Robert Metcalfe

Robert Metcalfe

From: Robert Metcalfe [mailto: Sent: September 17, 2012 10:19 PM To: Shell.Reviews [CEAA] Subject: Question Answer .... I am doing a written subm...

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From: Robert Metcalfe [mailto: Sent: September 17, 2012 10:19 PM To: Shell.Reviews [CEAA] Subject:




I am doing a written submission

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Robert Metcalfe

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Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns about the expansion of this and any future oil sands project. As a native Albertan, I continue to object to the ongoing extraction and upgrading of tar sand materials. The contribution the Alberta tar sands projects to global warming is well documented let alone the detrimental effects on the provincial water resources, the provincial wild life, the citizens of northern Alberta and disturbance of habitat across the province.

Written Submission:

If Alberta people cannot find viable alternatives to the fossil fuel paradym for our economic system, then shame on us. While Albertans and Canadians bask in the wealth of the tar sand exploitation, we hasten the destruction of province we love so dearly. Who has the economic reserve to be an example for change? Albertan do. Who should do the right thing and stop the madness - the twisted logic that says we should continue expanding the tar sands so Canada can be an economic powerhouse at the expense of the environment and the rest of the world? Well Albertans can find an alternative. Stopping the expansion of the tar sands is a first step. Increase the royalties on the current oil and gas extraction, and direct the money into the largest and most effective effort to make Alberta and Canada leaders in the production of safe

alternative energy. As a native Albertan I would be proud of that future. I am not proud of what we are doing now including the proposed expansion. Your consideration of my opinion in your deliberations is appreciated. Thank you. 1. the disposition of the proceeding that you will advocate, if any; 2. the facts that you propose to show in evidence; 3. the reasons why you believe the Panel should decide in the manner you advocate, and; 4. if relevant, whether you have attempted to resolve issues associated with the proceeding directly with the proponent;