Salamanca NY Republican Press 1988 - Fulton History

Salamanca NY Republican Press 1988 - Fulton History

Salamanca Press, Wednesday, June 22,1988 Seneca students awarded for year's accomplishments Jackson, Lenny Schoch and By KEVIN BURLESON CCC awards fo...

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Salamanca Press, Wednesday, June 22,1988

Seneca students awarded for year's accomplishments Jackson, Lenny Schoch and By KEVIN BURLESON CCC awards for excellence Matthew Pascarella. Most imStaff writer «$>n Reading Comprehend >n proved students in Social SALAMANCA— The annual were presented to Ryanne Studies were Jarid John, Jes^ student awards assembly was Torge, Christopher SanJe, sica Emborsky, Kristen Valent, held at Seneca Elementary Maria Bryan and Mike Reed. Kerrie Nye and James School Tuesday to honor its Most improved Reading Com Hoofnagle. fourth, fifth and sixth grade prehension awards went to students. School principal Jason Kosinski, Amy Hill, Excellence in Reading ComGlen Goergen said, *Tm very John Haley and Brian Wilson. prehension awards went to proud of all their accomplishLisa Jackson, David Jimerson, CCC awards for excellence ments for this year." Patricia Crowe, Bobb Jo Mack in Problem Solving went to and Ty Hoag. Most improved Also honored at the as- John DeBoy, Sarah Thompson, students in Reading Comsembly were the Odyssey of Michael Ball and Lisa Finch. preshension were Kane Carr, the Mind teams that won or Most improved in Problem Tyson Garder, Adam Terhune, placed at the local competition Solving CCC awards were Mary Kennedy and Molly held at St. Bonaventure given to Jason Kosinski, Jamie University. "The Gift of Flight" Price, Misty Breazeale and Hogan. division one team coached by Cass Nolet. Excellence in Problem SolvPhilip Zelazny and assisted by ing awards went to Jennifer Perfect attendance awards Tim Anderson placed second at were Loring, Kerrie Nye, Ryan Herby Victor Netzel, the competition. "Showtime" Mistyreceived rick, Nealie Crowley and Pete Colin DeKay, division one team coached by DanielBreazeale, Brace. Most improved Problem Kelly Frey and Bonnie Orsini placed third. ChristyLacroix, Solvers were TV Hoag, Justin Good (abovefromleft) Seneca School's highest scorers on the "Atlantis" division two team Citizenship Emborski. Colburn, Frank Quattrone, awards went to also coached by Orsini won the Bob Meissner, Sarah Kuhn, Metro Acheivement test were highest 5th grade scorer Arnee George and Tony Pierce. Renata Fusco award for most Josh Teeter, Myra Diaz and Kathleen Craver, Mike Zelinski second highest, Sarah Perfect attendence awards creative. Thompson and Christopher Sande tied for the highest were presented to Mike White, Angie Doner. The second annual Anne O'4th grade score, (below from left) This year's Anne O'- Laura Hornberger, David Excellence in Art awards Rourke Memorial Awards, were presented to Kelly Vail, Rourke Memorial Award wimmers were Jennifer Clancy, Dan Ukolowicz, Krispresented to the two students Julie tin Valent, Tyson Gardner, Armstrong, Jessica selected by a faculty vote, were Loring, John Locicero, Maria Lenda and Matthew Pascarella. Greg Wujastyk, Collin Quigley, received by Jennifer Lenda Bryan, Holly£$Drake, Sarah (Photos courtesy of Seneca School Lenny Schoch and Amber Mcand Matthew Pascarella. Larney. Thompson, and Kristi Also honored was the 1988 Coleman. Good Citizenship awards regional winning video in were presented to Jennifer Excellence in Library Governor Cuomo's Youth Drug awards were presented to Loring, Amber McLarney, Prevention Campaign entitled Bymae Torge, Jodi SpauMing, Gary Terhune, Jamie Carter "Pee Wees Playhouse". ^ ^ and Jennifer Tbner. Jessica Tamra Seneca School Athletes of Goodwill, Sarah Thompson, Excellence in Art awards the Year awards were presen- Jon Ambuske, Josh Pryor and were presented to Krista ted to Matt Maybee and Jen- Jonathon DeBoy. Carlson, Jamie Rzucek, Gary nifer Toner for 1987-88. Terhune, Matt Pryor, Patricia Excellence in Physical The highest Metropolitan Education in the fourth grade Crowe, Kristin Valent, Annette Achievement Total (MAT) went to CJ. DeKay of the boys Kindt, Jennifer Loring, Jarid Scaled Score in the fifth grade and Kelly Vail of the girls. John and Matt Pascarella. was reached by Katie Craver, Most improved were Robert Excellence in Library with the second highest scored DeGaine and Melanie-Shonea.- ^awards wert? prewnledttrPzizY -——C^^^THJ-VT ^ • * - * ^ - ' — i r * — * T * t — " *••-»•' fcfca Haley, Jamie Rzucek, Matt Excel fence in Music awards Qjf - Od IS ft /
Snyder. Best helper in Mrs. Swiech's class was Regina Calkins; hardest worker was Michael Renshaw; and best handwriting went to Dennis Ambuske. Most improved in citizenship in Mrs. Harrington's class was Amy Metzler and John Biscup was most improved in Math. Apple Logo Awards The Excellence in Logo awards in fifth grade went to Kim Monigillo, Jamie Tbner, Brian Emborsky, Chad Wheeler and Jolene Walton. The Most Improved in Logo awards in fifth grade were presented to Andy Phearsdorf, Shannon Sischo, Jason Hendershot, Teneille Breazeale and Shawn Gebauer. The Excellence in Logo awards in sixth grade went to Paul Haley, Stephanie Bess, Lisa Jackson, Mark Schultz and Jarid John. The Most Improved in Logo awards in sixth grade were presented to Jamie Kosinski, Lisa Mackey, David Clancy, Tabitha Winship and Susie White. Sheila Richards won the cover contest for the SEEC Newspaper. Successful Completion of Mini Coarse Drawing & Painting • Christopher Claflin, Kristen Nedopak, Sonny Buffalo, Katie Craver, Krista Carlson. Problems, Problems, A-Ha! Rebecca Jones, Nicole Oaks, Shawwt —Leiierty, Nichole Perkins, Pam Green, Bryan Bigelow, Erin Riddle. Take a Hike - Kevin Sharbaugh. Sculpture - Chauncey Brace, Jason Scholl, Jason Ficek, Michael Herman, Jerry Titus, Andrew Terhune, Bethany Hubbard, Kristi Fisher, Christopher Maybee. Myths : Jodi Spaulding, Sheila Richards, Lisa Clute. Video Animation - Stacey Brol. Vid Kids - Molly Hogan, Bobbi Jo Mack, Melanie Mackey, Jaime Hogan, Jolene Walton, Grant Quigley, Paul Kryniski, Kelly Vail, Sarah Bish. Creative Dramatics Danielle Lenda, Patricia Cooney, Emily Masciandaro, Kathy McLeod, Jessica Loring. Write Your Own Book - Victoria Lukaric, Sarah Thompson, Jessica ' Loring, Amber McLarney, Nicole Rohwer, Jennifer Tbner, Ryanne Torge, Kristi Coleman, Gina Masciandaro, Jon Ambuske. Design It! - Jarid John, Joshua Milovich, Sarah Thompson, Lloyd Long. "* x A




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