John  Pinchbeck Principal Consultant Profile o o o o o o o o o o o 25  years’  ticketing  experience  with  Venues,  Rights  Holders,  Ticket  A...

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  John  Pinchbeck

Principal Consultant

Profile o o o o o o o o o o o

25  years’  ticketing  experience  with  Venues,  Rights  Holders,  Ticket  Agencies  and  System  Suppliers   In  Sales,  Marketing,  Operations,  Business  Development  &  Consultancy   For  Arts,  Sports,  Concerts,  Museums,  Galleries  and  Visitor  Attractions     Across  Europe,  North  America,  the  Middle  East,  Africa  and  Asia  Pacific   Covering  both  the  Commercial  and  Subsidised  Sectors   9  years’  experience  as  a  freelance  consultant   Extensive  experience  in  operational  audits,  contractual  negotiations  and  commercial  strategy   Specialist  experience  in  eCommerce,  Mobile  Ticketing  and  Social  Ticketing   Particular  interests  in  Regional  and  National  Distribution,  and  Dynamic  Pricing/Yield  Management   Founder  and  Director  of   Co-­‐Founder  and  Director  of    

  Current / Recent Consultancy Clients Time  Out  Digital  Ltd.       AEG/AXS         Really  Useful  Theatres  Ltd.     Really  Useful  Theatres  Ltd.     Guardian  News  &  Media  Ltd.     Leinster  Rugby         Really  Useful  Theatres  Ltd.     Really  Useful  Theatres  Ltd.     Leinster  Rugby         Opera  North         Cirque  du  Soleil         Munster  Rugby         Guardian  News  &  Media  Ltd.     Leinster  Rugby         Oshi  Software  (     Really  Useful  Theatres  Ltd.     Warwick  Arts  Centre       Xperiology  Ltd.         Systematic  Marketing  Ltd.     The  Ambassador  Theatre  Group  Ltd.   Joburg  Theatres         Smart  Fan  Ltd.        


Previous Consultancy Clients Arts  Council  of  Northern  Ireland     Arts  Council  of  England       The  Royal  Opera  House       Hong  Kong  Home  Affairs  Bureau   Yorkshire  &  Humberside  Arts    


Live  Entertainment  ticketing  strategy/Business  Development   Market  Entry  (West  End  and  Broadway)   Long-­‐term  Business  Development   Full  ITT  for  replacement  ticketing  system   Report  on  Distribution  Options  for  Guardian  Membership     Request  for  Proposals  project  (Ticketing  and  CRM)   Technical  Audit  (Adlephi  Theatre)   Implementation  of  Operational  Audit   Demand-­‐based  Pricing  for  ‘14/’15  Season   Ticketing  Options  Report   Bespoke  Revenue  Management  system  development   Demand-­‐based  Pricing  for  ‘14/’15  Season   Strategic  Live  Entertainment/ticket  industry  research/advice   Revenue  Management  Scoping  Study   Strategic  Business  Development  advice   Technical,  Commercial  and  Operational  Audit   Ticketing  System  Audit  and  Specification   Event  development  and  programming   SWOT  Analysis   Market  Research/System  Selection  in  Overseas  territory   Marketing  Assistance   Sales  and  Business  Development  Assistance  

Feasibility  study  into  centralised  ticketing  facility   On-­‐line  ticketing  strategy  report   Drafting  of  sub-­‐agency  agreements   Feasibility  study  into  privatising  regional  ticketing  services   On-­‐line  ticketing  consultancy  

The  Society  of  London  Theatre     New  Millennium  Experience  Co.     Wembley  International       MCC/English  Cricket  Board     Premium  Television  Ltd.       Reuters  /  BMP  interaction     The  Lowry  Centre,  Salford     Theatrical  Management  Assoc.     Cityspace  Ltd.         Soho  Theatre  Ltd.       David  Dixon  Associates       Ericsson  /  Informed  Sources       The  Fortune  Theatre       Ticket  Hellas         Arts  Alliance         Royal  Shakespeare  Company     Oxford  University/Southern  Arts   Lighthouse,  Poole       Lighthouse,  Poole       The  Wigmore  Hall           Synchro  Systems  Ltd.       Royal  National  Theatre       London  Marketing       TopTix  Ltd.         Seatwave  Ltd.          

Career History 10.11  -­‐       06.13  -­‐       01.14  -­‐  06.14   09.12  -­‐  05.13   07.08  -­‐  10.11   01.07  -­‐  12.07   09.04  -­‐  12.06   03.02  -­‐  09.04   09.00  -­‐  03.01   11.97  -­‐  02.02   01.96  -­‐  09.97   01.95  -­‐  12.95   01.93  -­‐  12.94   04.89  -­‐  12.92  



Feasibility/development  of  on-­‐line  ticketing  etc.   Ticketing  applications  for  the  Millennium  Dome   Various  licensing  and  installation  projects   Operational/IT  audit  for  Lord's  Cricket  Ground   Ticketing/retail  agreements  for  76  UK  football  clubs   Provision  of  on-­‐line  ticketing  for  Sportsweb  site   Ticketing  strategy  and  system  specification   Production  and  presentation  of  ticketing  report   Business  assessment  and  development   Ticketing  system  advice   On-­‐line  ticketing  advice   UK  ticketing  advice   Ticketing  system  advice   Market  research,  SWOT  analysis  etc.   Sourcing  of  European  partner   Research  /  feasibility  of  online  applications   Establishment  of  central  sales  facility  for  UK   Feasibility  study  into  city-­‐wide  facility  for  Oxford   Project  managing  replacement  ticketing  system   Full  systems  audit,  full  ITT  for  replacement  ticketing  system   Systems  audit   UK  marketing  and  business  development   Analysis  of  UK  Arts  market   Analysis  of  membership  database   Development  of  ticketing  portfolio   UK  business  assessment  and  sourcing  of  European  partner   Sourcing  of  integrated  CRM  system  

Founder,  Principal  Consultant     Co-­‐Founder  and  Director     Co-­‐Founder  and  Chair         Co-­‐Founder  and  Chair       VP  Int.  Business  Development         Senior  Operations  Manager     Freelance  Consultant           Sales  Manager             Promotions  Director       Freelance  Consultant       Marketing  Manager       Operations  Manager       Inventory  Manager           Sales  Assistant   ReVenue  Management  Consultancy  Ltd.   L.E.T.T.S.  Ltd.   The  Ticketing  Technology  Forum   TopTix  Ltd.   Seatwave  Ltd.   Pinchbeck  Ticketing  Ltd.   Royal  Shakespeare  Company   Fingertips  Media  Ltd.   Pinchbeck  Ticketing  Ltd.   First  Call  ticket  agency   First  Call  ticket  agency   First  Call  ticket  agency   First  Call,  Keith  Prowse,    Stoll  Moss  

Career Summary John established to specialise in emerging industry trends such as mobile ticketing, social ticketing, dynamic pricing and ticketing portals. Fuelled by advances in technology and mobile penetration these emerging trends are also starting to converge, with exponential results. In June 2013 John Co-Founded ReVenue, a specialist consultancy offering independent advice and practical assistance in all aspects of Revenue Management within the live entertainment industry. Clients to date include Cirque du Soleil, Munster Rugby and Leinster Rugby.

In September 2012 John Co-Founded The Ticketing Technology Forum, a live and online forum designed to showcase and discuss the latest technological innovations within the live entertainment ticketing industry. This was followed by the Co-Founding in January 2014 of the Live Entertainment Ticketing Technology Symposium Ltd. (L.E.T.T.S.) which operated to a similar brief but on a not-for-profit, industry-supportive basis. As VP International Business Development at TopTix Ltd., John was responsible for sourcing new Distributors, Partners and Clients in over 25 different territories. John assisted in the establishment of new Distributors in Asia Pacific, North America, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. As part of this brief John was responsible for high-level business strategy and contract negotiations. During John’s tenure, TopTix were developing a brand new ticketing system and John’s brief included input into this development from a user’s perspective, and all marketing initiatives including online, trade shows, press and publicity. TopTix’ new system was the most ambitious and technically advanced in the market. John was given a unique insight into the design, development and implementation of this very sophisticated system from the core TopTix team and from Microsoft Specialist Consultants engaged on the project. As Senior Operations Manager of Seatwave Ltd. John was responsible for telesales, customer support, ticket fulfilment and office management in an aggressive secondary market start up. John built the Operations Department from one employee to twenty, created a multi-lingual contact centre and established satellite operations in five European countries in the space of eleven months. As Sales Manager for the Royal Shakespeare Company, John was responsible for the sale of up to one million tickets p.a. for the RSC's three venues in Stratford, its London transfers, and elements of its regional and International tours. He ran a team of twenty seven staff, based in Stratford, who sold tickets via the traditional Box Offices and a central Hotline/call-centre facility. Alongside the sale of tickets, John was responsible for the management of a database containing over 550k customer records, including over 27,000 fee-paying RSC Members. The RSC web site sold over £1m worth of tickets p.a., and John was engaged in sourcing a new ticketing/CRM system for the RSC's global operations. Fingertips Media Ltd was a start-up company (funded by Channel 4) which developed bespoke personalisation software enabling highly targeted advertising across a series of co-branded entertainment web sites (a forerunner to Google AdWords). Fingertips developed a beta test site and received interest from several bluechip clients, but unfortunately failed to secure second round funding. As Marketing Manager for First Call ticket agency John was responsible for maintaining a database (including audience profiling and post-code analysis) of several hundred thousand individual, group and educational customers, and conducting direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. He negotiated allocations and rates with producers and venues, and developed promotional opportunities with third parties such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Miles, Times Newspapers ltd, Associated Newspapers, Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Sears, Mastercard, American Express, Barclaycard, Standard Chartered Bank, Vodafone, Orange, Sony etc. As Inventory/Operations Manager at First Call John managed the sale of over two million tickets p.a. for a range of London and UK venues including theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, museums, galleries, stadium and open-air concerts, festivals, sporting events and comedy clubs. His responsibilities included contractual negotiations, database management, and the implementation of software modifications and up-grades to a bureaux ticketing system used by seven London theatres and London Arena, all of which overflowed into First Call's call centre. In this role John also managed overflow telesales and data-capturing operations for the Royal Opera House, Royal Academy, National Gallery, Tate Gallery, British Museum, V&A, the Edinburgh Festival, ENO, English th st National Ballet, the Albert Hall, the Old Vic, the King's Theatre Glasgow, Riverside Studios, the 40 and 41 London Film Festivals, Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, Earl's Court and London Arena. Prior to this position John worked as a telesales operator in both the First Call and Keith Prowse ticket agency phone rooms. He also worked in most of the Keith Prowse ticket shops and retail outlets, and in the box offices of The London Palladium, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, and the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

Consultancy Projects  (a  selection)  

John  is  currently  engaged  by  Really  Useful  Theatres  to  conduct  a  full  ITT  for  a  ticketing  system,  by  AEG/AXS  on   strategies   for   market   entry   within   the   West   End   and   on   Broadway,   and   by   Time   Out   to   devise   a   Global   ticketing  strategy  across  all  Live  Entertainment  sectors.     John  was  recently  engaged  by  Leinster  Rugby  to  draft  a  Specification  Document  and  to  conduct  and  assess  a   formal  RFP  for  a  new  ticketing  and  CRM  system.    

John   was   recently   engaged   by   Really   Useful   Theatres   Ltd.   to   assist   the   implementation   of   new   operational   practices  as  recommended  in  its  recent  Operational  Audit  for  RUT’s  six  major  West  End  theatres.     John   was   recently   engaged   by   Guardian   News   &   Media   Ltd.   to   research   and   draft   a   report   on   Distribution   Options  for  Guardian  Membership/Live  and  Guardian  Space.    

John   recently   produced   a   Ticketing   Options   Report   for   Opera   North   that   has   been   approved   by   Opera   North’s   Board  and  is  awaiting  implementation.      

John  recently  undertook  research  and  analysis  of  an  Overseas  market,  including  the  identification  of  technical   and  commercial  partners,  on  behalf  of  the  Ambassador  Theatre  Group  Ltd.    

PTL  advised  Premium  Television,  a  subsidiary  of  NTL,  on  Internet  ticketing  for  five  Premiership  football  clubs,   and  on  the  provision  of  Internet  ticketing  for  the  official  web  sites  of  71  Nationwide  League  clubs.    

PTL   was   subcontracted   by   ERM   Ltd.   to   provide   ticketing   expertise   for   a   feasibility   study   into   the   potential   privatisation   of   the   Hong   Kong   Government's   live   entertainment,   sport,   leisure   and   recreational   ticketing   services  (URBTIX).    

PTL   was   engaged   by   Wembley   International   on   a   series   of   projects   including   licences   for   Everton   F.C.,   St.   Helens  R.F.C.,  Reading  F.C.,  the  Dutch  F.A.  and  a  national  commercial  ticketing  operator  in  Turkey  (Biletix).    

PTL  conducted  an  Operational/IT  audit  on  behalf  of  the  Marylebone  Cricket  Club  and  the  England  and  Wales   Cricket  Board  for  Lord's  Cricket  Ground.    

PTL,   in   partnership   with   McCann   Mathews   Milman   Ltd,   was   awarded   a   contract   by   the   Arts   Council   of   Northern   Ireland   to   conduct   a   feasibility   study   into   the   provision   of   a   centralised   booking   and   marketing   facility  for  the  whole  of  Northern  Ireland.    

PTL   undertook   six   months'   work   for   the   New   Millennium   Experience   Company   on   ticketing   applications   for   the  Dome  at  Greenwich.  This  included:  The  drafting  and  negotiation  of  contracts  for  150  travel  trade  partners   including   airlines   and   tour   operators.   Contributions   towards   ticket   pricing   and   sales   policy,   and   the   establishment   of   a   trade   call   centre.   The   specification   and   commissioning   of   an   Internet   based   ticketing   facility   for   both   public   and   commercial   use.   The   provision   of   tickets   via   interfaces   with   airline   and   travel   agency   Global   Distribution   Systems,   the   Association   of   Train   Operating   Companies'   central   reservation   system,  National  Express  Coaches'  central  reservation  system,  and  the  National  Lottery  terminal  network.    

PTL   was   engaged   by   the   RSC   (through   McCann   Mathews   Milman   Ltd)   to   evaluate   and   implement   a   central   sales  facility.  PTL  was  subsequently  engaged  directly  by  the  RSC  to  establish  an  overflow  call  centre  facility,   and  an  on-­‐site  box  office  at  The  Roundhouse  in  London.      

PTL  was  invited  to  conduct  a  feasibility  study  into  the  provision  of  an  on-­‐line  ticketing  facility  for  the  Society  of   London   Theatres   web   site.   The   findings   of   this   study   were   accepted   by   the   society's   Board,   and   a   further   detailed   technical   specification   study   was   commissioned   and   undertaken   by   PTL   in   association   with   CommerceNet  Ltd.      

PTL   was   engaged   by   a   consortium   of   Oxford   City   Council,   Oxfordshire   County   Council,   Oxford   University,   Brookes  University  and  Southern  Arts  to  assess  the  feasibility  of  a  city  or  county-­‐wide  ticketing  and  marketing   facility  centred  on  Oxford.  


John  lives  in  Surrey  with  his  wife  and  their  three  young  children.    

Contact Email:     Mobile:     Linked  In:  

[email protected]     Landline:   +44  (0)  1428  643  053   +44  (0)  7711  187708         URL:­‐pinchbeck/a/238/483