 45, 26, or 27 in the AC types, as desired. The winner each week should write to Radio Doings at once specifying the type of tube desired. KNX, KFSG, KEJK, all at the same FIRST PRIZE time, and it sure gives us wonderful DX Club: This log was received with the help reception. I have had as many as eight different stations at the same time. Can of the Radio Doings Call Book, and a Majestic Radio 71, 15 months old, using anyone equal this? I am undecided whether to sell this all the original tubes but one. The aerial is about 100 feet long. A pipe set to Barnum & Bailey's circus as a driven in the earth 3 feet, for a ground. freak, or send it to the Smithsonian InAm listing the stations as they come stitute. Either, I am sure, would be glad to receive it. on the dial from 0 to 100. The U. S. stations are as follows: As for getting anything outside of KGFJ, KOY, KGER, KGB, KMO, Los Angeles, I don't believe it could be KGIQ, KFBK, KGEF, KDYL, KOL, done with a direct wire with the broadKFOX, KYA, KMJ, KOB, KEX, KSL, casting station. KMIC, KFSG, KMOX, KWJJ, KNX, Boosting a all the time, I am, KRLD, KQW, KPLA, WHO, KDKA, Yours truly, KJR, FPSN, KFWB, KOIN, KFWM, MRS. A. H. A.. KOMO, KHJ, KLX, WENR, KFQZ, Los Angeles, Calif. KWKH, KOA, WHAS, WCCO, WBAP, DX Club: WFAA, KGO, KTM, KELW, WBBM, I have been bringing in Eastern staKVI, WJR, WGN, KFVD, WLW, KPO, WMAQ, WSM, KFI, KQW, KFRC, tions on a 4 -tube battery set during the summer, and think I have a log here to KFSD, KHQ, KMTR, KTAB, KOAC. The Canadian stations: CNRV, be matched. Since Sept. 1, I have recorded the folCKWX, CKOD (50 watts), CHLS (50 lowing stations: watts), CJCT, CI'CT. KHQ, KFRC, KGW, CFCT, WMAQ, Japanese stations: JOAK, JOIK, CFCN, WLW, WGN, CKWX, WJR, JOHK. This mattes a total of 71 stations for KVI, KFAB, WBAP, WFAA, WCCO, the last six nights of DX hunting. The WHAS, KWKH, WENR, WLS, WOC, Japs come in between) 1:30 and 2 a. m., CNRV, KTHS, KRLD, KMOX, KSOO, KVOO, WOAI, WBBM, WHO, WSUI Saturday, Oct. 5. Have also heard two Mexican stations and several others. several times, but have not heard them This has all happened on a 75 -foot announce in English. aerial with a ground connection to a Yours for more and better DX. nearby waterpipe and a Dictogrand L. R. NATHAN, speaker. 822 S. Church St., Many of the stations were loud enough Visalia, Calif. for good room reception, but some of the weaker signals were brought in with phones. DX Club: I am for battery sets for distance, as Gentlemen-I notice you have again started the DX Club in your magazine. they are surely clear in. their reception, Good wishes for the club. Now, have a set that I don't believe can ho equalled by any other in the state, ARTHUR. HAYLER, It Is a --------. I tune it in any place on 3977 Normal St., the Glial, and I can get KFI, KHJ, KFWB, San Diego, Calif. C. Wallace, factory representative, we




LOWBOY Tube $ 99.50 Tube $124.50


Tube $109.50 Tube $134.50 Table Model,


Tube, $79.50

All Prices Include Tubes and Dynamic Speaker

CONSIDER the outstanding features offered in this new line of receivers-

Tone, Beauty, Selectivity, Performance, and then study the PRICE and you will admit that once more Jackson Bell has assumed LEADERSHIP.

Tone Control Here


an exclusive feature which permits you to

Hear the program "As You Like It." There is a Jackson Bell dealer in your district Call us for his address. 1

JACKSON -BELL CO. BEacon 1766-1767


1682-4 W. Washington

October 19

Radio Doings


Gridiron Broadcasts Carl Haverlin, Commercial Manager of KFI, has had a varied career, and has accomplished success in each field of endeavor, but listeners to his weekly broadcasts of football games cannot be persuaded that he does anything better than describe a football game. Mr. Haverlin began life by dreaming of becoming a full general in the United States army. To this end, he spent quite a few of his adolescent years in a military academy, preparing to enter West Point. However, a defect in his eyesight forced him to abandon that dream. Then he came to California and entered Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. Here he ran the 220 -yard dash, was member of a world's record relay

team and threw the javelin. Through these unpropitious channels he became interested in the stage. Moving with leaps much greater than those he used to cover the 220, Carl.rapidly became the leading pantominist in Marian Morgan's famous ballet, wrote a play, which was, accepted and produced by David Belasco, and organized his own vaudeville company. Realhing that the stage meant no permanent satisfaction to him, he gave it up without a single regret and entered the then dubious and unpromising field of radio. During his seven years in radio, Haverlin has become one of the most significant and forceful figures in a movement to raise radio-both in its commercial and artistic aspects-to the rank of a major industry and a major art. Similies and metaphors, amazingly appropriate, make Mr. Haverlin's descrip-

tion of the grid -iron classics unusually vivid. Nor do the fine points of football suffer for this colorful telling, since

Coach Howard Jones and Carl Haverlin

the announcer is recognized for his accurate knowledge of the game. Mr. Haverlin will be at the microphone for all local games,


Station W.L KDYL



1290 1170 640 610 610 950 620 900 590 570 1050 830 1270 920 680

Game U. of Ill. vs. Michigan U. C. L. A. vs. Pomona Stanford vs. U. S. C. U. C. vs. Olympic Club

Time 12:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 11:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00

Illinois -Michigan U. C. L. A. vs. Pomona Washington vs. Oregon U. C. L. A. vs. Pomona Gonzaga -Mt. St. Chas. U. C. L. A. vs. Pomona U. C. L. A. vs. Pomona Col. Aggies vs. U. or U. 11.30 Washington vs. Oregon 2:00 Washington vs. Oregon 2:00 Stanford vs. U. S. C. 2:15

Where Piave

m. Urbana, Illinois p.m. L. A. Coliseum

p.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.I p.m. p.m. p.m.

Palo Alto Berkeley Urbana, Ill. L. A. Coliseum Seattle, Wash. L. A. Coliseum Spokane, Wash. L. A. Coliseum L. A. Coliseum

Ted Husing Morley Drury Don Thompson Ernie Smith Ted Husing Oscar Reichow Geo. Guttormsen Geary Breckner

Langtry Jack James C. C.

Glen Rice,

Ft. Collins Seattle, Wash. Seattle, Wash.

Warren Williams Ken Stuart Geo. Guttormsen

Palo Alto

Don Thompson


Radio Doings



October 19

As the Microphone Gets






Famous Since Broadcasting Began"

Perfect Reception Here at last is radio! The radio sensitive as the human ear. radio that brings to you the program just as the microphone gets it.


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Let us tune in the Freed Dance Orchestra on our new Freed




We find ourselves listening to no mere mechanical reproduction of sound. We are enjoying a gorgeous tapes-try of harmony, woven by Phil


:`. 0



AC Neutrodyne, Push -Pull Am¢lication, Inductor, Dynamic Speaker. 8-Tube


Price $145.00 less tubes

Spitalny's magic baton. It is all there-down to the subtlest shading of the leader's interpre11 faintest the to tation, down blue moan of the `sax," down to the actual bowing of the violins. Just as the microphone 0 gets it.

Go to your nearest radio dealer and let him prove to you

the richness of Freed.

ELECTRIC SUPPLY WEstmore 3 041 1801 S. Hill St.



CO.11 Los Angeles


Radio Doings

October 19



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C7000 00000 00 hO 00000 000CpoO W u)m C C C O O Nm 0 0 M"


eOhS.+N<}.uOhhpC.-Nh ,44.-..,,,.....,... $ G.-+

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Radio Doings


October 19

Silver Dollars for Silver Dealers

RADIO reception may be made much more enjoyable by plugging in a Falck Claroceptor between the light socket and your set. By blocking out the line interference noises, this wonderful device also helps selectivity and distance. Thousands now in successful use. No change required in your set. Only equipment of the kind. Compact size: 3/"x At radio parts dealers, or write us for new free booklet. Price $7.50 complete.


Heavy Duty Model Stops Interference at the Source The Falck power type Claroceptor, selling for $15, stops interference at the source. For use with electric refrigerators, flashers, rectifiers, small motors, etc. Carrying capacity up to 10 amps.



Radio Distributing Company, Silver Radio distributors for Southern California and Arizona, leads the entire country in number of franchised dealers secured, according to a wire received yesterday from McMurdo Silver, president of Silver -Marshall, Inc., by D. N. Mar shank, representative of this well-known radio manufacturer. Just four months ago W. W. Petley. head of the Radio Distributing Company, took on the Silver Radio for this territory. In this short time more than 160 franchised dealers, covering every city in this territory, have been appointed. So great was the response to the announcement of this new type radio that within a few days the first shipment, consisting of several carloads, was sold. Since then. many more full loads have been received and have been divided among dealers and still there Is a shortage, which Mr. Petley promises should soon be overcome. A Japanese subscriber to Radio Doings, Mr. Minoru Nakamura, has been licensed by the Japanese Government as an experimental DX hunter. Mr. Naka-

mura's letterhead bears this quaint inscription: "The licensed DX hunter in Mikado's country." He tells us that it is unlawful for the owner of an unlicensed receiving set to pick up foreign broadcasting in Japan. He also states that advertising over the radio is strictly forbidden in Japan, and asks that interested fans in this country write to him and explain how advertising is handled by radio. In fact, Mr. Nakamura, whose address is Yamate, Oisomachi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan, will gladly correspond with fans in this country on subjects of mutual interest.

H. W. Kidd, a Los Angeles attorney, and W. R. Williams, of the California Railroad Cómmission, recently logged every musical item and announcement for more than an hour from 2YA, Wellington, New Zealand, at Mr. Kidd's Laguna Beach cottage. They used a Radiola 60, and were so proud of their unusual accomplishment that photostatic copies of the corerspondence with 2YA have been made to convince Doubting Thomases.

October 19

Radio Doing3



sk¡t $112

(Without Tubes) Price slightly higher outside of California.

The "secret" of getting a satisfactory radio is right there in those two words: LOOK and LISTEN! LOOK beyond the advertised performance claims into the "performance equipment" of the radio sets in your price range. Check point by point the sets in which you are interested. Falck-53 has all the desirable features necessary to fine performance. Screen grid, true dynamic speaker, power tubes in pushpull, tuned antenna circuit and one -dial control without extra knobs. It is the only radio with controlled regeneration. Any F a l c k neighborhood dealer will be pleased to demonstrate this remark-

set in your home without obligation to you. able




SCIaEEN-GRID PLUS Manufactured and Guaranteed by

1260 W. Second St. ADVANCE ELECTRIC COMPANY Los Angeles, Calif. Pioneer Manufacturers of Radio Equipment


Radio Doings

October 19


Greatest Distance Champion


Australia SILVER New Zealand R A D I O Read These Startling Wires "September twenty-sixth, ran all night long distance test on Silver Radio. Received sixty-eight stations, including three East Coast, many Middle West, four Canadians, one from Mexico, three Japanese, two from Australia and one from New Zealand."-E. M. Sargent. "Played JOAK, Tokio, and JOHK, Sendai, Japan, September twenty-fifth on Silver Radio, with excellent tone and clarity."-Kenneth Ormiston. The following log was received September 28th on a Silver Radio by F. M. Vanderlip of Van Nuys: Three Japanese, one Canadian and 28 widely separated U. S. stations Here they are: WCCO, KFSD, KTAB, KVI, KGO, KJR, KYA, KOA, WLW,


Your Silver Radio Will Give You the Same Brilliant Performance Silver.Marshall, Inc. radios have al.

ways been champion distance getters. Now greater distance than ever is

yours through the perfect use of 4 screen grid tubes in the new 8.tube Silver Radio, Silver -Marshall's supreme achievement. Far away stations are amplified while roar of locals is hushed. Static is minimized by Over. tone Switch. There is no trace of hum at any point on the dial. No

aerial or ground required by Silver Radio for brilliant local or distance reception. See the beautiful new Sil. ver Radio cabinets designed especially for California homes. Hear the glorious tone of this amazing radio today at your nearest dealer.

Radio Distributing Co. So. Cal. and Arizona Distributors

138 W. 17th St.

Tel. WE. 4376

Call WE 4376 For the Address of the Silver Radio Dealer Nearest You

Radio Doings

October 19


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IeekDepartment Con:ducfed hiILG.Ormisfon,IRE %/r,

QUESTION-I have an Atwater Kent Model 44 AC receiver and use ground reception, finding it to be better than aerial reception. In either of these methods I obtain better results without connecting up for any grounding. Is the non -grounding injurious to my set? And why do get better reception by non grounding? W. S., Phoenix, Arizona. ANSWER-You have the same erroneous idea which is shared by many other fans who think that they are using the ground as an aerial when they connect the ground wire to the antenna post of the set. A ground connection is a ground, and can never be anything but a ground. Under no circumstances will it serve as an aerial. There is such a thing as an underground aerial, but in this case there is a long buried wire, which is INSULATED from the earth by suitable insulation and a lead sheath to keep the insulation moisture -proof. A direct connection to the earth cannot serve as an antenna. When you connect this ground wire to the antenna post of your set, you use the A.C. lighting circuit as an antenna, and in your particular house it evidently so happens that this arrangement gives better results than using a proper aerial. The writer has experienced similar phenomena, where any combination of outdoor aerial and buried ground, properly connected, will not give as good results as simply putting the ground wire on the antenna post and using the power company's lines as an aerial. This applies only to A.C. sets, of course, and only to locations where the house wiring happens to constitute an efficient pick-up system. When you connect the aerial to the aerial post and use no ground wire, your grounding is in that case due to the capacity effect between the set, the A.C. lines and the earth. It is what might be termed a counterpoise ground. So, in every case, no matter what peculiar method of connections may be used, there is ALWAYS an aerial and ALWAYS a ground. There Is no harm in operating as you are, using only the ground wire, except I

that such an arrangement is often noisy, due to the fact that the lighting lines may be carrying considerable electrical interference. In your case there may be no electrical interference.

In ordi-

nary practice, the proper aerial and ground would be superior, but by all means use whatever arrangement gives you the best reception.

QUESTION-As usual in the months of October and November, I am receiving foreign stations in the early mornings on my Radiola 28. I presume the stations are Japanese, but so far have been unable to identify them by call letters. This morning. October 4th, 4 a. m., mountain time, the reception was particularly good, and strong signals in the same foreign language came in on frequencies of about 870, 850, 790, 770 and 750.. With your experience in trans Pacific reception, I hope you can help me identify these stations. An Englishspeaking station has also been received on 720 which, I believe, must be Australian. It signed off at 4:30 a. m., one morning, playing "God Save the King." Is there any Australian station on this frequency? A. ANDRESSEN, Great Falls, Montana. ANSWER-Apparently what you need is a Radio Doings Call Book. The six stations in Japan, which you heard, are the six 10,000 watters, whose call letters and wave -lengths are as follows: JOAK, 345 meters; .TOFK, 353 meters: 1

JOIK. 361 meters; JOCK. 380 meters: .7OHK, 390 meters; JOBK, 400 meters. These six stations all fall between 750 and 870 kilocycles on the dial, as you have noted. They are usually tied together on a chain and broadcast simultaneously, though the latter part of their program is sometimes individually rendered. The English-speaking. station which you logged at about 720 kilocycles, and who signed off with "God Save the King" is 2YA, Wellington, New Zealand. It is a 5000 *ratter. and operates on 420 meters. This is the most readily received of the trans -Pacific stations.

Radio Doings


October 19

Los Angeles, Calif. -640 Kc.


5000 WATTS-468.5 METERS


Radio Central Super -Station of Earle C. Anthony, Inc. Phone WE. 0331. After 5 P. M.. WE. 0337 S. Hope.

DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:30 a. m.-Opening Market Quotations by E. A. Pierce & Co. 8:00 a. m.-Shell Happy Time from KPO. 10:30 a. m.-Woman's Magazine of the Air (except Thurs. and Sat.). 12:00 noon-Agriculture Talks and Market Reports. 2:30 p. m.-Phenomena (except Monday). 4:30 p. m.-Big Brother (except Mon. and Sat.). 5:45 p. m.-Stock Market Reports by E. A. Pierce Co. (except Friday and Saturday). 11:00 p. m.-KFI News Bureau (except Monday and Tuesday). 5:00 p. 0:00 p.


10:00 2:30 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00


nn.-Temple Baptist Church. m.-NBC, Sunday Musical Concert. m.-NBC, Whittall Anglo Persians. m.-Margaret Ruth Kerwin. soprano. p. m.-Leila Castberg, "Advanced Thought." p. m.-Genevieve Behrend, "Science of Life." a. p. p. p.


:15 p.


:15 p. :45 P.

6:15 p. 7

6:30 p.

8:00 p. 9:00 p. 10:00 D.

m.-NBC, Collier Hour. m.-Atwater Kent. m.-NBC, Studebaker Champions. m.-NBC, Enna Jettick Melodies. m.-Packard Concert Orch., Pryor Moore, dir. m.-KFI Ensemble. m.-Wally Perrin's Packard Dance Orchestra,

Jean Dunn, soloist.



m.-Sadye Nathaq, Beauty Talk. m.-Bess Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. 9:45 a. m.-Sylvia's Happy Hour. 11:30 a. m.-"Mental Exercises," Francis Hancock. 2:15 p. m.-Winnie Fields Moore. 2:30 p. m.-NBC. California School of the Air. 3:00 p. m.-"Phenomena " 3:10 p. m.-Better America Federation. 4:00 p. m.-Big Brother. 6:00 p. m.-NBC, Edison Recorders. 6:30 p. m.-NBC, General Motors Family Party. 7:30 p. m.-NBC. Empire Builders. 8:00 p. m.-NBC, Shell program. 9:00 p. m.-NBC, Voice of Firestone. 9:30 p. m.-Packard Concert Orchestra, Pryor Moore, 9:00 a. 9:15 a.

7:30 p. 8:00 p. 8:30 p.

m.-Three Skippers and Jackie Archer. m.-Wm. Don, English comedian. m.-NBC, Palmolive Hour. m.-NBC, Stromberg -Carlson. m.-NBC, Associated Oil Co. m.-Earle C. Anthony Inc. program. KFI,

KPO, KGO. 9:00 p. m.-Paul Roberts and Schonberger Trio. 9:30 p. m.-The Harmonettes. 10:00 p. m. NBC, Cotton Blossom Minstrels. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:00 a. m.-Sadye Nathan, Beauty Talk. 9:15 a. m.-Bristow & Co. Ltd., Sylvia's Happy Hour 9:45 a. m.-NBC, Betty Crocker Gold Medal Home Service talk. 10:00 a. m.-NBC. Woman's Magazine of the Air. 11:00 a. m.-NBC. Standard School broadcast. 11:45 a. m.-French Lesson by Annette Doherty. 6:00 p. m.-Nick Harris, Detective Story and prog. 7:00 p. m.-NBC, Halsey Stuart. 7:30 p. m.-NBC, Standard Oil Co. program. 8:30 p. m.-NBC. United Reproducers Corporation. 9:00 p. m.-North American Bldg. & Loan Assn. 9:30 p. m.-Song Recital, Virginia Flohri and Robert


10:00 p. 9:00 10:00 11:30 12:25 2:15 4:00 5:00 5:30

m.-NBC, Green Room.

FRIDAY. OCTOBER 25 a. m.-Bees Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. a. m.-NBC, DuBarry Radio Talk. a. m.-"Mental Exercises," Francis Hancock. p. m.-Franklin L. Graves talk. p. m.-Winnie Fields Moore. p. m.-E. H. Rust, Nurseryman. p. m.-Ruth Haddock, "Essays in Song." p. m.-Edwin August, Dramatic Critic of the Air. p. m.-NBC, Interwoven Pair. p. m.-NBC, "Philco Theatre Memories." p. m.-NBC, Armstrong Quakers. p. m.-NBC, The Armour Hour. p. m.-NBC, RCA Hour. p. m.-NBC. Borden Milk program. p. m.-NBC, "Union Service Station Four." p. m.-NBC, In the Parlor. p. m.-NBC, The Nomads. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 a. m.-NBC, National Farm and Home Hour a. m.-French Lesson by Annette Doherty.

TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22 6:00 9:00 a. m.-NBC. "Health in Refrigeration." 6:30 9:30 a. m.-Bess Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. Home Medal 7:00 Gold Betty Crocker m.-NBC, 9:45 a. 7:30 Service talk. Hour. Happy 8:00 Sylvia's Ltd., Co. & 10:00 a. m.-Bristow 9:00 11:30 a. m.-NBC, Duco program. Reports. 9:30 Market Talks and 12:00 noon-Agriculture 10:00 2:00 p. m.-Triolian Trio and Winnie Fields Moore. 10:30 3:45 p. m:-Leonard Van Berg. 6:00 p. m.-NBC, Eveready Hour. 10:00 7:00 p. m.-NBC, Clicquot Club Eskimos. 11:45 7:30 p. m.-Earl Orchestradiana, NBC. 12:00 noon-Agriculture Talks and Market Reports. 8:00 p. m.-NBC, RHO Hour. 2:00 D. m.-NBC, U. S. C. -Stanford Football Game at Hour. Coast, RKO Pacific m.-NBC. 8:30 P. Palo Alto. 9:00 P. m.- "The Parker Family." 5:00 p. m.-NBC, "The Lyric Challengers." KGO. KPO, Co., KFI, A. Steamship 9:30 p. m.-L. 5:30 p. m.-Police Cam. W. G. Thorpe. Spotlight Review. 10:00 P. 6:00 p. m.-NBC, General Electric Hour. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 7:00 p. m.-NBC, Lucky Strike Hour. 9:00 a. m.-Bees Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. 8:00 p. m.-NBC, Temple Corporation program. Hour. 9:30 a. m.-Sylvia's Happy 8:30 p. m.-Earle C. Anthony Inc. pros., KFI. KPO. 10:15 a. m.-NBC, Libby, McNeill & Libby. 9:00 p. m.-"Launderland Lyrics." 11:30 a, m.-"Mental Exercises." Francis Hancock. 10:00 p. m.-Tom Terrisa, Vagabond Movie Director, 12:00 noon-Agriculture Talks and Market Reporte. and Packard Concert Oreh., Pryor Moore, director. 2 :00 p. m. -Triollan Trio and Winnie Fields Moore. Copyright 1929 by Earle C. Anthony, Inc.


Financing Radio HOPKINS ROBERT & CO.


MUtual 6282

417 South Hill St.

Los Angeles


LARCHMONT RADIO SALON HEmpatead 5990 139 N. Larchmont

October 19


Radio Doings

Ln'r Raitio A radio value which you had not believed was possible.

See it! Hear it! You'll believe! In four Console Models ranging from $99.50 to $225.00.

TO DEALERS The C. A. EARL franchise is going to be valuable in 1929-30. Come in and talk it over find out what we have to offer . . . or telephone WEstmore 2238 for




Southern California Distributors

Radio Doings


October 19

National Broadcasting Co., Inc.

PACIFIC COAST NETWORK KGW, KPO, KFI. KFI KPO KGO 10:00KOMO, p. m.-Spotlight Review. EGO, (KPO, 10:80 to 11:00 p. m.). KGW KOMO 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers. KGO, KPO. KHQ KOA KSL JENNINGS PIERCE

Charles H. Gabriel, Jr. Program Director Jennings Pierce Chief Announcer and Program Director


m.-"Woman's Magazine of the Air" (except


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 11:00 a. m.-Grace cathedral Services. ROO. 1:00 p, m.-National Sunday Forum. KGO, KHQ, KOMO. 2:30 p. m.-Sunday Afternoon Concert. KGO, KHQ,

KOMO, KGW. 3:30 p. m.-Whittall Anglo -Persians. KGO, KHQ. KOMO, KGW, KFI. 4:00 p. m.-Sunday Afternoon Concert. KGO. KOMO, (KGW, 4:30 to 5:00 p. m.). 5:00 p. m.-Studio program. EGO. 3:15 p. m.-Collier's Radio Hour. KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 5:45 p. m.-Hudson Bay Fur Company program. KGO. 6:15 p. m.-Atwater Kent program. ROO, KHQ, KOMO, KGW, KPO, RFI. 7:15 p. m.-Studebaker Champions. RGO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 7:45 p. m.-"Enna Jettick Melodies." ROO, KHQ, KOMO, KGW, KPO, KEI. 8:00 p. m. Pilgrims. KGO. 9:00 p. m.-The Reader's Guide. KGO. 9:30 p, m.-Stanislas Bem's Little Symphony. KGO. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 11130 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. KGO. 3:00 p. m.-Mormon Tabernacle program. EGO. KOMO, KPO. 5:30 p. m.-Aunt Betty Kiddies Klun. KGO. 6:00 p. m.-Edison program. KGO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO. KFI. 6:30 p. m.-General Motors Family Party. ROO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW. KPO, KFI. 7:30 p. m.-"The Empire Builders." KGO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 8:00 p. m.-Rudy Seiger's Shell Symphoniste. KGO, KHQ, ROMO, KGW, KPO, KFI. 9:00 p. m.-"Voile of Firestone." KGO, RHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI, KSL, KOA. 9:30 p. m.-Plantation Echoes. KPO, RSL, KOA. 9:30 p. m.-A Grace Anderson Michie Miniature Blog"aphy. ROO. 10:00 p. m.-Slumber Hour. EGO, KSL, KOA. 11:00 p. ln.-Henry Halstead's Hotel St. Francis Dance Orchestra. EGO. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:00 a, m.-"Health in Refrigeration." KGO, KHQ. KOMO, ROW, RFI. 9:45 a. m.-Betty Crocher Gold Medal Home Service Talks. KGO. KHQ, KOMO, ROW. KFI. 10:00 a. m.-The Three Boys. EGO. EGO, KHQ, ROMO, 11;80 a. m.-Duco Decorators. ROW, KPO, KFL 11:45 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. KGO. 2:00 P. m.-The Wanderers. ROO, KHQ, ROMO, ROW, KPO. Francis 4:30 p. m.-Hotel St. Salon Orchestra. KGO.



EGO. D. m.-"Around the World with Libby." KHQ, ROMO, ROW, REO. ROO, KHQ, KOMO, m.-Eveready Hour. ROW, KPO. RFI. 7:00 P. m.-Cllenunt Club Eskimos. EGO, KHQ, ROMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 7:80 p. m.-O. A. Fart Orehestradians. KGO, RHO. HOMO, ROW. RPO, REI. 8:90 e, m.-I'^`1e-Tr^'th-fl^-heum Hour. ROO. KHQ. TCOMO. ROW. KPO, KFI. 0:09 p. m -The Parker Duofold Family. ROO. KFOO. 6:00 p.





m.-Mary Hale Martin's Household Period. KGO, KHQ, ROMO, ROW, KFI, KSL, KOA. 11:30 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. ROO. 1:00 p. m.-Paclflc Vagabonds. ROO, KOMO. 3:00 p. m.-The Cabin Door. KGO, KHQ, ROMO. KOW, KPO. 4:00 p. m.-Hotel St. Francis Salon Orchestra. ROO. 6:00 p. m.-Agricultural program. ROO. 6:30 p. m.-Palmolive Hour. KGO, KHQ, KOMO, 10:15 a.

KGW, KPO, REI. 7:30 p. m.-Stromberg-Carlson program. KGO, KHQ. KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFL 8:00 p. m.-"Roads to Romance." ROO, KHQ, ROMO. ROW, HPO, KFI. 8:30 p. m.-The Hill Billy Boys. KHQ. 9:00 p. m.-Parisian Quintet KGO. 9:30 p. m.-The Three Boys. ROO. 10:00 p. m.-Cotton Blossom Minstrels. KHQ, KFI,

KSL. 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers. KHQ, ROMO, KPO. 11:00 p. m.-Henry Halstead's Hotel St. Francis Dance Orchestra. ROO. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:45 a. m.-Betty Crocker Gold Medal Home Service Talks. KGO. KHQ, KOMO. KGW, KFL 10:00 a. m.-"Woman's Magazine of the Air." KGO. KHQ, ROMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 11:00 a. m.-Standard School Broadcasts. KGO. KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 11:45 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. ROO. 3:00 p. m.-House of Myths. ROO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW, KPO. 4:n0 p, m.-11nt^1 c1 Fi'e"ei Solon Orchestra. EGO. 5:00 p. m.-Flelschmann Sunshine Hour. KGO. KHQ, ROMO, ROW, REO. 6:00 p. m.-Stanislas Bem's Little Symphony. KGO. 7:00 p. m.-Halsey-Stuart program. KHQ. KOMO, ROW, KPO, KFI. 7:00 p. m.-The Olympian'. KGO. 7:30 p. m.-Standard Symphony Hour. EGO, RHQ, ROMO, KGW, RFI. 8:30 p. m.-Max Dolan and His Kylectroneers. KGO. KHQ, KOMO, ROW. KPO, RFI. KSL, ROA. 0.90 p. m.-Memo" T an^ ROO, Trnr, 9:30 p. m.-Two Piano Concert. ROO. 10:00 p. m.-NBC Green Room. ROO, KFI, (KPO. 10:30 to 11:00 p. M.). ..,,1.,'.e" - "s. ',Ç,...' .-1 11:0^ ' EGO, KPO. (ROMO, 11:15 to 12:00 p. m.). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 10:00 a. m.-Du Barry Radio program. KGO. KHQ. KOMO, ROW. KPO. RFI, KSL. 10:15 a. m. Tames Whitcomb Riley Period. EGO. 11:30 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. ROO. 1:00 p. m.-Pscifc Little Symphony. KGO. KOMO. 8:30 p. m.-What's Happening in the World. ROO. 4:00 p. m.-Hotel St. Francis Salon Orchestra. ROO. 4:45 p. m.-"Beck of the News in Washington." EGO. KOMO. REO. 6:00 n. m.-Interwnren Pair. EGO, RHO KOMO. KGW. KPO, RFI. 6:30 n. m.-Phiico's Theatre Memories. EGO. RHO. ROMO, ROW. KPO, RFI. 7:00 n. m.-Armstrong Quakers. KGO, KHQ, KOMO. ROW, KFI. 7:T0 n. m.-Arai ''r program. KGO, KHQ. KOMO. ROW. KPO. KFI. 8:09 n. m -RCA Hour. KGO, KHQ, KOMO, ROW. KPO, RFI. 9:00 n. m.-Borden pro -ram EGO, KHQ. KOMO, ROW, KPO, REI, KSL, KOA. v^..1. 9'n.. 'tatton Foie. ROO, KHQ. RAMO. ROW, KPO. RFI. 10.00 n, m.-"Tn the Parlor." RHO, RFT, ROA, ROO. 10:30 p. m.-"The Nomads." RHO. KEI, KOA, 1(00. rrnntl..,,^d on Pone R91


"Hear It Better on a Sterling Radio"

Radio Doings

October 19


Every Proven Radio Feature Is

Incorporated In the New


BROWNING -DRAKE The soundly engineered BrowningDrake radio receivers were designed for the musically minded people who desire perfectly reproduced programs. Those who demand the best that radio has to oiler in sound, beauty, distant reception and selectivity. You must see and hear this remarkable radio to appreciate it. Go to your nearest dealer-Nowfor a demonstration.

Thoroughly in keeping with the superiority of Browning-Drake Radio, this large console is an article of furniture of which you can be justly proud. It is exquisitely designed with Australian Velvanwood paneling, in satin Duco finish and presents a beauty of appearance that conforms with the quality of the instrument itself. Model 67-,$183.50, less tubes Model 56-4188.50, less tubes

Southern California and Arizona Distributor

Browning -Drake Sales Co. 1319 S. Maple St.

WEstmore 8101

Los Angeles

Radio Doings



Los Angeles, Calif. -900 Kc.

1000 WATTS- 333.1 METERS Blxel Sta. Owned end Operated by Don Lee Calif. Dist. for Cadillac and LaSalle. Phone VA. 7111.

Don Lee Bldg.. 7th and

Glen It. Dolberg

Manager Raymond Paige Musical Director Charles L. Shepherd Conductor C. M. C. Raymond Commercial Director Chief Engineer of the Don Harold Peery Diok Creedon Director. of Features DICK RICKARD Lee Broadcasting System Ernest G. Underwood Technical Director Lindsay MacHarrle Chief Announcer DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00 a. m.-Physical Culture Period. 7:30 a. m.-N. Y. Stock Exchange Quotations, courtesy Walsh, O'Connor & Co. 9:15 a. m.-Late Recordings. 10:00 a. m.-Agnes White, "At Our House" (ex, Sat.). 12:00 noon-L. A. Biltmore Hotel Concert Orchestra. 12:30 p. m.-World-wide News, courtesy L. A. Times. 12:45 p. m.-Organ Recital, Leigh Harline (ex. Wed.). 1:30 p. m.-Charlie Wellman. 2:00 p. m.-H. H. Walker Fada Radio program

(ex. Sat.). 3:00 p. m.-Lecture Period. 4:00 p. m.-Melody Masters (ex. Sat. and Sun.). 5:00 p. m.-Story Man and his Air Castle (ex. Sat.). 5:30 p. m.-Hank Howe's Dance Band. 6:45 p. m.-World-wide News, courtesy L. A. Times. 10:00 p. m.-Earl Burtnett's L. A. Biltmore Hotel Concert Orch. and Intermission, courtesy Standard Oil. 12:00 midnight-Organ and Instrumental Trio, featuring Wesley Tourtellotte. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 8:00 a. m.-Recordings. 9:00 a. m.-Pacific. States Savings & Loan Co. (from


11:00 a. 12:30 p. 1:30 p. 2:00 p. 2:30 p. 3:15 p. 4:00 p. 4:15 p. 4:30 p. 5:00 p. 5:30 p. 6:00 p. 7 :00 p. 8:00 p. 11:00 p.

m.-Morning Services, First M. E. Church. m.-Terpezone Co. program. m.-Soloist, program from KFRC. m.-McKeeson & Robbins program (CBS). m.-Recordings. m.-Art Fadden, from KFRC. m.-Colonial Dames program. m.-Recordings. m.-Rabbi Edgar Magnin-Inspirational talk. m.-Tea Time Three, from KFRC. m.-Sonatron program, CBS. m.-Malestio program (CBS). m.-Evening Service from First M. E. Church. m.-Concert program from KFRC. m.-Organ and Trio.

8:00 9:15 9:30 11:00 11:30 11:45 3:00 3:15




Alarm Clock."


m.-Mme. Jeanne Forest, French soprano. m.-Julie Wintz Orchestra (CBS). a. m.-Patterns and Prints (CBS). a. m.-Jackson-Bell Radio Sales Co. a. m.-Normalizer Sales Syndicate. p. ni. -Colonial Dames. p. m.-Western Air Express. 3:30 p. m.-Matthew Murray, "Home Problems." 3:45 p. m.-Spanish Lesson. 4:00 p. m.-"Chasin' The Blues," 5:30 p. m.-Hank Howe's Dance Band. ' 5:45 p. m.-Las-Stick program. 6:00 p. m.-Charlie Hemp, S & W prog. from KFRC. 6:80 p. m.-Organ recital. 7:00 p. m.-Don Lee Symphony. 7:30 p. m.-Silverwood program. 8:00 p. m.-Jamboree from KFRC, courtesy Golden a. p.

State Milk Products Co.

10:00 p. 11:00 p

October 19

m.-Anson Weeks' orchestra from KFRC. m.-Biltmore orchestra.



'8:00 a. m.-The Early Birds to KFRC. a. m.-Breakfast Nook Philosophy._

9:30 a. m.-Julie Wintz orchestra. a. m.-Charlie Hamp, S & W pros. from KFRC. 3:00 D. m.-Safety Conference. 3:15 p. m.-Auto Club. 3:30 p. m.-Midnight Mission. 3:45 p. m.-Dr. Frank McCoy. 4:00 p. m.-Melody Masters, courtesy -Deemond's. 6:00 p. m.-Old Gold program (CBS). 7:00 D. rn.-U. S. Rubber Co. program. 7:30 p. m.-Pelton Motor Co. program. 8:00 p. m.-Pac. States Say. & Loan Co. program 9:00 p. m.-L. A. Young Spring and Wire program. from KFRC. 9:30 p. m.-Rayhestns program from KFRC. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 8:00 a. m.-"Alarm Clock." 9:00 a. m.-Columbia Noon Day Club (CBS). 9:30 a. m.-Julie Whits orchestra (CBS).11:00 a. m.-Patterns in Prints (CBS). 11:45 a. m.-Normalher Sales Co. 12:45 p. m.-Kiwanis Luncheon from Biltmore. 3:00 p. m.-Fred C. McNabb, Garden Talk. 4:30 p. m.-Story Man. 5:00-p. m.-Voice of Columbia (CBS). 6:00 p. m.-Charlie Ramp, S & W prog. from KFRC. 7:00 p. m.-Koister (CBS). 7:30 p. m.-Don Lee Symphony Orchestra. 8:00 p. m.-Movie Club. 9:00 p. m.-Chanslor & Lyon's Zenith program. 11 :00

9:30 p. m.-Gllflllan program (Symphony concert). THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24

8:00 9:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 11:45 3:00 3:30

a. a. a.

m.-"Early Birds." m.-Breakfast Nook Philosophy. m.-Julie Wintz orchestra (CBS).

a. m.-Charlie Hamp, S & W prog. from KFRC. a. m.-Jackson-Bell Radio Sales Co. a. m.-Normalizar Sales Syndicate. p. m.-Walter Brown Murray. p. m.-H. M. Robertson. 3:45 p. m.-Dr. Philip Lovell. 6:00 p. m.-Wesley Tourtellotte, organ recital. 7:00 p. m.-Sierra Symphonists, Raymond Page con-


8:00 p. 9:00 p.

m.-Richfield Oil Co. program. m.-Don Lee Symphony.


8:00 a. m.-"Alarm Clock." 9:00 a. m.-Recordings. 9:45 a. m.-Dr. Paul J. Dorosh. 11:00 a. m.-Normalizer Sales Syndicate. 3:00 p. m.-Eric Mayne, Shakespearean Readings. ' 3:15 p. m.-School program. 3:30 p. m.-Council of .International Relations. 4:00 p. m.-Elvia Allman's Surprise Package. 6:00 p. m.-Charlie Hamp, S & W prog. from KFRC. 7:00 p. m.-Pelton Motor Co. 7:30 p. m.-Deemond's program. 8:00 p. m.-Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

m.-"True Story"

Hour (CBS). SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 & Mary, CBS. a. m.-Saturday Syncopators, CBS. a. m.-"Breakfast Nook Philosophy." a. m.-Louts F. Klein, Harmonica. a. m.-Leslie Brigham, baritone, and Mona Content, accompanist. 2:00 p. m.-Football Game from Coliseum U.C.L.A. vs. Pomona, courtesy W. P. Fuller Paint Co. 5:00 p. m.-Nit wit Hour (CBS). 5:30 p, m.-Romancers (CBS). 6:00 p. m.-Graybar, CBS. 6:30 p. m.-Organ Recital. 7:00 D. m.-Paramount Hour (CBS). 8:00 p. m.-Raymond Paige's orchestra. 9'00 p. m.- Sight Court. 9:00 p.

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:45 10:00


m.-Adventures of Helen

Radio Doings

October 19


Power! Selectivity,!

Tone! That's What You Get in the New Model 60


Sc I!l All this is made possible because it has

SCREEN GRID TUBES and the proper circuit to handle this power. Come in today and let us explain it all to you. 3


ßivcrh$mith fürntture ßt 737 South Hill St. (near 8th)

TRinity 4121

Radio 1)r,iftgs


October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations


114X Hollywood, Calif. -1050 Kc. -285.5 METERS-Los Authorized Power. 5000 WATTS


Evening Express

Paramount -Lasky Studio, 5555 Marathon "The Voles of Hollywood"

Phone HEmpstead


Naylor Rogers Director-Manager Glen Rloe

Assistant Manager N. D. Garver

Technical Engineer NAYLOR ROGERS DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 6:45 a. m.-"Early Birds" Exercises given by Dr. P. M. Seizes, courtesy Sierra Club Beverage Co. 7:15 a. m.-"Pep and Vigor" Exercises given by Dr. P. M. Seizes, courtesy Sierra Club Beverage Co. P. 7 :45 a. m.-"Home Folks" Exercises given by Dr. M. Seixas, courtesy Sierra Club Beverage Co. 8:30 a. m.-Inspirational talk and morning prayer. 8:55 a. m.-Time Signals from Washington. D. C. 0:30 a. m.-Radio Shopping News conducted by Carey

Preston Rittrneister. 10:00 a. m.-Town Crier of the Day's Morning Message. 10:30 a. m.-Kate Brew Vaughn, director of Household Economics Dept. of Express (ex. Fri. and Sat,). 12:00 noon-Time Signals, courtesy Bulova Watch Co.

12:00 noon-Musical program. 1:30 p. m.-The Bookworm, the reading of Interesting books. 2:00 p. m.-Program courtesy L. A. Evening Express

Classified Advertising Dept.-records and announcements, 2:30 p. m.-Lost and Found: Stock Market reports. 4:30 D. m.-C. P. R.'s musical program. 5:00 p. m.-Travelogue. 5:15 p. m.-"Own Your Own Home," Chet Mitten-

dorf. 0:45 p. m.-Town Crier's Timely Amusement Tips. 6:00 p. m.-Organ program by Wright Whitlock from Wurlitzer Studio in Ambassador Hotel. 7:00 and 10:00 D. m. --Time Signals, courtesy Bulova Watch Co., 5th Ave., N. Y. 10:00 p. m.-Hotel Ambassador; Ted Lewis and his Cocoanut Grove Orch., courtesy Durant Motor Car Dealers. 11:00 p. m.-Hotel Ambassador: Ted Lewis and his Cocoanut Grove Orchestra. 12:00 midnight-Program, courtesy of the Dorado Club Silver Fizz. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 9:30 a. m.-Musical program by Maddux, Inc. 11:00 a. m.-First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. 12:30 p. m.-"Automobile Buyers' Guide" musical program. 1:00 p. m,-International Bible Students Association. 2:00 p. m.-City Park musical program. 4:00 D. m.-Roberts Golden State Band. 4:30 p. m.-First Radio Church of the Air. 6:00 p. m. -Falk by Ernest Holmes of the Institute of Religious Science and Philosophy. 6:30 p. m.-Dr. Theo. Curtis Abel of the Hollywood Humanist Society. 7:00 p. m.-Luboviski Trio: Calmon Luboviski, master violinist: Claire Mellonino, pianist; Walter V.

Ferner, 'cellist.

8:00 p. m.-First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. 9:00 p. m.-Recordings. 21rogratn. 9:05 p. m.-Walker's.MONDAY. OCTOBER 11:15 a. m.-Madame Marie, beauty talk. 11:30 a. m.-Maytag "So -A -Tone" Broadcast. 3:30 p m.-Howard Clark's Blue Monday Frolic. 7:00 p. m.-KNX Feature Artists,

m.-One-act Play, d'rected by Georgia Fideld, through the courtesy of the Orerell Furniture Co. m.-KNX Feature Artists. m,-Bremer-Tully Manufacturing program, presenting "So -A -Tone" program.

7:30 p.

8:00 p, 9:30 p.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:00 a. m.-Georgia O. George, beauty talk. 11:00 a. m.-Marmola "So -A-Tone" Broadcast, 11:15 a. m.-Talk on Better Speech by Mrs. David Hugh. 3:00 p. m,-French Lessons by Edgard Leon. 3:30 p. m,-Joyce Coad, Express Million Dollar Con-

test Winner,

7:00 p.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:00 a. m.-Georgia O, George, Beauty Talk. 11:00 a. m.-KNX Clinic of the Air. 11:30 a. m.-Record program. 11:45 a. m.-Marmola "So -A -Tone" Broadcast. 12:30 p. m.-Bell Laboratories. 3:00 p. m.-KNX Clinic of 'the Air. 7:00 p, m.-Mr. and Mrs. Radio Skit, featuring Georgia Filield and Eddie Albright. courtesy 7:30 p. m.-Brunswick-Balke-Coliender Co., program. "Airdales." 8:00 p. m.-Bert Butterworth and His 8:30 p. m.-"Navigator Hour." 9:30 p. m.-KNX Feature Artists. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 11:00 a. m. Marmola "So -A -Tone" Broadcast. 11:30 a. m.-Firemen's Orchestra, courtesy program. 3:00 p. m.-French Lessons by Edgard Leon, 3:30 D. m,-Louise Johnson, astro -analyst. 7':00 p. m.-Ichimato and Stratchemata, two Nipponese Boys. 8:00 p. m,-Lyric Radio Co., re -broadcast from KFWB. 8:30 p. m.-AMOBC College of San Jose, courtesy program. 9:00 p. m,-11io Grande Oil Co., courtesy program. 9:30 p. m. KNX Feature Artiste.

FRIDAY. OCTOBER 25 8:30 a. m.-"A Menu for Sundae Dinner," by Kate Brew Vaughn. 9:15 a. in.-Glidden Co., record program. 10:30 a. m.-Madame Marie Beauty Talk. 11:00 a. m.-Marmola "So -A -Tone" Broadcast. 12:30 p. m.-Bell Laboratories, represented by H. F. Allen.

3:30 p, m.-Federation of Woman's Club program. 7:00 p. m.-Bundy & Albright courtesy program. 7:30 p. m.-Pacific System of Homes, Inc. 8:00 p. m.-Royal Order of Optimistic Do -Nuts. 9:00 p. m.-"Lion Tamers. 9:45 p. m.-Broadcasting the Main Event from the Hollywood Legion Stadium. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 10:30 a. m,-Records and Announcements. 12:00 noon-Bundy & Albright courtesy program. 12:30 p. m.-C. P. R.'s Shopping News. 1:00 p. m.-First Radio Church of the Air. 2:00 p. m.-U. C. L. A, vs. Pomona College Football Game from the Coliseum. 7:00 p. m.-Paramount Publix Hour, Broadcasting over the Columbia Chain. 8:00 p. m.-Announcements of the Services of the Leading Los Angeles Churches. 8:05 D. m.-KNX Feature Artists.



Expert Radio Servic.

m.-Talk by Dr. Mars Baumgardt on "Popm.-Record program. m.-Tom and His Mule Hercules. m.-Maytag "So -A -Tone" Broadcast. m.-KNX Feature program.

ular Science."

7:30 p. 8:00 p 9:00 p. 9:30 p.

Call GR




U( lohrr


Radio Doing,




and All of the Worthwhile Ultra -Modern Improvements in Radio Receiver Design


These Features Alone Do Not Make a Fine Radio. The Superiority of Eveready is Due to


Features which make Eveready Radio a high grade piece of machinery of long life, dependable service and consistent performance. WAu4r.rli Dlrfrliaafore


218.228 East Third St. 811311111111111P

Los Angeles,


Open to All


in Southern Caliä 2 rZ


Contest open to any Majestic owner living in Southern California or Arizona. ZMajestic dealers, their relatives or employees are not eligible to enter station logs for prizes.

must state Serial number 3dealerLetters Majestic radio owned and name from whom purchased.

of of


Station list must show date and time station was heard and record of. selections broadcast by station at that time. SPrizes will be awarded, not only on a basis of the size of the log but will take into consideration location, interference conditions, time, etc. The longest log from a good location may be of less merit than a shorter one from a more difficult location.

6Logs entered by contestants early in the contest may be supplemented by subsequent lists later in the "DX" season.


Ormiston, Tech. Ed. Radio Doings Naylor Rogers, Mgr. Radio Station KNX Al Farquharson, Sec. L.A. Radio Trades Assn. K. G.

PRIZES WEEKLY PRIZE: Bouldin Cage Antenna Value $15

GRAND PRIZES To Be Awarded at End of Contest



Realizing that there are i the -wool "distance fans" in Southern California an,, more than 271 carloads o the distributors of Majesti Doings where these Maje;i each other for the honoi Champion." And it will not be an empt t owner living in Southern ltt. mits the best `distant rec p awarded a Bouldin Cage n many distance records hay b is valued at $15.00. Then, on May 1st, 1930, y prize winners the three gi n receive prizes of $100, $ 5 a Winning letters will be put] Read carefully the rules rt panel. Then tune up yor stations, Do not be disco':;a. of stations. The small list et. may win. ¡Address all letters submitting




e50 5


Judges, care Radio Doing



UNGAR & Distributors in Soul,''4




Figueroa St.



1ajestic Radio Owners :alilasnia

and Arizona

xsands of genuine, dyed -in-


the great army of people Ian .rizona who have purchased ing


[ajestic Radios in 65 weeks, aim rovide here a page in Radio also

owners can compete with of `Majestic 'DX' lonorlid title Maid

To the Majestic radio 1eniQifornia or Arizona who sub roion" log each week, will be common t



ar aerial with which

made. This weekly prize shavèen

select from these weekly gi l prize winners. These will Old $ 2 S in cash, respectively. pokihed on this page each week. reitothe contest set forth in the yovlajestic and log the distant red at the length of your list ,0;,taired from a difficult location bill






lo 1106


this contest to Majestic DX E. Pico Street, Los Angeles.


VATSON, INC. California and Arizona



The new Majestic is the most powerful and selective radio receiver ever built. Seven tubes with eighth rectifier tube. Majestic power ballast to govern line voltage. Ask any Majestic dealer to tell you the exclusive features that male Majestic a prize winner for "distant reception." No obligation, of course. ch Complete with Model Majestic Tubes 91

Si 5


Radio Doings

October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent by the stations.

KMTR Harry Von Zell Manager Loren Powell

Musical Director Eugene IROO Press Relations

Yale Whitney Truman Bradley Announcers K. O. Ormiston Technical Supervisor

Hollywood, Calif.-570 Kc. 500 WATTS-526.O METERS KMTR RADIO STATION, 1025 N. Highland Ave. H011y 3020 The Official Broadcasting Station of the Loo Angeles Evening Herald 7:00 p. m.-Chamber of Commerce Talk. 7:15 p. m.-"Parade of the Features." 8:00 p. m.-Symphony Orchestra and Mixed Quartet. 9:00 p. m.-Recreated Prizefights. 9:30 p. m.-The Rhythm Kings. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 11:30 a. m.-New idea Man's Vacuum program. 7:00 p. m.-"The Evolution of the Dance." 8:00 p. m.-The Rhythm Kings, Blue Jaye and Melo-

dious. 9:00 p. m.-Loren Powell and his All Solo Orchestra. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:30 a m.-Trade and Travel Talk. 10:00 a. m.-Old Man Opportunity. 1:15 p. m.-Primer for Farmers. 7:00 p. m.-"The Highlights of Grand and Light Opera," featuring Loren Powell's Symphony Orchestra and Mixed Quartet. 8:00 p. m.-The Rhythm Kings, Blue Jays and Melodions. 9:00 p. m.-"Moonlight in Dixie," featuring Negro


BRADLEY DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 6:00 a. m.-The Early Risers' Hour. 6:55 a. m.-Ocean Tides, weather, fishing bulletins. 7:00 a m.-New Idea Man's Wholesome Food Breakfast Club. 9:00 a. m.-Mildred Kitchen, Home Economica 9:15 a. m.-Around the Clock with Music.

10:15 11:00 12:00 12:15 1:15 2:00 2:15

a. a.

m.-Spanish program-Senorita Lujan.




noon-News bulletins. p. m.-Prosperity Hour. p. m.-Loulse owatt-Happiness Hour.


p. m.-Timely Topics. p. m.-The Melodious. 3:00 p. m.-Melodions and Blue Jays.

3:15 p. 4:00 p. 5:45 D. 6:00 p. 10:00 D. Cafe. 11:00 p,


8:00 p. dions. 9:00 p. m.-Recreated Prizefights. 9:30 p' m.-Happy Harry Geise in songs,


m.-Prosperity program. m.-News. bulletins.


m.-Miniature String Players (ex. Saturday). m.-Laughner Harris Orchestra-Paul Perrot

m.-Eight Ball

9:30 10:00 11:30 7:00 7:15

and Charlie Lung.


m.-The Early Riser's Hour. m.-Driscoll's requests. 12 :00 noon-Musical program. 3:00 p. m.-Wright'd Musical program. 6:00 ß. m.-Miniature String Players. 7:00 p. m.-Song recital. 7:30 p. m.-The Composers' Hour, with the 6:30 a. 9:00 a.


Symphony Orchestra in the works of the Great Masters. 8:30 p. m.-"From Behind the Footlights," featuring the Symphony Orchestra and Mixed Quartet. 9:30 p. m.-"Vibrant Melodies."

10:00 p. 10:15 p.

m.-News bulletins. m.-Happy Harris Geise-Request program.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9:30 a. m.-Trade and Travel Talk. 10:00 a. m.-Old Man Opportunity. 11:30 a. m.-Wedgewood Nowell.



plano and


m.-New Idea Man's Vacuum program.


m.-The Black Forest Ensemble. m.-The Concert Hall (Symphony Orch. & prano). 8:00 p. m.-Million Dollar Theater Orchestra. 8:30 p. m.-The Serenaders (Orchestra and songs). 9:00 p. m.-The Musketeers. 9:30 p. m.-The Melody Makers. p. p.




10:00 a. m.-Musical Bits. 10:15 a. m.-Spanish program. 2:00 p. m.-Football Game from Coliseum-II.C.L.A. vs. Pomona College. 6:00 p. m.-The Melodions. 7:00 p. m.-Sports Hour. 8:30 p. m.-Eddie Nunn Golf Talk. 8:45 p. m.-The Blue Jays. 9:00 p. m.-"On with the Dance"-Laughner Harris

it Orchestra. m.-Eight



Mrs. E. C. Morrissey Program Manager H. W. Cole Business Marager


10:00 a. m.-Frank and What's His Name. 12:00 noon.-World news and Panatrope.

Burbank, Calif.-780 Kc. MAGNOLIA PARK -500 WATTS -384.4 METERS "The White Spot of the San Fernando Valley" Phones: Burbank 1601-GRanIte 3193


Ward Announcer



a. a. a.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER m.-Trade and Travel Talk. m.-Old Man Opportunity.

oo p. Ball and Charlie Lung. 12 00 midnight-Happy Harry's Midnight Frolic.



m.-"Famous Melodies by Famous Composers." m.-The Rhythm Kings, Blue Jays and Melo-

5:00 p. m.-Panatrope. 5:45 p. m. Morris -Hill Ideas. 0:00 p. m.-Twilight Club Entertainers. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 10:00 a. m.-First Baptist Church, Glendale. 5:00 D. m.-Vesper Services by the Episcopal Churches. 6:00 p. m.-First Baptist Church, Glendale.



11:00 a. 7:00 p.

m.-Rev. Ethel Duncan, Questions and Answers. m.-Dolce Quartet.

11:00 a.

m.-Bess Kllmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives.

11:30 a. 7:00 D



m.-World News and Panatrope. m.-Irmalee Campbell, soprano; Charles King,

tenor; Cyril Godwin Duo. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER

11:00 a. 7:00 p.


m.-World News and Panatrope. m.-California String Quartet.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 m.-Rev. Ethel Duncan, Questions and Answers. 11:30 a. m.-Bess Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. 7:00 p. m.-Cyril Godwin Due; Erna Vavelle, soprano. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 11:00 a. m.-World News and Panatrope. 7:00 p. m.-Earl Meeker. baritone; Neapolitan Trio. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 11:00 a. in.-World hews and Panatrope. 7:00 p. in.-Artists Instrumental Quartet. 11:00 a.



Radio Doings

October 19

The New

Stewart -Warner Radio Greatest of All Values-the New

STEWARTWARNER RADIO Five Years Ahead! Even has a Television

plug-in. No wonder it's called "The Set with the

Punch" Jacobean Model No. 35

Your Choice of Either Balanced Bridge or Screen Grid Circuits


147.00, Less Tubes Other Models From $92.25 to $170.50

C. A. ROESCH & CO., INC. Operating


WEstmore 2411


"Distributors for Southern California and Arizona"


Radio Doings

October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations


Hollywood, Calif.-950 Kc. WATTS-315.6 METERS

Phone Ho. 0315

Gerald L. King Manager Wm. Ray

Assistant Manager Florence Israel Program Arranger JERRY KING

9:00 a. 12:15 p. 12:30 p. 4:30 p. 6:00 p. 6:20 p. 6:30 p. 8:00 p.

Harry Myers Chief Technician


m.-Radio Varieties. m.-KPSN. m.-Radio Varieties. m.-Radio Varieties. m.-KPSN. m.-Late Recordings. m.-Harry Jackson and Entertainers. m.-Time Signals, Bulova Watch Co.

Vernon Rickard, tenor; Ina Mitchell Butler, soprano.

10:00 p. m.-George Olson and his music from the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood. 11:00 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his orchrestra from the Montmatre Cafe. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 11:15 p. m.-Dale Imes' Melody Trio. 7:00 p. m.-Hollywood Athletic Club orchestra, 7:30 p. m.-Jean Cowan, "Hollywood's Pep and Per-

sonality Girl."


phone Recording Organ. m.-Jean Leonard, "Wizard of the Ivories." m.-Sports talk by R. W. Shírey. 8:00 p. m.-First National Studios; Leo Forbstein and his Vitaphone Recording orchestra; First National stars and players. 9:00 p. m.-Hollywood String Quintet. 9:30 p. m.-Don Warner's Dance orchestra. 10:00 p. m.-George Olson and his music. from the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood. 10:30 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his Montmartre Cafe orch. 11:30 p. m.-George Olson and his music from the Roosevelt Hotel. 7:30 p. 7:45 p.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 Melody Trio. m.-Hollywood Athletic Club orchestra m.-Eskimo Pie Corporation Program. m.-Margit Hegedus String Ensemble. 8:30 m.-Herbert Heyes Players in 30 -minute playlet. 9:00 m.-The Edgeworth Plantation Club. 9:30 m.-Main bout from the Olympic Auditorium. 11:30 m.-Prof. Moore and his Montmartre Cafe orch. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 8:00 a. m.-The Breakfast Club, by remote control. 10:00 a. m.-Prudence Penny of the Examiner. 11:45 p. m.-Dale Imes' Melody Trio. a. p. p. p. p. p. p. p.

7:00 p.

m.-Sports talk by R. W. Shirey. m.-The Lyric Entertainers, through courtesy of Listenwalter. & Gough. 8:30 p. m.-Gilmore 011 Company. 9:00 p, m.-Seventh episode of the mystery serial, "Who 8:01) p.

7:00 p. m.-Hollywood Atheletic Club orchestra. 7:30 p. m.-Burr McIntosh, the Cheerful Philosopher. 8:00 p. m.-KFWB Concert Orchestra and soloists. 9:00 p, m.-Bill's Ragtime Review. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 10:00 a. m.-Home Economics talk by Prudence Penny. 11:15 a. m.-Dale Imes' Melody Trio. 2:10 p. m.-Art Pabst and his Banjo in old-time numbers. 4:15-6:00 p. m.-Radio Varieties program. 7:00 p. m.-Julius K. Johnston at the Wurlitzer Vita -

11:15 7:00 7:30 8:00

m.-Prof. Moorea orchestra from the Montm.-Julius K. Johnston at the console of the Vitaphone Recording Organ. 7:30 p. m.-Emma Kimmel, soprano; KFWB Concert orchestra. 8:00 p. m.-Don Warner's Dance orchestra and soloists. 9:00 p. m.-Ray Martinez and his concert orchestra; 1:15 p.

martre Cafe.

7:45 p.

m.-The Funny Paper Man. m.-Late recordings. m.-Harry Jackson and bis Pig'n Whistle Entertainers.

8:30 a. 9:00 p. 6:30 p.


WARNER BROS. MOTION PICTURE STUDIOS Warner Brothers' Theater, 6425 Hollywood Boulevard

m.-Dale Imes'

Killed the Caretaker."

9:30 p, m.-Hollywood String Quintet; 10:00 p. m.-George Olson and his music from Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, 10:30 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his orchestra from Montmartre Cafe, Hollywood. 9:00 10:00 11:45 1:15

a. a.


m.-Harmony Hour. m.-Prudence Penny of the Examiner.

m.-Dale Imes' Melody Tho. m.-Prof. Moore's orchestra from the Mont4:30-6:00 p. m.-Radio Varieties. 7:00 p. m.-Rhythm Boys; Esther White and Lucky Wilber, harmony numbers. 8:00 p. m.-KFWB Concert Orchestra; Tudor Williams, 9:00 p. m.-Yascha Borowsky's Royal Russians; Taa.


martre Cafe.

mara Shavrova, Russian soprano. m.-George Olson and his music from Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood. 11:00 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his orchestra, from Montmartre Cafe, Hollywood. 12:00 midnight-Julius K. Johnston at the Wurlitzer Vitaphone Recording Organ. 10:00 p.

11:45 a. 1:15 p. 2:15 p.


m.-Dale Imes' Melody Trio. m.-Prof. Moore and his Montmartre

Cafe orch. m.-II.C.L.A. vs. Pomona College football game from L. A. Coliseum. 7:00 p. m.-Margit Hegedus String Ensemble; Vernon Rickard, tenor. 8:00 p. m.-MonaMotor Oilers (dance band) and soloists. 9:00 p. m.-KFWB Concert Orchestra. 9:30 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his orchestra, by remote control from the Montmartre Cafe. 10:00 p.m .-George Olson and his music by remote control from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 10:30 p. m.-Prof. Moore and his orchestra from Mont-

martre Cafe, Hollywood.

Hear It Better On A

Sterling 'Radio 1930



California Wholesale Electric Co. 413-415 EAST ELEVENTH STREET, LOS ANGELES

October 19

Radio Doings


sÄ6 °é


Everything-An Exerciser,

A Reducer, An Investment


In Better Health

Medical authorities and thousands of men and women testify to bene. fits gained through use of vibratory Now you can regain massage.

slenderness and improved health at slight cost! $64.50 is the new low price of the latest model Tower Exerciser and Reducer. Variable speed, adjustable stroke, complete in every detail. WEST COAST FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE

Marshank Sales Co., Los Angeles

WEST COAST JOBBERS Los Angeles: Leo J. Meyberg Co. Radio Supply Co. Reiman Wholesale Electric Co.

San Francisco: Fobes Supply Co. United Radio Supplies Co. Sacramento: Kimball-Upson Co.

Leo J. Meyberg Co.

*Write jobber direct f o r nearest dealer's Hamo.



Radio Doings


Los Angeles, Calif. -1420 Kc. 100

Owner Duke Hancock Assistant Manager Thelma Kirchner Program Director

1:00 7 :00 10:00 11:00

M. B. Cosby Night Owl Phone: WEetmore 4820


12:00 midnight-Apex Ntte Club by remote control. 1:00 a. m.-Nita Owl program, KFOX. 11:00 a. m.-Gedunkers Club. 7:00 a. m.-Madame Lawrye's Goodwill program. 8:30 a. m.-Gordon Smith's Shopping Guides 9:30 a. m.-Rango the Mystery Man. 10:00 a. m.-Dr. Dean Health Clinic. 10:30 a. m.-Organ Recital, remote, KFOX. 11:00 a. m.-Classical Recordings. 1:00 D. m.-Studio program. 2:00 p. m.-Don Lee program. 2:30 p. m.-Studio program. 4:00 p. m.-Majestic Radio program. 4:30 p. m.-Recordings. 5:00 p. m.-Market Reports; Organ remote KFOX. 5:30 p. m.-Variety program. 6:00 p. m.-Harmony Hawaiian Trio. 7:00 p. m.-Gordon Smith's Radiotising Service. 8:00 p. m.-Popular Trio. 9:30 p. m.-Curtis Mosby and His Dixieland Blue


m.-Lani's Hawaiians.

m.-Majestic Ballroom by remote control.

Musical Director Ross Gibson

a. a. D.

p. p.


Presentation Department Garree Middleton Press Relations


m.-Bert's Request program. m.-Arthur Shaw. organist. m.-Lola the Angel of the Air. m.-Santa Monica Band Concert (ex. Mon.). m-Fowler's Merchant's Publicizing Review.

p. m.-'Recorde. p. m.-Coffee Dan's

Frolic: Arthur Shaw midnight-Records. SUNDAY. OCTOBER 20 8:00 a. m.-Records. 10:00 a. m.-Watchtower program. 1:00 2:00 2:30 3:30 4:30 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00

p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p.

3:00 p. 8:00 p.




m.-Vocalists, m.-Santa Monica Band Concert. m.-Musical Appreciation Hour. m.-Popular records. Salta Monica Band Concert. m.-Concert Hour. m.-Honolulu Foursome.


m.-Arthur Shaw, MONDAY. m.-Gloria Gray.

organist. OCTOBER

m.-Hollywood Music Maker,.



Owl program.


m.-Organ, remote, KFOX,

5:30 D. 7:00 p.

m.-Studio Orchestra.

3:00 p. 5:30 p. 7:00 p.

m.-Organ Recital, remote KFOX. m.-Hollywood Girls. m.-Charlie Davis, uke: soloists;

3:30 p. 7:00 p.

m.-Nat Winecof, ballads;

5:30 p. 7:00 p.

3:00 p. .5:30 D.


Winecoft, ballads; Albert Keglovich, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 Beach Municipal Band. Blanche Cooper, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24


m.-Studio Orchestra. m.-Albert Keglovich, violinist; soloists; FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 m.-Organ Recital, remote KFOX. m.-Hollywood Girls.

7:00 p. m.-Nat Winecoff, ballads; Blanche Cooper, SATURDAY. OCTOBER 26 3:30 p. m.-Long Beach Municipal Band. 5:30 p. m.-Hollywood Girls. 7:00 p. m.-Charlie Davis, uke; Nat WinecofT,

Santa Monica, Cal. -780 Kc.

Gordon Soule Program Director Scott Bradley

6:00 8:00 1:00 2:00 2:30 3:30 4:00 11:05 12:00


a. m.-Quality Serenaders; Don West. tenor; Blanche Cooper, pianist. m.-Harmony Hawaiian Pour; Gladys Parish, blues; Blanche Cooper, pianist. 3:00 p. m.-Long Beach Municipal Band. 4:00 p. m.-Organ Recital, remote KFOX, 4:30 p. m.-Studio Ensemble; vocalist; Leila Isbell. pianist. 6:00 p. m.-Harmony Hawaiian Trio. 7:00 p. m.-Recordings. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21

500 WATTS-384.4 METERS Municipal Auditorium, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, Calif. Los Angeles Studio: 3636 Beverly Blvd. EXposition 1341 Pickwick Broadcasting Corporation

Henry A. Hohman, General Manager. Clarence B. Juneau. Chief Transmission Engineer

Glenhall Taylor Manager


a. a.

1:00 p.




METERS-Washington Blvd. at Oak St. Joyful Twenty-four Hours a Day" SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 12:00 midnight-Apex Nite Club by remote control.


Keeping Good Folks

Ben S. McGlashan

10:30 p. 11:00 p.

October 19

9:00 p. m.-Ocean Park Business Men's Assn. 9:15 p. m.-Sterns Duo. 9:30 p. m.-"Harlem." 10:00 p. m.-Bradley's Melodista. 10:30 p. m.-Popular vocalists. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 4:45 p. m.-Tap Dancing Lesson. 8:00 p. m.-Gilmore Circus. 8:30 p. m.-Aba-Zaba Sweetmeats. 9:00 p. m.-Arthur Shaw, organ recital. 9:30 p. m.-Musical Comedy program; 10:30 p. m.-Musical Flyers; vocalists. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 8:00 p. m.-Pipe Organ Recital; Arthur Shaw. 8:30 p. m.-Service Station Four. 9:00 p. m.-Bradley's Melodists. 10:00 p. m.-Musical Drama. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 4:45 p. m.--Tap Dancing Lesson, 8:00 p. m.-"The Cobra"-Radio Mystery Play. 8:30 p. m.-Santa Monica Band Concert. 9:00 p. m.-Pickwick Travelers Around the World 10:00 p. m.-Pickwick Nite Club. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 8:00 p. m.-Hollywood Music Makers. 9:00 p. m.-Arthur Shaw, pipe organ recital. 9:30 p. m.-Miniature Symphony Hour 10:30 p. m.-Musical Flyers Dance Band; vocalists. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 4:45 p. m.-Tap Dancing Lesson, 8:00 p. m.-Santa Monica Band Concert. 8:30 p. m.-Surprise Package. 9:00 p. m.-Musical Flyers Dance Band; vocalists. 10:00 p. m.-Bradley's Melodists.


ATWATER KENT 60 The Most Selective Receiver on the Market Today H. A. Everest


ORegon 4702

K. G. Landgraf

Radio Doings

October 19



Remarkable Selectivity and Distance! ALL ELECTRIC

RADIOS THE LOWBOY Finished in bird's-eye maple and matched Oriental walnut


$13950 Screen Grid

X12950 TUBES


Complete range of models $72 to $215. Each furniture model is equipped with genuine Electro Dynamic Speaker and Acoustic Equalizers, balanced to use TWO of the wonderful new 245 power tubes, push-pull.

Are further advantages from Philco Balanced Units. Hundreds of owners of Philco Neutrodyne-Plus have been able to bring in Japan, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, etc. Location and weather conditions, of course, do make a difference. But even when reception is most difficult, owners praise Philco for its power to overcome obstacles that baffle other sets. And when conditions are good, Philco makes

astounding performance records.

de/16 ' %





Tune in on the Philco Hour, Friday Evenings, 6:30 P. NBC STATIONS





Radio Doings


Culver City, Calif.-710 Kc. -422.3 METERS 250 WATTS AUBURN -FULLER COMPANY Hai E. Roach Motion Picture Studios

Phone EMpire 1171 Culver City 4517 John M. Swallow

4:00 p. m.-DeWitt Hagar's program. 9:00 D. m. -Community program. 11:00 p. m.-Recorde. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 9:00 a. m.-KFVD Travelogue. 2:00 p. m.-Bess Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives 9:00 p. m.-Gilmore Side Show. 9:30 p. m.-Happy-Go-Lucky Trio. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:00 a. m.-Dan Maxwell, Scotch comedian. 11:00 a. m.-Marion Gay, the Radio Smile Girl. 12:45 p. m.-Dr. Dorosh, Diet Question Box. 9:00 p. m.-Auburn Concert Orchestra; Peggy Price,

Manager -Director Al Welnert Announcer Paul Myers Early Announcer M. S. Adams MAUL M Y EHS Chief Technician DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00 a. m.-Hal Roach "Happy -Go -Lucky Trio." 12:00 noon-Tom Breneman, Recommendation Man.


m.-Tom and Wash. m.-G. Allison's Radio Home program. D. m.-Hal Roach Comedy Gossip. p. m.-Auburn Concert Orchestra. p. m.-Eldorado program. p. m.-Timely Topics. p. m.-Sebastfan's Cotton Club Orchestra.

12:30 p. 1:00 p.

2:30 3:00 4:00 5:00 11:00

m.-Happy-Go Lucky Trio. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:00 a. m.-KFVD Travelogue. 11:00 a. m.-Bees Kilmer's Helpful Hints to Housewives. 9:00 p. m.-Happy-Go-Lucky Trio. 10:00 p. m.-Auburn Concert Orchestra. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:00 a. m.-Dan Maxwell, Scotch comedian. 12:45 p. m.-Dr. Dorosh, Diet Question Box. 9:00 p. m.-Auburn Concert Orchestra: Peggy Price, soloist. 10:00 p. m.-Happy-Go-Lucky Trio. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 9:00 a. m.-KFVD Travelogue. 9:00 p. m.-HaPDy-Go-Lucky Trio. 10:00 p. m.-Auburn Concert Orchestra. 10:00 p.


8:00 a. m.-Popular program. 9:00 a. m.-Organ Request program. 10:00 a. m.-Barrows Hour. 11:00 a. m.-Classical program. 12:00 noon-Hal Roach Comedy Gossip. 1:00 p. m.-"Inspiration," Magazine of the Air. 2:00 p. m.-Sacred Half Hour. 2:30 p, m.-Operatic Period, "Carmen."


October 19

Long Beach, Cal.-1370 Kc. -218.8 100

435 Plne Avenue



Phone 632-75

Owned and Directed by C. Merwin Dobyns

Herbert R. Conner Business Manager Jay Tapp

Chief Engineer Nelson Case Eddie Marble Announcers and Staff Artists Frank Bilge C.


9:00 9:30 9:45

10:00 10:10 10:15 10:30



Publicity Director Ruth Sulzer Studio Manager Harald Bender

Thomas Morris Technician DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY a. m.-Popular music. a. m.-Julia Hayes, Helpful Hints to Housewives. a. m.-Devotional Period, Rev. Calhoun. a. m.-Popular music. a. m.-Dr. Brandt's Health Service Talk. a. m.-Hawaiian music. a. m.-Popular music. a. m.-Enna Jettick Twins. a. m.-Rhythm Makers. P. C. C. (ex. Mon.). SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 a. m.-Wurlitzer Organ. Dixon. a. m.-Taubman Men's Bible Class. a. m.-First United Presbyterian Church. p. m.-Edna Bond, blues singer. p. m.-Long Beach Municipal Band Concert. p. m.-Vocal Classics. p. m.-Frank Waller Allen. p. m.-Vesper Hour. p. m.-News and music. p. m.-Janice Simmons, violinist, p. m.-"Smiling" Eddie Marble.

9:00 9:80 11:00 2:00 2:30 4:00 5:00 5:20 0:00 7:00 7:30 9:00 p. 11:30 p.

1:00 p. 2:00 p. 4:00 p.

m.-Sunday Night Frolic. m.-Wurlitzer Organ, Nixon. MONDAY, OCTOBER

m.-Exchange Club. m.-Trlollan Trio.


m.-Nature Study Period. 4 :30 p. m.-Jack and his Bachelor Boys. 6:15 p. m.-Shell Concert Trio. 8:00 p. m.-Pacific Coast Club program. 9:30 p. m.-Nelson's Original Hoif Hour. 10:00 p. m.-Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra and Penry Selby, tenor. 11:80 a. m.-Wurlltzer Organ, Dixon.


m.-Long Beach Breakfast Club. m.-Studio program. m.-Hawaiian music. p. m.-Jack itnd his Bachelor Boys. D. m.-Rhythm Makers, P. C. C. p. m.-Triollan Trio. p. m.-Harmony Three. p. m.-Betty and Wanda Snyder. p. m.-Wurlltzer Organ. Nixon.

7:00 a. 1:00 p. 2:00 p.


7:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00


m.-Advertising Club, Breakers. m.-Rev. Itosina Hobday, Psychic Readings. D. m.-Triolian Trio. p. m.-Juvenile Problems. p. m.-Melodies of Bygone Days. p. m.-Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra; Margaret Tranler, soprano. 11:00 p. m.-Rhythm Makers, P. C. C. 1:00 4:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 10:00

p. p.



m.-Optimist Club. m.-Voice Clinic. m.-Jack and his Bachelor Boys. m.-Dick Love's Entertainers. m.-Rhythm Makers, P, C. C. m.-Trlolian Trio. m.-Nelson's Original Half Hour. m.-Harmony Three; Joe BJorndahl, baritone. m.-Wurlltzer Organ. Nixon.

1:00 p. 2:00 p. 4:30 p. 6:15 p. 7:00 p. 9:00 p. 9:30 D. 10:00 p. 11:00 p.


1:00 p. 4:00 p. 4:30 D.

5:00 p. 6:15 p. 7:00 p. 9:30 p. 10:00 p. tenor. 11:00 p.

m.-Studio program. m.-Jack and his Bachelor Boys. m.-Triolian Trio. m.-Wurlitzer Organ. m.-Sunset Blue Killers. m.-Diamond Hawaiian Trio. m.-Nelson's Original Half Hour. m.-Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra; Penry Selby. m.-Cocoanut Grove Orchestra. SATURDAY, OCTOBER

1:00 p. 4:00 p.

4:30 D. 6:15 D. 7:00 p.


m.-Studio program. m.-Jack and his Bachelor Boys. m.-Edna Bond, blues singer. m.-Dick Love's Entertainers. m.-Triollan Trio, m,-Irma Jasper, vollin.

10:00 p. 11:00 p. m.-Cocoanut Grove Orchestra.

October 19

Radio Doings




Astonishing advancement


radio reproduction

MAG NAVOX SPEAKER X-CORE DYNAMIC Magnavox X -core is a new, exclusive principle of dynamic speaker construction. It assures, for the first time in any speaker... freedom from hum, rattles and distortion at any volume. Also, the X -core enables Magnavox to offer, for the first time in speaker history... A LIFETIME GUARANTEE of original standard of performance You will marvel at this new dynamic speaker. Used as built-in equipment in several makes of fine radio sets ... also sold as a separate unit under the Magnavox name. Hear it!

C. C. LAWTON 1125 Wall St., Los Angeles

WEstmore 5395





Radio Doings




Owned and Operated by NICHOLS & WARRINER Inc. 220 E. Anaheim St. HAL 0. NICHOLS CLARENCE CRARY FOSTER RUCKER CECIL FRY Announcers L. W. McDowell Chief Technician

CLARENCE CRARY DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 5:00-7:00 a. m.-Remote control, KGFJ. 7:00 a. m.-Early Bird News. 8:00 a. m.-Records. 8:30 a. m. --Novelty program. 9:30 a. m.-Hawaiian program. 10:00 a. m.-KFOX Organ Recital, Roy Metcalfe. 11:00 a. m.-Beauty Talk. 11:10 a. m.-Studio Orchestra (except Monday). 11:30 a. m.-Press Telegram News; Frank P. Goss. 11:50 a. m.-Studio Orchestra. 12:00 noon-Hollywood Girls. 1:30 p. m.-Orginality Girls (ex. Mon. and Thurs.). 2:00 p. m.-Health Talk by Dr. Harbottle. 2:15 p. m.-Records. 2:30 p. m.-L. B. Municipal Band (ex. Monday). 3:00 P. nt-Organ Recital from Merithews. 3:30 p. m.-Long Beach Band (ex. Monday). 4:00 p. m.-Press-Telegram News; Frank P. Clogs. P:00 p. m.-Organ Recital from Merithews. 5:30 p. m,-Hollywood Girls (except Monday). 6:00 p. m.-Lost and Found Department. 7:30 p. m.-Buster Wilson's Orchestra (ex. Monday). 9:00 p. m.-El Patio Ballroom (ex. Mon., Wed, and

Sat.) .

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 5:00


m.-Popular recordings. noon-Al Cajal and soloists. p. m.-Records. p. m.-Popular recordings. p. m.-Seleotione. p. m.-Merchants' Evening Review. SUNDAY. OCTOBER

8:00 a. 9:00 a. 10:00 a. 3:00 p.

m.-Breakfast program. m.-Cambria Pines. m.-West Pico Furniture. m.-Popular recordings.


p. p. p. p. p. p. p.

m.-Doris, Grace and Fosters. m.-"Em and Clem." m.-Studio Orchestra.

11:10 5:30 6:05 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

a, p. p. p. p.

m.-Varsity Boys. m.-Southern Hawaiian Trio. m.-Studio Orchestra. m.-Kaai Hawaiian Trio. m.-Suydam's Buttercream School. m.-Motor Tires Quartette. m.-Frederick Fisher and John Watts Gilbert.

m.-Hollywood Girls, m.-First Church of Christ, Scientist. m.-Hancock Oil Co., Distributor's Nita. m.-Watch Hospital. KGFJ. MONDAY, OCTOBER


p. p.


m.-El Patio


m.-Organ Recital, m.-Novelty songs. D. m.-Kiwanls Club luncheon. p. m.-Helene Smith, pianist. p. m.-Dr. Williams, Health Specialist. p. m.-Three Bluebirds. p. m,-Long Beach Band. D. m.-Cecil Popular 23 6:05 p. m.-Sunset Harmony Boys. 6:30 p. m.-Studio program. 8:00 p. m. Hancock Golden Trails Hour, $FO% organ 10:30 p. m.-Fights from Wilmington Bowl. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:20 a. m.-Organ Recital. 1:00 p. m.-"Health and Efficiency," Dr, E. S. Clark. 1:15 p. m.-Originality Girls. 4:20 p. m.-Haymaker's Old Time Dance Music. 6:30 p. m.-Doris, Grace and Foster. popular songs. 7:00 p. m.-Studio Orchestra. 9:00 p. m.-Texas Cowboys, Old Time Music. 9:00 9:50 1:00 6:30 6:45 7:00 8:00 8:30

a. a.


strumental trio.

9:20 a. 6:30 p. 7:00 p.

8:00 p. 8:15 p. 10:00 p.

and in-

SATURDAY. OCTOBER 26 m.-Organ Recital. m.-Sunset Harmony Boys. m.-Doris, Grace and Footer, popular songe. m.-Football talks. R. W. Shirey. m.-Long Beach Municipal Band. m.-Doris and Clarence, Fain's Ragmufflne.

Los Angeles, Calif.-860 Kc. 1417 S.

Technician and Announcer L. E. Taft Studio Manager Al Calai Studio Accompanist Jack Carrington AL CAJAL Program Manager and Announcer DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00 a. m.-J. V. Baldwin Motor Co. 8:00 a. m.-Popular Recordings. 9:00 a. m. Selections. 10:00 a. 11:00 a.

5:30 6:00 6:80 7:00 8:00 9:00 11:00

9:00 1:00 4:20 6:30 7:00

Walter King General Manager Monroe Manning Advertising Manager Ray Ogler

"Where Your Ship Gomes In" 239.9 METERS- HANCOCK OIL STATION Telephone No. 672.81

8:30 p. m --L. B. Municipal Band. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 a. m.-Organ Recital. p. m.-Masonic Luncheon. p. m.-Crystal Roof Melody Makers. p. m.-Kaai Hawaiian Trio. p. m.-Four Bluebirds, novelty vocal

11:00 p. m.-Majestic Ballroom Orchestra. 11:30 p. m.-Silver Spray Dance Orchestra. 12:00 midnight-KGFJ. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 7:00 a. m.-Remote .Control KGFJ. 9:00 a. m.-Concert Orch. and Light Opera. 10:00 a. m.-Organ Recital from Merithews. 11:00 a. m.-St. Lukas Episcopal Church. 12:30 p. m.-Musical program. 1:00 p. m.-Hollywood Girls. 2:00 p. m.-Rebroadcast-KGFJ. 2:80 p. m.-Long Beach Municipal Band. 4:00 p. m.-Organ Recital from Merithews. 5:00 p. m.-Sunset Harmony Boys.


October 19

Long Beach, Cal.-1250 Kc.

250 WATTS -348.5 METERS Figueroa St., Los Angeles. Calif. WEstmore 3001.

m.-L. B. Hair Tonic. 3:00 p m.-Records. 4:00 p. m.-Murray's Restaurant. 5:00 p. m.-Morgan & Fields. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 9:00 p. m.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. 10:00 D. m.-Fritz Martin. Mont White and Al Cajal. 11:00 p. m.-Stan and Felix, and Al Cajal. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22 9:00 p. nt.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. 10:00 p. m.-Billie Mercer and Bob Swinney, and Al Cajal. 11:00 p. in.-Anna Martin, Marjorie Forster, Al Cajal. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:00 p. m.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. 10:00 D. m.-Stmt and Felix, and Al Cajal. 11:00 p. m.-Fritz Martin, Mont White and Al Cajal. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 24 9:00 p. m.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. 10:00 p. m.-Billie Mercer, Bob Swinney and Al Cajal. 11:00 p. m. -Anna Martin, Marjorie Forster, Al Cilia]. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 25 9:00 p. m.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. 10:00 p. m.-Stan and Felix, and Al Cajal. 11:00 p. m.-Fritz Martin, Mnni White and Al Cajal. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 9:00 p. m.-Billie Mercer, Bob Swinney, and Stan and 1:00 p.


10:00 p.

11:00 p.

m.-Esther Laurette and Laura Wheeler. m.-Fritz Martin and Esther Laurette,

Radio Doings

October 19


No. 84 of a Series

Your Old Radio is probably all right




except for the speaker Did you ever consider how little it would cost to install a Jensen Electro Dynamic in your radio? Built by Peter L. Jensen, one of radio's outstanding engineers, the Jensen Speaker Unit will give you a tonal range and radio reception that will astound you with its brilliance and tone fidelity. The installation in the average radio is a simple job. Ask your dealer to demonstrate the Jensen Electro -Dynamic Speaker. You will soon be convinced of its superiority.







212 Ninth Street


6601 S. Laramie Ave.


Radio Doings



Beverly Hills, Cal. -1170 Kc. -256.3 500 WATTS


Irene Taylor Rapp Production Manager Edmund Lytton John McIntyre Margaret MacDonald Announcers Walter McCreery Commercial Manager K. G. Ormiston EDMUND LYTTON Technical Supervisor DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY a. in.-Frank Roefer's Setting Up Exercises. a. in.-Pot o' Gold. Health Talk at 9:15. a. m.-New Recordings. a. m.-Chapel Hour, U. of S. C. (ex. Friday

and Saturday).

10:20 a. 12 :00

m.-Jack Kiefer, the

Ad -Visor.

noon-Margaret Macdonald, "Modes and Fashp. m.-Sleepytime Suggestions. p. m.-Items of Interest. p. m.-Royal Purifier program. p. in.-Musical program. p. m.-Bob Roe's Southern Serenaders. p. m.-Record Request program. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 a. m.-Kelly Kar program.

ions Hour."

1:00 1:15 1:30 2:00 5:00 11:00


Operated by MacMillan Petroleum Co. Crestview 3101. Wilshire Blvd. at Camden Drive

Wm. G. Ebersole

7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

October 19

8:00 10:00 a. m.-Franklin Motor Car program. 11:00 a. m.-Musical program. 12:00 noon-"Blow the Smoke Away."

12:30 p' 3:00 p. 9:00 p. 10:00 p.

m.- Terpezoue-Rebroadcast from KHJ. m.-Choir from Church of Latter Day Saints. m.-Mischa Gegna Concert Trio. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 m.-Popular program with KEJK Orchestra

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:30 a. m.-Adele Millar, Beauty Talk. 2:00 p. m.-Emerald Isle Request program. 3:00 p. al.-Artist Series-Classic program. 9:00 p. m.-Waikiki Beach Boys. 9:30 p. m.-Terry Koechig, songs, piano solos 10:00 p. di. --Tudor Williams, assisted by KEJK Or 10:30 p, m.-KEJK Orchestra, dance program. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:30 a. m.-Madame Irwin Kellogg, "Why Breathe?" 9:30 p. m.-Popular Hour-Orchestra 10:30 p.

3:00 p, 9:00 p. 10:00 p. 10:30 p.

m.-Ben Light and Brother Paul. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 m.-Artist Series-Classic program. m.-Silverwood's program, orchestra m.-Betty Middleton and Cast in Playlet.

m-Ben Light's

Three Minstrels. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25

m.-Emerald Isle Request program. p, m.-Musical program. p. m.-Harmony Entertainers. p. m.-Musical Comedy, orchestra and soloisst. p. m.-Orchestra in dance program. p. m.-Ben Light and Brother Paul. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 2:00 p. m.-Football Game from L. A. Coliseum, 9:00 p. m.-Relive Prologue. 9:30 p. m.-MacMillan Saturday Night Fun Revue,

2:00 3:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30


Radio Correspondence Education Division KEJK University of Southern California

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 3:00 p. m.-English of Today, McCorkle. 3:30 p. m.-A Square Deal for the Pay Envelope, W. A. Polk, Past President of the American Institute of Banking, Los Angeles Chapter and Junior VicePresident of the Bank of America. The 4:00 p. m.-Phychology (Physhology), Waugh. Semi -Centennial Lecture Series on Contemporary Civilization. 4:30 p. m.-Public Business, Gordon Whitnall. Corre9:00 p. m.-Short Story Writing, Dietrick. spondence Course. 9:30 p. m.-Some Problems of Peace (International Relations), O. W. E. Cook. The Semi -Centennial Lecture Series on Contemporary Civilization,


RAE SILVERMAN 8:00 10:00 12:00 2:00 4:30 2:00




a. a.

m.-Rae and her Pals and "The Commandairs." m.-Share time with KFSG.

noon.-Records. p. p. p.

1:00 p. 4:30 p.

m.-Variety program (except Wednesday).

m.-Request records (except Monday). m.-Variety program (ex. Wed., Thurs.. Fri.). SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 m-Records.

m.-Popular program.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 5:30.p. m. -Jack Stearns. and Grace Hamilton. 6:30 p. m.-Dance Band. 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:30

p. p. p. p.

m.-Old-Ume numbers by the orchestra. m.-Country Jane.

m.-City of Inglewood program. m.-Moecow Inn.


Inglewood, Calif. -1120 Kc.

Freltag Manager Frank Bull Chief Announcer Rae Silverman Program Director Kenneth M. Isbell Chief Engineer Tom Scholts Technician V.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 m.-Phases of Public Speaking, Harry H. Anderson, School of Speech Faculty. 3:30 p. m.-The Child's Formal Training-The Story Hour in the Home, Harriet Pullen. 4:00 p. m.-Studies in Modern American Literature, Dietrick. Correspondence Course. 4:30 p. m.-The Greek Classics in English Literature (Classic), Douglas. The Semi -Centennial Lecture Serles on Contemporary Civilization. 9:00 p. m.-Plant Nutrition-How Planta Get Their Food (Botanical Science), Johnstone. The Semi Centennial Lecture Series on Contemporary Civiliza 3:00 p.




Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Inglewood, Calif. Owned and Operated by Dalton's, Inc. 10:30 p. m.-Hollywood Roof. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 5:30 p. m.-Dick Giblan and Esther Kahn. 6:30 p. m.-Marie Hockings at the organ. 7:00 p. m.-Studio orchestra (old-time numbers). 7:30 p. m.-Country Jane. 8:30 p. m.-Dance Band (request program). 9:30 p. m.-Moscow Inn. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 5:30 p. m.-Geo. Farwell and Trio. 7:00 p. m.-Marie Hockings at the organ. 7:30 p. m.-Country Jane and KMIC Trio. 8:30 p. m.-Larry Walden and his Hollywood Roof Orch. 9:30 p. m.-Moscow Inn. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 5:30 p. m.-Jack Stearns and Grace Hamilton. 6:30 p. m.-Dance Band. 7:00 p. m.-Old-time numbers by the orchestra. 10:30


m.-Moscow Inn.



m.-Dance Band.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 5:30 p. in.-Geo. Farwell and Trio. 6:30 p. m.-Organ recital. 7:30 p. m.-Country Jane and KMIC Trio. 8:30 p. m.-Hollywood Roof. 9:30 D. tn.-Moscow Inn. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 5:30 p. m.-Dick Giblan and Esther Kahn. 5:30 p. m-Harmony Hawaiians.

10:30 p.

m.-Moscow Inn.


October 19


Radio Doings




Screen -Grid Radio Today's Greatest Radio Value 2


All housed in this genuine Hand Rubbed Walnut Console Cabinet and sold under this seal:

$7950 Less Tubes

Powell Manufacturing Co. LOS ANGELES 6121 S. Western Ave. YOrk 9552

SEATTLE 909 Pike St.

SAN FRANCISCO 1270 Mission Street Underhill 3 314

Radio Doings


October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations

San Diego, Calif. -600 Kc.



11:15 p.

Leslie Adams General Manager Walter B. Neill Advertising Manager G. A. Litten Chief Technician Billy Murray Announcer Leah McMahon Program Director

7:00 p. 8:00 D. 8:30 p. 9:00 p. 11:00 a.

:15 p. 7:00 p. 6


DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY m.-Good Cheer program. 9:00 a. m.-Morning musical. 10:00 a. m. Amy Lou. 2:30 p. m.-Balboa Park organ (ex. Mon. and Tues.). 5:00 p. m.-Nightly Musical Review. 6:00 p. m.-News Items. 10:00 p. m.-Nashold's Downtown Ballroom (ex. Monday and Wednesday). 11:00 D. m.-Doc Ross and his Hotel Del Coronado Orchestra (except Monday and Wednesday). SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 10:00 a. m.-Novelty Hour. 11:00 a. m.-Nash Chitwood Popular Hour. 12:00 noon.-Old Time program. 2:30 p. m.-Organ Concert from Balboa Park, Dr. Humphrey J. Stewart at the Console. 8:00 p. m.-Seaboard Building and Loan Program. 8:30 p. m. Hotel Del Coronado. Doo ROM. MONDAY, OCTOBER

a. p. p. p. 8:30 p. 9.00 p.


m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour. m.-KFSD Concert Trio. m.-Thearle Music Co. m.-Studio program. m.-Lena Frazee, soprano. m.-Nashold's Downtown Ballroom.


Otto Hoeg

Program and Studio Dir. Luther L. Putnam Chief Announcer R. D. Ridsdale Sales Department Earl F. Kiernan EARL F. KIERNAN Technician DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00-9:50 a. m.-Records.

m.-Loeffler's College Bootery. m.-Classical recordings. m.-Records. m.-News courtesy of San Diego Sun. m.-Records. m.-Merchants' Air Service. m.-Sports News. m.-Green Hat Nite Club (ex. Saturday). m.-Kennedy's Cafe and Nite Club (ex. Sat.). SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20


m.-Popular and Classical recordings. m.-Loeffler's College Bootery. m.-Records. m.-Church of Jesus Christ, L.D.S. m.-Pickwick Concert Ensemble and Volcalist. m.-"Rips" Novelty Three. m.-Mexican Serenaders. m.-Harry Woods (Master of a Million Melodies). 10:30 D. m.-Green Hat Nite Club. 11:00 p. m.-Kennedy's Cafe and Nite Club. 8:00 11:30 11:45 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

a. a. a. p. p. p. p. p.

Music Co.

8:00 3:30 9:01 9:30


p. p.


m.-Dan Parker's Old Time Program. m.-Parmalee Dorhmann. m.-Program arranged by Geo. Ballantine.

m.-Dorothy Durham and Leonard Spalding. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26

a. m.-Spanish lesson. a. m.-Health Talk by Prof. W. T. Harbottle. a. m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour. p. m.-Studio program. p. m.-KFSD Concert Trio. p. m.-Studio program. p. m.-Blanche Wood. D.


m.-Esther Rogers, Maria Rude. m.-Speed Freeman.

San Diego, Calif. -1360 Kc. METERS-250

R. G. Binyon

9:50 a. 10:00 a. 2:30 p. 2:45 D. 3:00 p. 4:00 p. 7:00 p. 10:30 p. 11:00 p.

8:00 p. m.-Studio program. 9:00 p. m.-Nashold's Downtown Ballroom. 10:00 p. m.-Hotel Del Coronado, Doc Ross. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 8:30 a. m.-Spanish Lesson. 11:15 a. m.-Health Talk by Prof. W. T. Harbottle. 11:30 a. m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour. 6:15 p. m.-Manuel Dehesa. 7:00 p. m.-Cramer's Concert Trio, with John Wells. 8:00 p. m.-Manuel besa. 8:30 p. m.-Studio program. 9:00 p. m.-Royal Hawaiians and Helen Kirkham. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 11:15 a. m.-Health Talk by Prof, W. T. Harbottle. 11:30 a. m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour. 4:45 p. m.-Book Review by Miss Plaister. 6:15 p. m.-KFSD Concert Trio with Mildred Marini. 7:00 p. m.-Program 'by remote control from Thearle

8:30 11:15 11:30 6:15 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 8.30 a. m.-Spanish Lesson. 11:00 a. m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour.


m.-Playcasters. m.-Union-Tribune, Pollee Dept. Safety pro-

featuring Concert Trio with George Ballantine, tenor.

8:45 a.

11:00 6:15 7:00 8:00



"The Air Capitol of the West" Telephone Franklin 8989 m.-State College program, Ramona Roeel. m.-KFSD Concert Trio. m.-Manuel Dehesa. m.-Leslie Adams. m.-State College program. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 m.-Lloyd Peck's Service Hour.



Plekwick Terminal Hotel-Franklin 6151-2-3 PICKWICK BROADCASTING CORPORATION Henry Hohman, Managing Director MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 10:30 a. m.-Dearborn Radio. 7:05 p. m.-Johnnie Athaide, the Minor Twins and Otto

Hoeg. 8:00 p. m.-Aloha Boys' Hawaiian Trio. 9:00 p. m.-Aeolian Quartette and Harry Woods. 10:00 p. m.-Gene Perry. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 7:05 p. m.-Bill Rossi, Eleanor Lynch and Otto Hoeg. 8:00 p. m.-Pickwick Concert Quartette. 9:00 p. m.-Verlie Barclay. 9:30 p. m.-Aloha Boys' Hawaiian Trio. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 7:05 p. m.-Harry Woods and Lewise Ward. 8:00 p. m.-Lilas Johnson, Jean Clifton and vocalist. 9:00 p. m.-Community Chest program. 9:80 p. m.-"Rip" Caldwell and Verlie Barclay. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 7:05 p. m.-Fred Wesley. Otto Hoeg and Marceline Emory. 8:00 p. m.-Mexican Serenaders (requests). 9:00 p. m.-Miriam Eberhardt and Otto Hoeg. 9:30 p. m.-Aloha Boys' Hawaiian Trio. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 7:05 p. m.-Bill Rossi, Dorothy Pratt and Otto Hoeg. 8:00 p. m.-Pickwick Concert Trio and vocalist. 9:00 p. m.-Aeolian Male Quartette and Harry Woods. 10:00 p. m.-Verlie Barclay. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 3:00 p. m.-BOB Movie Clumb. 7:05 p. m.-Minor Twins, Otto Hoeg and Fred Wesley. 8:00 p. m.-Aloha Boys' Hawaiian Trio. 9:00 p. m.-Breen Hat Nite Club, Lewise Ward and


10:00 p. m.-KGB Frolic. 12:00 midnight-Kennedy's

Nite Club "Hi-Hatters,"


October 19


Radio Doings


Proven Points of




9 Superiority Selectivity Tone Quality Sensitivity Precision of Construction Quiet Operation Distance Getting Volume Beauty Value

115° Complete Installed

RAD I O Hear . . . Operate this set before you buy. Drop us a card for the name of your nearest dealer. See

. . .

Distributed in California by

Listenwalter & Gough, Inc. 819 East First Street, Los Angeles

TRinity 9711

Radio Doings


October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations


San Francisco, Calif.-680 Kc. -440.9

Phone Kearney 0704 J. W. Laughlin Managing Director lean Campbell Crewe Program Director Curtis Peek Technical Director CURTIS PECK DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY

7:00 8:00 9:30 10:00 10:30

a. a.


m.-S. & W. Health Exercises, Hugh Dobbs. m.-Shell Happy Times (except Wednesday). m.-Dobbsie's Daily Chat (except

Tuesday). m.-Helpful Hints to Housewives (ex. Thurs.). m.-Women's Magazine of the Air (ex. Saturday), NBC. 11:45 a. m.-Time Signals. 12:05 p. m.-Noon Concert (except Thursday). 1:30 p. m.-Ann Warner's Homemaking Chats (except Thursday and Friday), 2:00 p. m.-Aeolian Trio (except Tues., Saturday). 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers, NBC (ex. Mon.). a. a.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 9:00 a. m.-Sabbath Hour with Theodore Strong. 9:45 a. m.-Church Services. 10:45 a. m.-Bank of America of California. 12:00 noon-KPO Salon Orchestra, 1:00 p. m.-Afternoon Musical. 2:00 D. m.-Talk, Elmer Robinson. 2:15 p. m.-Football Broadcast-St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga. Don Thompson. 5:00 D. m.-Bank of America of California and Baseball Scores. 5:15 to 8:00 P. m.-NBC." 8:00 p. m.-North American Building -Loan Assn. 8:30 p, m.-Rudy Seiner and his Fairmont Hotel Concert Orchestra. 9:00 p. m.-Abas String Quartette, with Mynard Jones, basso. 10:00 p. m.-News Digest, "Scotty" Mortland. 10:15 D. m.-Narrative Organ Recital. MONDAY. OCTOBER 21 11:30 a. m.-Art Talk by Helen Gordon Barker. 11:45 a. m.-Scripture Reading, etc. 1:00 p. m.-Jerry Jermaine, 2:30 p. m.-School Broadcast, Paul Pitman. 3:00 p. m.-Mormon Tabernacle Choir, NBC.* 3:30 p. in.-U. S. Dept. of Commerce talk. 3:45 p. m.-California State Chamber of Commerce talk. 4:00 p. m.-The Eventful Hour, "Don Thompson." 5:00 D. m.-Children's Hour. 5:50 p. m.-News Digest with "Scotty" Mortland. 6:00 to 10:00 p. m.-NBC.* 10:00 to 12:00 p. m.-State Audition, Atwater Kent

Foundation's National Radio Audition. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 11:30 a. m.-Duco, NBC.. 1:00 p. m.-Jerry Jermaine. 2:00 p. m.-The Wanderers, NBC.. 3:00 p. m.-Studio Hour. 4:00 p. m.-Theodore Strong, organ recital. 4:40 9:20 5:30 6:00 7:00

p. D.

m.-Children's Hour. m.-News Digest, "Scotty" Mortland.

p. m.-Around the World with Libby, NBC.* p. m.-Eveready Hour, NBC.. p. m Anglo -California Trust Company Radio





"The Voice of San Francisco"

m.-R-K-O Hour, NBC.* m.-The Parker Family, NBC. m.-Los Angeles Steamship Company, KPO and KFI. 10:00 p. m.-Tommy Monroe and Bob Allen. 10:30 p. m.-Spotlight Revue, NBC.* 8:00 p. 9:00 p. 9:30 p.

10:00 a. 1:00 p. 3:00 p. 4:00 p. 5:00 p. 5:50 p.

6:00 6:15 6:30 8:30



m.-Helpful Hints for Housewives.

m.-Jerry Jermaine. m.-The Cabin Door, NBC.* m.-Studio Hour, Market Quotations. m.-Children's Hour. m.-News Digest, "Scotty" Mortland. m.-Federal Business Association talk.

p. p. m.-Book Review, Harold Small. to 8:30 D. m.-NBC.* p.


KPO and KFI.





9:00 p. m. -North American Building -Loan Assn, 9:30 p. m.-Dramatic Interpretations of Famous Operas. 10:00 p. m.-Jesse Stafford's Palace Hotel Dance Or-


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 a. m.-Woman's Magazine of the Air. a. m.-Standard School Broadcast, NBC. p. m.-Shrine Luncheon Broadcast. p. m.-Jerry Jermaine. p. m.-Aeolian Trio, Ye Towne Cryer, E. A. Pierce & Co.. Stock Market Quotations. 3:00 D. m.-House of Myths, NBC.* 4:00 p. m.-Ciildren's Hour. 5:00 p. m.-Fleischman Hour, NBC.* 6:00 p. m.-KPO Salon Orchestra. 7:00 p. m.-Halsey Stuart, NBC.. 7:30 p. m.-Aeolian Trio. 8:00 p. m,-Caswell Musical Episode. 8:30 p. m.-United Reproducers Corporation, NBC.* 9:00 p. m.-Behlow, Inc., program. 9:30 p. m.-Nathan Abas Violin Recital. 10:00 p. m,-Mommy Moore and Bob Allen. 10:30 p. m.-NBC Green Room. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 10:00 a. m.-Richard Hudnut, NBC.* 12:45 p. m,-Commonwealth Club Luncheon at Palace Hotel, 1:30 p. m.-Jerry Jermaine. ' 3:00 p. m.-Studio Hour. 4:00 p. m.-Theodore Strong, organ recital. 4:30 p. m.-Bank of America of California. 4:45 p. m.-Back of the News in Washington, NBC.* 5:00 p. m.-Children's Hour. 5:50 D. m.-News Digest, "Scotty" Mortland. 6:00 to 9:00 p. m.-NBC.* 9:30 p. m.-Union Service Station Four. 10:00 p. m.-Jesse Stafford's Dance Orchestra. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 10:00 11:00 12:30 1:30 2:00

m.-Jerry Jermaine. nL-Football Broadcast-Stanford vs. U. S. C. at Stanford Stadium. Don Thompson at the micro-

1:00 p.

2:15 p.

phone. KPO and KFI. 4:30 p. m.-E. A. Pierce & Co.'s Stock Market Quo-


m.-Theodore Strong, organist. m.-The Lyric Challengers, NBC.* m.-Children's Hour. to 8:00 p. m.-NBC." p. m.-Earl C. Anthony Packard program, KPO and KFI. 9:00 p. m.-Launderland Lyrics, NBC.. 9:30 p, m.-Tommy Monroe and Bob Allen. 10:00 p. m.-Jesse Stafford's Palace Hotel Orchestra. 4:40 5:00 5:30 6:00 8:30


p. p.

$350 Complete

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2269 E. 51st Sr. LOS ANGELES


Radio Doings

October 19





.. \ 1 1 ess



w` .







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Zlanqular box'

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West Coast Representatives G. N. NOEL 2704 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, Cal. W. J. NOEL 508 Eddy St. San Francisco, Cal. R. C. JAMES

Pioneer Bldg.

Seattle, Wash.


IRA D I C T u a E S



Radio Doings


Los Angeles, Calif. -1000 Kc. KILOCYCLES -299.6 METERS 1000 -1000 WATTS Commercial Exchange Building, Eighth and Olive Streets Official Station of The Los Angeles Examiner

V. G. Freitag

Manager Larry Snell Announcer

Rae Silverman

Program Manager Chas. Whitney Chief Technician



6:00 7:00 10:00 11:00

October 19

m.-Early Birds. m.-Records. a. m.-Variety. a. m.-Rae and Esther (Your Favorite Request a. a.


12:00 noon-Boulevard Theatre Organ. 1:00 p. m.-KPLA Studio Orchestra. 2:00 p. m.-Recorde. 3:00 p. m.-Banjo Boys. 4:00 p. m.-Records. 5:00 p. m.-Dance Band, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 7:00 a. m.-Popular program. 9:00 a. m.-Records. 12:00 noon-Concert Records. 1:00 p. m.-Variety. 2:00 p. m.-Marillo. Olney Players. 2:30 p. m.-Popular. 3:00 p. m.-Light Concert Records. 4:00 p. m.-Symphonic Records.

10:00 p.

m.-Popular Records. m.-KPLA Frolic.

10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00


m.-Jack Stern and Grace Hamilton. m.-Popular program.

9:00 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:00


11:00 p.




m.-Coffee Dan's. midnight-United Artists Theatre. a. m.-Coffee Dan's. p.


m.-Dance Orchestra. m.-Studio Players. m.-Fox Boulevard Frolic. m.-Hammer Brigade from midnight-Paramount Theatre. p. p. p.

Coffee Dan's.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 10:00 p. m.-Dick Giblin and Esther Kahm. 11:00 D. m.-Coffee Dan's. 12:00 midnight-United Artists Theatre. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 6:30 D. m.-Tryouts. 9:00 p. m.-Studie' Orchestra. 10:30 p. m.-Fox Boulevard Frolic. 11:30 p. m.-Hammer Brigade from Coffee Dan's. 12:00 midnight-Paramount Theatre. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 10:00 p. m.-Jack Stem and Grace Hamilton. 11:00 p. m.-Popular program. 11:30 p.

m.-Coffee Dan's.

12:00 midnight-United Artists Theatre. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 9:00 p. m.-Dance Band. 10:00 p. m.-Dick Giblin and Esther Kahm. 11:30 p. m.-Coffee Dan's. 12:00

midnight-Paramount Theatre.

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San Francisco








Radio Doings


October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations


San Francisco, Calif.-610 Kc.

Owned and Operated by Don Lee, Cal. Diat. for Cadillao & LaSalle 1000 WATTS-491,5 METERS 1000 Van Ness Telephone Prospect 0100

Frank Moss Musical Director Helen O'Neil Program Director Harrison Holloway Manager Alan N. Cormack Engineer "MAC" DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00 a. m.-SimDy Fitts from Seal Rocks. 7:30 a. m.-New York Stock Exchange, courtesy Walsh, O'Connor & Co. (ex. Saturday), 9:00 a. m.-Columbia Noonday Club (ex. Tues.).

12:00 noon-Sherman Clay Concert. 1:00 p. m.-Leigh Harline, organist (ex. Tues.. Sat.). ;1:30 p. m.-Charlie Wellman (ex. Saturday). 2:00 p. m.-Happy-Go-Lucky Hour. 4:55 p. m. ---Town Topics (ex. Saturday). 5:00 p. m.-Story Man and his Air Castles (ex. Sat.). 5:30 D. m.-Hank Howe and his Music (ex. Sat.). 10:00 p. m. Baron Waste and Lucius (ex. Wed.). 10:10 p. m.-Dance Music. 12:10 p. m.-Dorado Club Silver Fizz Dance Music. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 9:00 a. m.-"Home, Sweet Home" Concert. 12:00 noon-Sherman & Clay Noonday Concert. 1:15 p. m.-Sunday Matinee. 2:00 p. m.-McKesson & Robbins program (CBS). 2:30 p. m.-Recordings,

3:00 p. m.-Art Fadden, pianist. 3:30 p. m.-Recordings. 4:30 p. m.-Inspirational Talk by Dr. Louis L Newman. 5:00 p. m.-Tea Time Music. 5:30 p. m.-Art Kahn and his Sonatrons (CBS). 6:00 p. m.-Majestic "Theater of the Air," Wendall Hall and his Majestic. 7:00 p. m.-Meld y Iröur. 8:00 p. m.-Charles Bulotti, tenor. :9:00 p. m.-Val Valente and his Roof Garden Orch. 10:00 p. m,-Baroh Waste and Lucius. 10:10 p. m.-Val Valente and his Roof Garden Orch. 11:10 p. m.-New Mandarin Cabaret Band. MONDAY. OCTOBER 21 8:00 a. m.-Alarm Clock. a. m.-Yoengs' Orchestra (CBS). a. m.-Wyn's Daily Chats. a. m.-Mary Lewis Haines, Domestic Science talk. a. m.-Raladam program. 11:45 a. m.-Auditions. !3:00 p. m.-Western Air Express Aviation Talk. 3:15 p. m.-Talk by Physician from II, C. 3:30 p. m.-H. V. Kaltenborn, Current Events. 4:00 p. m.-Charlie Wellman. 6:00 p. m. -1(11J Orchestra and Soloists. 6:15 p. m.-George P. Edwards of Coast Investor. 6:30 p. m.-To be announced. 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:30

7:00 p. m.-Eskimo Pie program. 7:30 p. m.-Paul Carson, pianist; Juliet Dunn, so prano. 8:00 p. m.-"Golden State Blue Monday Jamboree." TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22 8:00 a. m.-Early Birds. ; 9:00 a. m.-Yoeng's Orchestra (CBS). 9:30 a. m.-Morning Melodista, direction Frank Moss. 10:30 a. m.-Wyn's Daily Chats. 11:30 a. 11:45 a.





3:00 p.

m.-Fels Naptha Broadcast. .m.-Auditions. m.-II. S. Army Band (CBS). m.-"Show Folks" (CBS). m.-Educational Period.

4:00 p. m.-F. W. Davis. 4:30 p. m.-Something 'About Everything. 4:35 p. m.-S. F. Call's News Bulletins.' '0:00 p. m.-Paul Whiteman and His Old Gold Ore'. 7:00 p m.-II. S. Rubber program.

7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30

"Keep Forever Radiating Cheer" p. m.-Remar Twins. p. m.-Pacific States Savings program. p.


m.-"Peppy Pam and the Englishman." m.-Orchestra and Soloists. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 23

m.-Alarm Clock. m.-Glidden Soatone program., a. m.-Yoengs' Orchestra (CBS). a. m.-Morning Melodist, direction Frank Moss. a: m.-Wyn's Daily Chats. a. m.-Mary Lewis Haines, Domestic Science Talk. 11:30 a. m.-Auditions. 3:00 p. m.-The "Observer." 3:35 p. m.-Something About Everything. 8:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:30 11:00



m.-San Francisco Call's News Bulletins and Lost and Found. 4:00 p. m.-Matinee Melody Masters. 5:00 p. m.-Voice of Columbia (CBS). 6:00 D. m.-Joe Mendle and his Pep Band, with Mac. 7:00 p m.-Kolster Radio Hour-Orchestra and Soloists (CBS). 7:30 p. m.-Maytag So -a -Tone program. 8:00 p. m.-M-G-M Movie Club. 9:00 p. m.-Chanslor & Lyon program. 9:30 p. m.-Gilfillan program. 10:00 p m.-Anson Weeks Hotel Orchestra. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 8:00 a. m.-Early Birds. 9:00 a. m.-Columbia Noonday Club. 9:30 a, m.-Yoengs' Orchestra. 10:00 a. m.-Morning Melodista. 10:30 a. m.-Wyn's Daily Chats. 11:30 a, m.-Maytag Broadcast. 3:00 p. m.-Walter Brown Murray. 3:15 p. m.-Beauty Talks. 3:35 p.

3:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30



m.-Informal Organ Recital. m,-Walter Krausgrill El Patio Orchestra. m.-Eskimo Pie program. p.-m.-National Forum from Washington. p. m.-Richfield program. p. m.-Veedol Vodvll. p. m.-Bremer-Tully program. p. p, p.



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 a. m.-Alarm Clock. a. m.-Yoeng's Orchestra (CBS). a. m.-Wyn's Daily Chats. a. ni.-Mary Lewis Haines, Domestic Science Talk. 11:30. a. m Tßaladam. Broadcast. 8:00 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:45 3:00 3:30 3:35


P. P. P.

m.-Auditions. m.-Musical Record program. m.-Something About Everything.

m.-San Francisco Call's News Bulletins arid Lost and Found. 4:00 P. m,-Matinee Melody Masters. 6:00 p. m.-Pat Frayne, Sports. 6:15 p. m,-Nunn Busch Shoe Company program. 7:00 p. m,-Stanley's 25 Club. 7:30 p. m.-Anna Kristina and Johnson Washer. 8:00 p. m.-Orchestra and Soloists. 8:30 P. 9:00 P.

m.-"Brunswick Brevities." m.-True Story Hour,


m.-Saturday Syncopators. m.-Alice Blue, pianist; Norman Neilsei, tenor.. }1:30, a. m.-Illinois-Michigan Football Game, Urbana. 2:00 p. m.-IIniversity of California vs. Olympic Club at Berkeley. 5:00 p. m.-Nit Wit Hour (CBS). 5:30 p. m.-Musical program, 6:00 p. m.-Clare Briggs, "Joe and Vi." 6:30 p. m.-Musical program. 7:00 p. m,-Paramount Publix Hour. 8:00 p. m. -1(11J Night Court. 9:00 p. m.-Don Lee Symphony Orchestra. 8:30 a. 10:00 a.

"Hear It Better on a Sterling Radio"



Radio Doings

October 19






1,z FA

F,q PqRq


t,R ;.


UNTIL someone else, who knehrs and uses your products, says them.. Then, such testimonials constitute the strongest kind of endorsement. Polymet is proud of the things That's whyPolymet Products: said about "Finely Built Products" -Silver "Quality Parts" -Stewart Warner "Definitely Superior Specialized ,

-Zenith Parts" Service Perfect Parts, Polyniet "With -King is .Assured" "Specialized Parts That Complete the High Quality of Fada Sets" -Fada Could our own adjectives ever mean one-half -


so much as the testimony of such companies

as these I

Poly MIA Manufacturing Corporation New York City

000 E. l3 l l ll st.

POLYMET PRODUCTS District Representative

THE SPECTOR COMPANY Rialto Building, San Francisco


Radio Doings

October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations

San Francisco-550 Kc.


500 WATTS-5545.1 METERS Official Piokwick Stages Station Owned and Operated by the Pickwick Broadcasting Corp. Pickwick Terminal Hotel, Fifth and Mission Sts. Telephone Merrit 0246

Bob Roberts General Manager

7:30 8:00 9:00 10:00

Gienhall Taylor Program Director


DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:00 a. m.-Rastue and 8ambo, the Eye Openers. 8:00 a. m.-Records. 9:00 a. m.-Tenth Ave. Baptist Church. 10:30 a.m.-Dr. Corley (except Tuesday). 11:00 a. m..-Barney Lewis, Tabloid of the Air.

12:00 noon-Sterling Cosmopolitans.

1:00 p. m.-Chapel of Chimes. 2:00 p. in.-Organ Recital (ex. Thurs. and Sat.). 3:00 p. m.-Matinee Melodists (except Saturday), 4:00 p. 5:00 p.

6:80 p. 11:00 p.

m.-Horne Towners. m.-Brother Bob'e Frolic.

m.-Dr. Wetstone.

m.-Twilight Hour m.-Night Owls.

(except Monday).

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 10:00 a. 11:00 a. 12:30 p. 1:00 p. 2:00 p. 2:15 p.

m.-Bible Class. m.-Tenth Avenue Baptist Church. m.-Chapel of the Chimes. m.-Church of the Latter Day Saints.

m.-Reorrui1ngs. m.-FdlRball Game Broadcast from Stadium by Willard Kimball. 5:00 p. m.-Chapel of the Chimes. 6:00 D. m.-Edison Hour. 6:30 p. m.-Dr. Tindall. 7:00 p. m.-Studio program. 7:30 p. m.-Tenth Avenue Baptist Church. 9:30 p. m.-Dance Recordings. 10:00 p. m.-The Three Doctors of the Blues, 11:00 D. m.-The Night Owls. MONDAY, OCTOBER

1!30 p. m.-Recordings.



9:45 11:30 1:00 1:15 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:45 11:30

a. a. p. p. p. D.

p. p. a.

8:00 8:15 8:45 9:15 10:39 12:00 2:00

a. a.

a. a. a.

Los Angeles, Calif.-1300 Kc.

Watts -230.6 Meters --1300 Kc.-BIble Institute of L. A. HARRY P. HERDMAN, Announcer. Phone ME. 6701 R. W. BURNS, Technician GORDON E. HOOKER, Accompanist DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Harry's Bible Story. 1000

m.-Uncle m.-Devotional Hour. m.-Announcer's Hour. m.-Radio Bible Course.

m.-Dr. John



m.-Dr. David

L. Cooper.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 m.-Rev. H. W. Kellogg.



noon-Noonday Chimes and Scripture Reading. p. m.-Visiting Pastor.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 m.-Studio Vesper Service, Rev. Hunter. m.-Church of the Open Door, Dr. Philpott. m.-Bible Institute Gospel Service. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 m.-Superintendent's Hour. m.-Verna Kemple, soprano. m.-Musical program. m.-Faculty Music Hour. m.-Dr. W. P. White, m.-Rev. Milo Jamison.

W. E. Edmonds. 1:00 p. m.-Jack Wells, baritone. a.

7:00 p. m.-Recordings. 7:30 p. m.-Plano Recital by Walter J. Rudolph. 8:00 p. m.-Organ Recital. 9:00 D. m.-"What Have You" program.



6:00 p. 8:00 p. 9:15 p.




m.-Program by Don. m.-Organ Recital. m.-Travelogue with the Melody Masters. m.-Plckwickians Dance Orchestra.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:00 a. m.-Morning Prayer Service. 9:30 a. m.-Dr. J. Douglas Thompson. 10:00 a. m.-Recordings. 1:30 p. m.-Fanchon's Style Chat. 7:00 D. m.-Recordings. 7:30 p. m.-Earle Caldwell and Estelle Moran, entertainers. 8:00 p. m.-Organ Recital. 9:00 p. m.-Lullaby Lane program. 10:00 p. m.-Pickwicklans Dance Orchestra. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 3:45 p. m.-Leah Kimball's Book Review. 7:00 p. m.-Recordings, 7:30 p. m.-Ronald Johnson. 8:00 p. m.-Organ Recital. 9:00 p. m.-Melody Masters. 10:00 p m.-Pickwickians Dance Orchestra. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:30 a. m.-Dr, J. Douglas Thompson. 10:00 a. m.-Recordings. 7:00 p. m.-Recordings. 7:30 p. m.-Walter J. Rudolph, plano recital. 8:00 p. m.-Pickwick Aviators. 8:30 p. m.-Organ Recital. 9:00 p. m.-"Cocoanuts" program. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 1:30 p. m.-Fanchon's Style Chats. 7:00 p. m.-Recordings. 7:30 p. m.-Al Sather. 8:00 p. m.-Organ Recital. 8:30 p. m.-Mystery Play. 9:00 p. m.-Melody Masters. 10:00 p. m.-Pickwlckiana Dance Orchestra. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 3:00 p. m.-Studio program.


6:00 p.

p. p. p. p.

the Best Books. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23

1:15 p. m.-Messages from



11:30 a. 1:00 p. 1:30 p.

m.-Bible Question Box, Rev. m.-Dr. J. E. Jaderqulst. m.-Ada and Ella Kimmell. m.-Rev. John A. Hubbard.


W. H. Pike.


9:45 a. 11:30 a. 1:00 p. 1:15 p.

m.-Missionary Hour.

9:45 11:30 1:00 1:30 7:00 8:00 9:00

m.-Messages from the Music Department. m.-Dr. J. E, Jaderqulst. m.-Hazel Shively, contralto; Gordon Hooker. m.-News of Christian Work, Dr. Boyd.

m.-Dr. E. L. McCreery. m.-Ernest Nichols, baritone.

m.-Missionary Biographies, Rev. Hunter. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25


a. p. p. p. p. p.

m.-International Sunday School Lesson. m.-Evening School Lecture, Dr. White. m.-Studio Musical Hour.

Radio Doings

October 19


The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations c.


-790 Kc. Oakland, California -379.5 METERS 7500 WATTS

PACIFIC COAST STATION, GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. Phone Frultvale 5980. 557 Hotel St. Francis

KGO's broadcast is identical with that of the National Broadcasting Company. See Page 26.



Los Angeles, Calif.-1300 Kc. 1000 WATTS-230.5 METERS TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH. BOB SHULER, Pastor

C. C. Hooper



H..1. Hankins Technician Phone WEstmore 8887 E. C. HUCKABEE 8:30 a. 9:20 a. 1000 a. 10:45 a. 2:00 p. 3:00 p. 4:00 p.

4:30 p. 5:00 p. 7:00


6:00 p.


m.-Morning Watch Quartet. m.-Story Hour. m.-Claude L. Heskett's Bible Class. m.-Trinity Methodist Church. m.-Epworth M. E. Church. m.-West Coast Academy of Music. m.-Lutheran Churches of Southern California. m.-Hired Man. m.-Vesper Hour. m.-Prelude Questions of Bob Shuler. TUESDAY, OCTOBER

m.-Yette Barber Studio.



Founder, I'resident Manager



Technician Arthur Shank Nolan Tucker Announcers AIMEE SEMPLE Esther Fricke McPHERSON Temple Organist DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY a. in.-Family Altar Hour. a. m.-Sunshine Hour. a. m.-Noonday Musleale. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 a. m.-Sabbath Sunrise Hour. a. m.-Symphony Orchestra. a. m.-Sunday Morning Worship.

10:30 2:30 P. 6:30 p.

tn.-Dispensational Message. nt.-Angelus Temple Silver Band.

m.-Hired Man.

-1120 Kc. Los Angeles, Calif. METERS

Roderick H. Morrison

7:00 10:00 11:00


hc. 10:00 p. m.-Adda Weidmyer and Lois Wilheite. 10:30 p.

Almee Semple McPherson

M. E. Kennedy

6:30 p. m.-John Untried. 7 :00 p. m.-Miscellaneous. 8:00 p. m.-Bob Shuler's Question Hour. 9:00 p. m.-Harry Scott. 9:30 p. nt --South Park Christian Bereans. 10:00 p. m.-Buddy Wiel. 10:30 p. -Hired Man. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 6:00 p. m.-C. S. DeLanos Hawaiian program. 6:15 p. m.-Elona Louise Price. 6:30 p. m.-Tom Moore, 7:00 p. m.-Conrey Bible Class. 7:45 p. m.-Union Rescue Mission. 8:30 p. m.-Bob Shuler's Religious Discussion. 9:00 p. m.-Old Songs Quartet. 10:00 p. m.-Volunteers of America. 10:30 D. m.-Mr. and Mrs. Huckabee. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 6:00 p. m.-Mrs. Tom Murray, 7:00 p. m.-Dr. Fredus Nelson Peters. 7:30 p. m.-Thomas Govan. 8:00 p. m.-Bob Shuler's Civic Message. 9:00 p. m.-Martha Spangler Nicholson, De Vere

500 WATTS-267.7 Angelus Temple, Echo Park. EX. 1141 "Four Square Gospel" 7:00 p. m.-Musical Hour. 8:00 p. m.-Revival Service. 10:00 p. m.-Music Lover's Hour. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 2:00 p. m.-Studio Recording. 3:00 p. m.-Divine Healing Service, Aimee Semple McPherson. 4:00 p. m.-Studio program. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 2:00 p. m.-Studio program. 3:00 p. m.-Bethesda Hour. 4:00 p. m.-Travelogue of Holy Land. 8:00 p. m.-Water Baptismal Service, Aimee Semple McPherson. 9:30 p. m.-Foursquare Conservatory. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 2:00 p. m.-Studio program. 3:00 p. m.-Bethesda Hour. 4:00 p. m.-Studio program. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 8:00 p. m,-Divine Healing Service, Aimee Semple McPherson. 9:80 p. m.-Silver Band, R. H. Morrison.

"Hear It Better on a Sterling Radio"

Radio Doings



Portland, Oregon -620 Kc. -

Paul R. He'tmeyet Manager Jane Burns Program Director Abe Bereovltz

Director of Music Vern Haybarker Chief Engineer SID GOODWIN DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY

7:45 a. m.-Devotional Services. 8:00 a. m.-Shell Happy Time (except Tuesday). 9:00 a. m.-News. 8;10_ a. m.-Oregonian Cooking School. 9:30 a. m.-Town Crier. 10:30 a. m.-Woman's Magazine of the Air, NBC 1:00 p. m.-U. S. Market Reports. 11:00 p. m.-Estate Weather Mani Dance Band (ex.

Friday and Saturday).

SUNDAY. OCTOBER 20 10:00 a. m.-International Bible Students. 11:00 a. m.-Church Service. 1:00 p. m.-Catholic Truth. 1:30 p. m.-Organ recital. 2:30 Concert. 3:30 p. m.-Whittall Anglo Persians, NBC. 4:15 p. m.-"Book Chat." 4:30 D. m.-NBC Sunday Concert. 5:15 p. m.-Collier Hour, NBC. 6:15 p. m.-Atwater Kent Hour, NBC. 7:15 p. m.-Studebaker program, NBC. 7:45 p. m.-Enna Jettick Melodies, NBC. 8:00 p. m.-Bakers Enna Jetticks. 8:30 p. m.-Rollickera. 9:00 p. m.-Blumauer Frank. 9:30 p. n.-"Montag Fireside Hour." 10:00 p. m.-Little Symphony Orchestra. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 4:00 p. m.-Organ. 6:00-9:30 D. m.-NBC." 9:30 p. m.-Bremer-Tully program. 10:00 p. m.-Ben Selling's Boys and Collegiates. 11:05 p. m.-Organ recital. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 8:00 a. m.-Meeting of Portland Breakfast Club. 9:45 a. m.-Betty Crocker. 10:00 a. m.-Glidden, KGW.

KMO Carl E. Haymond Manager and Chief Announcer Jane Morse Studio Director

Margie Mahon Asst. Studio Director J. D. Kolesar

Chief Technician CARL E. HAYMOND DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 6:45 a. m.-Daybreakers program. :00 a. m.-KMO Early Birds. 9:00 a. m.-Varied program. 9:30 a. m.-Medosweet Moments. 10:00 a. m.-News Flashes and Time Signals. 10:30 a. m.-Town Crier and Newscasting. 11:00 a. m.-Busy Bee program. 12:00 noon-Beauty Talk. 12:15 p. m.-Olympia Hour. 12:30 p. m.-Popular program. 1:00 p. m.-Late Phonograph Records. 1:30 p. m.-Phllco Time. 2:00 p. m.-Puyallup Valley program. 2:30 D. m. Popular program. 3:00 p. m'.-C. E. Grant program. 3:30 p. m.-Wadsworth Bros.' Radio Store. 4:00 p. m.-KMO Matinee. 5:45 p. m.-Paulson, the Jeweler.

October 19


"Keep Growing Weer"

m.-Fels Naptha. m.-"Duco" program. m.-The Wanders. NBC. m.-Musical Master Works. 6:00-9:30 p. m.-NBC. 9:30 p. m.-Franz Doughboys. 10;00 p. m.-Gold Shield concert, KOMO. 10:15 a. 11:30 a. 2:00 p. 3:00 D.


m.-Libby. McNeil & Libby, NBC. m.-Organ recital. m.-Cabin Door. NBC. 6:30-8:30 p. m.-NBC.' 8:30 p. m.-Maytag Radloette. 9:00 p. m.-Brunswick Hour. 9:30 p. m.-Veedol Yodel], KOMO. 10:00 p. m.-Fisher Concert Orchestra from KOMO. 10:15 a. 1:15 p. 3:00 p.

9:45 10:09 11:00 11:45 12:15 1:15 3:00

THURSDAY; OCTOBER 24 a. m.-Washburn-Crossby.

a. m.-Women's Magazine of the Air. NBC. a. m.-Standard School. NBC.

a. m.-Maytag "So -A -Tone." p. m.-Barbara Gould, KGW. p. m.-Business talk, U. S. Dept. of Commerce. p. m.-House of Myths, NBC.

5:00-8:30 P. m.-NBC.*

10:00 p. m.-Associated Brass Band from KOMO. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 10:00 a. m.-Dubarry talk. 4:00 p. m.-Organ recital. 6:00 p. m.-Interwoven .Stocking program. NBC. 6:30 p. m.-Phllcos Theater Memories, NBC. 7:00 p. m.-Armstrong Quakers. 7:30 p. m.-Armour program, NBC. 8:00 p. m.-"RCA" Hour, NBC.

9:00 p. 9:30 p. 10:00 p. 10:30 p.

m.-Borden'a Dairy. m.-Union 011 program. NBC. m.-Dance Band.

m.-Estate Weather

Man Hoot Owls. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 :

m.-National Farm and Home Hour. m.-Plummer. m.-Football Broadcast. p. m.-Phil Spitalny's Orchestra. p. m.-All American Mohawk Corp. program, NBC. p. m.-General Motor. p. m.-lucky Strike Hour, NBC. p. m.-Temple program, NBC. p. m,-Yale Union Laundry program. 9:00 p. m.-National Laundry Owners, NBC. 10:00 p. m.-Estate Weather Man; Dance Music. 10:00 10:45 2:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 8:30

a. a. p.

Tacoma, Wash.-1340 Kc.

WATT WESTERN ELECTRIC -223.1 METERS Owned by KMO. Ina. Hotel Winthrop MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 6:00 p. m.-Sports Review. 6:15 p. m.-The Floorwalker. 6:30 p. m.-Musical Hits. 7:00 p. m.-Lyle Jars, 7:15 p. m.-YWCA program. 7:45 p. m.-Central Motors. 8:00 p. m.-Jane Morse. blues singer; Harry Foley. 9:00 p. m.-Elks' Forty -piece Band, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 9:00 p. m.-Central Motors. 8:15 p. m.-Dance Music by remote control. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:00 D. m.-Sports Review. 6:15 p. m.-The Floorwalker. 6:30 p. m.-Musical Hits. 7:45 p. m.-Central Motors. 8:00 p. m.-Lodge Springs Joy Boys' Orchestra. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:00 p. m.-Central Motors. 9:15 p. m.-Bill Winders Winthrop Hotel Orchestra,


6:00 8:15 6:30 7:00

p. p. p. p.



9:15 p.

9:00 p.


m.-Sports Review. m.-The Floorwalker. m.-Musical Hita.


m.-YMCA program.


m.-Central Motors. m.-Bill Winders Winthrop Hotel Orchestra. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 m.-Cole McElroy's Oregonians.



Radió Doings

October 19


The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations


Kc. Seattle, Wash. -920 -325.9

METERS 1000 WATTS METROPOLITAN CENTER, SEATTLE Elliott 5890 Telephone DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 7:55 a. m.-Inspirational Services. 8:00 a. m.-Shell Happy Time. 9:00 a. m. --Theater Organ Recital (except Tuesday and Thursday). 10:15 a. m.-Prudence Penny (except Friday). 10:30a. m.-NBC, Woman's Magazine of the Air (except Monday and Saturday). 4:00 D. m.-Resume-Mining Stock Quotations (except Thursday and Saturday). 4:15 p. m.-Kiddies' program (except Thursday and Saturday). 4:45 p. m.-Stock and Bond Quotations (except Thursday and Saturday). 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers, NBC.* (except Monday). 12:00 midnight.-Fox Fifth Ave. Theater Organ Recital (except Monday). GEORGE



m.-International Bible Students Aes'n. a. in.-Studio program. a. m.-Plymouth Congregational Church. p. m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. p. m.-NBC System-National Sunday Forum. D. m.-Concert orchestra with singers. 3:30-5:00 p. m.-NBC: 5:00 p. m.-Mixed Quartet. 5:15-8:00 p. m.-NBC." 8:00 p. m.-First Church of Christ, Scientist. 0:00 p. m.-NWT Broadcast-Studio program. 9:30 p. m.-Francesco Longo's orchestra. 10:30 p. m.-Artistic rynsemble. 10:00 11:00 11:15 12:15 1:00 2:30




m.-Marmola So-T -Tone broadcast. m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. m.-Popular orchestra, with singers. p. m.-NBC-Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir. p. m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. 6:00-9:00 p. m.-NBC.* 9:80 p. m.-Maytag. So -A -Tone broadcast. 10:00 p. m.-Artistic Ensemble, with singers. 11:15 p. m.-Olympic Hotel Dance orchestra. 11:30 11:45 1:15 3:05 5:00



9:30 0:45 10:00 11:30 11:45 2:00 5:00


a. p.



TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 W. Fitch Co., So -A -Tone broadcast.

m.-NBC-Washburn Crosby Talk on Baking. a. m.-Maytag So -A -Tone broadcast. a. m.-NBC System-Duco Decorators. a. in.-Popular orchestra, with singers. p. tn.-NBC-The Wanderers. p. m.-Popular orchestra, with singers in "Old Time Program." 5:30-9:30 p. m.-NBC. 0:30 p. m,-Bremer-Tully So -A -Tone broadcast. 10:00 p. m.-NWT-Schwabacher's Gold Shield Hour.' 11:15 p. m.-NBC System-Musical Musketeers, -

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:45 a. m.-YMCA Health Exercises.

10:15 a. m.-NBC System-Mary Halo Martin Hour. 11:48 a. m.-Marmola So -A -Tone broadcast. 12:00 noon-Concert orchestra, with singers. 1:00 p. m.-NBC-Pacific Vagabonds. '1:00 p. 11:00 P. 5:00 P. 5:30 p.

m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. m.-NBC-Cabin Door. in.-"A Half Hour of Fireside Favorites."

m.-Popular orchestra, with singers. p m.-NBC." m.-Nunn Bush & Weldon Shoe Co. program. m.-"A Half Hour with the Light Opera." m.-NWT broadcast-Veedol Vodvil.

0:30-8:30 8:90 p. 8:45 p. 9:30 p.

p m.-NWT broadcast-Fisher's

Blend Hour. .THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 9:00 a. m.-Popular orchestra, with singers. 9:30 a. m.-Glidden Paint Co., So -A -Tone broadcast. 9:45-11:45 a. m.-NBC." 11:45 a. m.-Barbara Gould Auditone broadcast. 12:00 noon-Concert orchestra, with singers. 3:00 p. m -,-=NBC System-House of Myths. 5:00 p. m.-NBC System-Fleischmann Sunshine Hour. 6:00 p. m,-"An Hour with Grand Opera." 7:00-9:00 p. m.-NBC." 9:00 p. m.-NWT broadcast-Crescent Old -Time Band. 10:00 p. m.-NWT broadcast-Associated Brass Band. 11:00 p. m.-Marmola So -A -Tone broadcast. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 25 10:00 a. m.-NBC System-Duberry Radio Talk, m.-Cohcert orchestra, with singers. 11:10 a. 1:00 p. m.-NBC-Pacific Little Symphony. 2:00 p. m.-Popular orchestra, with singers. 3:15 p. m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. 4:30 p. m.-Stock, bond and grain quotations. 4:45 p. m.-NBC System-Back of the news in Washington. d:00 p. m,-Concert orchestra, with singers. 6:00 p. m.-NBC System-Interwoven Pair. 6:30 D. m.-Studio program. 7:00-10:00 p. m.-NBC." -A -Tone broadcast. 10:00 p. m.-Brunswick Brevities 10:45 p. m: Studio program. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 9:30 a. m.-YMCA Health Exercises. Penny, "What to Prepare for 9:45 a. m.-Prudence -.. 10:00



-Dinner."m.-NBC-National Farm and Home Hour. m.-Concert orchestra, with. singers. m.-NBC-University of Pennsylvania vs. University of California Football Game. 1:00 p. m.-Concert orchestra, with singers. 2:00 p. m.-Washington vs. Oregon. 4:00 p. m.-NBC-Phil Spitalmy's orchestra. 4 :30 p. m.-Copeert orchestra, with singers. 5:00 p. m.-NBC-All-American Mohawk program. 5:80 D. m.-Vocal Ensemble. 6:00-8:30 D. m.-NBC." 8:30 D. m.-Marmola So -A -Tone broadcast. 8:45 p. m.-Artistic Ensemble, 9:00 p. m.-NBC-National Laundry Owners' Ass'n.

10:00 a. 10:45 a. 11:00 a.

program. 9:30 p. m.-The Friars. 10:00 U. m.-NBC-Tales Never Told.

ATCH HOSPITAL Parts Repairs any Watch for $1. Extra. All work is guaranteed for Two Years



Opposite the Broadway Department Store Announcements over KFWB, KMIC, KFQZ, KELW, KPLA

Radio Doings


WL vv

Cincinnati, Ohio The Crosley

Only early morning and

night hours are given, as daylight reception on the Pacific Coast 1s practically impossible. POWELL CROSLEY, JR. DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY

m.-Top 'O the Morning. m.-Organ Program by Arthur Chandler. m.-Absorbine Jr., Exercise Program. m.-Morning Devotion. m.-Crosley Woman's Hour. m.-Weather Announcements (ex. Fri.). p. p. m.-Amos 'n' Andy, NBC (ex. Tues.). m.-Hotel Gibson Orchestra. D. p m.-Little Jack Little (ex. Fri. and Sat.). SUNDAY. OCTOBER 20 6:30 a. m.-Church School. 5:00 p. m.-Enna Jettick Melodies. NBC. 9:15 p. m.-Collier's Hour. 6:15 p. m.-Penny-A-Day. 6:30 p. m.-Selby Symphony Hour. 7:30 p. m.-Cino Singers. 8:00 p. m.-Amos 'n Andy. NBC. 8:15 D. m.-Musical Novelesque. MONDAY. OCTOBER 21 5:00 p. m.-Duro Automatics.

3:30 4:30 5:00 5:30 8:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

a. a. a. a. a.

5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:15 9:30 10:00


5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30

m.-Whitehouse Coffee Concert, NBC. m.-Marmon-Roosevelt Concert. m.-ilea' Folks. m.-Hamilton Tailoring Club. m.-Empire Builders, NBC. m.-Two-on-the-Aisle.

p. p. p. p. p, p.

m.-Polly and Anna. m.-Sign off. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 m.-Werk program. m.-Around the World with Libby. NBC. m.-Johnson & Johnson program, NBC. m.-Heatrola Time. m.-Pete Arran and his Arran Kids.


p. D.




m.-Nunn-Bush-Weldon program.


50.000 WATTS Radio Corporation



October 19

700 Kc.

METERS Ford Bllling., Director Pacifo Standard Time

7:45 p. m.-The Two Keys, White and Black. 8:00 p. m.-Crosley Review. 9:30 p. m.-Variety Hour. 10:30 D. m.-Sign off. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 5:00 p. m.-Northwestern Yeast, NBC. 5:30 p. m.-Sylvania Foresters. NBC. 6:00 p. m.-Studebaker Champions. 6:30 p. m.-Forty Fathom Trawlers, NBC. 7:00 p. m.-Kingtaste Night Club. 7:30 p. m.-Brunswick program. 8:15 p. m.-Chime Reveries. 9:30 p. m.-Howard Melaney, the Singing Fireman. 10:30 p. m.-Sign off. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 5:00 p. m.-Lehn and Fink Serenade. NBC. 5:30 p. m.-Champion Sparkers. 6:00 p. m.-Biiliken Troupers. 6:30 p. m.-Maxwell House Coffee Concert, NBC. 7:00 p. m.-Hollingsworth Hall. 7:30 p. m.-Henry Fillmore'. Band. 8:15 p. m.-Trio and Melville Ray. 8:30 p. m,-Los Amigos, a program for Latin America. 9:30 p. m.-Mansfield and Lee. 10:30 D. m.-Sign off. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 5:00 p. m.-Trladora, NBC. 5:30 p. m.-Dr. Wiloo. 5:49 D. m.-Craddock Terry program, NBC. 6:00 p. m.-The Interwoven Pair, NBC 6:30 p. m.-Penny-A-Day. 7:00 p. m.-Maytag Radioette. 7:30 p. m.-Armour program, NBC. 8:15 p. m.-Tony's Scrap Book. 8:30 p. m.-Gene, Ford and Glenn. 9:30 p. m.-Sweet and Low Down. 10:00 p. m.-The Nation's All Night Party. 2:00 a. m.-Sign off. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 5:00 p. m.-Blue Ridge Mountaineers. 5:30 p. m.-Marvin, NBC. 6:00 p. m.-Historical Highlights. 6:30 D. m.-Gene. Ford and Glenn. 7:00 D. m.-Enna Jettick Dance. 8:15 p. m.-The Honoluluans. 8:80 p. m.-Cincinnati Club Orchestra. 9:00 p. m.-Little Jack Little. 10:00 D. m.-Sign off.

Seattle, Washington -1270 Kc. 1000 WATTS -230 METERS Operated by THE SEATTLE BROADCASTING CO., INC. Arcade Building-Phone Elliott 4466

KOL Hal King

9:30 p. 10:00 p.


m.-Charles Keating, tenor. m.-Studio program. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22

m.-Kiwanis Club Luncheon. m.-"Old Uncle Henry"-Frank Coombe. m.-Hal Chase and Investment program. p. m.-Margaret Gray. p. m.-Studio program. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 p. m.-Rotary Club Luncheon. D. m.-Matinee Melodies. D. m.-Studio program. p. m.-Margaret Gray, piano. p. m.-Bridge Game. D. m.-Ban Joe and Eddy. p. m.-Tucker's Everstate Band. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 p. m.-Matinee Melodies. p. m.-Ranch Dance Band. p. m.-"Old Uncle Henry"-Frank Coombs. p. m.-KOL Players-Drama. p. m.-Stay-Young program-KOIN, Portland. p. m.-Margaret Gray, piano. p. m.-Studio program. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 noon.-Chamber of Commerce. m.-Studio program. D.

12:30 p. 7:00 p. 8:00 p.



12:30 1:30 2:45

KENNARD STUART 8:45 7:00 8:00 9:45

s. a. a. a.



m.-Radio Time Clock. m.-Eye Opener Program. m.-Program of general interest (ex. Wed.). m.-Talk by Dr. Arthur of Seattle Candor's


10:00 a. m.-Sessions Chimes. 12:00 noon-Organ recital by Frederick C.

(except Friday).

2:45 p. 4 :45 p. 5:00 p. 6:00 D. 9:00 p. 10:00 p.


9:30 p.

m.-Guy Olson's Scandinavian American

Dance Band.

12:30 6:30 7:00 5:00

p. p. p. p.


m.-Baseball (except Monday). m.-News items and weather reports. m.-Dinner Boor Concert. m.-Sessions Chimes. m.-Ken Stuart, "A Little Sunshine." m.-Sessions Chimes. MONDAY. OCTOBER 21

m.-Matinee Melodies. m.-Ranch Dance Band. m.-Margaret Gray. m.-Studio program.

8:00 8:30 9:15 12:30 6:30 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:30 10:00 12:00 2:45

7:00 p. m.-Eulala Dean, vocalist; Margaret Gray. 8:00 p. m.-Hal Chase and Investment Program. 9;15 p. m.-Tuclter's Everstate Dance Band. 10:15 p. m.-Tucker's Everstate Dance Band. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 26 12:30 p. m.-Matinee Melodies. 6:30 p. m. --George Maddox, tenor; Margaret Gray. 10:15 p. m.-Tucker's Everstate Dance Band. 12:00 midnights Tucker's Everstate Dance Band.

Radio Doings

October 19


The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations

-590 Kc. Spokane, Washington METERS

1000 WATTS --508.2 LOUIS WASMER, INC., Standard Stook Exchange Bldg. Telephone Main 4442 12:00 noon.-Chamber of Commerce luncheon. King Paul 1:00 m.-Crowley Musical review. Jean p. 2:00 p. m.-The Wanders, NBC. Chief Announcer 3:00 p. m.-Theatrical preview. Harry Lantry 4:00 p. m.-Concert Orchestra. Manager 5:00 p. m.-Matched Unit Hour. Harvey Wixeon 5:30 to 9:30 p. m.-NBC.* Announcer 9:30 P. m.-Dutch Dough Boys. p. m. --Spotlight Review. NBC. 10:00 Jack Chapman 11:00 P. m.-Musical Musketeers, NBC. Commercial Manager WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 Al Sperling 7:30 a. m.-Hronenberg's program. Engineer So -A-Tone. 10:00 a. m.-Marmola JEAN PAUL KING 10:15 a. m.-Libby. McNeil & Libby, NBC. DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 11:30 a. m.-Chips of Pleasure. 7:00 a. m.-Northwest Sunrise Pep Period. 11:45 a. m.-Farmers' Service Hours; news. 7:30 a. m.-Model Musical Klock. 12:00 noon.-Lewiston, Idaho, program. 8:00 a. m.-The Shell Happy Time. NBC. 1:00 p. m.-Crowley Musical Review. Tuesday). (except 9:00 a. m.-Musical Bazaar 3:00 p. m.-Cabin Door. NBC. 10:30 a. m.-Woman's Magazine o the Air. NBC (ex4:00 p. m.-Voice of Sparton. cept Thursday and Saturday). 4:30 p. m.-Concert Orchestra. 12:00 noon.-National Savings Luncheon program (except 5:30 p. m.-Temple-Tones. Tuesday and Wednesday). 6:00 p. m.-Dutch Dough Boys. 12:15 p. m.-Musical program (ex. Tues.. Wed., Sat.). 6:30 to 9:00 D. m.-NBC. 12:30 D. m.-Voice of Sparton (ex. Tues. and Wed.). 9:00 p. m.-Bremer Tully. 1:00 p. m.-Crosley Musical Review. 9:30 p. m.-Veedol Vodvll. NWT. 1:30 p. m.-Miss Modern. 10:00 D. m.-Cotton Blossom Minstrels, NBC. 1:45 p. m.-Fur Facts. 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers. NBC. 2:00 p. m.-Washington Home Service (ex. Tuesday. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 Wednesday and Friday). 9:30 .. m.-Sunshine program. 3:30 p. m.-Paint o' Mine program (ex. Thursday). m.-Bold Medal program, NBC. 9:45 10'00 p. m.-Time to Insure. 10:00 m.-Woman's Magazine of the Air, NBC. 11:00 m.-Standard School broadcast, NBC. SUNDAY. OCTOBER 20 11:45 a.m.-Farmers' Service Hour. 9:30 a. in.-Uncle Billy Reads the Funnies. 12:15 p. m.-Musical program. 10:00 a. m. --Children's Bible Class. 3:00 p. m.-Horse of Myths, NBC. 10:00 a. m. --Church services. 4:00 p. m Triodian String Ensemble. 12:00 noon. Concert Orchestra. 5:00 m.-Fleischman Sunshine Hour, NBC. 1:00-4:00 D. m.-NBC. 7:00 9:00 p. m.-NBC.* 4:00 p. m.-Concert Orchestra. m.-Crescent's Old Time Band to HOMO. 9:00 5:15-8:00 p. m.-NBC.* 9:30 p. m.-Cambern's Dutch Dough Boys. 8:00 p. m.-A11 Saints' Cathedral. 10:00 p. m.-Associated Brass Band, HOMO. 9:00 p. m.-Blumaeur Frank, NWT. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 9:30 p. m.-City Service concert. 10:00 a. m.-Richard Hudnnt. NBC. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 10:15 a. m.-Sunshine Liberty Organ. 11:30 a. m.-Farmers' Service Hour. 11:10 a. m.-Farmers' Service Hour. 12:00 noon National Savings Luncheon program. 12:15 p. m.-Musical program. 12:15 p. m.-Musical program. 2:00 p. m.-Gems from Sartori. 3:00 p. m.-Theatrical preview. 3:00 p. m.-Theatrical Review. 4:00 p. m.-Concert Orchestra. 4:00 O. m.Triodlan String Ensemble. 5:00 p. m.-Matched Units Hour. 5:00 5. m.-Studio program. 5:30 p. m.-Dutch Dough Boys. 6:00 to 11:00 p. m.-NBC.* 6:00 to 9:30 p. m.-NBC. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 9:30 p. m.-Brunswick Brevities. 10:00 a. m.-National Farm and Home Hour. NBC. 10:00 p. m.-Marmola So-A -Tone. 10:45 a. m.-Sunehina Liberty Organ. 10:15 p. m.-Matched Units Hour. 11:00 a. m.-Farmers' Service Hour. 10:30 p. m.-KHQ Ensemble Hour. 2:00 p. m.-Football Game. 11:30 p. m.-Liberty Theater organ concert. 5:00 p. m.-Lyrie Challengers, NBC. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 5:30 p. m Trlodfa String Ensemble. 9:00 a. m.-Health in Refrigeration. 6:00 to 8:30 p. m.-NBC. 9:30 a. m.-Musical Bazaar. 8:30 p. m. --Concert Orchestra. 9:45 a. m.-Gold Medals program. NBC. 9:00 p. m. National Laundry Association, NBC. 10:00 a. m.-Mormola So -A -Tone. 9:30 p. m.-Dutch Dough Boys. 10:15 a. m.-Sunshine Liberty organ. 10:00 p. m.-Tales Never Told, NBC. 11:30 a. m.-Duco Decorators, NBC. 11 :00 n. m.-Musical Musketeers, NBC. 11:45 a. m.-Farmers' Service Hour; news


SERVICE RADIO GUARANTEED Diagnometer Radio Scientific Analysis with Supreme H A.



ORegon 4702



CATALOG containing detailed information on conden-

sers and resistors may be had free on request.

K. G. Landgraf




Washington St., Bklyn., N. Y.

WORKER will keep you abreast of developments in radio. it may be had free on request.

"Hear It Better on a Sterling Radio"

Radio Doings


October 19

The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations



John M. Baldwin Technical Director Charles R. Hanlon Musical Director George D. Snell Announcer Tom Barbra Announcer Victor P. Vette




m.-"Good Morning." m.-The Alarm Clock. m.-Breakfast program of waltz tunes and weather reports. 7:30 a. m.-"Top o' the Morning" program. 7:46 a. m.-Fifteen Minutes with the popular song 6:00 a. 6:05 a. 7:00 a.


8:00 8:15 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:45 11:00 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00

m.-News of the World. m.-Housewives' program and Mrs. Tenny. m.-"Contrasts" a. m.-Midday organ recital. a. m.-Songs from the Silversheet. a. m.-Farm flashes, weather report. a. m.-Columbia Broadcasting System. noon-Columbia Broadcasting System. D. m.-Columbia Broadcasting' System. R' m.-Afternoon Jazz Skit. a. a.


m.Varletles, p. m.-Popular period of requests. p. m.-Matinee Dance Hour. 4:00 p. m.-Uncle Ben and the Kangaroo Club. 4:30 p. m.-The day's popular tunes. 5:00 p. m:-Dinner Hour Varieties (ex. Wednesday). 9:00 p. m.-World Bookman (ex. Fri. and Sat.). 10:00 p. m..,-Weather report 10:00 p. m.-Dance music. p.


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 8:00 a. m.-"Good Morning." 8:01 a. m,-Old melodies. 9:00 a. m.-Concert _sketches. 10:00 a. m.-Echoes of the organ. 11:00 a. m.-Noon-day Rhythm. 12:00 noon-CBS, Symphonic Hour. 1:00 p. m.-CBS, "Cathedral Hour." 2:00 p. m.-"The McKesson News Reel of the Air," CBS. 2:30 p. m.-Popular period of requests. 4.30 p,.m,-CBS,-French Trio and guest soloist.


Salt LakeWATTS -1290 Kc. City -232.6 METERS 1000

S. S. FOX, General Manager G. LASKY, Station Director KENNETT LARSON, Program Director


4:45 p. i s.-CBS, 5:30 p: m.-CBS, 6:00 p. m.--CBS, 7:00 D -m.-CBS, 7:30 p. m.-CBS;

"The World's Business." Sonatron program "Majestic Theater of the Air."

Arabesque. Around the Samovar, Russian music. 8:00 p. m.-CBS, "Back Home." 9:00 D. m.-"The Cadillac 8," Hot -Cha Dance music. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00

p. p. p. p. p. p.

m.-Program, featuring the "Western Baritone." m.-CBS, "An Evening in ,Pads." m.-Story in a Song. m,-CBS: Hotel :Paramount Orchestra. m.-CBS; Paul Specht's Orchestra. m.-Variety program of favorite tunes. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22

m.-CBS, Paul Whiteman and his orchestra.' m.-Johnny Rosell's Dance orchestra. 7;30,p. m. -CBS, Night Club Romance. 8:00' p. m..-CBS, Jesse Crawford, organist 8:30 p, m.-CBS, "The Dream Boat" 6:00 p. 7:00 p.


m.-CBS, Voice of Columbia. m.-CBS, Kolster program. m.-CBS, Dixie Echoes. 8:00.D:rm.-"Sunset.. Hour." 9:00 p. m.-Variety program. 5:00 p. 7:00 p. 7:30 p.


5:30 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:00 8:30


m.-CBS, United States Army. --Band m.-Program; featuring the. "Western Baritone." p. m.-The Montagues in novel duet arrangements. p. m.-CBS, National Forum from Washington. p. m.-CBS, Hotel Paramount Orchestra, p. m.-CBS. "The Dream Boat" p.





6:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:00

m.-The "79ers." m.-Johanna Lee Instrumental Trio.. m.-CBS, Jesse Crawford, popular organist p. m.-With the Senator from San Pit. p. m.- CBS, True Story Hour-the adventures p. p. p.


Mary and Bob. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 12:00 noon-CBS. Football Broadcast. 6:00 p. m.-CBS, "Joe and Vi." 7:00 D. m.-CBS, Paramount Publlx Hour. 8:00 p. m.-CBS, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians. 8:30 D. m.-CBS, Pancho's. orchestra. 11:00 p. m.Vodevllle Frolic. 12:00 midnight-"Anything Your Heart Desires"

-1010 Kc. California San Jose, BUREAU STATION CALIFORNIA FARM 500 WATTS-296.6 METERS FRED. J. HART, Manager

m,-Morning Services, First Baptist Church. conducted by Rev. Paul H. Ralstin. m,-Bvening Serviees, First --Baptist Church. --

11:00 a. -e80 p:

Is 10 i00



a.m.-Helpful Hour:

12;00 noon-Musical program. 12130 p. m.-Market report and weather from S. F.


m.-Hart's Half


1:30 p. m.-The Friendly Hour. 2:30 p.,pr.-Musical program. 5700 p. á,.-Children's program. 6100 p. m:-U. S. D. A. Farm Flashes (ex. Saturday). 6:10 p. m.-Crop reports and weather (ex. Saturday). 6:30 p. m.-Market and weather reports (ex. Saturday), 6:45 p. m.-Farm Reporter (ex. Saturday). 6:55 p. m.-Farmers' Exchange (ex. Saturday). 7:00 p. m,-Farm Bureau Evening Radio News, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 10:15 a. m.-Sunday School Lessons by Fred J. Hart.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 11:00 a. m.-Santa Cruz program. 8:00 p. m.-Studio program. 9:00 p:m.-Watsonville program. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 11 :0 a. m.-Los Gatos program. 8:00 p. m.-"You Never Can Tell" program. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 m.-Watsonville program. 11:00 8:00 p. m.-First Baptist Church. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 11:00 a. m.-Monterey Peninsula program. 8:00 p. m.-Songs of the Old Church Choir. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 11:00 a. m.-Palo Alto program. 8:00 p. m.-KQW Minstrels. 9:00 p. m.-Leda Gregory Jackson in S. P. program. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 11:00 a. m.-Audition Hour. 5:30 p. m.-Musical program. 6:30 p. m.-Musical program. 7:30 p. m.-State College Glee Club. 8:30 p. m.-Studio program.



Radio Doings

October 19


The essential features of these programs are identical with those sent us by the stations ow

KO A 6:00 a.





11:10 a.

Kc. -830ELECTRIC Denver, ColoradoGENERAL

12,500 WATTS -361.2 METERS

m.-Morning Revelers. Home Hour, NBC. m.-National rts. m.-Weather, Stockms and Ma.rket.Repnd m.-Organ Recital 8:30 p. m.-United Reproducers, NBC. 9:00 p. m.-KOA String Trio. .




Episcopal 8:50 a. m.-Services of Trinity Methodist Church, Denver. 1:00 p. m.-National Sunday Forum, NBC. 2:30 p. m.-Tea time Tunes, NBC. 3:00 D. m.-Echoes of the Orient, NBC. 3:15 D. m.-Everett E. Foster, baritone. 8:30 p. m.-Whlttall Anglo Persians, NBC. NBC. 4:00 p. m.-Rosalie Wolf and string quartet, 9:30 p. m.-At the Baldwin, NBC. 5:00 p. m.-Enna Jettick Melodies, NBC. 5:15 p. m.-Collier's Radio Hour, NBC. 8:15 p. m.-Atwater Kent Hour, NBC. 7:15 7:45 8:00 8:15 2:45

m.-Studebaker Champions, NBC. m.-Vocal Soloist, NBC. p. m.-Amos 'd' Andy, NBC. p. m.-Russian Cathedral Choir, .NBC. p. m.-Sam Herman, xylophonist, NBC.' p.




2:00 4:80 4:45 5:15 5:55 8:00 6:30 7:80 8:00 8:16 8:46 9:00 0:30 10:00

p. D.

p. p.


a p. P.

p. p. p. P. p. p,


m,-Mormon Tabernacle Choir, NBC. m.-Brazilian and American Coffee program. m. -Weather, stock, markets, etc. m.-Brown .Palace Hotel Orchestra. m.-Denver Better Business Bureau. m.-Edison program, NBC. m.-General Motors Family Hour, NBC. m,-Empire Builders, NBC. m. --Amos 'n' Andy, NBC. m,-Supreme Serenaders. m.-News of the World from the Denver Post. m.-The Voice of Firestone, NBC.

m.-Plantation Echoes, NBC. m.-Slumber (Tour, NBC.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 1:15 p.m.-Matinee Gems, NBC. 8:05 p. m.-Compositions of Charles Wakefield Cadman. 8:60 p. m.-Lessons In French. 4:00 p. m.-Roads of the Sky. NBC. 4:30 D. m.-Lew White, organ recital, NBC. 5:00 p. m. --Stocks, markets, livestock. 5:80 p. m,-Farm Question Box. 6:00 D. m.-Eveready Hour, NBC. 7:00 p. m.-Clicquot Club Eskimos, NBC. 7:81) p. m.-Freshman Orchestradlans, NBC. 8:00 P. m.-Radlo-Kelth-OrDheum Hour, NBC. 8:30 p. m.-General Electric Hour; the A Capella Choir of the Denver Collego of Music.

10:80 p.




nbon.-Paclfio Vagabonds, NBC. 4:30 p. m.-Stocks, markets, road reports. 6:00 p, m.-Mobiloll Orchestra, NBC. 5:30 p. m.-Extension Service. Colorado. Agricutural


College. 6:00 p. m.-Ipana Troubadours, NBC. 0:80 p, tn.-Palmolive Hour, NBC. 7:80 p, m,-Stromberg-Carlsona, NBC. :00 p.

8:16 p,

m.-Amos 'n' Andy, NBC. m.-Vassar [email protected] Girl.


Pacific Standard Time. Tel. York 5090 "Rocky Meuntain Broadcasting Station" SATURDAY AND SUNDAY EXCEPT DAILY

,9.:45 p. m.-Billlken Shoemakers. 0:00 p, m. -1(0A Concert Orchestra. 10:00 p. tp.-Cotton Blossom Minstrels, NBC. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 12:00 noon.-Farm Electrification Chat. 3:00 p. in.-Black and Geld Room Orchestra, NBC. 4:00 p, m,-Federated liymp Sing, NBC. :30 p, in.-Stocks, markets, etc. :00 p, m.-Fletschmann Sunshine Hour, NBC. 0:00 P. m. --Arcadians Mixed Quartet. 0:80 p. tn.-Maxwell House Coffee Hour, NBC. 7:00 p, tn.-Halsey Stuart. NBC. 7:80 p, In.-Victor Talking Machine Co.. NBC. 8:00 p. m.-Amoe 'n' Andy, NBC, 8:16 p. tn.-Ralph Ilansell, xylophonist.



8:00 a, m.-Music Appreciation Hour, NBC. 9:00. a. m.-Evening Stars, NBC. 12:00. noon.-Pacific Little Symphony thchestra, NBC: 3:30 p. m,-A Recipe a Day. 3:35 p. m.-Matinee; John Jameson, tenor. 4:20 p. m.-Lessons in French. 5:00 p. m.-Cities Service Orch. and Cavaliers, NBC. 6:00 p. m.-Interwoven Pair, NBC. 6:30 p. m.-Philco Hour, NBC. 7:00 D. m.-Armstrong Quakers, NBC. 7:30 p. m.-Armour & Co., NBC. 8:00 p. m.-Amos 'n' Andy, NBC. 8:15 p. m,-Super Tread program. 8:45 p. m.-Sally Mason. in "News Songs." 9:00 p. m.-Borden's Milk Co., NBC. .9:30 p. m.-The Stagecoachers. 10:00 p. m.-In the Parlor, NBC. 19:30 p. m.-The Nomads;' NBC: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 12:30 p. m.-RCA Demonstration Hour. NBC. Aggies vs. Univ. of Utah. m.-Colo. 1:30 p. 4:00 p. m.-Phil Spitalny's Music, NBC. 4:30 p. m.-The Skellodians, NBC. 5;00 p. m.-All American Mohawk, NBC. 5:30 p. m.-National Laundry Owners, NBC,. 8:00 D. m.-General Electric Hour, NBC. 7:00 p. m.-Lucky Strike Hour, NBC. 8:00 p. m.-Amos 'n' Andy, NBC. 8:15 D. m.-International Sunday School lesson. _


Sunset Grounds and Aerials Can be Obtained by Mail from your nearest Sears Roebuck Store Santa Ana San Jose San Luis Obispo Riverside Reno San Diego Ogden Fresno Salt Lake Stockton Sacramento Douglas SanFrancisco Tucson Long Beach Phoenix


9th & Boyle Sts., Vermont & Western Santa Monica & Western ADDRESS RADIO DEPT. NO. 57,



Radio Doings

Yale Radio Electric Company report that they have just received several carloads of the new model Apex sets and that dealers can be assured of prompt delivery out of stock on practi-

cally all models.

Announcement was made last week of the appointment of Fey & Krause, at 1616 South Figueroa Street, as Southern California distributors for Sonora Radio. Under the leadership of H. D. Aishuler this new member of the radio family will present this well-known line of receivers to the trade.

The world's series was of great interest to all fans, and large crowds gathered at most all radio stores and

locations where public broadcast was available to get the world's series returns. No crowd, however, exceeded that gathered in front of the Radio Supply Company. Particular interest to this broadcast was due to the location and the excellent results that were obtained in the amplification from the radio to those who wanted to enjoy the game. This was accomplished by a TAM Tuner, which is a six stage radio tuner of high quality, and amplified through a Samson PAM Amplifier to the spakers into the street. The reception across the street and for a long distance up and down Broadway was excellent. With Sparton radio production at the highest peak of history, more than two hundred Southern California dealers gathered Wednesday morning at .the Los Angeles Commercial Club at a special "mystery dynamite meeting" called by Walter M. Fagan, President of Pacific Wholesale, Inc., Sparton distributors. Refuting rumors of impending principle changes in Sparton sets, Fagan addressed the gathering, pointing out the stale of virtual perfection attained by these receivers.

October 19

"These rumor s of revolutionary changes are utterly absurd," he said. "The Sparton set has reached a point where it presents the ultimate in tone, operation simplicity and distance getting-the three vital features of any set. It is only along these lines that improvements ever could be madeand the Spartons have achieved a state of near perfection."

Tuesday morning, October 8th, for the first time in the history of the Broadway Department store, one of the employees' songfests and programs was broadcast by remote control, over KMTR, direct from the street floor of the big institution at Fourth and Broadway. "The New Idea Man" and his gang helped out, but the program numbers were all put on by the employees themselves and revealed some surprising and unsuspected talent. The chorus numbers, under the virile direction of Prof. Hugo Kirchhofer, and embracing more than 2500 employees, created the greatest comment, and radio listeners reported that they came in clear and distinct, and proved most novel and inspiring. Local and long distance phone calls swamped the studio phones.

NBC Program (Continued from Page 28) 11:00 p. 11:00 p.

m.-Musical Musketeers. RHQ, KOMO, KPO. m.-Henry Halstead's Hotel SL Francis Dance

Orchestra. 1C(10. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 28 10:00 a. m.-National Farm and Home Hour. EGO. KEG, KOMO, ROW, KFI. 10:45 a. m.-The Three Boys. 1(00. 11:30 a. m.-Rembrandt Trio. EGO. 6:00 p. m.-"The Lyric Challengers." EGO, KEPI HOW, KFI. 8:00 p. m. --General Electric Hour. ROO, KOMO, HOW, KPO. KFI. 7:00 p. m.-Lucky Strike Hour. ROO, KIM. HOMO. BOW, KPO, KFI. 8:00 p. m.-Temple of the Air. EGO, KIM, HOMO. HOW, KPO, KFI. 8:30 p. m.-Sierra Serenaders. KGO. 9:00 p. m.-"Launderland Lyrics." KGO, ñHQ, KOMO, HOW, KPO, KFI. 9:30 p. m.-Western Artists Series Concert. KGO. 10:00 p. m.-"Tales Never Told." EGO, KIM. 11:00 p. m.-Musical Musketeers. EGO, KHQ. HOMO. 12:00 p. m.-Wilt Ounsendorfer's Hotel Whitcomb Dance Band. KGO.