RESOLUTION NUMBER 170 John & Victoria Johnson - St. Louis

RESOLUTION NUMBER 170 John & Victoria Johnson - St. Louis

RESOLUTION NUMBER 170 John & Victoria Johnson Restaurateurs of the Year Broadway Oyster Bar WHEREAS, John and Victoria Johnson, proprietors of the Bro...

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RESOLUTION NUMBER 170 John & Victoria Johnson Restaurateurs of the Year Broadway Oyster Bar WHEREAS, John and Victoria Johnson, proprietors of the Broadway Oyster Bar, are being honored by the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Missouri Restaurant Association as the 2015 Restaurateurs of the Year; and WHEREAS, John and Victoria Johnson bought the Oyster Bar in 1997 from John’s college friend, Joe Farrell and Farrell’s business partner; and WHEREAS, Vicki at first thought John was crazy for entertaining the idea, after she had worked at many jobs in the restaurant business, including tending bar, waiting tables, and managing restaurants, and she reminded John that the industry often entails working on holidays; the Johnsons decided that the character of the Oyster Bar reminded them of their numerous trips to New Orleans, where they had fallen in love with the food, music, atmosphere, and the Southern hospitality they found there; and fortunately for the City of St. Louis the Johnsons decided to purchase the Oyster Bar; and WHEREAS, the Johnsons have worked to make the Broadway Oyster Bar the best Cajun-Creole and seafood restaurant north of New Orleans; they have won numerous awards over the years, including Riverfront Times and Sauce Magazine readers’ polls for their food, staff, music, and atmosphere, none of which would have been possible without the help of Executive Chef Brad Hagen, the Johnsons’ irreplaceable office manager, Mary Moramarco, the Johnsons’ family, and their many loyal employees; and WHEREAS, the Johnsons’ four children all work at the restaurant, though their twins, Tory and Tess, just graduated from college and are planning to pursue other careers, their oldest daughter, Blair, is the bar manager, and their son, Brett, takes care of social media and booking bands; and WHEREAS, the Johnsons’ most memorable guests were displaced residents of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, when Vicki contacted the Salvation Army and extended an invitation to all those displaced by the hurricane to bring their families to the restaurant for a free meal and a taste reminiscent of home; and WHEREAS, the well-known food writer, Joe Pollack, once wrote over 30 years ago that “There is, quite simply, nothing in St. Louis quite like the Broadway Oyster Bar.” NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Alderman of the City of St. Louis that we pause in our deliberations to congratulate John and Victoria Johnson for their many years of success and for their being named restaurateurs of the year and we direct the Clerk of this Board to spread a copy of this Resolution across the minutes of these proceedings and to further prepare a commemorative copy to the end that it may be presented to our honoree at a time and place deemed appropriate by the Sponsor Introduced this 8th day of January, 2016, by: The Honorable Donna Baringer, Alderwoman 16th Ward Adopted this 8th day of January, 2016, as attested by:

_______________________ Timothy O’Connell Clerk, Board of Aldermen

__________________________ Lewis E. Reed President, Board of Aldermen