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Reader's Digest - Digital Divide Data

CASE STUDY - MAGAZINE CONVERSION Reader’s Digest Digital Divide Data enables content re-use for leading publisher. Business Challenge Reader’s Digest...

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Reader’s Digest Digital Divide Data enables content re-use for leading publisher. Business Challenge Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., one of the world’s largest consumer publishers, wanted to realize their digital publishing strategy and position themselves to pursue new opportunities across their own publications, as well as with content partners. They wanted to be able to create new revenue streams, adding value back into legacy content by making it searchable through a centralized content repository. This meant finding ways to repurpose their content so that it could be used in and across new materials and different types of publications, and it required the conversion of diverse sets of content into PRISM XML. The content included current and backfile magazines, books and educational publications in over twenty languages, created from an assortment of different sources by teams around the world.

DDD Solution DDD put into place the Project Management, dedicated staff and technical infrastructure to implement a “well oiled machine” for content conversion. This included: • Dedicating a New York based Project Manager, working closely and collaboratively with Reader’s Digest to create a unified application of PRISM XML • Building an intake process that would accept content from all of Reader’s Digest’s international production teams • Extracting text, images and media, and tagging them in PRISM XML. The XML conversion process included metadata, text styles and media attachments

Impact As a result of this process, Reader’s Digest can re-purpose ink-and-paper content into an array of interactive tools with tremendous potential. For example, a gardener can begin a search for a pesky beetle and end up with a recipe for an organic pesticide; an educator can begin a search for Spanish Missions in Texas and wind up with blueprints of the Alamo and detailed information to help him develop a robust curriculum; or a music aficionado can begin a search for Puccini and end up with travel plans to Italy and a recipe for crostini. Digital Divide Data powers the data entry, XML conversion and digital preservation needs of publishers, libraries, content hosts, academic researchers and businesses world-wide. We deliver these services on the foundation of a socially responsible model that creates opportunity for the world’s poorest citizens to earn competitive wages, complete their education, and achieve upward mobility through working in our business.

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DDD’s services enable Reader’s Digest to integrate both their current magazines and their legacy volumes to create fresh and dynamic content, as well as ease the task of bringing their content to the web, to eReader devices, to their content partners and to new products. Over the last decade, Digital Divide Data has become known for our commitment to customers, quality, value and innovation. We stand apart from other outsourced service providers, not only through our social responsibility, but also because of our investment in North American, European and SE Asian based customer service teams. Digital Divide Data is proud of our dedication to clear, honest communication and our consultative approach to serving our clients’ needs.

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