salads— burgers & sandwiches— house specialties— starters— sushi

salads— burgers & sandwiches— house specialties— starters— sushi

s ta r t e r s — House-Smoked Salmon 17 • Chicago-Style Spinach & Artichoke Dip 16 • Emerald Kale Salad 9 Rosemary Focaccia with marinated olives 3 • ...

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s ta r t e r s — House-Smoked Salmon 17 • Chicago-Style Spinach & Artichoke Dip 16 • Emerald Kale Salad 9 Rosemary Focaccia with marinated olives 3 • Ciabatta Cheese Toast 8 • Today’s Signature Soup 9 Traditional Salad with chopped egg, smokehouse bacon, served with your choice of dressing 9 — thousand island, blue cheese, classic vinaigrette, mustard-honey, buttermilk garlic or Houston’s vinaigrette Grilled California Artichokes limited availability! We grill only true Red Label heirloom artichokes from Castroville, California. Grown from root stock passed down by Italian immigrants, these unique plants yield artichokes of superior flavor and meatiness. We’ll serve whenever available, spring through summer. AQ

sushi Classic California Roll 15

Shrimp & Macadamia Roll 16

Nigiri Combo Plate 17

Coconut Shrimp Roll 18

Thai Tuna Roll 18

Rainbow Roll 19

Spicy Tuna Roll 16

Hiramasa Roll 19

Kyuri Maki Roll 19

Vegetable Roll 15

Spicy Tuna ‘Osaka Style’ 16

add an Emerald Kale Salad with roasted peanut vinaigrette and fresh herbs to any roll +5


yellowtail sashimi with emerald kale salad tossed in roasted peanut vinaigrette 21 grilled chicken salad mixed greens, jicama, honey-lime vinaigrette and peanut sauce 20 thai steak & noodle salad marinated filet, avocado, mango, chopped peanuts, Thai dressing, pancit noodles (also available with rotisserie chicken) 23

emerald kale & rotisserie chicken salad with fresh herbs and roasted peanut vinaigrette 19 seared ahi tuna sliced and served over almond vinaigrette, with mixed greens, mango, tomato, avocado 26 classic caesar salad crisp romaine, grated Reggiano, rustic croutons, eggless Caesar dressing 14

b u r g e r s & s a n dw i c h e s —

cheeseburger freshly ground chuck served all the way with melted cheddar on a house-made bun 18 house-made veggie burger our signature recipe with sweet soy glaze and melted Monterey jack 18 california burger avocado, arugula, red onion, mustard-honey, Monterey jack 18 hickory burger applewood smoked bacon, shredded cheddar and onion with hickory sauce 18 ding’s crispy chicken sandwich buttermilk fried chicken, baby Swiss, spicy slaw 18 french dip au jus thinly sliced roasted prime rib piled high on a house-made toasted French roll 22

h o u s e s p e c i a lt i e s —

scottish salmon lightly seasoned and broiled in white wine, with today’s seasonal vegetable 29 seasonal vegetable plate today’s composed selection of fresh vegetables 17 pan fried fish Chef’s choice of fish, lightly breaded, with dill tartar and coleslaw 25 double-cut pork chop with Pommery mustard sauce and braised red cabbage 30 rotisserie chicken roasted with crushed herbs and apricot glaze, served with dirty rice (limited) 25 barbecue pork ribs slow cooked and fall-off-the-bone tender, with coleslaw and French fries 33 the hawaiian rib-eye steak with pineapple-soy-ginger marinade, Idaho loaded baked potato 38 usda prime filet center-cut beef tenderloin, with bourbon cream sauce and seasonal vegetable 45 campfire rib-eye with house-made Worcestershire, thick sliced tomato and blue cheese 38 Today’s Seasonal Vegetable 6 • Creamy Coleslaw 6 • Black Beans & Rice 6 Couscous 6 • Dirty Rice 6 • Hand-Cut French Fries 6 • True Idaho Baked Potato 7 Some helpful information about dining with us: Because our food is prepared from scratch every day, there will be limited availability for some items. We cannot guarantee steaks prepared “medium well” or above. Not all ingredients are listed so please alert us if you have allergies. Finally, as other guests are waiting to dine, we may kindly ask that you free the table so we can honor those commitments. Enjoy your time with us. Bon Appétit!