Raymond Report - Raymond Construction

Raymond Report - Raymond Construction

Raymond Report THE Building Value For 60 Years Fall 2015 Finally!… The BakerTriangle Team Celebrates Owner: Baker Family Property Co., Ltd., Mesqu...

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Raymond Report


Building Value For 60 Years

Fall 2015

Finally!… The BakerTriangle Team Celebrates Owner: Baker Family Property Co., Ltd., Mesquite, Texas Architect: NCA Partners Architecture, Dallas, Texas Senior Project Manager: Ron Harper Site Manager: Leland Frantz

Featured Project

New BakerTriangle Office And Warehouse 341 U.S. Highway 80 East Mesquite, Texas


e are proud to be the general contractor chosen to construct Baker Triangle’s new Dallas operations in Mesquite, Texas. The new facility will be a one-story 27,110-square-foot building that will include an 11,390-square-foot structural steel office and a 15,720-square-foot metal building warehouse, with associated site work. BakerTriangle is the leading drywall and plaster specialty contractor in the Southwest. With more than 1,000 employees in offices across Texas, BakerTriangle has successfully completed projects in more than 20 states. Raymond Construction is pleased to be working with the Baker Family Property Co.

Is “Appointment TV” A Thing Of The Past?

Not too long ago, the only way to watch your favorite show was to make sure you were home when the networks decided to broadcast it. Not so much anymore. Modern technology is taking hold of our viewing habits, according to the Digital Democracy Survey from Deloitte. The study of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers age 14 and up found that 56 percent of viewers are streaming movies on their laptops, tablets or other devices, and 53 percent stream television shows once a month. More than 42 percent of U.S. households use a video streaming service like Netflix to watch their shows and movies. Meanwhile, only 45 percent prefer to watch TV live. Video streaming also makes binge-watching a thing, according to the survey: Sixty-eight percent of consumers report sometimes watching at least three episodes of a television program in one sitting, and 31 percent of them do it once a week or more.

Five Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success

Steve Jobs was a controversial figure throughout his life, but few can argue with his impact and success. Whatever your ambitions, his approach to work can help you find your own path to the top. Here’s some of what he believed: • Find your passion. Jobs once offered this advice to would-be entrepreneurs in search of something to focus on: “I’d get a job as a busboy or something until I figured out what I was really passionate about.” • Make connections. Known chiefly for his achievements in technology, Jobs also studied calligraphy and traveled to India and Japan in search of ideas, broadening his thinking and stretching his mind. • Learn to say “no”. Don’t overextend yourself. One of Jobs’ first acts when returning to Apple in 1977 was to streamline its product line, cutting it from 350 products to just 10 so the best people could use their talents on only the most promising projects. • Sell the dream. Jobs didn’t sell computers, he sold what the computers could do—how they could make people’s lives better. Keep this in mind when telling customers why they should do business with you. • Communicate. Apple’s product announcements were legendary for their theatricality and for Jobs’ talents as a showman. He stuck to his core message while educating and entertaining the public.

What Makes A Team Work? “Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

—Vince Lombardi

Get To Sleep Faster With These Three Techniques

A good night’s sleep is essential to good health. Sometimes dropping off to dreamland doesn’t come easily, though. When sleep is elusive, try these tips to get the rest you need: • Relax during the day. Don’t wait until bedtime to calm yourself down. Get into the habit of relaxation throughout the day with meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and other techniques. Your body will learn how to relax more quickly and easily when you get into bed. • Develop a bedtime routine. Most of us can’t automatically switch off at night. Make a deliberate effort to wind down at the end of the day by turning off the computer and TV, relaxing with a good book, taking a warm bath or shower, dimming the lights, and doing anything else that helps you detach from the day. • Breathe yourself to sleep. In bed, try this breathing exercise: Inhale through your nose, filling your chest for about four seconds, then exhale through your mouth. Or try counting—not sheep, but your breaths: Inhale for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, then breathe out for a count of eight. Both of these will ease your heart rate and blood pressure. SPEED BUMP

Dave Coverly

Build Your Leadership Image With Style

Style can be as important as substance to effective management. You need to project the right image to your employees, and that depends on more than selecting the right power suit. Here’s how to manage how people see you: • Examine your current image. Ask a trusted colleague to tell you how you’re viewed in your workplace and industry. What strengths do people associate with you? Where do you need to improve? • Craft your image selectively. Don’t try to showcase everything at once. Pick your most important skills and traits to emphasize. Identify those you want to downplay. Then ask yourself, “How do I want other people to talk about me when I’m not present?” • Analyze the field. Look at other leaders in your organization and profession to determine what makes them stand out so you can emulate their approach. How do they dress? What skills do they demonstrate? How do they treat people?

Little-Known Facts About Books and Language

The world of books, reading and words is full of surprises. Take a look at some of these stories about writers and other creative people from the website, Buzzfeed.com: • Green Eggs & Ham. This Dr. Seuss classic was written on a bet. Publisher Bennett Cerf wagered $50 that Ted Geisel couldn’t write a children’s book using fewer then 50 different words. Geisel won. • Thomas Jefferson, the third U.S. president (and writer of the Declaration of Independence) invented more than 100 “American” words to distinguish U.S. writing from British usage—including the word “anglophobia.” • Gone with the Wind. Margaret Mitchell began work on her first (and only) novel after recovering from an auto accident. During her convalescence, she read so many books from the local library that her husband got tired of going back and forth—so he suggested she try writing a book of her own. • Amazon.com. The first book sold on the now-dominant website was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies, by Douglas Hofstadter. Its subject: whether machines could be taught to think like people.

What was the first book ever sold on Amazon.com?

Go Fly A Kite!

The mayor of a small town was walking through the park one day when she spotted a little boy flying an enormous and beautiful kite high in the sky. Intrigued, she walked up and asked who was responsible for the keeping the kite in the air. “I am,” the boy said. “I made this kite all by myself, and I got it up into the air on my own.” Then they both heard a whisper in the air. “I am the wind,” the voice said. “I keep the kite in the air by holding it aloft with my breath.” A third voice, high-pitched and vibrant, joined in. “I am the kite’s tail,” said this voice. “I keep the kite stable as it flies through the air. Without me it would crash to the Earth!” Moral: Cooperation and teamwork are essential to every endeavor.

Journalist George Plimpton wrote about his “undercover” experience playing what professional sport as a rank amateur in the 1966 book Paper Lion?

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Trivia On Paper 1) The TV series, The Paper Chase, followed the lives of students at a prestigious university majoring in what discipline? a) Accounting b) Marketing c) Law d) Economics

2) Besides paper strips and water, what other ingredient is typically used to make papier mâché? a) Oatmeal b) Flour c) Sugar d) Baking soda 3) Journalist George Plimpton wrote about his “undercover” experience playing what professional sport as a rank amateur in the 1966 book Paper Lion? a) Football b) Hockey c) Basketball d) Baseball 4) According to TV’s The Big Bang Theory, Sam Kass expanded upon the traditional “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game by adding the choices of a lizard and what Star Trek character? a) Kirk b) Bones c) Sulu d) Spock 5) What was the name of the character played by actress Madeline Kahn in the 1973 film Paper Moon? a) Pussy Galore b) Lili Von Shtupp c) Trixie Delight d) Velvet Allure —from mental_floss Answers: 1) c; 2) b; 3) a; 4) d; 5) c

Wisenbaker Builder Services, Inc. 2519 Scarbrough Drive, Suite 200, Austin, Texas Architect: TAG International, LLP


his is one of two projects we are currently building for Wisenbaker Builder Services, Inc. Wisenbaker is a true American success story. Beginning in 1970 as Wisenbaker Carpet, the company provided carpet installation services to builders in the Houston area. Over the past 45 years, the business has experienced sustained growth by adding new products and expanding into new markets throughout Texas. Raymond Construction is happy to have provided a tenant finish-out of the warehouse and related site improvements.

Owner’s Corner

Introducing Justin Deming, Central Texas Director Justin is responsible for procurement of new projects, and also leads the project management and field staff in the Austin office. He joined Raymond Construction in March of 2015 after having spent 11 years working in commercial construction in the Austin market. Justin brings with him extensive experience working on state and higher education projects, in addition to largescale tenant interior projects. Justin graduated from Texas Tech University in 2004 with an engineering degree. His safety credentials include the OSHA 30-Hour certification and the OSHA 510 certification. He obtained his LEED® AP credentials in 2009 and holds a Building Design and Construction specialty. He is married and has three children. We’re doing our part. This newsletter is printed on environmentally-friendly paper.

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