Rules and Regulations - Island Yacht Anchorage

Rules and Regulations - Island Yacht Anchorage

ISLAND YACHT ANCHORAGE, inc. RULES AND REGULATIONS A. Laws. Vessel Owner (hereinafter “Owner”) agrees to comply with all applicable rules, regulation...

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A. Laws. Vessel Owner (hereinafter “Owner”) agrees to comply with all applicable rules, regulations and instructions of the United States Coast Guard and other federal, state and local authorities or government agency, and all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any federal, state, city, local or other government agency. Any discharge of paint, sanding debris, hydrocarbons or chemicals into the water is a violation of Federal and/or State law for which violators can be prosecuted criminally and civilly. B. Noise. Owner, Owner’s guests, family, agents, licensees, invitees and the like, shall not make or allow any disturbing noises on the docks or anywhere on the Marina premises, with particular emphasis between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Main engines, power-generating equipment and other noise-making machinery shall not be operated between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. except as necessary to enter or leave the slip. Other noise-making equipment or appliances shall be operated in compliance with all laws, ordinances and rules. C. Vessel Appearance. No tarps of any kind are allowed on Owner’s vessel. All coverings must consist of fitted canvas. The decks of vessels are not to be used for the storage of any materials, bikes, batteries, etc. Vessel decks must remain clean at all times. Drying or airing of laundry, towels or apparel on the docks or the riggings of a vessel is prohibited. Marina reserves the right to board any Vessel in the event of any unsafe condition or discharge of materials into the surrounding waters causing a prospective hazard to the Marina premises or other vessels. D. Dock Boxes. Supplies, materials, accessories, equipment or gear of any kind shall not be stored on Marina premises except in approved dock boxes. Marina is authorized to enter the dock boxes in order to effect repairs thereon or if, in the sole discretion of Marina, such entry is necessary for the safety of Marina premises. E. Dinghy. Dinghies, inflatable vessels and all other water craft, when not in immediate use, shall be kept on the Owner's vessel or inside the slip if there is no charge for the dinghy, or when available, in the dinghy rack. Only one dinghy 10 ft or less per slip. Use of another slip for any non-emergency purpose is prohibited. Dinghies, tenders or other floating implements are not allowed on docks. F. Hazardous Activities/Materials. No firearms, fireworks or live ammunition are allowed on the Marina premises. No fueling or refueling boats at dock side. No storage of flammable or combustible materials of any type including, but not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, lubricants, kerosene, “white gas", paints, thinners, cleaners, turpentine, solvents, resins, epoxy or catalysts are allowed in dock boxes, parking lot, land lockers or on the vessel. Barbecues, hibachis, or fires of any kind are not permitted anywhere on Marina premises other than in designated Marina barbecues, if available. G. Illegal Drugs. Storage, possession and/or use of any illegal drug, controlled substance or hazardous materials (as defined in Federal or State agencies) are prohibited on any part of the premises. H. Dock Carts. Dock carts supplied by the Marina must be returned immediately to the designated area. Personal carts must be kept on Owner’s vessel when not in use. 2/17/09   


I. Dock. Temporary, removable, non-affixed, non-secured dock steps may be placed on the finger, subject to Marina approval, but shall be no wider than one-half of the width of the finger and no longer than five (5) feet. Owner shall not attach, affix or install any other objects or materials to fingers or floats. No portion of any Vessel shall overhang the walkway at any time (e.g., bowsprit, plank, bow pulpit, swim step). No part of the boat shall project beyond the end of the berth into the waterway, unless authorized by Marina. J. Dock Lines. Dock lines shall be of adequate size for the Vessel. All Vessels shall be fully equipped with dock/boat bumper/fender protectors at all times the Vessel is in slip. K. Discharges from Vessels/Disposal of Liquids. Owner shall not throw, discharge or deposit from any Vessel or float any solid or liquid material including but not limited to refuse matter, oil bilges, galley drain water, or flammable liquid ("Waste Materials") into the water or upon Marina's premises. Vessels with automatic bilge pumps shall be maintained in a manner that will prevent Waste Materials from being pumped automatically into the water. All Waste Materials shall be deposited in the appropriate receptacles, if available, within the Marina's premises subject to Marina's supervision. Owner shall not empty sanitation device in a toilet or lavatory facility on Marina's premises. Owner will abide by the Clean Water Act. In the event of oil or fuel spills, or the like, the use of detergents and emulsifiers on such spills is prohibited. L. Unsafe Conditions. Owner shall notify the Marina of any unsafe or hazardous conditions that come to his/her attention. M. Solicitation. No advertising or soliciting of any kind is allowed on Marina premises or on vessels. N. Owner’s Agents. All yacht brokers, contractors, workmen, crew or other or other agents of Owner must register with Marina, and shall sign a waiver of liability in favor of Marina prior to gaining admittance. O. Vessels for Sale. Owners may display one “For Sale” sign not to exceed 12 inches by 18 inches in size. If Owner is selling his Vessel, Owner must make arrangements to meet prospective buyers at Marina. Marina will not admit buyers to see any Vessel in the Owner's absence. P. Marina Parking Areas. The Marina parking area is for parking Owner’s automobile. All automobiles must be in good condition and repair and display current registration. Dilapidated, unregistered or abandoned vehicles will be towed. No particular vehicle parking space is assigned or reserved and the availability of parking is on a "first come-first served" basis. Marina reserves the right to limit parking to one vehicle per License Agreement. If required by Marina, Owner shall affix a parking permit to Owner's vehicle as provided by Marina. Marina may allow guest parking on a "first come-first served" basis. No motor homes, campers, trailers or other oversize vehicles shall be parked in any Marina parking area. Marina reserves the right to control access to the parking area in such a manner as it shall determine in its sole and absolute discretion. No vehicle, unless owned by a live aboard owner, shall be parked in the parking area for a period in excess of seventy-two (72) consecutive hours. Overnight sleeping in any vehicle in the Marina parking area is prohibited. Q. Children. Children under twelve (I2) years of age are not permitted on the docks at any time without immediate and constant supervision by their parents or other responsible adults. Non2/17/09   


swimmers and children under age twelve (I2) must wear life jackets on the docks or boat decks. Children under 18 must have adult supervision while on the Marina docks. R. Fishing, Swimming, Skateboards and the like. Fishing, cleaning of fish or swimming, diving, scuba diving or snorkeling is prohibited on Marina premises. No skateboards, roller skates, bicycles or any other wheeled vehicles may be ridden on docks or decks. Bicycles may be walked on docks to vessel. Bikes must be stored at the bike rack and a Marina permit attached thereto. S.. Animals. Animals must be tethered and restrained by a leash or in an appropriate cage when on the Marina premises, including gangway and parking area. All animals (except seeing eye dogs) are prohibited from entering Marina restrooms. It shall be the Owner's responsibility to immediately clean up after their pet should they soil any area and dispose of the waste in an appropriate receptacle. Marina shall be the sole judge of whether the Owner's efforts to control animals and pets are deemed to be adequate. No animals over 25 pounds or pets of an aggressive breed shall reside in the Marina. Owners take responsibility for any incidents which involve their animals attacking or biting another owner, workmen, vendor, staff member or another animal. Animal Owner will hold harmless the Marina, Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles in the event of any incident. T. Mail/Telephone. Marina does not accept telephone messages for boaters except in cases of lifethreatening emergency. Marina is not responsible for receipt or delivery of any mail addressed to Owner at Marina's address. Only Live Aboard Owners shall receive mail at the Marina address. U. Live Aboard. No person shall reside on the Vessel at any time without express written permission from the Marina. The term "live aboard" is defined as “any vessel that is occupied in excess of 72 hours in any seven day period or stay aboard more than three nights per week (no back-to-back periods). V. Independent Contractors & Work on Vessel. Companies and/or workers hired to accomplish tasks aboard a vessel are required to sign in with the Marina office and execute a Premises Access Agreement. They are required to care liability insurance with a minimum per occurrence policy limits of $500,000, have a business licenses and provide worker compensation insurance for employees. Vessel Owner shall verify the existence of such insurance before permitting work aboard his/her Vessel. Major repair or reconstructive work shall not be performed in any Marina location. “Major repair or reconstruction” is defined as any work above 25% of the Vessel topside maintenance. Marina shall be the sole judge as to what constitutes "major construction or repair". W. Compliance. Owner shall comply with these rules and regulations and all amendments thereto as are published by the Marina from time to time by posting on the Marina bulletin board, Marina website or located in the Marina office. Owner and persons associated with the Owner of a Vessel including all family members, agents, employees, licensees or invitees on Marina premises will comply with the Marina Rules and Regulations.