Round 6 - Collegiate Quiz Bowl Packet

Round 6 - Collegiate Quiz Bowl Packet

Round 6 1996 Questions on the Crum Tossups By Princeton 1. You may remember the famous pine-tar scene of George Brett running enraged around Yankee st...

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Round 6 1996 Questions on the Crum Tossups By Princeton 1. You may remember the famous pine-tar scene of George Brett running enraged around Yankee stadium quite well, but what about the pitcher who served up the famous nullified home run? FTP, name this long-time Yankee closer, who has since pitched for the San Diego Padres. ANSWER: Rich _GOSSAGE_ 2. This nobel prize winner's last adventure was an attempt to visit Tannu-Tuva, a republic on south-central Siberia. He's better known for his work on QED and his ability to play bongo drums. FTP, name this theoretical physicist who picked locks while working on the atomic bomb at Los Alamos. ANSWER: Richard _FEYNMAN_ 3. Everyone knows by now that Hong Kong is going to revert to Chinese rule in the year 1997. Therefore, FTP, name this other soon to be returned European colony, which has been held by the Portugese since the 16th century. ANSWER: MACAU 4. The full name's the same. The younger graduated from Princeton in 1920 and was appointed to the Supreme Court by Eisenhower. The elder was appointed by Hayes and is best known as the lone dissenter in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson. FTP, what is the full name shared by this grandfather / grandson pair? ANSWER: _JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN_ 5. "Can anyone dictate to God when he is to speak, or command him to make a proclaimation?" "Happy indeed are they whom God rebukes!" "There lived in the land of Uz a man of blameless and upright life". FTP, what book of the Bible do all of these quotes come from? ANSWER: JOB 6. Second time's the charm. John Woo's Broken Arrow has grossed nearly 60 million dollars; a vast improvement over his first attempt to break into the American market. FTP, name Woo's first American film, a box-office flop starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Answer: _HARD TARGET_ 7.1t merged with Activision in the early 1990's, but in its day it was responsible for a wide variety of computer interactive fiction games. Founded in 1976, it produced, among others, Deadline, Suspended, Wishbringer, Planetfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the Zork series. FTP, name this software company. Answer: _INFOCOM_

8. This family of elements is extremely malleable and basically grayishwhite in color. Part of its name comes from the Middle Ages when alchemists noticed that these elements were insoluble in water and unchanged by fire. FTP, name this family of elements whose oxidation number is always +2 and whose elements include calcium and magnesium. ANSWER: _ALKALI NE-EARTH_ metals 9. His money-making schemes included selling raincoats without belts, beach scented perfume, and a make-your-own pizza restaurant. These failed for various reasons, but no project was as large as his coffee table book about coffee tables. FTP, name this eccentric TV character whose first name is "Cosmo", the neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld. ANSWER: KRAMER 10. It's defined as a set of strategies for all players in a game where no player has a positive incentive to change strategies. In other words, it defines a set of strategies at which no player can become better off by changing strategies. FTP, name this economics and game theory concept, named after the man who first described it, for which he won the 1994 Nobel Prize. ANSWER: NASH EQUILIBRIUM 11. The name has a rich political history: Sally is an 82-year-old California Democrat, the oldest congressional challenger this year; it was the first name of the first vice-president of the confederacy; but of course the most famous holder of this name, thanks to his failed Presidential campaign, is Lamar. FTP, what's the shared name? ANSWER: ALEXANDER 12. Have you had pigeon recently? Wondered where it came from? London's Scotland Yard thinks that they might be snatched from this famous London square. FTP, name this landmark, home of a statue of Admiral Lord Nelson. ANSWER: TRAFALGAR Square 13. An early unfinished work was entitled "The Picnic". Later works include the "Haystacks" and "Cathedrals" series. FTP, name this impressionist painter who continued to paint until his death in 1926. ANSWER: Claude MONET 14. Also known as the Pact of Paris, this 1927 treaty was named after Calvin Coolidge's Secretary of State and a French diplomat. FTP, name this treaty which was an attempt to end all war. ANSWER: KELLOGG-BRIAND treaty

15. He wrote almost all of his notable poetry in adolescence, between 15 and 20. Shortly after these years of literary output, he travelled to the Middle East, and eventually set up a business in Ethiopia, never to write another poem. FTP name this 1854-born French Symbolist poet. ANSWER: Arthur Jean Nicolas RIMBAUD 16. Bayswater, South Kensington, Elephant & Castle, Russell Square, Seven Sisters, Moorgate, Bond Street, Tower Hill, Victoria, Oxford Circus, Picadilly Circus. Mind the gap when you leave these stops on, FTP, what famous public transportation system? ANSWER: The London UNDERGROUND or the _TUBE_ (prompt on London) 17. Born at Dole, France in 1822, his scientific career started early, when he founded the field of stereochemistry at the age of 26 through his investigations of wine sediment. In later life, he found ways to protect silkworms against disease, beer against decomposition, and farm animals from various diseases. For ten points, identify this scientist whose work clearly refuted spontaneous generation. ANSWER: Louis PASTEUR 18. Kurt Wait is a 43 year old sales analyst and single father, from Redwood City, California. His friends say he is a normal guy, but he does make a mean Macadamia Fudge Torte. Good thing, too, as it won him $50,000 as the first male winner of, FTP, what annual com petition? ANSWER: PILLSBURY BAKE-OFF 19. Upon the election of Richard Nixon, this ailing Supreme Court justice vowed he would not retire until he died, rather than see Nixon name his replacement. Eventually, he compromised, but still outlasted Nixon, retiring in 1975 after 38 years of service. FTP, name this liberal, author of the opinion in Griswold v. Connecticut. ANSWER: William O. DOUGLAS 20. His passport erroneously listed this basketball player as 5 feet, two inches tall since, in their haste, they accidentally measured him sitting down. This measurement was a bit short of his actual height: 7 feet, 7 inches. FTP, name this journeyman NBA center, who has logged time with Washington and Philadelphia, among many other NBA squads. ANSWER: Manute BOL 21. Eliminate the unwanteds using experience, hair, chest, butt, age, height, or any of a number of superifical categories, then watch the three finalists try to match your answers and win the race to you for a date. This is the daily plot of, FTP, what matchmaking game show, which MTV admits probably gets most of its viewers simply to watch Jenny McCarthy. ANSWER: SINGLED OUT

22. Police were told to respond to a disturbance: a potential break-in. The suspect, "a black man, large, well-dressed." So, the Georgia police responded, and subsequently arrested, FTP, what Republican presidential candidate, who went on a hunger strike to protest his non-invitation to the debate? ANSWER: Alan _KEYES_ 23. This admiral captured the Indian cities of Goa and Malacca in the early 16th century, founding the Portuguese empire in the East. His name lives on as an American city on the upper Rio Grande. FTP, name him or the city, where Bugs Bunny always seemed to miss a left turn. Answer: Alfonso de _ALBUQUERQUE_ 24. "I was aiming for America's heart, but I hit it in the stomach." So said what famous American socialist author, FTP, in describing the effect of his classic, "The Jungle" had on the American public. ANSWER: Upton SINCLAIR 25. A skilled orator who spent most of his life as a public official, this man is known for his prose and historical accounts of the Roman Empire. His works include the Germania, an account of the Germanic tribes, the Historiae, an account of the Flavian dynasty, and his Annals, which chronicle the years of the Julio-Claudian emperors. FTP, name this Roman historian. Answer: Tacitus 26. This Midwestern city was the site of the worst water contamination episode in recent U.S. history when cryptosporidium in the water supply killed nearly a hundred people. Scary thought for those who consume one of this city's major products, beer. FTP, name this city on the west bank of Lake Michigan, north of Chicago. Answer: Milwaukee 27. A poet, painter, and visionary, as a child he saw Ezekiel standing in a field and angels sitting in a tree. His engravings for "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" and "Songs of Innocence and Experience" are unusual blends of writing and picture overlapping and blending together. FTP, name this early Romantic figure. Answer: William _BLAKE_ 28. The less energy it has, the faster it travels. It would seem to violate all the laws of physics, but it was predicted by Einstein's theory of special relativity. Its name is derived from the Greek root for rapid, and rightly so. FTP, name this hypothetical particle which must always travel faster than the speed of light. Answer: _TACHYON_ 29. This first big movie hit of 1996 features a soundtrack containing everything from Beethoven to Ray Charles; fitting, because it's about a music teacher. FTP, name this sleeper hit starring Richard Dreyfuss, which chronicles the 30 years a composer spends teaching high school music in Oregon. Answer: _MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS_

30. The youngest of 4 children , he was an All-American at UNLV as a punter, but he's better known in the NFL at another position. He is believed to be the only NFL player with punts and touchdown passes of over 90 yards. FTP, name this quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, known as much for his running as his passing. Answer: Randall _CUNNINGHAM_

Round 6 1996 Questions on the Crum Boni by Princeton 1. (20 points) FTP, identify the following "emerging" diseases. 1) Making its appearance in 1993, this hantavirus is sometimes called the Four Corners virus. However the virus' official name was changed to this, a two word phrase which literally means "without name" in Spanish. ANSWER: SIN NOMBRE virus 2) This family of bacteria contains the dreaded flesh-eating bacteria. Name it. ANSWER: STREPTOCOCCUS 2. (20 points) How about some German philosophers and their German expressions? I'll give an English translation, you give the German original, FTP each. 1) Nietzsche's Superman ANSWER: UBERMENSCH 2) Kant's "thing-in-itself" ANSWER: DING-AN-SICH 3. (25 points) Ready for some geography fun? Place these states in decreasing latitude of their southernmost point for five points each. Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia ANSWER: WEST VIRGINIA, ILLINOIS, VIRGINIA, MISSOURI, TENNESSEE 4. (30 points) We know you're good at first lines of modern literature, but how about classical epic? For the stated number of points, give the title of the work from which these are taken: 1) Five points, "Rage-Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' Son Achilles" ANSWER: ILIAD 2) Ten points, "I sing of arms and the man" ANSWER: AENEID 3) Fifteen points "Wars worse than civil we sing, waged on Emathia's plains" ANSWER: PHARSALIA 5. (20 points) Apollo 13, commanded by Jim Lovell, failed to reach the moon. However, Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 did. For ten points each, name any three of their commanders. Answer: Alan _SHEPARD_, Neil_ARMSTRONG_, Pete _CONRAD_, D. _SCOTT_, John _ YOUNG_, Gene _CORMAN_

(30) 6. Recently, one of science fiction's most beloved films had a sequel, in novel form: Blade Runner II. FTP each, name the original novel the film Blade Runner was based on, its author, and the author of the new Blade Runner book. Answer: _DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?_, Philip K. _DICK_, K. W. _JETER_ 7. (30 points) For fifteen points each, identify these sites of pre-Columbian Mexican cultures. a. The capital of central Mexico from the second to 7th century AD, its Temples of the Sun and the Moon are connected by the Avenue of the Dead, a massive walkway over 2000 meters long. Answer: TEOTIHUACAN (tay oh TEE hwa cahn) b. This Mayan city contained the series of temples known as the Group of the Cross. Located in presnt-day Chiapas, it was suddenly abandoned in the early 9th century AD Answer: PALENQUE 8. (30 points) The networking standard which controls how information is transmitted across the Internet is known as TCP liP. For five points per word, and a bonus five for all five, expand TCP/IP. ANSWER: TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL I INTERNET PROTOCOL 9. (30 points) Answer these,questions about the first lady and Whitewater for 10 points each. a) The law firm Hillary Clinton worked for for 15 years ANSWER: ROSE b) The Senator chairing the special investigation committee. ANSWER: AI D'AMATO c) The last name of the couple with which Clinton made the deal, whose own trial starts soon. ANSWER: Jim and Susan MCDOUGAL 10. (30 points) Identify the following former Prime Ministers for ten points each: 1) In 1876, this 29th Prime Minister of Britain proclaimed Queen Victoria Empress of India ANSWER: Benjamin DISRAELI 2) New Zealand's first Prime Minister ANSWER: Richard John SEDDON 3) South Africa's first Prime Minister, a commander of the Boer forces during the Anglo-Boer War. ANSWER: Louis BOTHA

11. (30 points) For ten points each, give the decade of the following scientific developments 1) The first electric generating station, designed by Thomas Edison, begins operation ANSWER: 1880's (1882) 2) The first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction ANSWER: 1940's (1942) 3) Benjamin Franklin publishes Experiments and Observations on Electricity ANSWER: 1750's (1751-1754) 12. (30 points) Currently, only two US states had governor terms other than 4 years. These states have the same term length. 1) For ten points, name the states and the term length ANSWER: _2 YEARS_, NEW HAMPSHIRE, VERMONT 13. (20 points) Appeared on an episode of Star Trek, dead, both, or neither. Five points each + 5 more for all correct. 1. John Tesh APPEARED on STAR TREK 2. Merrit Buttrick BOTH 3. River Phoenix DEAD 14. (20 points) Given a quote from a Shakespeare play, name it for 10 points each. 1. "A play there is, my lord, some ten words long, Which is as brief as I have known a play; But by ten words, my lord, it is too long" ANSWER: A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT'S DREAM 2. "So shaken as we are, so wan with care, Find we a time for frighted peace to pant" ANSWER: HENRY IV, PART I 15. (30 points) 30-20-10 Name the year. 30. The second Vatican Council states that there was no objection in principle to observing Easter on a fixed Sunday 20. Sylvia Plath dies 10. J. F. K. assasinated ANSWER: 1963

16. (20 points) You're at the middle of the world; not the earth's core, but the intersection of the equator and the prime meridian. Name these countries you're close to for 10 points, and for 5 if you need the capital. a) 10: If you traveled due north along the prime meridian, you'll wind up in this nation. 5: Its capital is Accra. ANSWER: GHANA b) 10: If you traveled due east along the equator, you'll be in this country. 5: Its capital is Libreville. ANSWER: GABON 17. (30 points) I'll name the female half of a famous (or not so famous) TV relationship, and you name the male half, 10 points each. a) Winnie Cooper ANSWER: Kevin ARNOLD ("The Wonder Years") b) Kelly Kapowski ANSWER: Zack MORRIS ("Saved By the Bell") c) Wanda Plenn ANSWER: Doogie HOWSER ("Doogie Howser, M.D.") 18. (30 points) Since the inception of the three-point shot in college basketball, there are only four college teams who have hit at least one three-pointer in every game. You'll get 10 points for naming any three of them, one each from the SEC, the Ivy League, the ACC and Big West. ANSWER: (in order) VANDERBILT, PRINCETON, GEORGIA TECH, UNLV 25. All for ten, and one for none! FTP each, all or nothing, name the Three Musketeers, and for five more per actor, name the actors who portrayed them in the recent Disney version. Answer: _ATHOS, PORTHOS, ARAMIS_; Oliver _PLATT_, Charlie _SHEEN_, Chris _O'DONNELL_ 20. (20 points) Answer these questions about the political primary season for 10 points each. a) In New York, Steve Forbes pre-empted this program with an infomercial about himself; many were unhappy, but it's unlikely they were his voters anyhow. ANSWER: THE SIMPSONS b) Two prominent D.C. Republicans warned all Republicans from voting for Pat Buchanan; for 5 points each, name these two men, one who threw his support to Forbes, the other to Lamar Alexander. ANSWER: William BENNETT; Jack KEMP

21. 30. 20. 10.

(30 points) 30-20-10, name the composer from his works. Incidental music for the operas Guilio Cesare and Rodelinda The oratorios Saul and Israel in Egypt. Water Music and the Oratorio, Messiah ANSWER: George Frederick HANDEL

22.{20 points) Given the title of a book a Newbery Award winning author has written, give the title of the book the author actually won the award for. You get five points if you need the name of the author. 1. 10 points - A Swiftly Tilting Planet 5 points - Madeline L'Engle ANSWER: A WRINKLE IN TIME 2. 10 points - Over Sea, Under Stone 5 points - Susan Cooper ANSWER: Grey King (20) 23. Given the exchange, name the movie in which you'd hear it, 10 points each. a) 1:"You mean, they ruined my life over a bet!? For how much?" 2:"A dollar." ANSWER: TRADING PLACES b) 1:"You were right, you know." 2:"Excuse me, sir?" 1:"The Lippenzaners, they are from Spain, not Portugal." ANSWER: CRIMSON TIDE 24. (20 points) Smallpox has been eliminated from the world .. or has it? A. FTP, what was the last year in which natural cases of smallpox were recorded by the World Health Organization? ANSWER: 1977 (not 1979 - infection from laboratory samples) 8. For five points each, name the two cities in which the last known samples of the smallpox virus exist. ANSWER: ATLANTA, Georgia, and MOSCOW 25. 30. 20. the 10.

(30-20-10) Name the theologian from his works. On Christian Liberty, To the Christian Nobility The Small Catechism and the Large Catechism, The Babylonian Captivity of Church A Mighty Fortress ANSWER: Martin LUTHER

26.{20 points) The Tokugawa shogunate of the 17th and 18th centuries established a class system in which the four main classes were the peasants, the merchants, the artisans, and the warrior-bureaucrats. For twenty points, all or nothing, list them in order from highest to lowest. ANSWER: WARRIOR-BUREAUCRATS, PEASANTS, ARTISANS, MERCHANTS

27. (30 points) Acronyms are popularly used in place of the names of federally funded programs. For each acronym of a New Deal program provide, for ten points each, the full name. a) WPA ANSWER: WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION b) TVA ANSWER: TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY c) NRA ANSWER: NATIONAL RECOVERY ACT (30) 28. Have you been watching ER? Are you confused as to where each character is in his or her medical career? For ten points apiece, as of the 1995-96 season, identify the position of the following characters: 1. Doug Ross ANSWER: FELLOW(ship) in pediatric emergency care 2. John Carter ANSWER: fourth year MEDICAL STUDENT 3. Susan Lewis ANSWER: RESIDENT in emergency medicine