Registration Mark Usage Guidelines - NEA

Registration Mark Usage Guidelines - NEA

REGISTRATION MARK USAGE GUIDELINES Revised Registration Mark With effect from 1 July 2015, NEA’s registration mark for public health pesticides and re...

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REGISTRATION MARK USAGE GUIDELINES Revised Registration Mark With effect from 1 July 2015, NEA’s registration mark for public health pesticides and repellent products shall be revised to comprise two elements: (a) Registration number (b) Registration logo (New)

(a) Registration Number Colour While there are no restrictions pertaining to the colour of the registration number, the text should be clear and readable against the background colour of the product label. Font Size The font should be at least 10 pt and not less than 3mm in height.

(b) Registration Logo Colour The registration logo is available in three colour choices. The selected colour choice must have adequate contrast against the background colour of the product label. Click on the logos below to obtain the respective artwork. To use, right click on the artwork and save the picture. Preferred Duo-Colour

Red Hex #AB1F2D RGB 171 / 31 / 45 Pantone 7621C

One-Colour (Black) for light backgrounds

Black Hex #000000 RGB 0 / 0 / 0 Pantone Black C

One-Colour (White) for dark backgrounds

Opaque White Hex #FFFFFF RGB 255 / 255 / 255

Size The logo should not be less than 5mm in height.

1 NEA/VCSD/ July 2015

Exclusion Zones There should be sufficient clear space around the registration logo from the other contents on the product label. The minimum clear space required is based on the distance between the two rings.

Recommended Layout The recommended layout is to position the statement of classification (i.e. “For General Use” or “For Restricted Use”), the registration number and the registration logo in the given order in a centralised fashion.

Min. 3mm Min. space


Min. 5mm


Statement of Classification Registration No. Registration Logo

The above layout is not mandatory. In the event of space limitations, flexibility is allowed in the placement of the required components as long as the statement of classification, both parts of the registration mark (i.e. Registration number and Registration logo) are in conspicuous positions and adhere to the remaining guidelines. Please refer to the Guidebook to the Registration of Public Health Pesticides and Repellents for more examples.

Logo Stickers Registration logos in the form of stickers are allowed during the implementation phase between 1 July 2015 and 1 July 2016. The sticker can be affixed onto any available space within the product label, preferably as close to the registration number as possible. From 1 July 2016 onwards, the sticker option shall phase out and the registration logo should be incorporated into product labels in print.

2 NEA/VCSD/ July 2015

Unacceptable Applications of the Registration Mark & Logo

Changing the Colours of the Registration Logo

Stretching or Distorting the Registration Logo

Overlapping the Registration Logo with Other Text or Logo SINNEA-I-XXX/XXX/XXXX

Inappropriate Pairing of the Logo with Other Text or Logo

Splitting the Components of the Logo

Changing the position or placement of text



Improper Use of Registration Mark on Dark or Solid Backgrounds SINNEA-I-XXX/XXX/XXXX

Improper Use of Registration Mark on Similarly-Coloured Backgrounds SINNEA-I-XXX/XXX/XXXX

Improper Use of Registration Mark against Complicated Backgrounds SINNEA-I-XXX/XXX/XXXX

3 NEA/VCSD/ July 2015