S C I E N C E M U S E U M O F V I R G I N I A 2015 A N N U A L R E P O R T Message from the Chief Wonder Officer Richard C. Conti Museums tell...

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Message from the Chief Wonder Officer Richard C. Conti Museums tell stories and help their guests make memories. Even though we have the word “science” in our name, the Science Museum of Virginia is really about our guests and their personal connection to science. We truly want to change your perspective on the world. Whether you are grocery shopping, working in your yard or playing with your kids/grandkids, we want to enhance these experiences by helping you to better understand the world around you. It sounds like a tall order, but it is this cause that motivates us to make this a great science museum. I hope you enjoy this report. We certainly enjoyed delivering the programs and events that fill these pages, and invite you to visit soon as we continue to build for the future. We thank you for being a part of it all! CONTENTS Annual Highlights 2 Overview 18 Community Events 18 Financial Information 19 Inspire the World Campaign 20 John Russell Pope Society 23 Honor Roll of Donors 25 Volunteers 31



Richard C. Conti


Annual Highlights Historic Preservation at Broad Street Station

The Science Museum of Virginia takes its stewardship of historic Broad Street Station seriously so that future generations can admire its incredible architecture and celebrate the wonders of science. Several major projects in 2015 demonstrated the Museum’s commitment to preserving this historic community resource. This winter the Museum led a massive restoration of the building’s signature design element, the interior dome of the Rotunda. Crumbling plaster due to water damage from a deteriorating sprinkler system prompted the restoration. The Museum brought in conservator and historic paint analyst, Susan L. Buck, Ph.D., to analyze and identify the original paint color of the Rotunda’s interior dome ceiling and adjacent decorative masonry. Six stories of scaffolding were erected inside of the Rotunda to conduct repairs, resurface and repaint over a period of several weeks. During the restoration the Museum was able to upgrade the ceiling’s acoustics, dramatically reducing the echo effect. It was crucial that the work did not change the historic character of the space and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources granted approval to the project. With a once-in-a-generation undertaking on track with the construction of Speed, the reinstallation of the Main Concourse provided an opportunity for other critical repairs to the building that will have a long-term impact on its condition and ensures stewardship of the artifacts displayed there. The roof of the Main Concourse will be replaced and outfitted with modifications necessary for the installation of the SR-71 Blackbird. The ceiling of the Main Concourse is receiving the same paint and acoustical treatment as the Rotunda project completed earlier in the year.




A critical infrastructure project to occur prior to the installation of Speed is the replacement of the 22 clerestory windows lining the Main Concourse. The Roller-Bottimore Foundation recently awarded the Museum $75,000 to support replacement of the windows that line the Main Concourse.

SR-71 Blackbird The world’s fastest and highest flying production aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird, is preparing to move from the Virginia Aviation Museum to the Science Museum of Virginia. This iconic, supersonic stealth plane will become the focal point of the Museum’s new exhibition gallery, Speed, opening 2016. The SR-71 Blackbird is a marvel of engineering and technology developed by Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Skunk Works® division under the helm of engineer Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson. To date, the SR-71 Blackbird was and remains the world’s fastest and highest-flying manned aircraft. After its maiden voyage in December 1964, the Blackbird served the military for over three decades and still has unmatched capabilities. It is capable of flying at Mach 3.2 – reaching a record speed of 2,193 mph and altitudes over 85,000 feet. Moving the SR-71 indoors into a climate controlled environment is crucial to its conservation, though not without its challenges. In June, engineers and Worldwide Aircraft Recovery experts raised the Blackbird using cranes to calculate the correct altitude for its placement in its new home. Two cranes raised the iconic plane to determine the angle of attack and roll, determining the specific orientation with degree finders and other measuring instruments. Worldwide Aircraft has experience moving over 2,500 aircraft – from priceless vintage planes to modern jets – including moving this specific SR-71 Blackbird from California to Virginia in 1999. The aircraft recovery company will oversee the entire move of the Blackbird: from disassembly to packaging and transportation to reassembly inside of the Science Museum of Virginia. With a wingspan of 55 feet, the Blackbird will fit snugly inside of the Museum’s Main Concourse where it will be featured as the principal artifact for the upcoming Speed exhibition – unveiling the mind-blowing intersection of motion and time across a world of science and technology.

The Aluminaut Created by Reynolds Metals Company in 1964, the Aluminaut is the world’s first aluminum-created submarine. It set a record for the deepest dive by a submarine and travelled the globe to aid scientific research and emergency salvage missions. An experimental vessel, the Aluminaut was based in Miami, Florida and was operated from 1964 to 1970 by Reynolds Marine Services, doing contract work for the U.S. Navy and other organizations, including marine biologist Jacques Cousteau. The 80-ton, 15.5 meter manned deep-ocean research submersible was built by Reynolds Metals Company, which was seeking to advertise the utility of aluminum. The Aluminaut is best known for helping recover a lost unarmed U.S. atomic bomb in 1966 and recovering its smaller fellow Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV), Alvin (DSV-2) in 1969, after Alvin had been lost and sank in the Atlantic Ocean the previous year. After retirement, the Aluminaut was donated to the Science Museum of Virginia. In October the Aluminaut was moved from its longtime home behind the Main Concourse to the west side of the Garner Pavilion. This move was necessary as part of the construction of Speed and the Dewey Gottwald Center. In its new location the Aluminaut will enjoy greater visibility and will be in the proper location for incorporation into the Museum’s master site plan.



Making Things in the 21st Century Just what is the “Maker Movement?” The Maker Movement refers to the increasing number of people employing do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques and processes to make, well, things! While some makers use today’s high-tech gadgets to demonstrate new technology in coding, robotics or virtual reality, many others employ traditional methods to create everyday products and art of every medium - you name it! In the spirit of making things, the Museum has a new space open for teens and a new permanent exhibition in the pipeline for guests of all ages to enjoy. The MiX is a space designed specifically for teens, by teens. It is an open and safe environment for teens to hang out, mess around with a variety of science and technology resources and “geek out” with more in-depth projects and workshops. The MiX features the latest technology – including ozobots, Macs, GoPro Cameras and a giant green screen – where teens have their very own space to work solo or collaborate with other students. Student mentors from Virginia Commonwealth University’s daVinci Program are on site to offer assistance as needed, but the various projects are designed and executed by the students themselves. The success of the recent RVA MakerFest at the Museum is evidence that an exhibition like The Forge will capture guests’ interests and help inspire and engage audiences. This permanent exhibition will be installed on the Museum’s second floor, in the space currently occupied by Journey through Life. The Forge is a place where visitors build things. It’s a workshop powered by each individual’s unique skills, passions and creativity, leading to countless different results. Unlike a traditional gallery, The Forge is a project-driven experience. Each guest chooses how much to invest based on individual interest and skill. For some, this will be their first experience working with tools. For others, The Forge will be a resource they utilize for ongoing projects.

Digital Dimension There is no doubt that the public appetite for science is growing. The interface between science and culture continues to shift and is a constant point of excitement, interest and debate. The Museum has long held that science cannot be presented in isolation but as an integral part of our culture, intersecting with the arts and humanities. Today’s guests interact with popular culture – and each other – far differently than they did a decade ago, or even a year ago. Tomorrow’s Museum guests will be people for whom computers and multimedia have already played a prominent part in their lives – through school, recreation and work experiences. So how do we deliver our mission of Inspiring Virginians to enrich their lives through science in keeping with today’s technology? The Boost! exhibition features innovative technology that allows guests to track their progress over time – through a Boost! chip – and provides the Museum with vital information about the guest experience. The MiX is challenging teens every day with the latest technology in its open-ended project environment. A new Tint monitor displays Twitter social feeds on a variety of science topics, providing another platform for guests to keep up with current science news.



Today, the Museum is developing a smart phone application designed to take its physical exhibitions to the technologically-enabled masses and allows guests to interact with exhibits in a way never before possible. The app supports wayfinding and the interpretation of the building. It will help guests both navigate the building and enhance the experience. The mobile app coincides with an overhaul of the Museum’s website to make it more responsive and user friendly.


Events, Exhibitions and Programs Science After Dark Ongoing

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 19

In February, Farm Table sponsored Science After Dark and provided a cooking demonstration in the Boost! kitchen. In October, Science After Dark: GLOW brought in over 1,000 guests and sold out all three Dome Features for the evening. The Back to the Future theme offered two blacklight rooms for guests to explore luminescence and phosphorescence and showcased a DeLorean in the Rotunda.

Wicked Plants January 24 – May 17

Informal Learning Partnerships Ongoing

The Museum continues to develop community partnerships while serving as an important resource for many organizations and institutions throughout the Richmond area. Partnering with educators in schools and libraries, Museum educators lead professional development workshops, develop activity backpacks and participate in nationwide conferences to keep the Museum involved in policy work for education and potential fundraising.

Carpenter Science Theatre Company Ongoing

Thanks to the continued support of the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, the Science Museum of Virginia’s own Carpenter Science Theatre Company engages guests through daily performances of exciting shows both new and familiar. Professional actors develop and perform science-related shows to an audience of nearly 300,000 guests each year. Popular shows including “Madame Curie” and “Marco Polo’s Adventures” were also featured during Lunch Break Science, where attendees enjoyed scenes from these inspirational performances.


To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Museum partnered with Hands-On Greater Richmond to host a film screening and moderated discussion with speakers from the Moton Museum in Farmville, Virginia. Moderated by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, guests were able to learn more about the local fight for Civil Rights and how Virginia’s own history played an important role in the national struggle.

Our spring exhibition, Wicked Plants, introduced guests to a world of powerful, poisonous and nasty plants. We unearthed the biochemical and physical connection between humans and plants by getting up-close with some of the most infamous plants in history – from deadly nightshade to hemlock. On April 18, the Museum welcomed New York Times bestselling author, Amy Stewart, to discuss the book that inspired the exhibition, Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities. Her wicked sense of humor brought a unique perspective on the dark side of some of nature’s seemingly innocent plants. Stewart's appearance and additional companion programming was generously sponsored by Dominion Resources.

NanoDays March 25

The Museum hosted the 7th consecutive NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) Net NanoDays Event. Guests engaged and interacted with the nano kits spread across twenty tables in the Museum’s Discovery Room. This opportunity was facilitated by Museum staff and professionals from both Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Virginia. A Lunch Break Science Lecture following the event featured a presentation on water repellent surfaces and their applications.



On the third Friday of the month the Museum lights up the night with science during Science After Dark. The popular evening events offer different themes and special activities each month – featuring everything from blacklight activities to Rube Goldberg Machines and carrot whistles. Guests enjoy all-live astronomy presentations, stargazing through telescopes and a classic feature film in addition to exploring Museum exhibits.


Outstanding Scientist Awards April 2


This year we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Virginia’s Outstanding Scientist Awards program, created by the Museum and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1984. The Outstanding Scientist Award honors those scientists who have made a recent contribution to basic scientific research that extends the boundaries of any field of science. The Innovation Award is presented to leaders of Virginia’s business community who have made a distinct contribution through the innovative use of science or technology. The evening was made possible by the generous support of Altria, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. and Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner. Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists 2015 Purusottam Jena, Ph.D. Dr. Purusottam Jena is a Distinguished Professor of Physics at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Jena’s most significant contributions are his seminal works on the theoretical understanding of nanomaterials with potential applications in clean energy, medicine and information technology. Timothy E. Long, Ph.D. Dr. Timothy Long is a Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech. Dr. Long’s research focuses on macromolecular science and engineering, touching topics such as ionic liquid-containing polymers; novel cationic polymers for drug delivery for diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome; and most recently, the discovery of novel materials for 3D printing of electroactive devices. Mikhail A. Noginov, Ph.D. Dr. Mikhail Noginov is a professor and researcher in the Department of Physics and the Center for Materials Research at Norfolk State University. Dr. Noginov is credited for his cutting-edge research in the areas of Metamaterials, Nanoplasmonics, Random Lasers, Solid-State Laser Materials and Nonlinear Optics. Governor’s Award for Science Innovation Plugless, By Evatran Evatran was founded in 2010 by Rebecca Hough and her engineer father Tom Hough, CEO of Wytheville, Virginia-based MTC Transformers. Evatran developed Plugless, the first wireless electric-vehicle (EV) charging technology on the market. The Plugless system consists of a charging station that’s installed in a garage or a driveway and a receiving device on the undercarriage of the vehicle. 10


Camp Ins March – May

The Museum offers unique overnight experiences that provide children with the opportunity to experience science after hours. Generous grant funding allows for schools like Charlottesville City to bring over 300 children, parents, and teachers to the Museum and participate in special Camp In activities. Each year, the Museum also hosts a Girls In Science Camp In to create excitement around science and encourage girls to engage in STEM. This year’s program, presented by DuPont, featured a presentation on bridge engineering by Virginia Epperly of the Virginia Department of Transportation. The girls were then challenged to build their own bridge using craft sticks, glue and ingenuity.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond Spring

The Museum worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond to highlight the theme of animation. Participants were introduced to animation basics, where they used praxinoscopes to animate and produce their own animation videos using stop motion technology or an animation app. The collaboration allowed for creative expression and demonstrated the development of their understanding for how animation works. Paper roller coasters were completed followed by the construction of model solar cars. The program culminated with an open house, inviting parents to see the projects as well as encouraging participants to engage in mini challenges.

Virginia529 Kids Zone Spring and Fall

The Museum was pleased to invite race fans old and young to the Virginia529 Kid’s Zone powered by the Science Museum of Virginia at Richmond International Raceway. Over 3,000 guests learned about automotive engineering and circuitry in both April’s Spring Series Toyota Owner’s 400 and September’s Xfinity Series Toyota Care 250. Fans not only explored STEM concepts as they navigated through Science Unplugged, but they also enjoyed a number of science demonstrations from Gallery Educators. The Museum is pleased to present these opportunities through its partnership with Virginia529.


The Museum celebrated its outstanding volunteer corps during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. At the Recognition Dinner and Awards Ceremony held on April 15, a number of volunteers were recognized for their amazing service to science education and the Museum. In 2014, 200 active volunteers contributed more than 21,000 hours to the Museum!

Science on Tap May 9

The Museum’s young professionals group, the Emerging Leaders Council, hosted the first annual Science on Tap craft beer festival to benefit the Science Museum of Virginia. Over 1,200 guests came out to enjoy live music, interactive craft brewing demonstrations and craft beers from across the Commonwealth beneath the Museum’s historic train sheds. The event raised over $45,000 to support the Museum in its mission.

To coincide with Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships, the Museum hosted the traveling exhibition, Bikes: Science on Two Wheels. We traced the evolution of the bicycle and showcased a diverse collection of historic, rare and peculiar bikes. The exhibition was paired with a custom kinetic bike sculpture by artist Tom Chenoweth, a photographic display of 120 years of Richmond cyclers and cycling finish line sketches by artist Greig Leach. Museum members also had the opportunity to head to the Valentine Museum to discover In Gear: Richmond Cycles where they received free admission during the month of September. Bikes: Science on Two Wheels was organized by Carnegie Science Center in cooperation with Bicycle Museum of America and was presented locally by CapTech and Premier Partner Virginia529.

Up&Atom May 13

Summer STEM Camp June – July

Jr. STEM Backpacks May 16

Environmental Resiliency Fall

The Sixth Annual Women’s Leadership Fundraising Initiative to benefit the Museum hosted the Up&Atom breakfast for over 250 ladies in the Rotunda. Virginia Secretary of Education, Anne Holton, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of STEM education and encouraged women of all ages to pursue STEM-related career goals. Other speakers included University of Virginia physics undergraduate Janet Rafner and 6th grade student and aspiring meteorologist Parker Sale. In an hour the event raised over $133,000 in support of the Museum’s mission.


Bikes: Science on Two Wheels May 30 – September 27

Young volunteers from YMCA’s Y-Guides assembled STEM backpacks for local youth. Coordinated by Science Museum of Virginia Foundation Board Member, Brian Quigley, this group put together nearly 300 backpacks that were delivered to youth grades 3-5 in Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond. Remaining backpacks were delivered to local elementary schools, inspiring other youth to participate and give back to their communities.


This summer the Museum hosted week-long camps for underserved youth in the Richmond area to bring science within reach. Over 150 youth from local Boys & Girls clubs learned about energy, biomimicry and environmentalism by building “solar trees.” Mentors from Virginia Commonwealth University helped campers use iPads to research related topics, document their experiences and create commercials pitching their trees before heading out to Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rice River Center, an operational laboratory on the James River.

The Science Museum of Virginia was the recipient of a recent grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration totaling $456,428 over the course of three years. The Museum will now leverage over $2.2 million in previous investments in climate change exhibits and experiences to develop public programming and digital media messaging that will help the general public understand climate change and its impacts on Virginia’s communities. The Virginia Environmental Endowment also awarded the Museum a $25,000 grant for additional climate science and resiliency programming.


Volunteer Appreciation April 12 – 18


The 2015 Fall Lecture Series began in September with a presentation on neurostimulation by Dr. Timothy J. Strauman of Duke University. For its second presentation, the Museum welcomed Dr. David E. Kitchen of University of Richmond and Dr. Connie Roser-Renouf of George Mason University in October to discuss the topic of climate change. The series closed on November 18 with a presentation on Transforming Societies: Interactions of Culture and Policy by Dr. Len Nichols of George Mason University and Dr. Frank Dukes of University of Virginia. These engaging and informative presentations, available free to the public, were made possible by Bon Secours Richmond Health System and the Science Museum of Virginia.

RVA MakerFest October 3

The Museum and community partners through RVA MakerFest presented the second annual RVA MakerFest. Over 9,290 guests attended, reaching record one-day attendance at the Museum since 2000. Showcasing 97 local craftsmen and makers, the event featured blacksmiths, glassblowers, coders, painters, robotics teams and much more. Embracing creativity and innovation, guests were able to get hands on with STEM at the premier Maker event in Virginia.

Kugel Ball 2015 October 10


Hundreds of guests gathered in the Thalhimer Pavilion for an evening of dinner, dancing and a silent auction to raise awareness and support for the Science Museum of Virginia. The 1960’s themed black tie event hosted by Rosann Bocciarelli and Jim Weinberg raised over $170,000 to support the Museum’s mission: Inspiring Virginians to enrich their lives through science. We would like to say a special thank you to our hosts Rosann and Jim, the Museum’s Liaison Committee for organizing yet another fantastic event and a big thank you to the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and many corporate sponsors for their support.


Alien Worlds and Androids October 10 – February 21, 2016

Our fall exhibition, Alien Worlds and Androids, invited guests to join in the search for alien life. Guests came face-to-face with the fantastic cosmic realms depicted in popular science fiction films, explored cutting-edge technology and discovered alien-like creatures found right here on Earth. The futuristic exhibition revealed innovative designs from NASA, following the development of robots and androids with artificial intelligence. Guests journeyed alongside Mars Curiosity Rover, maneuvered a mechanical arm and assembled their own robots. Museum educators explained how science evolves as we learn more about our world and introduced guests to famous robots from classic films.

38th Annual Model Railroad Show November 27 – 29

The Museum invited guests to join the annual Thanksgiving weekend tradition, the 38th Annual Model Railroad Show. Guests dusted off their conductor’s hats and explored a diverse collection of model train layouts featuring intricate landscapes and miniature cities. Weekend activities included trackless train rides, tours of our historic train cars and model train display workshops. The weekend also featured appearances by Clydesdale horses and blacksmiths.

Dominion Christmas Parade from the Science Museum of Virginia December 5

The Museum was once again the starting point and backdrop for the annual Dominion Christmas Parade. Our giant fruitcake balloon was a fan-favorite, creating a buzz amongst parade-goers about everyone’s least favorite holiday treat and our annual Fruitcake Science event.


Living Ethics Lecture Series September – November






Attendance Overview Broad Street Station Danville Science Center Virginia Aviation Museum


294,219 42,217 14,802

Total Reach 351,238

Community Events


American Chemical Society American Heart Association Richmond Heart Ball Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue Event Bon Secours Living Ethics Lecture Series Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond Chesterfield County Public Schools STEAM Fair CultureWorks Annual Arts & Culture Xpo Ducks Unlimited Mad Science Summer Camps National Chemistry Day Richmond Astronomical Society Richmond Beekeepers Association Richmond Joint Engineers Council Engineering Ingenuity Day Richmond Public Schools Science Fair Richmond Public Schools Valedictorian Luncheon Richmond 2015 Bike Race Forum RVA Environmental Film Festival RVA MakerFest Several high school proms Telemundo Multicultural Career Fair and Family Festival The Virginia Bridal Show VCU daVinci Center InnoBlitz VCU School of Engineering Senior Design Expo Virginia529 College Savings Plan 529 Day Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Virginia Mentoring Partnership Visual Arts Center of Richmond Annual Craft + Design Show Washington Redskins Cheerleader Clinic 18

Science Museum of Virginia Foundation Inc.

Science Museum of Virginia Financial Overview

A nonprofit corporation that supports the Science Museum of Virginia Statement of Activities for the year ending June 30, 2015 (Audited)

Operating Revenue from all sources for the 12 month period ending June 30, 2015

Total revenue $8,564,485

Revenues, Gains and Other Support Annual giving and sponsorships $ 1,198,978 1,311,441 Capital campaign Endowment 500 Total Contributions

$ 2,510,919


Special events and other $ 626,096 Investment income 282,399 Net realized and unrealized losses on investments 236,993 Gain on sale of property and equipment 1,150 Change in value of split interest agreements (1,520 ) Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support $ 3,656,037



Grants and Expenses Grants to Science Museum of Virginia ("SMV") operations $ 687,626 Expenditures to or on behalf of SMV 1,210,664 Indirect SMV support 188,508 Special events 204,765 Management and general 207,280 Fundraising 521,726 Total Grants and Expenses


$ 3,020,569

Increase in net assets $ 635,468 Net assets at beginning of year 25,789,985 Net Assets at End of Year

$ 26,425,453


Inspire the World Campaign Pulling Back the Curtain on Progress

The old adage “measure twice, cut once” has never been more apt than for the year leading up to the opening of the Science Museum of Virginia’s most ambitious gallery to date. As we go to press, scaffolding wrapping the Main Concourse reflects the many physical layers and levels of detail involved in installing Speed and its iconic centerpiece, a thirty-ton artifact in a state-owned, historic building. Few outside of the building are aware that a steel foundation system was installed below-ground, beneath Boost!, before the earlier gallery was installed, anticipating the support system necessary to carry the weight of the Blackbird in perpetuity. Certainly, the Museum has established itself as a planning organization, in the best sense of that phrase. Working from the 2009 strategic plan, good process has kept us focused on creating a learning environment that the entire community can embrace and rally around. In 2015, the rising tide has continued to lift all boats and even an airplane and a submarine. Total public and private support has exceeded $38 million (surpassing our largest past campaign total), while work continues behind the scenes to complete current funded projects like the Speed Gallery and the Dewey Gottwald Center and to secure new gifts necessary to complete the transformation of Broad Street Station, strengthen the endowment and implement our Science within Reach programmatic initiatives. We are grateful for generous gifts from the Moses D. Nunnally, Jr. Charitable Trust, which support our ongoing outreach to Richmond adolescents through the Out of School Time STEM (OST STEM) Initiative as well as a new early childhood gallery due to open in Spring 2016. Ongoing support from Cognizant Technology Solutions and other sources ensures that the OST STEM program continues to evolve and serve more participants in Richmond and Petersburg. Support from the Wells Fargo Foundation has allowed us to adapt this effective program model to serve children and families through a new partnership with local libraries. In addition to the publicly funded Rotunda restoration, a grant from the Roller-Bottimore Foundation supports the preservation of historic Broad Street Station. Replacement of the massive windows lining the Main Concourse along with the stabilization of the roof and ceiling were necessary measures to protect the building from weather damage and provide the environmental control important to preserving the artifacts that will be on long-term exhibit in the new gallery. Additional gifts from Genworth Foundation, Markel Corporation and Owens & Minor provide support necessary to continue progress on remaining projects, including concept development of The Forge, a new hands-on experience platform planned for 2017.


We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who are supporting the Museum’s transformation through the Inspire the World Campaign. Recognizing gifts of $1,000,000 and above Altria Group The Anna and Fleetwood Garner Family Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Herndon Foundation WestRock Foundation

Recognizing gifts of $500,000 - $999,999

The Martin Family The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation Moses D. Nunnally, Jr. Charitable Lead Unitrust B Ms. Barbara Thalhimer

Recognizing gifts of $250,000 - $499,000 Anonymous The Cabell Foundation Steve and Kathie Markel

Recognizing gifts of $100,000 - $249,000

Anonymous Custis Westham Fund+ Bob and Sue Feeser Genworth Foundation Garland & Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation+ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Helwig Dr. E. Benjamin and Margaret Freeman Howerton Markel Corporation Scott McKay Drs. Richard and Karen Solana The Windsor Foundation Trust

Recognizing gifts of $50,000 - $99,999

The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Scott Elles The Richard Gwathmey and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust Institute of Museum and Library Services Mr. and Mrs. William H. King, Jr. Marietta McNeill Morgan and Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Foundation The Morton Family Fund+ Owens & Minor Roller-Bottimore Foundation SunTrust Foundation In memory of Sunny Weinberg given by her family Wells Fargo

Recognizing gifts of $25,000 - $49,999

Recognizing gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 The Cameron Foundation Nancy J. Earnhardt* Brian and Stephanie Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harris, Jr. Middle School Renaissance 2020 Rob and Denise Withers

Other Gifts

David Botkins Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Broadbent, Jr. Elizabeth Hunt Ellett* W. Mercer Ferguson Lisa Freeman RBC Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rose Celeste and John Stallings Scott and Auburn Stovall Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wick III

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Boeve Cognizant Technology Solutions * Deceased Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Conti + Component Fund or Supporting Organization of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dolan and Central Virginia Mrs. Bodil H. Hanneman Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie L. Huitt, Jr. in loving memory of Thomas H. Tyson Luck Companies Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Satterfield III The William H., John G., and Emma Scott Foundation Snead Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanton L. Thalhimer


John Russell Pope Society Endowment Gifts Received

The Science Museum of Virginia Foundation has reestablished its planned giving society as the John Russell Pope Society, in honor of the acclaimed architect of Broad Street Station, the Jefferson Monument, National Archives and National Gallery of Art. Pope’s Beaux Arts design speaks of the spirit of the American Renaissance of the Gilded Age of Railroads. Building materials— marble and granite—were meant to last. Incorporated into important design references—from ancient Greece to Thomas Jefferson—were innovations reminding us of the beauty of creating and thinking across disciplines. Design and engineering, science and art remain key to Inspiring Virginians to enrich their lives through science.

Nancy J. Earnhardt* Elizabeth Hunt Ellett* Mr. Hugh K. Leary Mrs. Carol Young St. Clair Universal Corporation

Named Endowments We are grateful to the donors who have established the endowed funds that ensure the long-term viability of the Museum. Income generated by endowment funds is used to support education, outreach, scholarships, exhibits, lectures and demonstrations, as well as the general needs of the Museum.

Pope Society members recognize the importance of investing in an institution that has great presence in the community today and will continue to engage and inspire generations to come. Please join the John Russell Pope Society by informing the Foundation that you have remembered it in your financial or estate plans. To learn more or inform us that you have already made a provision for the Museum, visit www.smv.org/plannedgiving or call or email Judy Harris at 804.864.1551 or [email protected] Anonymous Dr. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr. David S. and Jane B. Cohn Ms. Phyllis L. Cothran Mr. and Mrs. Huntley G. Davenport Mrs. Kay S. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Helwig Mrs. Moreland R. Irby, Jr. Mr. Allen B. King


Beazley Fund Bond-Bradley Fund Bunzl Fund Dupont Girls in Science Fund Ethyl Fund Herbert O. and Edythe R. Funsten Endowment Arthur and Evelyn Helwig Endowment Edward S. and Elizabeth W. Hirschler Aquarium Endowment Hunton & Williams Endowment Nancy Robertson Leary Memorial Endowment Neilson J. November Endowment Reynolds Aluminaut Endowment RF&P Fund Jane M. and John W. Roberts Scholarship Endowment Fund A Science Museum of Virginia Volunteer Family Fund Barbara J. and William Thalhimer Jr. Fund Titmus Endowment Virginia Aeronautical Historical Fund Dr. Walter R. T. Witschey Endowment

Ms. Ellen Schwarzschild Kreuter Ms. Jeanette B. Moore Mrs. Inger Rice Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Satterfield William and Evalane Slaughter Drs. Richard and Karen Solana Mrs. Carol Young St. Clair Mr. James H. Starkey III Ms. Barbara Thalhimer Mr. Robert L. Thalhimer


Honor Roll of Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations whose generous annual support during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 helps the Museum make science engaging, meaningful and fun through innovative, exciting programs and exhibits.

Platinum Society

Gold Society

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl Miss Virginia C. Ellett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner Glen Roy Fund+ R.E.B. Foundation+ Ms. Barbara Thalhimer Fund+ Bobby and Marilyn Thalhimer Family Fund+ Virginia529 College Savings Plan

AECW Fund+ Dr. Thomas H. Auer Mr. and Mrs. Millard I. Binswanger, Jr. BrownGreer PLC Burford Leimenstoll Foundation Margaret R. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald Hanover County Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Helwig The Evelyn and Arthur Helwig Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. William H. King, Jr. Margaret G. Lewis Media General The Morton Family Fund+ The NewMarket Foundation Owens & Minor Patient First Myron H. Reinhart Mr. and Mrs. T. Kirk Tattersall+ Mr. and Mrs. David A. Trebour Troutman Sanders Joanne and Tom Turner Wells Fargo WestRock Company Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Worrell

Recognizing gifts of $20,000 or more

Diamond Society

Recognizing gifts of $10,000 - $19,999



Altria Group David and Christine Cottrell Family Fund+ Glenn and Carol Davidson Anne Marie and Scott Elles Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Gottwald County of Henrico Manuel and Carol Loupassi Massey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. E. Morgan Massey Mr. and Mrs. William Evans Massey, Jr. Barbara J. Thalhimer & William B. Thalhimer, Jr. Family Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wick III Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Willard III

Recognizing gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

Silver Society

Crystal Society

Pete and Marcia Alcorn Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bremer Lissy and Stewart Bryan Mr. Andrew J. Butler Chesapeake Corporation Foundation Fund+ Louise B. Cochrane Foundation Mrs. Betty M. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Costello Mrs. Eleanor D. Davenport Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dolan Robert and Mary Nell Dolan Family Fund+ Ellwood Thompson's Local Market Bob and Sue Feeser Roby and Stacy Hackney Herndon Foundation Daniel A. Hillsman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cory T. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. King Kjellstrom and Lee, Inc. Mrs. Frances A. Lewis The Martin Agency Jeanette B. Moore Mrs. Frederica C. Mullen-Fenn Steve and Linda Nash Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Quigley Republic National Distributing Company Dr. and Mrs. Christian E. Shield Mr. James H. Starkey III James H. and Sandra L. Starkey and Family Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Steinbrugge Mrs. Judith S. Strickler Patrick and Laura Strickler Stanton L. & Elizabeth G. Thalhimer Charitable Fund+ Dr. John Verheul Virginia Credit Union Russ Warnick

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Roy K. Anise Mrs. Margaret D. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Backstrom, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Battista, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Beadles Richard and Juanita Beadles Family Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Q. Benedetti Mr. and Mrs. David R. Beran Dr. and Mrs. John A. Board Rosann Bocciarelli and Jim Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Boeve Mary and Joseph Borzelleca David Botkins Dr. Rebecca Bowers-Lanier Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Broadbent, Jr. Elizabeth H. Butterworth Byrd Family Foundation CapTech Ventures, Inc. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr. Cherry Bekaert LLP Mr. and Mrs. Langdon T. Christian IV Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Conti Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cosby Ms. Phyllis L. Cothran and Dr. Arnold L. Stolberg Shu Dasgupta E. Craig and Courtney Crane Dauer Ms. Dee Davies Mr. and Mrs. Ken Davis Dr. and Mrs. John M. DiGrazia Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dillard III Mr. and Mrs. William F. Dominick II Dominion Resources Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dubose, Jr. Ms. Margaret A. Earle Ms. Maya M. Eckstein

Recognizing gifts of $2,500 - $4,999


Recognizing gifts of $1,000 - $2,499

Estes Express Lines Beatrice W. Evans* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrell W. Mercer Ferguson Mrs. Mary Ross Fisher Brian and Stephanie Ford Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Francis Ms. Harriett Duff Frank The Family of Harry Frazier III+ Mr. and Mrs. Heath H. Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Goddard Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Greer Dr.* and Mrs. Robert H. Hackler III Hackney Real Estate Partners Jim Hamilton Mrs. Bodil H. Hanneman Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hargett Mr. and Mrs. Stewart R. Hargrove Louis S. Harris, Ph.D. Mr. Tony Hawkinson and Mrs. Amanda Viol Ms. Michelle D. Hereford Ms. Karen D. Higgins Hirschler Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Holdych George F. Hoover Helen and Garrett Horsley Cora and Jim Huitt Mr. and Mrs. J. Tyler Hutchens Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hyde The Reverends Laura and Ray Inscoe Mrs. Lila H. Irby John and Becky Ivins Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. George K. Jennison Mr. Henry A. Johnson and Ms. Jane L. Sternheimer Mr. and Mrs. Wesley B. Kaufman Ms. Lisa B. Kern Dr. Melissa C. King KPMG LLP Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lamb Mr. Michael S. Laming and Mrs. Janet K. Dibbs Dr. Pamela Leigh-Mack and Mr. George S. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie A. Lemco Mary and Ted Linhart Ms. Tonya S. Mallory Steve and Kathie Markel

Mrs. Donna S. Suro Mr. and Mrs. William S. Tate Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Tattersall+ Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Taylor, Sr. Becky and Adam Thalhimer Ms. Catherine L. Tiernan Mr. Peter A. Tokarz Trappings Interior Design Anthony F. Troy Nathan and Judy Turbeville William and Kay Tyler Jim and Barbara Ukrop Jayne and Bobby Ukrop Joan F. & William L. Van Arnam Fund+ Mr. Edward Villanueva Mr. and Mrs. David B. Voelkel Betty and Hays Watkins Carole and Marcus Weinstein James C. Wheat III Wiley H. and James C. Wheat, Jr. Foundation John and Margaret Whitlock Zan and John Wick Anne Joline Wilkes Mr. and Mrs. John D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Winks, Jr. Ms. Judy Winston Rob and Denise Withers Mr. and Mrs. John E. Woodward III

Michael and Elizabeth Martin The Honorable Jennifer McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McDermid Sarah and Everett McLaren Drs. Benita and Michael Miller Elizabeth P. and Lewis N. Miller, Jr. Charitable Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller, Jr. Mr. Bryan Moody and Ms. Elizabeth T. Sauer Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Fund+ Jack Nelson and Katherine Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Norfleet, Jr. Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. S. Marshall Orr Linda and Kenneth Owens Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley Ms. Mary Ellen Pauli and Mr. Timothy D. Smith Peebles Family Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Peeler III C.D.L. and M.T.B. Perkins Fund+ Mrs. Mary Bryan Perkins Barbara R. Peskin Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Piper Mrs. Suzanne C. Pollard Porter Video Productions LLC RECO Industries, Inc. Panny and Jim Rhodes Richmond International Raceway Mr.* and Mrs. James T. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rose Mr. Gilbert M. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Satterfield III Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Satterfield Mrs. Anne J. Schlussler Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clifford Schroeder, Jr. Mr. William H. Schwarzschild III Mr. and Mrs. James A. Searle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Seevers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Sitkiewicz Snead Family Foundation Drs. Karen and Richard Solana Mr. and Mrs. C. Brandon Spalding, Jr. Spider Management Company, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Stovall Dr. and Mrs. James A. Strickland

Emerald Society

Recognizing gifts of $500 - $999 Anonymous 3north Debbie and Jesse Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Atiyeh Ms. Betsy A. Bampton Mr. J. Eric Bannon BB&T BCWH Architects Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bedall Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bice Roberta B. Bocock Laura H. Boland Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bosher Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. J. Read Branch, Jr.


J. Read Jr. & Janet Dennis Branch Fund+ Richard and Renate Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough III Brockenbrough Family Fund+ Mrs. Elisabeth S. Brown* Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brown Ms. Ashley Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Butler Car Pool Carter & Shands, P.C. Mrs. Marion W. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Dean E. Caven Mr. and Mrs. James M. Chakales Cynthia P. Cobbs Mr. and Mrs. Hank C. Coleman, Jr. Judith B. Collins and Joseph M. Teefey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Coulbourn The Covington Family Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. James E. Covington, Jr. Josée and Dr. Bill Covington CowanGates Dr. Adam C. Crowl and Dr. Aalya H. Crowl Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Cummins Mr. and Mrs. Huntley G. Davenport+ Mr. and Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Farmer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Francis Froehling & Robertson Mr. and Mrs. T. Randolph Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Ryan A. Glasgow Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Goodwyn Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Grier Growlers To Go Mr. and Mrs. P. Christopher Guedri Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hager Brenton and Lindsay Halsey Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibson Harris II Karen and Barry Hofheimer Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Holladay Mr. and Mrs. Ryan G. Hollingsworth Mrs. Philena H. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. David E. Jennings Mr. Stephen T. Johnson and Ms. Carol V. Hawkins Michael and Cindy Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Robert Calvert King, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Knox Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Kodadek Frank E. "Pepper" Laughon Betty Sue and Todd LePage Grandis LePage Family Fund+ Liaison Committee of the Science Museum of Virginia Mr. Robert L. Lynch Dr. and Mrs. S. Aaron Marks Ms. Carol A. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Mistr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Morton IV Nectar Sunglasses Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Norfleet, Jr. Helen and Chip Nunley Dr. James P. and Mrs. Mary L. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. David R. Pangraze Pat Pearman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Proctor Dr. Don M. Ranly and Dr. Barbara D. Boyan RBC Wealth Management Retina Institute of Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Randolph C. Revercomb II Richmond Joint Engineers Council Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Richter Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rivas Ms. Phyllis G. Sale The C. F. Sauer Company Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schubert Alvin J. Schulze Massie Scott Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. R. Strother Scott Sara James Shelton Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sibley III Tom and Scottie Slater William and Evalane Slaughter Family Fund+ Dr. and Mrs. R. P. Sowers III Beth and Tim Spivey Celeste and John Stallings Ms. Tracy K. Stallings Ms. Jenilee Stanley-Shanks Ms. Saa'dia Talbert Bobbie and Steve Thomas Mr. and Mrs. David B. Townsend

Eugene and Lois Trani Ms. Tulin Tuzel University of Richmond Vicki and Eric White Miss Isabella G. Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Hurt Mr. Julian B. Jacobs Ms. Jeanette A. Jones Ken and Mary Kay Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Kay, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Keightley III Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kilmer Drs. Eileen and Edward Kitces Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson Mr. David H. Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lord Laura C. Marshall The Martin Family Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Massey Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. McCarty Dr. and Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. McGuire Family Fund+ Mr. Prabir T. Mehta Dr. and Mrs. Willard P. Milby Mr. Jeffrey W. Miller Mrs. Mary D. Morgan Twiggy and B. B. Munford Ms. Jamala S. Murray Ms. Katrina Parkinson Terry and Mary Parsley Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus Mrs. Nina R. Peyton Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Price Proutt Family Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Proutt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Pullam Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Redmond, Jr. Mr. Joshua Rickey Mr. and Mrs. William P. Schubmehl Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Schwarz Mrs. Alice B. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Sears Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shirey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sieben Charles W. Smith, Jr. Ms. Melissa R. Sorbello Ms. Julia Blair Spalding Mr. and Mrs. Gregg S. Spitler Ms. Lief A. Stiles *Ruth and John Taylor Mr. and Mrs. E. Hunter Thompson, Jr. Alice and Richard Tilghman Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ukrop, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Upton

Ruby Society

Recognizing gifts of $250 - $499 Anonymous Mrs. Kathleen M. All Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Kenneth E. and LaTrice Ampy Tanya Battle, BB&T Wealth Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beasley Mrs. FitzGerald Bemiss Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bonbright III Ann Lee Saunders Brown Mr. and Mrs. William E. Caldwell, Jr. Jill Thalhimer Campbell and Louis S. Campbell Charitable Fund+ Mr. and Mrs. Louis Campbell R&S Carchman Ellen Carter Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Cheely Mrs. Nelle R. Chilton Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Cooper Ms. Heidi Crapol and Mr. Milam Walters Mr. Benjamin Cronly CSC Leasing Company Mr. Lou R. Dean Drs. Mark and Georgean deBlois Dr. and Mrs. P. Maxwell DeWitt Sarah and Chip Dicks Dr. Siobhan S. Dunnavant and Mr. Lloyd Dunnavant Ms. Margaret Page Edgerton Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Ellis Ms. Stephanie Estes Mrs. Marydel C. Flint Joan B. Gates Gather Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Gold Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Green Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hales Mr. and Mrs. Kellen D. Hancock Happy Camper Pet Lodge Mr. and Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III+ Rebecca L. Heise Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Luc D. Holzem Ms. Rebecca Hough


Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Valentine Mr. and Mrs. N. Bryan Whitfield Ms. Angela T. Wilkes Mr. and Mrs. Fielding L. Williams, Jr. Dr. Royce W. Woolfolk and Mrs. Cynthia Creasy Woolfolk Xenith Bank Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Zalesiak Dr. and Mrs. Wilhelm A. Zuelzer, Jr.

Sapphire Society

Recognizing gifts of $100 - $249 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Philip Agee Elizabeth S. Allen Mr. and Mrs. A. Bennett Ambler Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Angel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Arrington, Jr. James A. and Laura B. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Baldwin Chief Fielding W. Bance Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Bartlett Mr. Dayal Baxani Mrs. John W. Biscoe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bishop IV Charles B. Bliley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Boll, Jr. Mr.* and Mrs. Lewis Booker William and Alexandra Bowling Ms. Cheryl B. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Bradley Ms. Karen N. Buchanan J. A. Burton Tom and Susie Byer Capital Interior Contractors, Inc. Mr. Stephen W. Carroll Miss Erika R. Carson Dr. and Mrs. B. Noland Carter II Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Carter Miles Cary, Jr. C. Lewis Casey Center of the Universe Brewing Company Mrs. Herbert Claiborne Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Clark Jack and Donna Colan

Mr. Gordon McCormick Ms. Betts McGurn Mr. and Mrs. James L. McLemore IV Mr. and Mrs. Fritz A. Mehler Whitney and Tad Melton Dr. and Mrs. Gaetano M. Menna Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Miles Hugh C. Miller, FAIA Ms. Christina L. Mizelle Ms. Sharon K. Moffatt Ms. Judy Moore Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC Dr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Dermot M. Murphy Ms. Loren R. Murphy Caroline H. Neal Dr. Ann M. Nichols-Casebolt Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Page Mrs. Naomi A. Pasquine Mr. Richard W. Pfamatter and Ms. Christy C. Yeadon Mr. William J. Phipps Mrs. Carol L. Pietryk Mr. Adam Pitts Cathy Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. C. Andrew Poarch II Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Pollard Dr. Lisa N. Price-Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Proctor Dr. and Mrs. Norman B. Rainer Miss Krista M. Rapatski Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Ray IV Biz Read Reveille Weekday School Mrs. Sarah H. Richardson Liz and Al Rider Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rigsby Ms. Anne Carey Roane Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson Ms. Joan Berkeley Robins Mr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Robins Ms. Nancy N. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Rogish Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Ross Ms. Ann Rumble Ms. Laura Runyen-Janecky Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Ryan Reverend and Mrs. William Sachs Dr. and Mrs. Donald Sanders Dr. Terrie H. Scheckelhoff

Charles L. and Florine H. Harowitz Donor Advised Fund of Richmond Jewish Foundation Mrs. Barbara U. Hart Betty S. Hatcher Mrs. Jennifer Henderson Ms. Kimberly D. Holdren The Honorable Anne B. Holton Kathy Hosterman Mr. and Mrs. Wallace B. Hughes Huguenot Trail Rotary Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Hull Donald F. Hunt Ms. Ngozi N. Ibe Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Jackson Gene and Ina Mae James Ms. Adele Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Noah L. Johnson Ms. Allison Lawrence Jones Mrs. Belinda D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Glen N. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Joyner Keane and Eric Kauders Ms. Alison M. Kaufmann Mr. Dakota Kelley Christopher and Betty Anne Kraft Mrs. Mary-Anne Krause Ellen S. Kreuter Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Lange Mr. Justin M. Laughter Mr. Jerry Levine Dr. Nastassja A. Lewinski Ms. Ashley C. Lickliter Mr. Joseph L. Lockerby Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Loving Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Lukhard Ms. Stacy L. Luks Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. MacKenzie Ms. Elizabeth W. Mancano Mr. and Mrs. Burton M. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Marshall, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. A. Edwin Martin Mr. Jason Martin and Mrs. Sharon Lindsay Mr. Christopher M. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Harvey T. Massie, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth L. Matish Mr. Evan R. Maxwell Ms. Lisa W. Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Ibe O. Mbanu


Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Schwartzkopf Ms. Maura L. Scott Mr. and Mrs. S. Buford Scott Ms. Mansi J. Shah Dr. Siddhi J. Shah and Mr. Jagdip B. Shah Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Shimer Shine Blow Dry Bar Mr. Eric Simon Dr. Adelaide W. Simpson Jane S. Smith Ms. LaShara N. Smith Dr. Barbara C. Sorbello and Mr. Rosario V. Sorbello Southern Season Ms. Jennifer A. Sperberg George W. and Carol Y. St. Clair Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strauss Al and Leslie Strickler Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stultz Mr. and Mrs. James Sturgill II Sam and Jennifer Tarry Margaret Terhune Ms. Sara Lee Thacker Ms. Nancy C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. P. Eric Thomas Stephen and Martha Thomas Ms. Christina E. Todd Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tombes Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Valdrighi Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Porter Vaughan III Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Vaughan Mr. A. John Vollino and Ms. Laura L. Garrett Dr. Richard and Mrs. Jo Gail Wenzel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. West Ms. Sarah G. Wiley Mr. and Mrs. James V. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Williams, Jr. Ms. Maureen Ryan Williams Mrs. Sarah W. Wootton Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. George W. Young, Jr. Mr. Edward O. Zakaib Mr. Gerald T. Zerkin and Ms. Julie E. McConnell

Recognizing donors up to $99 AmazonSmile Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Francis E. Barrett Dr. and Mrs. R. Gerald Bass Ms. Leanne Battle Mr. Daniel Beckmann Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bernhardt Mr. Robert Blandford Dr. and Mrs. William T. Boland III Ms. Eugenia H. Borum Mrs. Caroline Y. Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Broadbent III Mr. Stephen Brumfield Mr. and Mrs. J. Jason Burford Ms. Allison Burrell Ms. Linda I. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. John A. Caperton Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carey Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Craft, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Cross Mr. and Mrs. James T. Crowe Mr. W. Martin Davenport, Jr. Ms. Susan Y. Dorsey Ms. Susan E. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Dye Ms. R. Alexandra Early Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Emery Mr. and Mrs. Dave E. Erb Elsa and Don Falls Ms. Jennifer L. Fergusson Lt. Col. and Mrs. Lowell K. Flickinger, (Ret.) Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Formica Ms. Christy M. Gauvin Ms. Kelsey K. Gentry Ms. Frances F. Goldman Ms. Kelly I. Gotschalk Ms. Erica Gregory Ms. Karen A. Gregory-Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Gulliford Mrs. Tracy L. Hague Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Hall, Jr. Shepard and Katherine Harder Ms. Natalie Harris Mr. and Mrs. David Hartz Ms. Norma W. Hays Miss Brittany Hereford Mr. and Mrs. William K. Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hojnowski

Mr. David A. Hopler and Ms. M. Christine Klein Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson III Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jennings Drs. Janice and Robert Jesse Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Jiancristoforo Ms. Cristina L. Johnson Gloria E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Kane Dr. Georgios D. Karles and Dr. Afroditi V. Filippas Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Larson Ms. Yolanda Lee-Johnson Ms. Kimberly I. Mahan Mary Marshall Ms. Alice Leigh Mason Mr. and Mrs. John S. Massad, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mattauch Dr. James T. May III and Dr. Linda T. May Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. McGee Mr. and Mrs. William B. McGurn Ms. Martha McSweeney Page and Rebekah Melton Katie and Tim Merritt Ms. Elizabeth G. Mikell Mr. and Mrs. Willie A. Morring Mr. and Mrs. Randy Murchison Mrs. Carol J. Noggle Miss Laura D. Nost Mr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Owens, Jr. Dr. Lorraine M. Parker and Mr. Stephen J. Parker Ms. Dawn N. Perez-Slavinski Mr. and Mrs. Javara Perrilliat Drs. Jeffrey and Linda Pinsky Dr. R.C. Polatty and Michael J. Stott Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rafner Miss Janet F. Rafner Mr. and Mrs. James L. Renshaw Richard J. and Diana R. Rex Bob and Jan Reynolds Miss Elizabeth R. Rice Ms. Edwina C. Richmond Mrs. Emily C. Rose Peter F. Schatzki Mr. and Mrs. John M. Schilling Ms. Kira A. Siddall Ms. Ann W. Silverstein

Dr. Forrest E. Sloan and Dr. Jennifer S. Wayne Mr. Donald H. Smith and Ms. Sara C. Cumby Mrs. Elizabeth Z. Smith Ms. Jean E. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. James D. Staley Sylvia and Jeff Starke Ephraim "Ed" Steinberg Ms. Cianti Stewart-Reid Dr. Kit T. Sullivan and Mr. Robert E. Sullivan Anita and Sam Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Thompson Dr. Dietra Y. Trent Ms. Kelly Vance Mr. and Mrs. Bennett C. Ward Ms. Emily V. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Weisbrod Kevin D. and Elva T. Wilhite Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wiltshire Mrs. Jaclyn Wood

Tribute Gifts

* Deceased + Component Fund or Supporting Organization of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

In Honor of John Heyel Mrs. Carol J. Noggle

We acknowledge the following donors who have made contributions to the Museum in memory of or in honor of the individuals listed below, during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. In Honor of Mary Anna Broadbent Reveille Weekday School In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Brown, Jr. Mrs. Lisa B. Whitaker In Memory of George Goldstein Mrs. Carole Benbassat Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Gilmore Ms. Jane Kintz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rubin Mr. Andrew Saks Mr. Evan Saks

In Honor of Margaret Lewis David Botkins In Memory of Marilyn Hay Villanueva Carolyn H. Garner In Honor of Vinoj’s Birthday Mrs. Tracy L. Hague


Mr. Richard E. Cole Dr. PonJola Coney and Ms. Rosalyn C. Richman Mike Conner John J. Conti and Amy S. Ethridge-Conti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Christopher I. Cook Cookie Factory Lofts Mr. and Mrs. Sam Corey Mr. E. Hatcher Crenshaw IV Ms. Robin Cummings Ms. Heather Curler Ms. Maria A. Curran Dr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Davidow Dr. and Mrs. R. Dean Decker John B. and Sue Ellen Delos Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. DeVita Mr. and Mrs. James L. Doherty Mr. Patrick Dolan James and Nadine Donachy Katherine M. Draper Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dray Mr. Nicholas C. Dutton and Mr. Michael W. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Edelblut Ms. Ruth H. Eggleston Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Elstun Ms. Virginia J. Epperly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Farmer Ms. Chessa Faulkner Mrs. Sandra E. Faulkner Mrs. Laura S. Ferguson Mr. Stuart Ferguson Alice and George Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Morehead Foard Ms. Sheryl L. Garland Mr. and Mrs. G. Waddy Garrett Mr. Patrick M. Gates Mrs. Lauren Glazier Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Godkin Mr. and Mrs. James T. Goggins, Jr. Ms. Carly Golliday Ms. Caroline C. Gottwald Dr. Melanie H. Green Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Griffin Mrs. Patricia B. Guinan Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Hager Mr. Brendan C. Hanley


In Honor of Mary and John Wick Jack and Donna Colan Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr. Reverend and Mrs. William Sachs

Designated Gifts

Supporting Members

In-Kind Goods and Services

Matching Gift Companies

We acknowledge the following donors who have made designated gifts to the Museum during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, which are specified gifts for programs, changing exhibitions, field trip visits and other needs that enhance our guest experience.

We thank the following individuals who receive Galaxy level membership benefits and give extra support for the Museum’s mission.

We thank the following individuals and organizations that provided complimentary goods or services during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. These generous donors valued their goods or services at $250 or more at the time of their donations.

We are grateful to the following local and national corporations who encourage their employees’ philanthropic efforts through matching gifts along with volunteer grant programs and acknowledge their support of the Museum during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

Gifts of $5,000 - $24,999 Associated General Contractors of Virginia, Inc. The Robert Leroy Atwell and Lucy Williams Atwell Foundation Bank of America CapTech Ventures, Inc. Dominion Resources DuPont® Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner Glen Roy Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia The Wilbur Moreland Havens Charitable Foundation Emily S. and Coleman A. Hunter Trust Bruce McCreary* Virginia Construction Industry Educational Foundation Martha Mabel Moore Charitable Trust SunTrust Gifts up to $4,999 Farm Table Relay Foods * Deceased  

Abundance Organizing & Method Organized Barboursville Winery BrightView Caffespresso Carreras Jewelers CBS 6, WTVR-TV Clover Forest Plantation Diamonds Direct EarthScapes Fete Studio Garden Club of Virginia Carolyn H. Garner Mrs. Bodil H. Hanneman The Jefferson Hotel Keswick Hall at Monticello Mr. and Mrs. William H. King, Jr. LaDifference Nadolski's Butcher Chop Nelms Photographic Artistry Kathleen Noffsinger Studios The Omni Homestead Resort Picture it Painted Rental Works Richmond Flying Squirrels The Richmond Ballet Salamander Resort & Spa Bryan K. and L. Darlene Selz Chris Shands Art A Sharper Palate Dr. and Mrs. Christian E. Shield Ms. Mary Sowers Mrs. Tsvetelina Sowers Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Stiles Strange’s Florists The Thomas Jefferson Foundation The Tides Inn Mr. and Mrs. David B. Townsend The Valentine Victoria Charles Jewellery Virginia International Raceway Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Willard III Wine Lovers

Donors to the Virginia Aviation Museum Recognizing donors of $9,000 or more County of Henrico Recognizing donors of $5,000 or more Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner Glen Roy Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Recognizing donors of $50 or more Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Broadbent, Jr. in memory of Albert M. Orgain IV MartinAir, Inc.


Albemarle Foundation Altria Group Aon Foundation Bank of America Foundation The CarMax Foundation Dominion Foundation Duke Energy Foundation The GE Foundation Genworth Foundation Goldman Sachs IBM Corporation Microsoft SunTrust Foundation Walmart  

We offer our sincerest thanks to our Trustees, Directors, Advisory Council, Liaison Committee and Rice House Project Team members who generously contributed their time and talents to the Science Museum of Virginia Foundation during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

Board of Trustees

Science Museum of Virginia Margaret G. Lewis Chairman

Premier Partner

The Science Museum of Virginia is proud of its relationship with Virginia529, whose significant annual support impacts the quality and breadth of the Museum’s educational programs. Premier Partners support the Museum with a year-round partnership offering high visibility recognition opportunities throughout the year. Working from a shared commitment to advance STEM learning, Premier Partners receive visibility at the Museum, in its publications and on Museum advertising. Premier Partners host special co-branded events, such as 529 Day and Kids Zone at the Richmond International Raceway, in addition to receiving benefits for their employees. This high level of support allows the Museum to align its work with organizations that are leaders in their industry.


Gifts of $25,000 or More Altria Group E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Abbott Drs. David A. and Cynthia B. Bettinger Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Caldwell Captain and Mrs. Paul D. Cash Mr. and Mrs. William D. Chumbris Dr. Maryanne M. Collinson and Mr. John T. Collinson Mr. and Mrs. Alex A. Fruth Mr. William F. Gallasch and Mrs. Cecil Amrheim Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Garson Dr. Edward Lesnefsky and Ms. Deborah L. Nelson Ms. Bessie S. Manz Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Morton IV Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Shelton Dr. and Mrs. Christian E. Shield

Volunteer Leadership

Board of Directors

Science Museum of Virginia Foundation Anne Marie Elles President

David B. Botkins Vice Chairman

Stanton L. Thalhimer Immediate Past President

Glenn K. Davidson Secretary

Grace R. den Hartog Esq. Vice President

Mary Anna Toms Broadbent Andrew J. Butler Eucharia N. Jackson Linda N. Nash James P. O'Brien Ph.D. James T. Roberts* L. Clifford Schroeder, Jr. Richard P. Solana D.V.M. Ph.D. Robert T. Taylor, Sr. Barbara Thalhimer Joe V. Travez Charles T. Warren John D. Whitlock Director/CWO Richard C. Conti * Deceased



Robert A. Feeser Vice President Marshall N. Morton Vice President Brian T. Ford Treasurer Mary Ellen Pauli Secretary Peter S. Alcorn Kenneth Ampy Thomas H. Auer M.D. M.H.A. Tom Benedetti Rosann Bocciarelli Esq. Hank C. Coleman, Jr. Shu Dasgupta W. Mercer Ferguson Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Roby H. Hackney Esq. Bodil H. Hanneman Stephen T. Holdych Pamela Leigh-Mack Ph.D. Mary G. Morris Brian Quigley Scott D. Stovall Esq. G. Russell Warnick John H. Wick IV

Ex Officio Robert L. Beasley Richard C. Conti Scott B. Francis Shelley Spalding Director Emeritus Robert L. Thalhimer Advisory Council Roger L. Boeve Richard B. Brandt Ph.D. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr. Ph.D. Josée Gallé Covington Lou R. Dean Virginia C. Ellett Arthur W. Helwig Joel S. Levine Ph.D. David H. Livingstone Ms. Jeanette B. Moore Neilson J. November John W. Roberts Mrs. Charles C. Satterfield III Robert O. Satterfield Mark A. Sternheimer Robert L. Thalhimer Anthony F. Troy Esq. Mary R. Wick Walter R. T. Witschey Ph.D.

Rice House Project Team Bodil H. Hanneman Project Team Leader Peter S. Alcorn Anne Marie Elles Sam Carmack Robert A. Creecy Patrick Farley Clive D. Fox Christopher P. Fultz Gregory L. Kinzelman Peter J. O’Shea Michael A. Pellis David J. Popek

Service Award Recipients Ashley Hartley 5 Years of Service in 2014 Andrew Atiyeh Hunter Hotchkiss Robbie Hott Ariana Martin 10 Years of Service in 2014 Jennifer Levin 15 Years of Service in 2014 Anne Bordelon

Volunteer Association Board Robert Beasley President Suzan McKenzie Vice President Ronald Dombrowski Treasurer Bruce MacAlister Secretary William Slaughter Past President Board Members James Calpin Charles Winnagle Carrie Rose Pace

25 Years of Service in 2014 William VanArnam 35 Years of Service in 2014 William Andrews 600+ Hours of Service in 2014 Ben Giles 401-600 Hours of Service in 2014 George Fear Donald (Tim) King 251-400 Hours of Service in 2014 W. B. Black Leslie Bochenski Julia Boles Peggy Derr Ingrid Keeling William K. Mawyer Allison Siegel Kevin (Guanyu) Wu 100-250 Hours of Service in 2014 William E. Andrews Robert Beasley Gretchen Bradley Christopher Bryan James Calpin Mary Courtney Croom John Dolan, III Ronald Dombrowski Fred Eitel Colin Fenster Hampton Harris


Laura Hawkridge Carol Hotchkiss Gary Hotchkiss Samuel Jones Nicole Justice Joshua Keating Nirali Khusal William Kochuben Walter Kucharski Christopher Landis Jennifer Levin Ryan Lingo David H. Livingstone Cyane Lowden Bruce MacAlister Mia Malone Suzan McKenzie Mike Metheny Dermot Murphy Jacob Neal Carrie Rose Pace John Parthum Jack Pierce, Jr Katelynn Porter Molly Powers John Reese Beth Robins Kai Robinson Katharine Snavely Peter A. Tokarz William L. VanArnam Augustus Waltz-Folmar Rachel Wilson Charles Winnagle Elaine Yoch


Ms. Lisa N. Boll Ms. Kristina Bonner Ms. Tess Bosher Ms. Chena Butler Ms. Donna Colan Ms. Jan F. Crowell Dr. Aalya Crowl Ms. Druanne Cummins Ms. Courtney Dauer Ms. Ann E. Davis Ms. Jean DeShazo Ms. Mary Nell Dolan Ms. Terra Elstun Ms. Jane C. Fawley Ms. Barbara Francis Ms. Harriett D. Frank Ms. Carolyn H. Garner Dr. Patricia W. Hackler Ms. Lynn Hargrove Ms. Michelle Hereford Ms. Kristin Hidell Ms. Cora Huitt Ms. Laura Hulcher Ms. Mary Kay Hull Ms. Shannon Hutchens Ms. Eucharia Jackson Ms. Annie Kasper Ms. Keane Kauders Ms. Anne Lamb Ms. Clemmie Lankford Ms. Amy S. Marshall Ms. Sharon K. Moffatt Ms. Jeanette B. Moore Ms. Caroline Morton Ms. Jane E. Norfleet Ms. Sara Belle November Ms. Katrina Parkinson Ms. Clay Reynolds Ms. Catherine Richter Ms. Joan W. Robins Ms. Rebecca B. Satterfield Ms. Nancy Searle Ms. Anastasia H. Seevers Ms. Sherrie Shield Ms. Cornelia Shumadine Ms. Lucinda Slabaugh Ms. Renita G. Sommers Dr. Vineeta Sood

Ms. Stephanie Sowers Ms. Shelley Spalding Ms. Carol Y. St. Clair Ms. Penny Stein Ms. Teresa C. Tarantolo Ms. Barbara Thalhimer Ms. Erica Townsend Ms. Lois E. Trani Ms. Kay M. Tyler Ms. Gayle White Ms. Mary R. Wick Ms. Laura M. Willard Ms. Mary Ellen Winks Ms. Judy Winston Ms. Allison Woodward Ms. Cheryl Woodward Ms. Courtney Worrell


Liaison Committee

PO Box 11624, Richmond Virginia 23230 804.864.1400 www.smv.org

Nonprofit Organization US Postage


Richmond, VA Permit No. 868