rules and regulations (bylaws) - Newton Saddle Club

rules and regulations (bylaws) - Newton Saddle Club


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ARTICLE ONE This organization shall be known as “The Newton Saddle Club”

ARTICLE TWO THE PURPOSE The club was organized in 1962 with the purpose of promoting, encouraging, aiding, assisting and fostering horseback riding and related activities such as horse shows, demonstrations, trail rides, etc. The Newton Saddle Club shall encourage and promote sportsmanship and good fellowship.

Mission Statement “The Newton Saddle Club exists to promote and encourage community fellowship with events aimed towards encouraging participation in horse related activities. The Newton Saddle Club will strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for all horse enthusiasts.

The Newton Saddle Club’s core values are: Camaraderie Open Mindedness Responsible Horse Ownership Equine Education


ARTICLE THREE MEMBERSHIP AND DUES Any person of good character who is willing to abide by the rules and regulations governing this club may become a member upon payment of dues. Membership dues are $15.00 - single membership, $25.00 - family membership. Dues are for the calendar year beginning January 1. Fun show credit will not accumulate for year-end rewards and I or members will not be allowed to compete in Saddle Club Queen/Princess Contest until dues are paid. New members will be added to the mailing list at the time of paid membership and show credit will begin. A family membership must declare all members of the family. Any family member over age 19 must join as a single member. A family membership includes up to two adults and any children (18 and under) under the care and custody of said adults. Additional youth not falling into this category may be sponsored for $10 per year providing they have a liability form signed by a legal guardian. Sponsored Child- A child under the age of 18, wishing to join, whose legal guardians do not have a family membership. A family may “sponsor” this rider by adding them onto their own membership for an addition $10 per child. A legal guardian of the sponsored child MUST sign the liability release form. Grandchildren, nieces/nephews, family friends, etc. may fall under this category.

ARTICLE FOUR VOTING PRIVLEGES A single paid membership, of a 19 year old or older, is entitled to one vote along with being entitled to the rights, privileges and benefits of this club. One paid family membership in this club shall entitle that family to, TWO votes per household of members 19 years or over. All the children of that membership whose ages are 18 years, or less may participate in the rights, privileges and benefits of this club as a non-voting member. Any person 19 years or over may ascertain voting privileges upon payment of a single membership. At 19 years of age, January 1, a dependent family member is required to obtain his/hers own membership. Children under 18 years of age may not hold a single membership.


ARTICLE FIVE Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct or any other form of misconduct that is irresponsible, illegal, indecent, profane, intimidating, threatening or abusive is prohibited. This provision applies to: Newton Saddle Club members, non-members, exhibitors, trainers, owners, spectators and all other persons on the NSC grounds. Executive board members may immediately expel individuals exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct from grounds and shall file a written report concerning the conduct in question.

Inhumane Treatment. Inhumane treatment of any horse or any other animal on NSC grounds is strictly prohibited. Treatment of any horse will be considered inhumane if a person, educated or experienced in accepted equine training techniques, would perceive the conduct of an individual to be inhumane. Inhumane treatment includes, but is not limited to: (1) placing an object in a horse’s mouth so as to cause undue discomfort or distress; (2) leaving a bit in a horse’s mouth for extended periods of time so as to cause undue discomfort or distress; (3) tying a horse up or around in a stall in the manner as to cause undue discomfort or distress; (4) lounging or riding in a manner as to cause undue discomfort or distress; (5) tying or fastening any foreign object onto a horse, halter, bridle and/or saddle in order to de-sensitize the horse; (6) use of training techniques or methods such as poling or striking a horse’s legs with objects; (7) excessive spurring or whipping; (8) excessive jerking of reins; (9) excessive fencing; (10) excessive spinning (defined as no more than eight (8) consecutive turns in either direction); (11) poling (altering an obstacle while the horse is negotiating the obstacle); (12) schooling over ramped oxers in reverse order (i.e., from highest to lowest instead of lowest to highest); (13) schooling using rails higher than four (4) feet; (14) use of prohibited equipment, including, but not limited to: saw tooth bits; hock hobbles; tack collars; or tack hackamores; whips used for showmanship; war


bridles or like devices; or an type wire or rope over a horse's head will not be allowed. (15) use of any item or appliance that restricts movement or circulation of the tail; (16) exhibiting a horse which appears to be sullen, dull, lethargic, emaciated, drawn or overly tired; or (17) Intentional or negligent treatment which results in any bleeding. (18) Applying excessive pressure on or excessively jerking of a halter lead shank or an allowed lip chain is prohibited.

This prohibition against inhumane treatment applies to members and non-members. Members may be held responsible for the actions of their trainers, agents, representatives and/or employees. For violation of this rule, an individual may be disciplined, suspended, denied privileges, disqualified, expelled from grounds and/or expelled from NSC.

ARTICLE SIX OFFICERS, REPRESENTATIVE AND THEIR DUTIES Prior to annual election, the executive board may create a nominating committee to prepare a list of a minimum of one person for each office and obtain their approval to be so nominated with nominations also being taken from the floor. At the annual election meeting by a secret ballot, majority vote, the attending club members shall elect a President and a Secretary for a two-year term. Vice President and Treasurer shall be dually elected for a two year term in the same manner on alternate years from the President and Secretary. Any board member whose term is expiring will be elected at the annual election by majority vote. Aforementioned elected member's duties are as follows. President - Shall be generally responsible to the members for the operation and conduct of the club, shall promptly carry out and conduct the business affairs and purposes of the club in accordance with good business practices and principles and as directed by the club and preside at club ·meetings. The president shall be elected to serve as such during the next two succeeding years following the annual meeting in which he or she is elected. No president shall serve as such officer for any period greater than two terms in succession.


Vice-President - Shall generally assist the president in the conducting of all duties numerated in the preceding paragraph of this article and shall promptly assume all the rights, privileges and duties of the president in absence of same. The Newton Saddle Club is authorized to have one representative on the Harvey County Free Fair Board. The Vice-President is that representative. The Vice-President will attend Fair Board Meetings and have voting privileges in the business activities and transactions of the Harvey County Free Fair Board. Each year the Vice-President needs to contact the Harvey County Free Fair Board to let them know who the Saddle Club member is. If the Vice-President can not attend any Fair Board meeting they must find an alternate. Secretary - Shall be responsible for maintaining the membership roll. They shall record minutes of each meeting and maintain file of minutes throughout the year. Treasurer - Shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the club and maintain the club checking account; will receive and deposit all incoming money such as dues, donations, etc.; will disburse money for authorized expenditures and present a financial report at each meeting. At the close of each year, auditing committees shall be chosen to conduct an audit of the club books. Expenditures, beyond regular monthly operating costs, shall be first approved either by executive, or general membership and may only be disbursed by the club treasurer. Payment shall then be processed upon receipt of expenses.

Board of Directors - The board will be made of (4) officers with (4) other members, one of whom will be the past president, making eight board members. One board member shall be elected at large to serve a (3) year term. In case the president is re-elected or the past president elected into another office, we will elect one (1) additional member at large for a two-year term to take the place of the past president. There will be a minimum of three (3) general membership meetings per year. Every effort shall be made to keep members informed of expenditures concerning the operation of Newton Saddle Club. However, the board is authorized to make appropriate decisions in times of emergency and/or routine expenditures.

Committees- The Club shall have committees including which may include, but are not limited to: Rodeo, Arena, Fundraising, Fun Show, Events, Queen/Princess. Each committee will elect a chairperson and secretary. Minutes shall be taken at each meeting with minutes forwarded to the club secretary within five days of the meeting. The committee shall prepare a yearly fiscal plan to be reviewed by the club. Committees should be prepared to give a report at general membership meetings.



Contestants must be current members and be signed up for the contest by May 1st Princess contest is for ages 5-9; Queen contest for ages 10-17 Princess class is walk/trot only; Queen is walk/trot/lope Each contestant will work individually as instructed by the judge in a pattern of the judges choice The judge and a member of the NSC board will interview each contestant prior to the riding portion of the contest Contestants will be evaluated on club involvement, horsemanship and personality

Club involvement 50% Horsemanship 25% Character 25% Total: 100% • There will be an alternate in the event that the current Queen/Princess is not able to perform their duties Club involvement: In this portion of the contest, the contestant is asked to show how they have been involved in the club (competing at fun shows, helping at clean up nights, helping in the concession stand, helping at the rodeo etc.) The contestant should explain what they enjoy about NSC and why they want to be the club’s representative. This will be presented during the interview and displayed during the contest and also with club sponsors. This portion can include making a poster, putting together a scrap book, writing a story, etc. Horsemanship: The contestant will be judged on their ability as a horseman. Each girl will work on the rail and also in a pattern which will be posted at least one hour prior to the contest. This is only a small portion of the contest and is being used to evaluate ability. Judging will include cleanliness of your horse and tack, knowledge of the horse and the contestants ability to ride their horse. While this portion is called horsemanship it is not judged strictly on the pattern. The best pattern does not always win!

Character: This is the interview portion of the contest, you will present your club involvement project and tell us about yourself. You will answer questions like what do you enjoy about the NSC, why do you want to be queen/princess and how do you plan to represent the club, you will also be asked questions about the horse you are riding, what do you enjoy doing most with him/her, how long have you been a team, ect. The interviews will be held on the same day as the contest, before the show starts. Royalty will receive a tiara and sash.


Responsibilities as NSC Queen/Princess: The Newton Saddle Club royalty are representatives of the club. Their job is to promote NSC at our events and other events in the area. Their duties include: • Present awards at the rodeo • Present awards at the yearend banquet • Present awards at the trophy show • Ride in the grand entry at the rodeo • Participate in the Harvey County Parade (horseback if possible) • Represent the club at the Women’s ranch Rodeo • Represent the club at other events in the area • Take out thank you baskets to sponsors • Help the next years candidates throughout the contest • Present the crown to the next year’s winner

ARTICLE SEVEN CLUB PROPERTY, RECORDS AND FUNDS All officers will be responsible for club property, records, and funds as applicable to their respective positions. At the end of each calendar year, aforementioned items will be turned over to the newly elected officers. An updated inventory list shall be turned over to the newly elected secretary for club records. All equipment is for the use of the Club and is not to be loaned out to any other person or organization without approval of the Board. An inventory of all club equipment will be conducted once a year, copies and records kept with the Vice-President and Secretary. Disposal and purchasing of equipment must be done with board approval. Committees will be responsible for an inventory list with the executive board having a master list. The inventory list should be updated at the end of each season by committees and the executive board.


ARTICLE EIGHT NON-LIABILITY FOR ACCIDENTS Neither the Newton Saddle Club, nor any officer, agent, employee, or member of the club shall ever be responsible or liable for any accident, loss theft, injury, or damage to members, guests, or any person, which may occur before, during, after, en-route to or from or in connection with any activity of the Newton Saddle Club. All members must sign a liability form at the time of payment of dues with any participant under 18 having the form signed by a legal guardian.

Kansas Statutes 60-4001-4 Article 40.-ASSUMPTION OF RISK OF DOMESTIC ANIMAL ACTIVITY 60-4002.1. Affirmative defense of assumption of risk. Except as provided in K. S. A. 60-4003, any participant is assuming the inherent risks of domestic animal activities when such participant engages in domestic animal activity. The domestic animal activity sponsor or domestic animal professional, pursuant to K.S.A. 60-208, and amendments thereto, shall plead an affirmative defense of assumption of risk by the participant.

Under Kansas law, there is no liability for an in injury to or the death of a participant in domestic animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of domestic animal activities, pursuant K.S.A. 60-4001 through 60-4004. You are assuming the risk of participating in this domestic animal activity. Parents of juvenile members shall be cognizant of the fact that the club and/or officers and members will assume no responsibility on behalf of juvenile members.


RULES AND REGULATIONS CONCERNING THE ARENA ARENA POLICY The arena is open to all current Newton Saddle Club members in good standing when there is no previously scheduled event. This does not include the use of lights, restrooms, concession stand or articles inside. Any member wishing to use any of these things or have non-members at the arena for an event must have prior board approval.

RESERVATIONS OF THE ARENA Any member or outside organization may request to reserve the arena for special events. In order to reserve the arena an individual or group must: (1) Obtain Board approval (2) Submit a certificate of insurance. Each request will be handled individually. A charge for the use of the arena, timer, P.A. system, lights, restrooms, and any other facilities/equipment will also be determined by the board upon each request.

ARENA CLEAN-UP The arena and surrounding area is to be kept up and repaired by those who use it, therefore, any member or outside organization failing in this respect will lose their privileges. A clean-up and damage deposit will be determined by the executive board for all outside organizations along with the signing of a clean-up contract. This deposit will be refunded when the arena meets a satisfactory inspection by the club board. At the conclusion of any event, all livestock will be removed from the arena and the arena & facility will be inspected for damage & deducted from the deposit.

ADDENDUM These rules and regulations of Newton Saddle Club have been approved by consensus of the By-Laws Committee on February 16,2005. All changes to the rules and regulations, either additions, or deletions, shall be incorporated and rules and regulations shall be reviewed at least once a year, preferably at the start of a new calendar year. A copy of the rules and regulations will be available to each member of the Newton Saddle Club.