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Recycling Service - Highland Council

Your NEW Improved e ic v r e S g n li c y c e R aidh ÙR Leasaichte Ur Seirbheis Ath-chuairteach Plastic pots, tubs, trays, aerosols and cartons now ...

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Your NEW Improved

e ic v r e S g n li c y c e R aidh ÙR Leasaichte Ur Seirbheis Ath-chuairteach

Plastic pots, tubs, trays, aerosols and cartons now collected. Inverness City

Helping you recycle more d Gur cuideachadh gus barrach


Thank you for recycling your household waste. Around 45% of waste in the Highlands is currently recycled. The Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan sets out a commitment for all Local Authorities to recycle 70% of waste by 2025. Zero Waste means everyone in Scotland needs to play their part in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill so we need to do more and we need your help. To help reach this target, we are making changes to your kerbside recycling collection service which means it will be easier for you to recycle more of your waste.

Your kerbside recycling collection service eachaidh Ur seirbheis togail ath-chuairt bhon chabhsair

Your recycling bins: Blue bin Food waste caddies

The new improved service means that as well as your paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans, you can now also recycle: • Plastic pots, tubs and trays (clean, dry and loose – no black trays) • Aerosols (empty, lids removed) • Food & drink cartons (empty, lids removed) • Envelopes (no windows) Paper, cardboard, envelopes, For all cooked and food tins, drink cans, aerosols, uncooked food waste. food & drink cartons, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. All items should be clean, dry and loose.

For a copy of your collection calendar 8 *  [email protected] (  01349 886603 1

Blue Recycling Bin


You can now recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays such as yoghurt pots, fruit punnets and meat trays. Please give these a rinse to remove any food residue before recycling.

rm Biona Ath-chuairteachaidh Go

All items should be clean, dry and loose. Collected every 2 weeks

and prepare 1 Collect your materials for recycling.

and squash your cardboard all of your 2 Wash 3 Flatten 4 Place your cans, tins, cartons and plastic bottles. materials loosely into

YES 3 Paper 4 Envelopes - remove window 4 Magazines 4 Newspapers 4 Office paper 4 Yellow pages and telephone directories 4 Brochures and catalogues 4 Shredded paper


and plastic containers. Don’t forget to remove the lids.

Food Tins, Drink Cans, Aerosols

your blue recycling bin – no bags please.

your blue bin 5 Place at the kerbside on your collection day by 7am.

Cardboard and Cartons

Plastic Bottles, Containers

4 Cereal boxes 4 Cardboard packaging 4 Large brown cardboard boxes 4 Cardboard tubes 4 All food & drink cartons – rinsed and lids removed

4 All plastic bottles such as milk, detergent, sauce bottles 4 Plastic tubs, pots, trays and punnets

4 Metal lids from jars and bottles 4 Soft drinks cans 4 Food cans eg. baked bean tins 4 Large metal tins such as empty biscuit and chocolate tins 4 All aerosol cans – empty and lids removed ycled Glass bottles and jars cannot be rec m to in your blue recycling bin. Take the ntre. your nearest Recycling Point or Ce


NO 8 8 Glass 8 Plastic bags & wrapping 8 Black plastic trays 8 Polystyrene 3

Food waste

Remember We all have food waste. You can use your caddy to recycle tea bags, coffee grounds and even meat bones!

Sgudal Bìdh

For all cooked and uncooked food waste. Collected every week

one of the free liners Transfer any cooked 1 Put into your indoor caddy. 2 or uncooked food waste to the caddy.

caddy and replace with a new liner.

the full liner into your outdoor 4 Place 5 Place your outdoor caddy. caddy at the kerbside


NO 8

All types of food waste – cooked and uncooked

8 Plastic packaging 8 Plastic bags 8 Animal faeces or bedding 8 Liquids and Oils

4 Breads, cakes and pastries 4 Eggs – including shells 4 Fish – cooked and raw, including bones, skin and shells 4 Fruit and vegetables – cooked and raw, including cores and peelings 4 Pet food – wet and dry 4 Rice, pasta and beans 4

the liner is full, 3 When tie and remove from

4 Tea bags and coffee grounds 4 Meat – cooked and raw, including skin and bones

Top tip Remember, do not use plastic bags. Only use the liners provided.

on your collection day and we will collect it.

Need more liners? When your supply of liners is running low simply tie an unused liner to the handle of the kerbside caddy on your collection day. A new supply of liners will be placed inside your caddy after it has been emptied.


Your household waste Recycling Centre h airson Ur Ionadan Ath-chuairteachaid sgudal taigheadais

What happens to the materials I recycle? a bhios Dè tha tachairt dha na stuthan mi ag ath-chuairteachadh?

The materials we collect from your blue bin are sent to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where different materials are identified and separated. The various materials are then sent to reprocessing outlets where they are turned into new products.

There are a number of Recycling Centres throughout the Highlands which allow you to recycle a wide range of materials. Items such as household furniture, small and large electrical items, garden waste, glass bottles and jars, clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac and much more can be recycled at these locations. For further information about your local Recycling Centre – where it is and what can be recycled: 8 * [email protected] ( 01349 886603

How to use your Recycling Centre: • Always separate your waste before visiting the site. • Do not bring unsorted waste in bags as many items can be recycled at the site.

What happens to the food I recycle? a bhios Dè tha tachairt dhan bhiadh mi ag ath-chuairteachadh

Your food waste is taken to a special processing plant where it will be composted and utilised as fertiliser.

• Do not put recyclable materials in the landfill skips. • Please note - large loads could be turned away during peak times. 6

Information kindly provided by Scottish Water Horizons 7

Re-use Ath-chleachdadh

Every year in Scotland many potentially re-useable items are sent to landfill. There are great re-use organisations in the Highlands that offer alternative ways of disposing your unwanted items whilst helping your local community and reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill. Why re-use? • You’ll be benefiting your local community and charitable organisations by supporting employment and volunteering opportunities. • You’ll be helping to reduce the amount of items being sent to landfill, reducing the environmental impact of waste. • You’ll be saving your Local Authority in landfill disposal costs; money which can be better spent in your community.

Questions and answers Ceistean is Freagairtean

Q Where can I recycle my glass bottles and jars? A Please remember, DO NOT place glass bottles and jars in your blue bin. There is an extensive network of Recycling Points and Recycling Centres located at various sites throughout Highland to recycle your glass bottles and jars. Glass is not accepted in the blue bin because fragments can become mixed with the other items. This is very hard to remove and can make the other recycled materials a much poorer quality and may result in them being rejected by the re-processors. For further information about where your nearest facilities are visit: 8 * [email protected] ( 01349 886603 Q Why don’t you accept plastic bags for recycling? A Plastic bags are made of a range of lower-value plastics which are difficult to sort and re-process, they can contaminate other materials and become entangled in the sorting machinery. Re-use your carrier bags or take them to a supermarket that has a recycling collection for bags.

Blythswood Care: 0845 456 9460 New Start Highland: Inverness, Lochaber and South Highlands 01463 715 615 Caithness & Sutherland 01847 890 696 8

Q Where can I get new food waste liners? A When you need more food waste liners, please tie a bag or last liner to the handle of your caddy. The collection crews will leave a new roll in the caddy after it has been emptied.


To request this information in an alternative format e.g. large print, Braille, computer disc, audio tape or suitable language, please contact us using the details below. If you would like more information on any of the Highland Council’s recycling services visit: 8 * [email protected] ( 01349 886603