SAC and FOX NEWS - Sac and Fox Nation

SAC and FOX NEWS - Sac and Fox Nation

SAC and FOX NEWS Merry Christmas Nemîshâtênemo êhthâkîwiyâni Phone: 918-968-3526 • 920883 S Hwy 99 Bldg A • Stroud, OK 74079 • Vol.36 No. 12 • Dece...

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SAC and FOX NEWS - Sac and Fox Nation
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Merry Christmas Nemîshâtênemo êhthâkîwiyâni Phone: 918-968-3526 • 920883 S Hwy 99 Bldg A • Stroud, OK 74079 • Vol.36 No. 12 • December 2015

Chief Kay Rhoads Address To The Nation

Elizabeth Kay Rhoads Principal Chief Sac and Fox Nation This month I was fortunate to be invited to attend the White House Tribal Nations Conference. This had to be one of the most informative conferences I have ever attended. For the past seven years President Obama has held the “White House Tribal Nations Conference” to meet with the tribal leaders. He is the first president to truly recognize the tribes as sovereign nations and meet with the leaders on a “Nation to Nation” basis. He has required his Cabinet to consult with tribal leaders to discuss tribal issues, challenges, priorities, successes, aspirations and recommendations to impact key legislative priorities and changes. The Obama Administration has taken numerous actions to advance our nation-to-nation relationship that affects our tribal sovereignty in areas of education, health care, public safety, police and fire protection, domestic relations, housing, land use, environmental and natural resource management, economic development, and regulations of trade and commerce. Through consultations, passage of critical legislation was enacted which includes the Tribal Law and Order Act, Indian Health Care Improvement Act, Stafford Act Amendments, Violence Against Women Act

Upcoming Events December 2 Sac and Fox Nation Elders Special Meeting Stroud 10 am December 5

Elders Christmas Dance SFN Community Bldg. December 9 Sac and Fox Nation Elders Meeting Stroud 10 am December 8 Sac and Fox Nation Veterans Meeting Cultural Center December 12 Governing Council Community Building 10:00 December 17 Sac & Fox Nation Womens Auxiliary

December 19 Annual Christmas Party Community Building 6 pm - 9 pm

2013 and Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act. The President issued an Executive Order improving educational opportunities and strengthening tribal colleges and universities, developed guidance for full implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act, created the White House Council on Native American Affairs, supporting the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and developed sacred places policy are a few of the issues identified by tribal nations and acted on by the President, his Cabinet and Congress. Tribes urges prompt action to settle claims which resulted in the settlements of the Cobell Settlement and Land Buy Back Program for $3.4 billion, Tribal Trust Settlements over $1.7 billion, Water Settlements for 9 tribes for $2 billion, Keepseagle Settlement for $780 million and Ramah v. Jewell Contract Support Settlement for $940 million. Many of our own tribal members have received part of these settlements and the Nation was a recipient of the Contract Support Settlement and is also eligible for the Land Buy Back Program. The top priorities for the final year of the Obama Administration is to: (1) achieve taking 500,000 acres of tribal land into trust by streamlining the process to get land into trust; (2) address duel taxation through Indian Trader Laws; (3) Finalize the D.O.I. regulations for state courts and agencies in child custody proceeding; (4) require federal agencies to follow tribal employment right laws; (5) exempt tribal employers from the ACE employer shared responsibility mandate; (6) ensure the safety of Native Women and Children; (7) increase capacity of tribal education agencies; (8) address tribal arrest authority and protection and exclusion orders and (9) implement the recommendation of the task force on climate preparedness an resilience report for Indian Country. There are several other priorities that are also identified including the Generation Indigenous, an initiative designed to create the future for our youth. The President recognized the need to practice the Indian idea of preservation of our world for the next seven generations. Tribes now have the ear of the President and his Cabinet. We can take advantage of this opportunity to discuss our needs and priorities. Each of our departments must identify the problems, needs and make the recommendations so our voice can be heard. The departments must work together to discuss issues and how the current regulations and legislations support or hinder our progress. These recommendations can then be sent to the Federal agencies for input into future legislation. The Obama Administration wants to hear the issues and try to find solutions. We must practice this same process with our own tribal government so we can hear the concerns, successes and recommendations for (Continued on Page 3)

Miss Indian World Visits Nation: Cheyenne Dae Brady “Miss Indian World” a member of the Thunder Clan and enrolled member of the Sac & Fox Nation of Oklahoma came for a visit during the annual Thanksgiving dinner held on November 24, 2015. From Left: Second Chief Don Abney, Chief Kay Rhoads, Treasurer Jared King, Miss Indian World Cheyenne Dae Brady, Secretary Mary F. McCormick and BC Member Robert Williamson (SFNews Photo)

Sac and Fox Nation Tribal Police Officer Instrumental In Changing Of Texting Law In Oklahoma Chief Roberts, Since becoming employed with Sac and Fox Nation Police Department, I have had the opportunity to involve myself in many community building activities that I believe strengthen the bond between the public and law enforcement as well as educate students, teachers and administrators on dangers our youth face daily. I have partnered with members of the Dees family to start an organization called Nick’s Promise. The non-profit group was founded after the tragedy that occurred on 1/31/2015 involving the death of Trooper Nick Dees and the serious injury of Trooper Keith Burch. I arrived on scene a short time after the wreck and was friends with both troopers prior to the wreck. Myself along with members of the Dees family and other key people started this organization to speak with students, primarily driving age kids, about the dangers of distracted driving. The investigation in to the wreck revealed the driver of the car that killed Nick and injured Keith had an incoming or outgoing message every

42-43 seconds, as well as many other social media apps, from the time he left Ft. Smith until the scene, located on 1-40, Mile Marker 195. We started off speaking with small groups in little schools and it has become a major event with some schools reaching 500 kids or more. We have been to schools in McAllister, Broken Bow, Altus, Prague, Calvin, Canute, Hammon, Weatherford, Stillwater and many more. We estimate we have reached near 20,000 kids this school year alone. We pass out bracelets that have “Nick’s Promise No Distracted Driving” on them as a reminder that no text is worth a life. This event has received a huge response from Oklahoma public schools and we have a waiting list currently to book dates to have us speak. Nicks Promise was instrumental in getting a law passed banning texting and driving in Oklahoma. Along with Nick’s Promise events I have had an opportunity to speak with schools on several occasions about my k-9 partner Atticus and his role in the police

world. I have shared with kids at different elementary schools knowledge about the dangers of drugs and how to “just say no” as well as demonstrating how a police k-9 can detect the odor of narcotics. I believe as a police department, we must be deeply rooted in the communities we serve and reach out to the younger generation. Thank you for affording me the chance to take on these opportunities to speak and educate!

K-9 Officer Travis Reynolds

Sac and Fox Nation and Lincoln County Complete Road Projects Near Agra By Truman Carter The South Kelly Road and Dinkerdoo Road improvement projects have been completed by Lincoln County District 1 Commissioner Ted O’Donnell. Officials of the Sac and Fox Nation and the Housing Authority of the Sac and Fox Nation partnered with Commissioner O’Donnell to improve the two connecting roads located northwest of Agra. Sac and Fox representatives contributed $53,465.00 to help the county defray the costs of an asphalt overlay, a triple chip-and-seal overlay, and new driveway tinhorns to the tribal residents. The county commissioner provided labor, equipment, and construction oversight and management.

Sac and Fox leaders and Commissioner O’Donnell gathered recently to celebrate the project’s completion. Pictured are Commissioner O’Donnell, Second Chief Don Abney, Principal Chief Kay Rhoads, Housing Commissioner Forrest Walker, Committee Member Robert Williamson, and Housing Commissioner Curtis Wakolee. For more information, contact Principal Chief Kay Rhoads at (918) 968-3526. (SFNews Photo)