Safer Cleaner Partnership Board - Hackney Council

Safer Cleaner Partnership Board - Hackney Council

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 Role Name Chair...

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Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 Role



Cllr Caroline Selman




Anne Canning

Organisation Cabinet Lead on Crime, Community Safety and Enforcement Organisation Corporate Director, Adults, Children and Community Health, LBH

Present 



Apology 

Cllr Feryal Demirci

Cabinet Lead on Neighbourhoods

Jeanette Collins

(The Crib) CEN representative

Sylvan Dewing

Assistant Principle, Hackney College

Steve Dudeney

Borough Commander, LFB

Jake Ferguson

(HCVS) CEN representative

Andrew Hillas

Area Manager (interim), Community Rehabilitation Company

Dean Henderson

East London Mental Health Trust

Simon Laurence

Borough Commander, MPS

David Maher

Deputy Chief Officer CCG

Daniel Mussie

CEN representative

Tim Shields

Chief Executive, LBH

Joanna Sumner

Assistant Chief Executive, LBH

Reuben Tapper

Chair, Safer Neighbourhoods Board

Stuart Webber

Acting Assistant Chief Officer, National Probation Service

Angela Wilder

Justice Clerk, Thames Magistrates Court





Penny Bevan

Director of Public Health, LBH

Steve Bending

Head of Safer Communities, LBH

Jason Davis

Policy Adviser, LBH

Sarah Wright Role



Nick Antjoule Nicola Baboneau Siobhan Harper

Assistant Director, Children and Young People Services, LBH Organisation GALOP (CATCH –Community Alliance to Combat Hate) Safer Neighbourhoods Boar deputising for Reuben Tapper Deputy Chief Officer CCG, deputising for David Maher

            Present

Apology 

 Present   


Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 Agenda Discussion and Actions item 1. Welcome, Introductions and Overview Cllr. Selman welcomed everyone to the meeting and members and guests introduced themselves. 2.

Recap on the Aims of the Partnership Cllr Selman reiterated the aims of the partnership and asked members to reflect on whether these still seemed right and asked if there was any further input they wanted to give. Key points:   


The importance of unpacking what it means in practise to build resilience and ensuring communities themselves were at the forefront of leading this work. The importance of the group’s role in ensuring a broad range of views and groups were shaping policy and practise. The importance of the group providing an interface between other partnership groups and the community safety partnership.

Community Alliance To Combat Hate (CATCH) update Nick Antjoule from GALOP presented on the MOPAC funded pilot work of CATCH. Key points: 

CATCH is a coalition of anti-hate crime organisations which provides advocacy for victims of hate crime utilising the expertise and links to communities of community based organisations.

The pilot concludes at the end of the financial year and outcomes have been good. Over 200 people supported with a 90% satisfaction rate and 80% of people reporting an increased feeling of safety.

MOPAC are now looking to roll this out pan London with funding in place for interim work following the pilot so there is continuity.

Action by

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 

The group raised the importance of ensuring that lessons learnt and any trends were fed back to inform service development and responses. Some of these lessons would be picked up by the evaluation though it was agreed that a link to borough initiatives such as the community tensions log would be helpful.

Action: 


Ensure routes for feeding back on issues brought to light through CATCH are understood and utilised

Community Resilience Partnership Work Plan and Strategic Framework Cllr Selman asked the group to consider the workplan and strategic framework and what actions are needed to progress priorities. Key Points: 

On substance misuse - analysis work on drugs markets is being undertaken. A better understanding of the link between various drugs markets and different groups (ie. night time economy, Turkish and Kurdish) was needed. Understanding young people’s exposure to drug markets would help us tailor messages and support for parents. It was agreed that a steering group would be useful to pull together the different perspectives and ensure the work resulted in a broad understanding of the issues.

On community resilience - the importance of making sure that this was front and centre in the work plan and that work on priorities always reflected a community based approach to building resilience.

It was agreed that it would be useful to map what is already happening elsewhere across the workplan in order to avoid any duplication and understand where the group can best add value.

There was discussion about hate crime, the Louise Casey report, and what lessons could be learned for hackney. It was noted that Hackney had been successful in securing funding for a pilot to address

Jason Davis/ Nick Antjoule

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 hate crime which will include a dedicated post that would take work on this forward. Actions:


Draft terms of reference and organise a steering group to take forward and co-ordinate the work on substance misuse/understanding drugs markets.

Jason Davis/ Steve Bending

Review workplan to ensure that the community resilience element is featured in relation to all priorities

Jason Davis

Ensure we are capturing relevant work already underway and planned that addresses work plan priorities.

Jason Davis/ Cllr Selman

Share with partnership members the interim response to the ‘Hackney a Place for Everyone’ consultation.

Joanna Sumner

Explore how the group can feed into and engage with work on community tensions

Jason Davis

Updates from Community Safety Partnership sub-groups. Steve Bending gave a summary of discussions and issues raised at recent sub group meetings. Key points: 

     

Crime and ASB - Analysis work being undertaken on alcohol related crime and the night time economy showing a link of violent crime to late night license clubs and bars Positive evaluation and extension of the Lee bridge burglary initiative Analysis of the rise in sexual offences showing a link to the night time economy Gangs – Gangs action plan and matrix approach being reviewed and synergies with ‘Young Black Men’ work being explored. Prevent - Community based prevent strategy due to be completed in approximately 3 months Reducing Re-offending – Issues raised with CRC cohort model and restructure. Violence Against Women and Girls – Strategy has been signed off. Domestic violence team due to

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 

transfer to CYCPS at the end of financial year. Safer Young Hackney – Charlie Taylor review of youth offending had a broad focus in line with LBH bringing youth offending and safeguarding issues together. Full discussion of implications of review to be held at March meeting. Action:


Jake Ferguson mentioned a pilot approach to restorative justice which it would be useful to discuss further with CYPS.

Jake Ferguson/ Sarah Wright

Safer Neighbourhood Board Update Nicola Baboneau gave an overview of the Safer Neighbourhood Board, the recent meeting and summer engagement campaign. Key points: 

Hackney SNB is well regarded and seeks to involve communities in problem solving. It has some limited funding available that is generally used to complement and add value to existing activity. The summer engagement campaign focussed on a number of Hackney estates and was successful in engaging a broad range of residents.



Distribute latest SNB update with meeting notes.

Jason Davis

Share LBH draft response to MOPAC Police and Crime Plan with Safer Neighbourhood Board

Cllr Selman

Trust and Confidence in Policing Jake Ferguson gave a progress update on work which explores what the issues are and solutions might be too a lack of confidence and trust in the police and reporting. Key points: 

Proposal to conduct a survey utilising young people trained to reach into particular targeted communities

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 and groups including Turkish and Kurdish, migrants and young people. Whilst also utilising the Council’s epanel to ask the same questions and give a properly segmented view from the wider community. 

The importance of drawing out the different issues that different communities might have, taking account of historical perceptions and perceptions influenced by experience elsewhere and cultural expectations.

Action: 


Review draft questionnaire and share with Jo Edwards and to agree a version to distribute to the group for comment.

Report back from the Statutory Officer Group (SOG) meetings held on 26th October and 18th January 2017. Steve Bending gave an update on the recent SOG meetings. Key points:


CRC Cohort model issues and restructure. The model has been failing and restructure entailing a move back to borough based management has not yet provided adequate reassurance that issues will be addressed.

MET restructure creating cross borough command units, trials being held. The proposal is for Hackney and Tower Hamlets to combine. A meeting is taking place with MOPAC to discuss the viability of this proposal on the 16th February.

Update on Mental Health as an underlying issue linked to crime and disorder Cllr Selman noted that a paper had been prepared for the meeting though there was nobody available to present from the Public Health team. Cllr Selman asked for comments from the group at the meeting or following via e-mail. Key points: 

The recommended annual update on mental health and the link to crime was welcomed.

Jason Davis/ Jake Ferguson

Document Number: 18255092 Document Name: CRP Meeting Notes 2nd Feb COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PARTNERSHIP Meeting Notes: 2nd February 2017 

The group agreed that the issue of crime causing mental health issues was not adequately addressed. For example, the impact on domestic violence on children and young people of domestic violence and public attitudes toward LGBT people.

Action: 


Members to comment and comments to be fed back to public health team

Notes, Actions and Updates Notes from the previous meeting were agreed

All/ Jason Davis