RFQ - City of Blue Ridge, Texas

RFQ - City of Blue Ridge, Texas

CITY OF BLUE RIDGE Request for Qualifications Professional Engineer Consulting Services REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS CLOSING DATE: June 23, 2017 10:00 ...

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Request for Qualifications Professional Engineer Consulting Services REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS CLOSING DATE: June 23, 2017 10:00 AM LOCAL TIME




PURPOSE / OBJECTIVE The City of Blue Ridge, Texas ("City") is soliciting Statements of Qualifications ("SOQ") from professional engineering firms and professional engineers for the selection of engineer consulting services in accordance with the term, conditions and requirements set forth in this Request For Qualifications (“RFQ”). The RFQ provides interested firms and licensed professional engineering practitioners with the information necessary to prepare and submit their qualifications for consideration. Any professional engineering firm and any professional engineer responding to this RFQ shall be licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers in accordance with and pursuant to the Texas Engineering Practice Act. See Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1001.


SCOPE OF SERVICES Provide a full-service engineer consultant regimen for design and/or contract documents suitable for bidding purposes for roadways and streets, water distribution and transmission mains, water storage facilities, water supply and treatment, wastewater collection and interceptor mains, sewer lift stations, wastewater treatment and disposal, hydrology and hydraulic design, storm drain systems, culvert design, storm water erosion protection, traffic and transportation systems, allpurpose trails, parks and landscaping. Provide a full service engineer consultant regimen for master plans and capital improvements projections, plat review, site plan review, flood damage prevention, other engineering related studies and project cost estimating.


TIME PERIOD The selected firm(s) will be retained at the City’s discretion. Projects will be assigned to the firm the City has retained. The firm will be requested to provide a proposal for their service for approval by the City.


LIMITATIONS During the period a selected firm is under contract with the City of Blue Ridge, the firm will not be permitted to perform any services for any agency, developer, contractor or individual performing work within or for the City, other than that work assigned or approved by the City.



RESPONSE SHALL INCLUDE AT A MINIMUM THE FOLLOWING AND BE PRESENTED IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: SECTION ONE: 1. Full name of the professional engineering firm responding to this RFQ ("Proposer") together with a list of the professional engineers who are principals or employees of the Proposer, and their respective license numbers issued by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. 2. Proposer's primary contact regarding this RFQ. 3. Proposer's primary office location that will serve the City. 4. Length of time Proposer has been in business. 2

SECTION TWO: 1. Specific services Proposer will provide and Proposer's ability to provide these services. 2. Qualifications and relevant project experiences of Proposer. 3. If Proposer has performed work with the City currently or before, please list the project(s) including an explanation of the work performed and the time frame within which Proposer previously provided such services to the City. SECTION THREE: 1. Qualifications (curriculum vitae) of the proposed project manager(s) and key personnel that will provide services to the City on behalf of Proposer. SECTION FOUR: 1. Provide information regarding Proposer's proven ability to perform work in a timely manner to serve the City's needs. 2. Provide a list of Proposer's references and their contact information, including name, phone number and address. To the extent possible, please provide municipal, county and state references. ATTACHMENTS: For a professional engineering firm to be selected, it is not necessary for the firm to be proficient in all areas outlined in the attachment. Please indicate the services that Proposer can provide consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by other members of the engineering profession, both public and private, currently practicing in the same locality under similar conditions. If Proposer has special expertise in one or more areas that may be provided to the City, please indicate those special expertise services Proposer can provide consistent with the appropriate local, regional and national professional standards. Each proposal must include in Proposer's Qualification Statement a complete disclosure of any alleged significant prior or ongoing civil or criminal litigation or investigation: (1) which is pending and involves the Proposer or any current of former principal of Proposer; or (2) in which the Proposer or any current of former principal of Proposer has been judged guilty or liable. Please also indicate whether the Proposer or any current of former principal of Proposer is now or has previously been identified on the List of Parties Excluded from Procurement or Non-Procurement Programs maintained by the United States Department of Labor. One (1) original and eight (7) copies of Proposer's response must be included. The SOQ shall be limited to a maximum of twenty, sequentially numbered 8-1/2" x 11" pages (one sided only and including the cover letter). Any cost incurred by Proposer in responding to the RFQ is the responsibility of the Proposer and cannot be charged to the City. B.

SUBMISSION: Delivery of the Qualification Statement shall be included in one package and marked plainly as: • PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER CONSULTING SERVICES STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS The completed Qualifications Package shall be delivered to: •

City of Blue Ridge 200 S. Main Street Blue Ridge, TX 75424 3

Attn: Edie Sims, City Secretary Questions or comments regarding the RFQ may be addressed to: •

Edie Sims City Secretary Phone: 972-752-5791

[email protected] Interviews with selected firms may or may not be requested by the City. Selection may be made strictly from the information provided in the SOQ. REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017 10:00 A.M. LOCAL TIME