recognizing our veterans - Central UMC

recognizing our veterans - Central UMC

Matthew Mason (U.S. Navy) Don Mason (U.S. Navy) Our Veterans In memory of: Frank Brandt (U.S. Air Force) Joseph K. Miller (U.S. Army) Ray Loflin (U.S...

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Matthew Mason (U.S. Navy) Don Mason (U.S. Navy)

Our Veterans In memory of: Frank Brandt (U.S. Air Force) Joseph K. Miller (U.S. Army) Ray Loflin (U.S. Navy) Nuby Melvin Purvis (U.S. Army) Joe Everhart (U.S. Navy) John Taylor Stenhouse Sr. (U.S. Army AF) Walter Grant Deal (U.S. Navy) J.C. Moore (U.S. Navy) Hal B. Moore (U.S. Navy) Charles Lloyd “Bill” Smith (US Army AF) Chris Gobbble (U.S. Marines) William Douglas Klouttz (U.S. Navy) Donald Lee Everhart (U.S. Navy) Frank Thompson (U.S. Army) James “Eddie” Thompson (US Air Force) Joseph D. “Joe” Farmer (U.S. Navy) Jason R. Dudley, Jr. (U.S. Army) Thomas M. Gemayel (U.S. Navy) George N. Gemayel (U.S. Navy) Daniel G. Campbell (U.S. Army) Charles Harmon (U.S. Navy) Robert Reid Goodson, Jr. (U.S. Army) James Arnold Ryan, Jr. (Army Air Corp) Lamont Ryan (U.S. Army) Master Sgt. Bill E. Feezor (US Air Force) Lester Hillard Slate (US Navy) Marvin Rone, Jr. (U.S. Army) Joseph Robert Prentice (Army/Air Force) Kenneth Beall Hall (U.S. Army) Richard Robert Patton, Sr. (U.S. Navy) Rev. Joseph Daniels (U.S. Navy)

In honor of: Col. Wesley Bean, Jr. (U.S. Air Force)\ Richard L. Young (U.S. Air Force) John William Resino (U.S. Navy) Dan Fisher (U.S. Army) CSM Neal Purvis (Army/National Guard) Johnny Lewis (U.S. Navy) Jason Everhart (U.S. Navy) Clyde Miller (U.S. Navy) Holland Dukelow (U.S. Navy) Thomas W. Seay, Jr. (U.S. Army) J. C. Miller (U.S. Army) Vernon “Sam” Ryan (U.S. Army) M. David Farmer (U.S. Air Force) Michael D. Farmer (Marines) Floyd Slate Dennis (U.S. Army) Carlton Keith Dennis (Marines) Wiley Felton Morris (U.S. Army) William Ramsdell Crawford (Air Force) Spencer Faulkner (U.S. Army)