Robert Hatler

Robert Hatler

Official Publication of the New Jersey State Council Knights of Columbus Robert Hatler State Deputy INSIDE THIS ISSUE: 1 ~ State Deputy’s message 2 ...

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Official Publication of the New Jersey State Council Knights of Columbus

Robert Hatler State Deputy

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: 1 ~ State Deputy’s message 2 ~ Membership Corner 2~ Upcoming Degrees 3~ Upcoming Events 4 – Program of the Month 5~ General Programs 5~ Patriotic Corner 6~ Special Programs 6 – Culture of Lifes 7 – Insurance Matters 7 - Webmaster 8 - Squires Corner 8 ~ From the Editor’s Desk 9 - Milestones

Dear Brother Knights, At our State Convention in May you provided me with the humbling honor of becoming the State Deputy of the New Jersey State Council. I am following a long line of Past State Deputies who have worked hard and diligently to make the New Jersey State Council successful in so many programs known throughout the Order. It is truly an honor to be placed in this position Let me first say THANK YOU to the Past State Deputies who have shown their confidence in me to place my name in nomination and to the delegates throughout the State for electing me to this position! As I have said many times, YOU, the local councils and its members are the STATE COUNCIL. We, the State Officers, are here because you have also shown us worthy to be the leaders of this great organization here in New Jersey. Let me also say THANK YOU to Past State Deputy Bruce DeMolli and his entire team of Directors and Chairmen, for all of their hard work and dedication over the past two years. Under his leadership the State Council has moved in a positive direction and I can only hope to keep us on that same path as we start a new Fraternal Year. To the new and returning Grand Knights, District Deputies and all the local council offices I offer my congratulations as you assume this position. I pledge mine and the other State officers’ assistance to you whenever needed. We are here to make your year in office a successful one! As I stated at the Grand Knights meeting we have a big task ahead of us in the upcoming year – TO GROW THE ORDER IN NEW JERSEY! We are a State council with over 62,000 members but as each year passes we get older! We need to direct out attention now, more than ever, to bringing in younger members to fill in behind us! In order to attract new members, councils need to BE ATTRACTIVE! WE must show others what we do and that we are “Anchored in Our Charity and Fraternity” as Catholic men, helping others in our Church, Community and Councils. By doing this we will grow our Order! There are many opportunities for each member to become involved in your local Council and to assist in the growth of the Order. Please get involved! Reach out to the Grand Knight and offer to assist in the many worthwhile council programs. Any amount of time you may have, big or small, is beneficial towards doing great things and will help to grow the Order. th I wish you all a peaceful and fruitful summer and a special 4 of July holiday when we celebrate this GREAT country we live in. VIVAT JESUS Bob Hatler, State Deputy


individual Degree below for details.





1 – July 18

Council 2531




1 - July 11 2nd – July 13 3rd – July 21 1st - August 27

Council 2188 Council 4486 Council 2853 Council 3550

Westwood Park Ridge Fair Lawn Ridgefield



1 - July 20 2nd - July 20

Council 3402 Council 3402

Keyport Keyport

Degree Notes: 

Candidates and observers should be dressed appropriately, jacket and tie.

Candidate escorts should have all Degree paraphernalia when arriving at Degree location.

Dear Brother Knights: It is my honor to have been asked by our State Deputy to serve as the State Membership Director. Growing our Order and advancing its ideals and principles is the goal of the Membership Team and we hope that you will join in on our mission. Over the past two weekends, Orientation meetings have been held for the District Deputies and the Grand Knights. I was fortunate to have been able to address both groups and share with them some facts about the state of membership in our Order and in the State of New Jersey. Of the 1.9 million members of the Order worldwide:  490,000 are over the age of 70,  14% of the membership is over the age of 80,  54% of the membership is over the age of 50 Of the almost 64,000 Brother Knights in the State of New Jersey:  25.3% are between 50 and 59,  21.9% are between 60 and 69  17.5% are between 70 and 79,  15.9% are 80 and over The best way to bring in new members is through the programs and activities that your council sponsors. Men are not looking to join the Order to go to meetings. It is great if they can attend meetings, but being involved in our programs is a sign of their dedication and commitment to the Order. Grand Knights and the Council Officers should use the time early in the Columbian Year to plan programs and appoint chairmen who will lead your council’s programs. The Supreme Council has challenged each jurisdiction to outperform the best month, membership wise, over the past five years. I have called this challenge – THE SUMMER OF PLUS 1: In July of 2012, 129 members joined the Order in NJ – our goal for July 2017 – 130 (129 + 1) August 2012, 142 members joined the Order in NJ – our goal for August 2017 – 143 (142 + 1) September 2015, 152 members joined the Order in NJ – our goal for September 2017 – 153 (152 +1) I encourage all Grand Knights to work with your st District Deputies to plan Admission Degrees (1 Degree) st for the 1 Quarter of this Columbian Year so that we can meet these goals. As always, the Membership Team is here to assist you anyway we can. Please feel free to contact me and I will help you or direct you to the Membership Chairman of your Diocese. For your reference, the Membership presentation from the Grand Knights Orientation Meeting will be posted on the state website. VIVAT JESUS! Russell D. Petrocelli, FDD State Membership Director

* PLEASE NOTE – ALL MONTHLY REPORTS ARE DUE AT THE STATE COUNCIL OFFICE ON THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH. Be sure to make a note of the activities that are scheduled for the next several months. Click the specific activity [hyperlink] to obtain more information, details and forms. Log-in required

2017 July 1 -

Form 185 due at Supreme

July 4 -

Independence Day – FLY YOUR FLAG

July 15 -

State Installation of Officers

Aug 1 –

Form 365 due at Supreme

Aug 1, 2, 3 – Supreme Convention – St Louis, Mo. Aug 12 – Birthday of Father McGivney

Aug 14 – Anniversary of Fr McGivney’s Passing Aug 15 – Semi-Annual Audit due

JULY 2017 S






S 1









10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Aug 15 - Soccer Challenge Kits Order Form due


Sept 1 – Essay and Substance Abuse Order Form Sept 5 – Labor Day – FLY YOUR FLAG



Sept 11 - Day of Rememberance – FLY YOUR FLAG 6















10 11 12


20 21 22 23 24 25 36 27 28 29 30 31

SEPTEMBER 2017 Please forward this Newsletter to all your council members.


S 3

M 4

T 5

W 6

T 7







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PARISH ROUND TABLES Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney formed the first council of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut. From that humble beginning, the Order has grown throughout North America and the world. If the Order is to continue to grow, it is important we have a presence in every parish and community of worship. How can this be done? One way is to form Round Tables in nearby parishes, or ethnic communities of worship in your own parish that do not have Knights of Columbus representation. Sponsored by an existing council, Round Tables serve to “reach out” to other churches, ministries and ethnicities in the Catholic community increasing membership and participation. In parishes where multiple ethnic communities are present and Masses are conducted in more than one language, Round Tables also serve as a unifying influence. In time, given a significant growth in membership, Round Tables can become councils in their own right. The first step in forming a Round Table is to meet with the Pastor. When meeting with the Pastor, it should be explained the Knights are there to help him and his parish. Review what the Knights have to offer in the way of services, fraternal benefits and volunteerism, and discuss the needs at his parish. Get the Pastor’s recommendations for leadership, and who should be approached to join. A Round Table is formed by filling out Form #2629, which can be found online at: Once formed, the Round Table must be renewed each year by the sponsoring council. As a leader in your local council and parish community, you are perhaps most knowledgeable about where Round Tables might be formed. Nearby parishes without councils of their own, mission churches, Newman Centers, colleges, universities and ethnic communities within your own parish are all candidates for Round Tables, and serve to significantly increase the number of men, families and ministries served by our Order. It takes only a single member to serve as a Round Table Coordinator and provide others opportunity to become a member! How to Establish and Operate a K of C Round Table The Knights of Columbus Round Table booklet (#2632) is included in the “Surge…With Service” programming packet. Each Grand Knight should review the step by step procedure in the booklet. The Grand Knight should also assign a Round Table Coordinator for each parish that he feels could be served by his council. Remember that our ultimate objective is to have a Council in every parish large enough to support a council and a Round Table in every other parish. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance in getting your Round Tables started. My contact information is in the Membership section of the State Directory Fraternally, Christopher Tomsello, MFD

I am Truly Honored to be Chosen as the State General Program Director for 2017-18 My thanks to State Deputy Bob Hatler for his trust in me to lead his Program area. I would also like to thank Bob again plus State Advocate Ray Sands and State Warden Jim Sweeney, for selecting me in the past to be their Deputy Program Director during their terms as General Program Director. It allowed me learn the ropes from the best. And my Congratulations to all the re-elected and newly elected Grand Knights. This is a position of importance and pride. We in the Program area are here to help all of you attain Star Council. Also, a Thank You to all the District Deputies for this Fraternal Year. You are greatly appreciated by all of us. My Directors for this Fraternal Year are Christopher Ege, FDD in Church Programs; Community Activities is Paul Pinkman, FDD; Council & Fraternal Activities are led by John Leclerq, FDD; Youth Programs is Ron Hall, FDD; and leading the Squires and Squires Rose Program once again is Peter Briody, PGK. My Deputy Director is Scott Williams,DD. Anything you need, all you need to do is to reach out to anyone of us. Also, please lean on your District Deputies. These men, remember, have all done the job you are now doing. Experience is the best way to learn to do things correctly and to succeed. It may be summer, but I am sure all the Councils have many summer activities planned, whether it is Picnics, Golf Outings, trips to ballparks, etc. It is not too early to start filling out your SP-7 for next year. Every time you run an affair, jot it down on the form and before you know it the form will fill itself out. By now you should have already submitted your forms 185 and 365 for your Officers Elected and Chairman selected. It is time to start setting your agenda for the year. There are Programs that are in the GK Handbook that are year-round and need planning. Consider getting your member to join the McGiveny Guild, which is free. Take time to honor the Altar Servers in your Church with a BBQ or ballgame. How about the Fly the Flag and Shoulder to Shoulder Program? Finally, one of my pet peeves is the Family and Knight of the Month Program. Do you have any idea how many Awards you can win just by submitting a form? These 2 Awards are very important and it leads to being submitted in the Knight and Family of the Year Award. Finally, as Ben Franklin said “Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I Remember. Involve me and I Learn.” Remember we are all a phone call or email away Harold Delaney, FDD, NJ State Program Director

Dear Brother Sir Knights: As we enter the summer months, we tend to put our formal Assembly business on the back burner, but we cannot take the summer off. Planning and preparing, with your team of officers, is crucial for a successful Columbian year. There are paperwork deadlines in the summer that need to be met, and of course, recruiting new members for the upcoming Fall Exemplifications of the 4th Degree. Hold a planning meeting with your officers and plan patriotic and civic programs for the upcoming year; get your chairman in place now and assist them in coordinating these activities. If you are looking for new activities to involve the members of your Assembly, consider visiting one of the Veterans’ Homes. In Paramus, mass is held on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Ask your Assembly Friar to say Mass for the veterans and have your membership present to assist in bringing the residents to Mass. This is both a church activity and a civic/patriotic activity. Some of the summer deadlines for paperwork include:  July 1 – Report of Chosen Officers (Assembly Form 186)  August 1 – Assembly Audit (Assembly Form 1315)  Please complete the on-line information for the State Directory no later than July 15th. In the First New Jersey District, the Fall Exemplification of the 4th Degree will, once again, be held in conjunction with the Military Ball. The Military Ball formally presents the Faithful Navigators, Assembly Commanders, Battalion Commanders, and Aides to Master to the Master and Vice Supreme Master and we honor our fallen Brothers with the recitation of the Annual Necrology. This is preceded by the Exemplification of the 4th Degree. These events will take place on Sunday, November 19, 2017, starting at 1:00 PM at LaNeve’s in Haledon, New Jersey. I encourage you to start recruiting new members to the 4th Degree and to participate in the fraternal activities on November 19. I remind all Color Corpsmen across the state to participate in the Installation of the State Officers and District Deputies on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Please muster at 9:00 AM at The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark in full regalia for the 10:00 AM Mass. Please enjoy the summer with your family and friends and continue to fulfill the Patriotic mission of the 4th Degree. VIVAT JESUS! Russell D. Petrocelli, Master, First New Jersey District

Brother Knights, On numerous occasions, His Holiness Pope Francis directs us to protect all life, from conception to natural death, and he reminds us that we have a duty to care for the most vulnerable of our society. In one message, His Holiness advised, “Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in His own image, destined to live forever, and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect.” (07/17/2013) On another occasion, His Holiness further advised, “A society truly welcomes life when it recognizes that it is also precious in old age, in disability, in serious illness, and even when it is fading; when it teaches that the call to human fulfillment does not exclude suffering; indeed, when it teaches its members to see in the sick and suffering a gift for the entire community, a presence that summons them to solidarity and responsibility.” (02/19/2014) Therefore, as Catholics and as Knights of Columbus, we must proactively take action and help the vulnerable within our communities. From children and adults with intellectual disabilities to those afflicted with various diseases which can drastically affect a person's quality of life, there are many instances of those that critically need our assistance. The quality of life of every person is very important and how we care for the needs and dignity of each individual may even affect the lives of our family or friends. We need to remember that we are all God’s children and God is the one who gives us rights, dignity, and worth. Education and financial support of these programs is crucial for discouraging the myths that are often used to justify actions contrary to life. As Knights of Columbus, we are not only men of faith, we are men of action. We must show that life, at any age, can be lived to its fullest, with joy and satisfaction, according to God’s time-table. We are called by Christ through our Catholic Social Teaching to protect the weak and the vulnerable, to care for the needy, and to treat all persons with respect and dignity. Some of the programs needing your support within Special Programs include: Special Olympics, the Intellectual Disabilities Fund Drive, the Polar Bear Plunge, Alzheimer's Awareness and Respite Care, Autism Awareness, Autoimmune Disease Awareness, Deborah Hospital Support, the Organ Donor Program, the Marian Devotion Program, and Support for Persecuted Christians. These programs are described in detail in the NJ State Council's Grand Knight's Handbook and will each be highlighted in future editions of the Crusader by their respective State Chairman. Please familiarize yourself with these programs so that you and your council can not only give financial support, but also be able to refer those in need to the appropriate program for assistance or guidance as to where to get the help or information needed. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not going it alone can make the pain and suffering bearable. Please continue to pray for the sick and disabled, as well as all those in need, especially persecuted Christians! Marty Boyle, FDD, Director of Special Programs

This month marks the beginning of a new year with a new State Deputy, Brother Bob Hatler. We have an opportunity to start fresh in our efforts to re-establishing a Culture of Life, especially as many of our programs have been revised and updated. Your council’s program people should be meeting this month to lay out your plans for the Columbian Year. Use this time wisely to evaluate what you have been doing for Culture of Life and how you can take it to the next level. Start planning the steps now. First, name a Respect Life Chairman for your council, and send his information in to the State Council. The form can be found at this LINK. Things will go better with a Brother in your council who is focused on this. You should also look to your Catholic Citizenship efforts, especially for the next two years, as no matter how the election turns out, we will not have a Pro-Life governor! Make sure you have an R&C Chairman, and then let us know who he is at this LINK. Please make this one of the first things you do. Second, lay out at least four Culture of Life programs for the next 12 months. But when you do, please do not just list exactly what you did last year! We have many different programs to choose from; make this the year you do something different! But don’t forget that many of these programs require donations, so start planning your fundraising; the earlier you start raising the money the better! Make your plans now for a Rose Sale or a Baby Bottle Boomerang. The resources and information you need are in the Grand Knight’s Handbook. One exciting project you could think about is the mobile ultrasound, which is new this year. If you know of a pregnancy care center in a rural area, or one that does not have room in their building for a full sized machine, why not dedicate yourselves to raising the money for one (along with an iPad to display the image)? A center that wants to provide this life-saving service, but cannot due to location or space restrictions, would now be able to do so. What a great way to make an impact! The 20/20 Project can also use your help! Our best chance to get the Pain-Capable Child Protection Act passed in New Jersey is to have it come to a vote during the “lame duck” session after the election. Contact your assemblymen and senator and push then to vote Yes! Schedule a Mass in your parish for the “Protection of Babies in the Womb and Their Families,” and display the car magnet on your vehicles. Details and resources are on pp. 10-42, 43 of the Grand Knight’s Manual. With a good game plan for the year, there is nothing we cannot accomplish in the cause for life! So let’s get to work! Steven J. Richardson, FM Culture of Life Programs

Page 7


Why do we sell insurance? I am often asked, “Why does the Knights of Columbus sell insurance?” The simple answer is because Father McGivney wants us to. We were founded as a fraternal benefit society in 1882, and our charter states that our purpose for being is, “to provide pecuniary aid to the widows and orphans of our members”. Fr. McGivney started us so that no Catholic family would suffer financial devastation from the loss of a loved one. That should still be the first focus of what we do as Knights, protect our families. From that starting place, where there is shared protection, we have become one of the greatest forces for good on the planet. We are ordinary men, that when joined together for a common cause, do extraordinary things. Our record of service and charity in our parishes and communities is unequaled. We all should be proud of the accomplishments we and our brother Knights have had in making a difference for those less fortunate and/or in need. We truly are living out Jesus call from the Gospel of Matthew, where he tells us, “what you do for the least among you, you do for me”. But, it all comes back to that shared protection. As we start the new Columbian year make a fraternal resolution to sit down with your assigned Field Agent and review what you have in place to make sure that your family is truly protected. It should be considered a fraternal obligation, a debt we owe Father McGivney for his love and concern for all of us, to meet with your agent. Insurance with the order has been voluntary since 1966, but as we all know death is not voluntary, (and there a bunch of bad things that can happen to us before death, that the Order can protect your family from). Let us help you and your family, that’s what we do and who we are. Charles Miraglia General Agent

JULY 2017

As The Fraternal Year Turns… It is that time of year when I begin to “build” the new database for the mail server. I do not want anyone to become “out of the loop” as they transition from an active role to that of a “past”, “previous” or “former” change to their title or role throughout the State. Data for the 2017-2018 State Directory is being compiled for Staff, Council, Assembly, and Chapter / Federation, positions based upon elections and appointments. Based on this data, I then shift 2016-2017 names to Former- or Paststatus. In this way they will continue to receive the monthly State Newsletter, The Crusader, and broadcast e-mails that have been pre-approved by our State Deputy, Bob Hatler.

I make the final mail server transition of over 15,000 recipients on July 31st each year, so between July 1st-30th, outgoing staff and officers are asked to forward any misdirected mail to their successors. The goal, as always, is to reach as many of our Brothers Knights as possible who desire to be kept informed on the upcoming programs throughout the State. Please encourage your fellow members to sign-up for the monthly newsletter and major alerts by visiting the state website at and clicking “Media” and follow the link to sign up for The Crusader. Vivat Jesus!!! Bernie Ernst, FDD NJ State Council Webmaster

Page 8


Welcome to our New Columbian Year, brothers. The summer months are a slow time for Knights Activities, but there are some things that need to be taken care of in July & August for the Health of you council. The officers of the council need to put together a budget for the year and have your two votes to approve by September, when the activities really kick in. I will ask you to consider budgeting funds for 3 state scholarships;  Father John F Murray Scholarship  John Attardo Scholarship  Bishop Dougherty Scholarships Brothers, over the last several years working with our State Columbian Squires and Squire Roses, our Circles have become a very active within our councils, and our state providing a great deal of support as well as our State Wide Squire Retreat and also we enter a Statewide Squire/Squire Rose team for the Annual Tank Pull. In your preparation for the New Columbian Year if you don’t already have a Squire/Squire Rose Circle, you should consider one. Our current active Circles are extremely important to our councils, parishes and communities. If you have a Squire Circle it meets all the requirements for youth programs for the Columbian Award. Brothers are you interested in starting a Circle Contact:  Peter Briody, PGK o Columbian Squires/Squire Rose Director – [email protected]  Tom Rohe, DGK o Columbian Squire/Squire Rose Regional Chairman North [email protected]  Anthony Cozzi, FDD o Columbian Squire/Squire Rose Regional Chairman Central [email protected]  William McCartney, FDD o Columbian Squire/Squire Rose Regional Chairman [email protected]  Nick Cutrone, PGK o Columbian Squire/Squire Rose State Committee - [email protected] Contact any of these Brothers to assist in starting a circle. Peter D Briody, PGK Columbian Squires/Squire Rose Program Director

july 2017

Brothers, And so another Columbian year begins, another State Deputy takes command of the NJ State Council. We must thank PSD Burce DeMolli and Lady Anna for their service to our State Council and the Order. Congratulations to our current State Deputy, Bob Hatler. He has worked hard to get to this position and his staff will work hard for him so he can achieve the goals Supreme has set for the NJ State Council during his term of office. Now, on to business. The state website is being updated to reflect the 2017 Staff and their willingness to assist the Councils in the state to be the best they can be. Each of us is here to help, all you need to do is contact us, our information will be in the State Directory when I finish putting that together. Speaking of which, I ask that all necessary information be filed online through the State Website. Chapter/Federation, Assembly, Council and Insurance information is being gathered as I write this. Our ambition is to get these directories printed, collated and in your hands by the beginning of September, but we cannot do that without your help. District Deputies need to file their Councils information, Navigators or Comptrollers need to file the Assembly information, Chapter/Federation information needs to be filed, as does the Insurance Agency information. Please be as accurate as possible so we can print this year’s book with correct information. The Directory will be available online throughout the year for your convenience. If an email address, phone number or address changes, please file that information through the website also, marking it as an “update”. We can update the online Directory throughout the year as often as necessary. I hope your Councils, Assemblies, Chapters and Federations have a successful year, helping to grow the State Council and the Order. John A Gazis, FDD Crusader Editor












Msgr C G McCorristin






Berkeley Hts









Bishop Edward Hughes

Three Bridges














Rev John F Welsh





George Washington





Fr Joseph A Cassidy

Budd Lake




St Joseph's





St John Neumann





St Theresa

Little Egg Harbor




St Joseph's




State Deputy Robert Hatler along with the entire NJ State Council and the Newsletter Staff would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL councils best wishes on their Charter Anniversary. May your council continue to grow and do good deeds for many more years to come! Let’s continue to grow our Order, expand our programs and continue to be “Anchored in our Charity and Fraternity!”

[NOTE: Due to the large number of anniversaries in certain months, we may have to limit the publishing list to the names of councils celebrating their 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th Anniversary in some months. When there is adequate space for more, we will include all Councils]

The CRUSADER is the Official Monthly Publication of the New Jersey State Council, Knights of Columbus State Deputy: Robert Hatler Executive Secretary: John Connell, FDD Executive Offices: 172 Main St, West Orange, NJ 07052 Publisher Robert Hatler, State Deputy

Editorial Board: Editor John Gazis, FDD

Circulation Bernard Ernst, FDD