Ruswarp Round - Gateway Whitby

Ruswarp Round - Gateway Whitby

THE ‘RUSWARP ROUND’ CIRCULAR WALK WHITBY to RUSWARP and back again Following the Railway & Riverside Walk and the Monks’ Trod. Distance: approx. 2 mil...

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THE ‘RUSWARP ROUND’ CIRCULAR WALK WHITBY to RUSWARP and back again Following the Railway & Riverside Walk and the Monks’ Trod. Distance: approx. 2 miles, Type: Moderate, Time: approx. 1 hour

1 Start at the Whitby Marina car park with the River Esk estuary on your left hand side. Take either the right or left hand footpath past Coates Marine boat yard. 2 After the high level road bridge, continue along the path between the river and the railway line and under the brick built Viaduct arches 3. Follow the footpath to Ruswarp village with views over the River Esk. At the end of the footpath at Ruswarp railway station, go through the pedestrian gate adjacent to an iron bridge and turn right into Ruswarp village. Go over the level crossing (STOP, LOOK, LISTEN FOR TRAINS DO NOT CROSS IF WARNING LIGHTS ARE FLASHING AND BARRIERS ARE DOWN) 4. Continue alongside the

entrance to the Station with The Bridge Inn Public House on your left and carry on along Ruswarp High Street. Just after passing Jackson’s Butchers look for the footpath sign pointing to the right 5, marked: PUBLIC FOOTPATH, WHITBY 1 mile. Follow the Monks’ Trod stoned paved footpath walk back to Whitby through two ‘kissing gates’. Shortly after the gates, look for a reed bed on the right - a sanctuary for wildlife 6. Continue up some stone steps, known locally as ‘Fitts Steps’ and just before a metal kissing gate take the right hand path signed WHITBY MARINA and CINDER TRACK. Continue the Ruswarp Round Walk, passing some allotments on your left. Descend steps to cross the disused Prospect Hill railway line and climb the steps on the opposite side of the track. Continue on the footpath and through a wooden gate. Cross the Scarborough – Whitby Cinder Track 7 and follow the footpath in the direction of the signpost marked Whitby (with a Leaping Salmon icon) on the opposite side of the track. Note: there are panoramic views from the Victorian viaduct on the right. Following the Whitby ‘Leaping Salmon’ signs go straight on, keeping the Caedmon School playing fields fence on your left. At the end of the football field bear right before a hedge and walk towards a pantile roof cottage. Go through the gap at the left hand side of the cottage and cross the school coach parking area. Proceed on to the main Whitby-Scarborough road. Cross the main road and turn right. After a short distance, facing the road bridge, look for the opening to the tarmac path on the left, signed Public Footpath. Follow the path down to the bottom of the hill where it meets Waterstead Lane. Turn right and shortly after some new cottages, take the track towards the railway level crossing 8. Cross the level crossing if safe to do so (STOP, LOOK, LISTEN FOR TRAINS) and return to the start.

Look out for ……. River estuary wildlife: Seals, Deer, Heron and other native birds. Listen carefully for birdsong at the reed beds. The Larpool Viaduct was built between 1882 and 1884 to carry the Scarborough to Whitby railway across the River Esk. The railway line was dismantled in the 1960s and is now a footpath and cycle track, known as the Scarborough Whitby Cinder Track or Trailway Please note: ‘The Ruswarp Round’ is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Please consider the countryside:  Keep dogs on a lead  Clean up after your dog  Take your litter home  Keep to the designated footpaths  Avoid disturbing wildlife and farm animals

Footpaths and ways maintained by Gateway Whitby

The Whitby

‘Ruswarp Round’ Scenic Circular Walk and Nature Trail

Start at the Marina Long Stay Car Park, Langborne Road, Whitby. Points of interest:  River Esk Tidal Estuary  North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway  Ancient Monks Trod footpath  Areas of natural beauty  Ruswarp Village