Rules and Regulations - Ideal Homes

Rules and Regulations - Ideal Homes

Ideal Mobile Home Community, Inc. RULES AND REGULATIONS The management of Ideal Mobile Homes Community, Inc. has established these rules and regulatio...

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Ideal Mobile Home Community, Inc. RULES AND REGULATIONS The management of Ideal Mobile Homes Community, Inc. has established these rules and regulations for the comfort, convenience and safety of all its residents and in order to maintain the community as a clean, pleasant and well kept environment. Cooperation of all of the residents is necessary in order to maintain the standards. These rules and regulations shall apply to all residents and their guests. “TENANT” as used shall include all members of TENANT’s family and their guests.

1. QUIET ENJOYMENT ! ! ! ! a. TENANTS shall be responsible for any disturbance caused to the other tenants for the conduct of their own guests. No activity will be permitted that will disturb the peace and quiet of other tenants. b. Parents are fully responsible for the actions of their children. c. Automobiles shall have properly maintained muffler systems to avoid disturbance to other TENANTS.

2. PETS a. No dogs or any outdoor animals shall be allowed in the Ideal Mobile Home Community, Inc. or in the TENANT’s mobile home. The maximum of two cats is permitted but they must remain indoors at all times.

3. TRAFFIC AND VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS a. The LANDLORD has the right to regulate traffic and speed for the general safety and welfare of all TENANTS. b. TENANTS shall comply with all traffic speed limits, rules, regulations, and signs established by the LANDLORD. Tenants shall maintain a speed limit of not more than five (5) miles per hour when driving in the park. c. Each TENANT shall be permitted to park only one passenger care per lot on the street in front of their mobile home, provided such car is registered with the LANDLORD. Two (2) cars may be permitted provided the TENANT pays the current monthly charge for the second car and provided there is space for the second car. d. Double parking is prohibited at all times e. Only licensed motorcycles may be operated in the park provided such operation does not disturb any TENANT. Go-carts, off-the-street vehicles, mopeds, etc. are not permitted to operate in the park. f. Pick-up trucks up to half (1/2) ton and standard vans are permitted, provided they are: 1) registered with the LANDLORD 2) do not block or obstruct the streets when parked. No step vans or dump trucks are permitted g. Parking or storing of boats, commercial vehicles, travel trailers, campers, motor homes, tent campers, ATV vehicles and unlicensed, unregistered, inoperable or unsightly vehicles is not permitted on the lots or on the streets. h. No repairs (including change of oil) of any motor vehicles are permitted anywhere in the park. i. Cars that leak oil must be removed from the park. The TENANT will be held responsible for all clean up and repair costs resulting from an oil leak that has damaged the streets j. Only one car per driver is permitted with a maximum of two cars per home.

k.Cars parked in violation of fire zones and yellow curbs are double-parked or blocking the road will be issued a summons by the local fire officials. l. In addition, TENANT authorizes LANDLORD to 1) tow away from the parking area or any street are at the TENANT’s sole cost and expense any motor vehicle belonging to a TENANT or the TENANT’s guests or invitees which is parked in violation of any other provision of the lease or rules and regulations or which is leaking any substance of any nature whatsoever onto the improved surfaces of the road or parking area found in the mobile home park twenty-four (24) hours after the TENANT receives notification from the LANDLORD of the parking violation or of the fact that the vehicle is leaking substances onto the aforementioned roadway or parking area surfaces and 2) provide notice of the violation or of the leak observed from the vehicle by leaving a notice on the vehicle and by leaving a copy of the notice at the TENANT’s home when the LANDLORD has reason to know where the owner/ user of the vehicle is.

4. REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE OF SEWER LINES, ELECTRIC LINES, AND WATER LINES, ETC. a. TENANTS are responsible for proper maintenance of water lines, sewer lines, and electric lines on their property above the ground. b. TENANTS are responsible for all repairs and expenses resulting from stoppages of sewer lines and/or damage to water lines and electric lines, due to the negligence of the TENANT or the TENANT’s visitors. c. TENANTS shall protect all water lines and valves above the ground with U.L. approved heating tape with a fused end. d. All electric power cords, telephone and television cables must be buried underground. e. TENANTS shall notify the LANDLORD prior to driving any wooden stakes or posts into the ground.

5. REGISTRATION OF TENANTS a. All TENANTS must register with the LANDLORD before taking occupancy. The LANDLORD must be notified of all changes in the TENANT registration and vehicle registration. An extra charge shall be imposed for more than one car. b. No mobile home shall enter or leave the park without clearance from the LANDLORD. The set up of homes must be approved by the LANDLORD prior to the set up. c. Guests visiting for more than three (3) days must be registered in person at the office. TENANTS are responsible for the actions of their guests. No persons may occupy any mobile home, except those persons named in the registration and at least one TENANT must be named on the mobile home title. d. TENANTS shall use home site and home as a residence only. No use will be allowed that violates any local ordinance, county, state or federal law or regulation.

6. SUBLETTING a.The TENANT shall not sublet the leased space without written consent from the LANDLORD.

7. CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS a. TENANTS shall not make any improvements or plan any new construction without the prior written consent of the LANDLORD. b. All add-a-rooms, tip-outs, stick-built additions and extensions are prohibited.

c. Only one (1) umbrella type clothes line is permitted and shall be placed in the rear of the mobile home and at such a locations as approved by the LANDLORD. d. All mail boxes, mailbox posts and name plates are to be maintained by the TENANT. All newspaper deliveries must be made to an appropriate receptacle and no newspapers may be left on the lot. e. No fences are permitted around or across any mobile home lot. The mobile home space is not to be divided, nor shall boundary lines be formed by cinder blocks or bricks. f. The total amount of amperage used in the TENANT’s home shall not exceed the amount of amperage coming into the home. The TENANT is fully responsible for meeting all state and local electrical codes when any additional electrical appliances are added. The LANDLORD is not responsible for any electrical upgrades. g. When painting the exterior of the mobile home or shed the color must be approved by the LANDLORD.

8. SHEDS a. No new utility sheds shall be placed on the property without the LANDLORD’s written permission on style, quality, size, and placement. b. All new storage sheds are to be constructed of aluminum or vinyl coated steel. No wooden sheds are permitted. c. No sheds may be larger than forty-eight (48) square feet. d. Only one shed is permitted per lot e. All sheds shall be painted and free of rust.

9. AWNINGS a. All window and patio awnings must be approved for style, quality, and placement by the LANDLORD. b. All awnings must be aluminum. c. No screened-in awnings are permitted.

10. POOLS a. All pools are to be portable and made of preformed plastic no more than one (1) foot deep and six (6) feet in diameter. b. All pool activity shall be supervised by an adult TENANT. c. TENANTS are responsible for all repairs to damaged grass. d. Pools must be covered or emptied in the street when not in use. e. LANDLORD may restrict the use of water for pools in any drought emergency. f. All pools must be emptied in the street only.

11. DECKS AND STEPS a. All decks and steps must be approved for style, quality, size, and placement by the LANDLORD and comply with the Uniform Construction Code. b. Pre-treated wood must be used for all wood decks and steps. c. The decks or steps may not be attached to the home. d. No screened-in decks are permitted.

12. OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS a. Any outside contractors hired by a TENANT for any purpose must have proof of insurance on file in the LANDLORD’s office.

13. MAINTENANCE OF LEASED SPACE AND MOBILE HOMES a. The TENANT is responsible for all necessary repairs on the mobile home. b. The TENANT shall maintain his leased space and mobile home in a good, clean and neat condition and shall keep same in good repair. Upon failure to do so and after written notice from the LANDLORD, the LANDLORD may make said repairs and charge the cost of the same to the TENANT as additional rent. The TENANT shall maintain the grass, shrubbery, trees and flowers trimmed and in good condition. The TENANT is responsible for removing all high weeds around and behind their mobile home. c. The LANDLORD reserves the right to enter upon the leased space at any time for the purpose of inspection and utility maintenance. d. No vegetable gardens are permitted. e. All shrubs added to your lot must be approved by the LANDLORD for type and size. f. No storage of any kind is permitted under the mobile home.

14. PROPANE GAS a. All propane gas cylinders must be placed in the rear of the mobile home lot. b. All propane must be delivered and serviced by a professional gas company. c. No extra gas may be stored on the premises except for one (1) twenty (20) pound tank for a gas grill. Only one (1) one hundred (100) gallon tank is permitted. d. Outside grills are permitted but must comply with all laws and fire regulations.

15. RADIOS AND ANTENNAS a. Only one reception antenna shall be displayed or placed on the mobile home and only on the rear of the home. No towers or yard-mounted antennas are permitted. b. No “ham radios” or short wave equipment which will interfere with other TENANTS’ reception of radio or television is permitted. c. For safety reasons, reception devices and masts may only be as high as required to receive acceptable quality signals. Due to safety concerns posed by wing loads and the risk of falling receptive devices, no receptive device mast may be installed that would together extend higher than twelve (12) feet above the roofline. In no event may a receptive device or its mast be installed in such a way that it encroaches onto common areas or the homesite of another resident. d. If a satellite dish is used it must be one (1) meter in diameter (39 inches) or smaller to be placed on the home only. Dishes on the lawn or patio are prohibited. All dishes must be painted an appropriate color to match the home and other homes in the area. The TENANT is fully responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of all receptive devices, dishes and masts.

16. GARBAGE AND RECYCLING a. TENANT shall put out garbage for pick up only on the days designated for pick-up. b. All garbage shall be placed in cans with tight fitting covers. c. TENANT shall be responsible for the removal of any furniture, bedding, appliances or other items which will not be taken by the trash hauler as part of regular curbside pick-up. d. The TENANT must comply with any and all recycling regulations adopted by the municipality.


a. All outside water lines must be disconnected by November 1st. b. TENANTS are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk and walk way in front of their mobile home. c. All cars must be moved during a snow storm in order for the LANDLORD to plow snow from the TENANT’s parking space. d. TENANT shall not shovel snow back into the street

18. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, SMOKE, CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS a. Each TENANT shall keep an approved five (5) ABC fire extinguisher in operating condition and readily accessible in their mobile home. b. Each TENANT shall install a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide in their mobile home.

19. SKIRTING a. All homes must be skirted. b. New skirting or skirting being completely replaced shall be of pre-finished aluminum or vinyl (one color), installed vertically with vent panels, of a color harmonious with the color of the home. c. Skirting shall not be removed from the home, except for the purposes of repair or inspection of the home. d. Skirting must be factory designed for mobile homes only. e. No wood or homemade skirting.

20. SELLING YOUR MOBILE HOME a. The LANDLORD reserves a right of first refusal to purchase the mobile home from the TENANT. b. If TENANT wishes to sell home after LANDLORD exercises right of first refusal, it can be sold using one of the two following methods: 1. Listing with management: TENANT must notify LANDLORD of intention to sell mobile home and request to enter it into a listing agreement 2. Selling the home by TENANT: TENANT may sell mobile home by following the procedures outlined in NJ Law #1973 c. 153, which states that TENANT must arrange for an interview between a prospective buyer of your home and management before TENANT accepts a deposit or close the sale. Buyer eligibility for tenancy will be determined and the community rules will be discussed at the required interview. Management may not unjustifiably refuse your prospective buyer as a TENANT.

21. RESALE STANDARDS a. Standards to be met for a mobile home to remain in Ideal Mobile Community, Inc. if being sold privately by a TENANT or through the office of Ideal Mobile Home Sales, Inc. as the agent. After a written notice to sell is received by the LANDLORD, the LANDLORD will inspect the lot and the mobile home. The following items listed below shall be operating properly and in good condition with no evidence of rust, dry rot, leaks, or disrepair. These standards also apply if the home is exchanging ownership without being sold.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Structure: exterior and interior walls, windows, screens and frames, doors, roof, ceilings, floors. Adjacent Structures: shed, awning, steps or deck, skirt, antenna, clothes line, mailbox, gas cylinder. Appliances: refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, air conditioner, furnace, dishwasher. Utilities: water systems, sewer, sewer systems, electrical system.

b. The following shall be done before transfer of ownership or change of occupants: 1. The home shall be completely skirted and must be approved for style and quality by the LANDLORD. 2. The home must be free of insects, rodents, vermin, pests, etc. 3. The home must be level and securely placed on cinder blocks. 4. The home must be equipped with at least one (1) operating approved smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher. 5. The grounds shall be neat and free of debris. 6. Lawns shall be properly mowed and trimmed and weeds shall be removed. 7. All water lines shall be wrapped with approved heat tape with a fused end. 8. The mobile home must be anchored. This anchoring system must be approved by the LANDLORD. It must meet all state all state and local code. c. If a tenant replaces his mobile home on his lot or if a mobile home is brought in from the outside the following additional standards must be met: 1. Construction shall meet all requirements of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and applicable building codes. 2. The home must have a pitched shingled roof, vinyl lap siding, house type doors and windows, gutters, skirt, and anchoring system. 3. The lot shall be upgraded at the TENANT’s expense to meet all city and state permits and ordinances.

22. COMPLAINTS a. TENANT complaints shall be in writing, presented to the office during normal office hours.

23. BUSINESS ACTIVITY a. No peddling or soliciting or commercial enterprises is allowed at the community.

24. TENANT’S LIABILITY a. TENANT shall be held responsible for damage or loss or injury caused by the TENANT’s negligence or other neglect.

25. STORAGE OF KEROSENE, HEATING OIL AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS a. The storage of heating oil or kerosene or any other hazardous material on the LANDLORD’s property is prohibited. b. Heating systems using kerosene or oil is prohibited.

26. MODIFICATIONS a. The LANDLORD reserves the right to alter, modify and amend these rules and regulations thirty (30) days after written notice is given to TENANT.