round one: monopoly. round two: geography. - Lancaster City Quiz

round one: monopoly. round two: geography. - Lancaster City Quiz

LANCASTER CITY QUIZ LEAGUE: QUARTER FINALS (MONDAY 13th APRIL 2OI5). Quiz set by BLACK BULL BROOKHOUSE A. Usual rules apply. Required words are in BOL...

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LANCASTER CITY QUIZ LEAGUE: QUARTER FINALS (MONDAY 13th APRIL 2OI5). Quiz set by BLACK BULL BROOKHOUSE A. Usual rules apply. Required words are in BOLD CAPITALS. Congratulations to all on progressing this far - enjoy!

ROUND ONE: MONOPOLY. No, not the board game, questions on which should be banned from quizzes permanently! The answers are words beginning with either MONO- (1A - 2B or POLY- (3A - 4B). All words are nouns. 1A. A scene in a drama in which a person speaks alone, or a long speech by one person in a conversation. (MONOLOGUE). 1B. Two or more letters, especially a person's initials, interwoven as a device. (MONOGRAM). 2A. Obsession of the mind by one idea or interest. (MONOMANIA). 2B. A single block of stone shaped into a pillar or monument. (MONOLITH). 3A. Polygamy in which a woman has more than one husband. (POLYANDRY). 3B. Polygamy in which a man has more than one wife. (POLYGYNY). 4A. A person speaking or writing more than one language. (POLYGLOT). 4B. A solid figure with many faces. (POLYHEDRON). Spares: S1. (MONO-) The doctrine that there is only one God. (MONOTHEISM). S2. (POLY-) A machine designed to detect and record changes in physiological characteristics, used especially as a lie detector. (POLYGRAPH).

ROUND TWO: GEOGRAPHY. Well, sort of. No rivers, mountains or cities here — this is all about names and languages. 1A. FARSI is the official language of which country? (IRAN). 1B. KHMER is the official language of which country? (CAMBODIA). 2A. The name of which country combines the Spanish word for MOUNTAIN with the Italian word for LION? (SIERRA LEONE). 2B. The name of which country literally means WHITE RUSSIA in its own language? (BELARUS or BYELORUSSIA). 3A. NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, NEW MEXICO. Which other U.S. state has NEW in its name? (NEW HAMPSHIRE). 3B. NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA. Which other U.S. state has a point of the compass in its name? (WEST VIRGINIA).

4A. Formerly the NEW HEBRIDES, by what name has this island group been known since July 1980? (VANUATU). 4B. Formerly BURMA, by what name has this country been known since September 1989? (MYANMAR). Spares: S1. Which country is called SUOMI in its own language? (FINLAND). S2. Which country's name, given to it by the explorer Amerigo Vespucci and suggested by the appearance of its lakeside dwellings, translates into English as "LITTLE VENlCE"? (VENEZUELA).

ROUND THREE: THE OSCARS. Given the year, the director, and one actor/ character, can you say which film won the “Best Film" Oscar? 1A. 1941; directed by John Ford; Walter Pidgeon played Mr. Gruffydd. (HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY). 1B. 1950; directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz; Bette Davis played Margo Channing. (ALL ABOUT EVE). 2A. 2013; directed by Steve McQueen; Chiwetel Ejiofor played Solomon Northup. (12 YEARS A SLAVE). 2B. 1975; directed by Milos Forman; Jack Nicholson played Randle Patrick McMurphy. (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST) 3A. 1999; directed by Sam Mendes; Kevin Spacey played Lester Burbank. (AMERICAN BEAUTY). 3B. 1969; directed by John Schlesinger; John Voight played Joe Buck. (MIDNIGHT COWBOY). 4A. 1991; directed by Jonathan Demme; Jodie Foster played Clarice Starling. (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). 4B. 1997; directed by James Cameron; Billy Zane played Cal Hockley. (TITANIC). Spares: S1. 1977; directed by & starring Woody Allen as Alvy Singer. (ANNIE HALL). S2. 1984; directed by Milos Forman; F. Murray Abraham plays Antonio Salieri. (AMADEUS).

ROUND FOUR: COUPLES. Name the famous spouse! First name and surname both required. 1A. Give the maiden name of former PM Tony Blair's wife. (CHERIE BOOTH) 1B. Name the wife of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. (YVETTE COOPER).

2A. Name the politician husband of journalist Sarah Vine. (MICHAEL GOVE). 2B. Miriam Gonzales Durantez is the wife of which politician? (NICK CLEGG). 3A. Who married Elton John in 2014? (DAVID FURNISH). 3B. Who is Paul McCartney's third wife? (NANCY SHEVELL). 4A. Which actor is married to Sarah Jessica Parker? (MATTHEW BRODERICK). 4B. Which actor married Amal Almaddin in 2014? (GEORGE CLOONEY). Spares: S1.Stephen Belafonte is married to which former girl band member? (MELANIE BROWN - accept MEL B or SCARY SPlCE!). S2. Which actress married Portia de Rossi in 2008? (ELLEN DE GENERES).


ROUND SIX: THE BIG READ Given the year of publication, a location, and the name of a character, name the TITLE of the book and the AUTHOR. One point for each, three points for both, and both required for a pass. All are from the Top 20 of the BBC's Big Read. 1A. 1938; Manderley; Maxim de Winter. (REBECCA/DAPHNE DU MAURIER). 1B. 1813; Pemberley; Lady Catherine de Bourg. (PRIDE & PREJUDICE/JANE AUSTEN).

2A. 1951; Edmonton Hotel, New York; Holden Caulfield. (CATCHER IN THE RYE/J. D. SALINGER). 2B. 1961; Pianosa; Yossarian. (CATCH 22/JOSEPH HELLER). 3A. 1954; Mordor; Lord Sauron. (LORD OF THE RINGS/J.R.R. TOLKIEN). 3B. 1979; Restaurant at the End of the World; Ford Prefect. (HITCH-HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY/ DOUGLAS ADAMS). 4A. 1860; Satis House; Estella Havisham. (GREAT EXPECTATIONS/CHARLES DICKENS) 4B. 1960; Maycomb; Boo Radley. (TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD/HARPER LEE). Spares: S1. 1949; Airstrip One; Emmanuel Goldstein. (1984/ GEORGE ORWELL). S2. 1995; Svalbard; Lyra Belacqua. (HIS DARK MATERlALS- NORTHERN LlGHTS/PHILLIP PULLMAN).

ROUND SEVEN: NAME THE YEAR. When did the following events occur? 1A. Spain is hit by civil war as the army rises up against the civilian government. (1936). 1B. Benito Mussolini becomes Fascist dictator of Italy. (1922). 2A. Six countries sign the Treaty of Rome, setting up the Common Market. (1957). 2B. The NHS comes into being on July 8"‘. (1948). 3A. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan begins with the seizure, on Christmas Eve, of Kabul airport. (1979). 3B. The fall of Saigon marks the end of the Vietnam War. (1975). 4A. BBC2 goes on the air; first programme - Playschool. (1964). 4B. The Marine Broadcasting Act bans pirate radio stations. Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 replace the Light & Third Programmes, and the Home Service. (1967). Spares: S1. Dachau Concentration Camp opens in March, just two months after Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. (1933). S2. Ramsey MacDonald becomes the first Labour Prime Minister. (1924).

ROUND EIGHT: GENERAL. 1A. What is the chemical symbol for TUNGSTEN? (W). 1B. What is the chemical symbol for POTASSIUM? (K).

2A. Which TV family lives in Springfield, USA? (The SIMPSONS). 2B. Which TV family lives in Quahog, Rhode Island? (The GRIFFINS). 3A. In Formula 1, which driver has moved from Red Bull to Ferrari for the 2015 season? (Sebastian VETTEL). 3B. ln Formula 1, which driver has moved from Ferrari to McLaren for the 2015 season? (Fernando ALONSO). 4A. Name the cocktail whose ingredients are Vermouth, Whiskey, and Angostura Bitters. (MANHATTAN). 4B. Name the cocktail whose ingredients are Vodka, Orange Juice and Galliano. (HARVEY WALLBANGER). Spares: S1. What is the chemical symbol for LEAD? (Pb). S2. Which fictional town is the setting for the sitcom ’ALLO ’ALLO? (NOUVION). S3. In Formula 1, who is Lewis Hamilton's team-mate at Mercedes? (Nico ROSBERG). S4. Name the cocktail whose ingredients are Vodka, Peach Liqueur, Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice. (SEX ON THE BEACH).

ROUND NINE (TIE BREAK): MIDDLE MAN. No dates to help you here - you must identify the holder of the post stated who held office between the two other individuals named. 1A. Who followed Queen Victoria, and preceded George V, as UK monarch? (EDWARD VII). 1B. Who followed John—Paul ll, and preceded Francis, as Pope? (BENEDICT XVI) 2A. Who followed Roosevelt, and preceded Eisenhower, as US President? (Harry S. TRUMAN). 2B. Who followed P.W.Botha, and preceded Nelson Mandela, as South Africa's President? (F. W. DE KLERK). 3A. Who followed Charles de Gaulle, and preceded Valery Giscard d'Estaing, as French President? (Georges POMPIDOU). 3B. Who followed Harold Wilson, and preceded Margaret Thatcher, as UK Prime Minister? (James CALLAGHAN). 4A. Who followed Walter Ulbricht, and preceded Egon Krentz, as General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party in the DDR ( the German DemocraticRepublic)? (Erich HONECKER)

4B. Who followed Leonid Brezhnev, and preceded Constantin Chernenko, as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR? (Yuri ANDROPOV — he died after 15 months, which was 2 months more than his successor lasted). Spares: S1. Who followed Willy Brandt, and preceded Helmut Kohl, as West German Chancellor? (Helmut SCHMIDT). S2. Who followed Kurt von Schleicher, and preceded Karl Doenitz, as German Chancellor? (Adolf HITLER).

ROUND TEN (TIE BREAK): ROCK TRIVIA. - Name the band from the clue given. 1A. Formed in 1986, and named after a Vulcan princess in Star Trek. (T'PAU). 1B. Formed in 1978, and named after a character in the 1960s sci-fi fantasy film "Barbarella". (DURAN DURAN). 2A. Blues/ Rock band formed by guitarist Tony McPhee in 1963, and named after a John Lee Hooker song. (The GROUNDHOGS). 2B. Formed in 1977, their name was a cynical euphemism for the concentration camp inmates forced to work in the camp brothels. They later became New Order. (JOY DIVISION). 3A. Ben & Jerry's “Cherry Garcia" ice cream was named after the lead guitarist with which legendary San Francisco band? (GRATEFUL DEAD) 3B. Which U.S. band (1983 - present day), featuring Trey Anastasio on guitar, had a very chocolatey Ben & Jerry ice cream named after them in 1997? (PHISH — the ice cream is ”Phish Food"). 4A. Formed in 1967, and named after an 18"‘ century agriculturalist and inventor; their albums include "Stand Up", "Benefit" and "Aqualung". (JETHRO TULL). 4B. Formed in 1977, and named after two detectives in Herge's "Tin Tin” adventures; their hits include "Hold Me Now". (The THOMPSON TWlNS). Spares: S1. Formed in 1966, and featuring Stephen Stills and Neil Young, this band was named after a make and model of steamroller. (BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD). S2. Formed in 1985, and named after a Steely Dan song; their hits include ”Real Gone Kid". (DEACON BLUE). THAT'S ALL FOLKS!