residential alarm permit - City of Moore

residential alarm permit - City of Moore

RESIDENTIAL ALARM PERMIT  New Permit Application ($25) - or -  Information Update for Permit #R_______ (free) Name: ____________________________ ...

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RESIDENTIAL ALARM PERMIT  New Permit Application ($25)

- or -

 Information Update for Permit #R_______ (free)

Name: ____________________________ Street Address: __________________________ ZIP: ________ Home Telephone: ________________________ Work Telephone: _______________________________ Mobile Phone: ____________________text? yes

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EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION List at least two persons other than yourself who have access to your home and could be of assistance to police or fire department responders. Be sure to put in a complete address.

Name: ______________________________________ Relationship: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State: ________________________________ Home Telephone: _____________ Work Telephone: _____________ Mobile Telephone: _____________ Name: ______________________________________ Relationship: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State: ________________________________ Home Telephone: _____________ Work Telephone: _____________ Mobile Telephone: _____________ Name: ______________________________________ Relationship: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State: ________________________________ Home Telephone: _____________ Work Telephone: _____________ Mobile Telephone: _____________

HAZARDS INFORMATION Guard Dog on Premises? ____________________ Other Hazards? _______________________________

ALARM INFORMATION Alarm Company Name: _____________________________________ Telephone: __________________ Type/Coverage of Alarm: ________________________________________________________________ Examples: Burglar, Motion Sensors, Fire, Smoke Detector

Applicant Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________

CITY APPROVALS City Clerk: _________________________________ Date: ________________ Payment: _____________ 9-1-1 Director: _____________________________ Date: ________________ Permit: _______________

Police and Fire Alarm Ordinance Information The City of Moore Permit If you install, operate, or maintain an alarm system at any location in the City of Moore, you must obtain a permit from the City. • Your permit sticker must be displayed at or immediately adjacent to the front or main entrance to the premises which is protected by your alarm. • You must keep the information on your permit, particularly those persons you wish to be notified, current and accurate. Your Response to Alarms At times, the police or fire departments will need an alarm user to respond to an alarm - perhaps to secure the residence or business, to check for loss, or to determine if fire or smoke is present. Since you might not always be available to respond, on the permit, you must list the names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least one other person whom you authorize to represent you. This person must be provided with keys to access your residence or business. If you are notified of an emergency, i.e., the existence of a fire or the attempted commission of a robbery, burglary, or other criminal action, you or your designated personnel must proceed immediately to the location of the alarm to assist the emergency responders. False Alarms To minimize the number of false alarms in Moore, the City will take action to suspend the Alarm System Permit of businesses who have an excessive number of false alarms. The number of false alarms is considered excessive: • For businesses with less than 25 employees, more than 3 false alarms within any 3 month period; • For businesses with 25 or more employees, more than 6 false alarms within any 3 month period; • For residences, more than 3 false alarms within any three month period. If corrective action is not taken within one week of notification of excessive alarms, the Permit will be suspended. The Permit will be reinstated only after a written request is made to the City, along with a statement that corrective action has been taken. In addition, a reinstatement fee must be paid. False alarms are deemed to be those in which the alarm has been activated through mechanical failure, malfunction, or negligence on the part of the alarm user. These can include alarms caused by: • Errors or mistakes

• •

Malfunctions of the alarm system Intentional misuse

Alarms will not be considered as false when determined that activation was caused by: • Severe weather causing physical damage to the premises. • Natural or man-made catastrophe, such as tornado, floods or other similar conditions. • Vandalism • Telephone line outage. • Testing by a licensed alarm business agent Minimum Alarm System Standards In order to provide the best possible protection to the premises, and to lower the number of false alarms received by the Moore Communications Center, certain minimum standards have been set for alarm systems located in the City of Moore. Generally, these standards include: • Any alarm using a local audible or visual device to attract the attention of the public must be equipped to automatically discontinue the alarm within 30 minutes. • Every alarm system will be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply which will sustain the operation of the alarm system for at least 4 hours. • All fire detection systems must comply with the Life Safety Code of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). • Only U.L. listed components must be used in new alarm installations. Automatic Dialing Systems & Prerecorded Messages If your alarm systems employ automatic dialing devices with pre-recorded or programmed messages and you wish these systems to dial direct to the Communications Center, certain requirements must be met: • Your system must dial a phone number designated by the Director of the Moore Communications Center. • Your system must also dial another party listed on the alarm permit. • In no circumstance shall the system dial the emergency telephone number 9-1-1. • Messages must be no longer than 25 seconds and include the address and phone number of the location of the alarm, the Alarm Permit number, and the type of emergency the system is reporting. • Your system must not redial the Moore Communications Center more than once.

A copy of the full alarm ordinance is available from the City Clerk’s office at City Hall