Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence - OHSU

Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence - OHSU

Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence Brandy Price Care Management Andrea Strobel from KPV13 Medical Surgical Oncology submitted the following n...

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Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence - OHSU
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Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence

Brandy Price Care Management Andrea Strobel from KPV13 Medical Surgical Oncology submitted the following nomination… Brandy has been the social worker on our floor for several years. Daily, her acts of kindness and perseverance in the face of obstacles emotional, financial, and medical improve the lives of patients and staff. Recently, Brandy went above and beyond in providing exceptional care at a very difficult time in a patient's and family's life. The patient was a young person who had recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer. She had come from out of town so that her mother could help care for her during her illness. While here, the patient suffered severe pain and was admitted to OHSU, where it became clear that she was near the end of life. The patient's family knew she was sick, but, because of her recent diagnosis and previous good health, it was difficult for them to accept that there was little that we could do to "cure" her. The patient had been admitted on a weekend evening, and, when Brandy arrived to work on Monday morning, she immediately went into action, spending large amounts of time talking with the patient and family about their desires, working with the Palliative Care and the Heme-Onc teams (both of whom also deserve large credit for this patient's care) to allow a peaceful and healing experience, and working behindthe-scenes to ensure that the patient's husband and children had a place to stay and meals when they arrived from out-of-town. Brandy "translated" medical language into plain speech so that the family could understand what was going on. She helped navigate difficult family dynamics, in which different people had different wishes for the patient's care. She coordinated multiple disciplines to ensure that the patient's wishes were adhered to. The really remarkable thing is, Brandy does things like this daily. Her compassion, diplomacy, and skill ease the way for patients to heal and for healthcare providers to give the best care possible. We are lucky to have Brandy as an advocate for our patients and an advocate for us. Thanks to Brandy--she truly deserves a Golden ROSE!