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Resume - Stephan Boyer [email protected] S TEPHAN B OYER Experience Skills Software Engineer, Airbnb February 2015 - Present • Coordinated several...

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S TEPHAN B OYER Experience


Software Engineer, Airbnb February 2015 - Present • Coordinated several API integrations with partner companies • Built a static type checker for Ruby based on structural subtyping • Played a key role in the launch of Airbnb’s “Co-hosting” product • Drove the percentage of failed builds due to flaky tests from 30% down to < 1%

Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Haskell, SQL, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node.js, React.js, Coq, type theory, Unix

Software Engineering Intern, Dropbox Summer 2012 and 2013 • Helped build the initial prototype of Dropbox Business • Built the current version of the photos / thumbnailing infrastructure Teaching Assistant, MIT 6.170 Software Studio Fall 2012 • Led recitation section and held weekly office hours • Graded student work • Prototyped student projects, wrote section agendas, etc. Research Assistant 2011 - 2012 The Julia Project, MIT CSAIL • Design and implementation of a high-performance programming language for scientific computing • Implemented a web-based REPL interface + data visualization

Strong design and user experience sensibilities Extensive experience with AVR micro controllers (C) and the Arduino Platform Machine tools, MIG welding, soldering

Selected Personal Projects Human-operable electric self-balancing unicycle Kitestring—personal safety app (95,000 registered users) Netflix Party—Chrome extension for group Netflix viewing events (160,000 weekly users) Real-time 3-D raytracer in JavaScript

Software Engineering Intern, Panjiva Summer 2011 • Developed a new online dashboard for Panjiva users • Implemented a verification layer on top of the deployment system to improve site stability Hardware Architect 2010 - 2011 Innovations in International Health • Developed CoolComply, an award-winning solar powered refrigeration device for storing and monitoring MDR-tuberculosis medication • Designed a two-wire protocol for microcontroller communication

Interactive data structure visualizer Subjunct—social secret sharing app Domain name generator based on ngram Markov chain model C++ Unicode string processing library Fluid + responsive grid layout framework in CSS

Awards and Recognitions Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology M.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, February 2016 B.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, June 2013 Coursework – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Program Analysis, Parallel Computing, Probabilistic Systems Analysis, Software Construction, Computation Structures, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Systems Engineering, Theory of Computation, Computer Graphics, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis, Advanced Data Structures

1st Place, MIT’s Web Programming Competition (6.470) CoolComply device (IIH) won a $100,000 Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grant 3rd place, MIT’s Autonomous Robot Design Competition (6.270) Various projects featured on highprofile tech media outlets including TechCrunch, Mashable, Engadget, TIME, Hack a Day, Ubergizmo, The Discovery Channel, The Boston Globe, BostInno, Gizmowatch, DVICE, The Huffington Post, et. al.