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The Committee for Simon Rodia's Towers in Wafts Post Office Box 1461, Los Angeles, California 90028 (213) 564-5169 December 6, 1972 Mr. Filippo Ciri...

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The Committee for Simon Rodia's Towers in Wafts

Post Office Box 1461, Los Angeles, California 90028 (213) 564-5169

December 6, 1972 Mr. Filippo Cirino, S e r i n o - R i v o t o l l i

Avellino, Italy D e a r M r. C i r i n o , On behalf of the Committee thank you for your help in our search

for information about the early life of Sabatino-(Sam-Simon) Rodia. Since you are also part of a cultural circle you will Understand our d e s i r e t o h a v e a c c u r a t e f a c t s a b o u t t h e e n g i n e e r, b u i l d e r - a r t i s t o f t h e b e a u t i f u l To w e r s o f S i m o n R o d i a i n V / a t t s . W a t t s i s a s m a l l s u b u r b

of Los Angeles just as Rivotolli is as we can raise the money to send Cultural of Serino so that you may a citizen of your community and our

of Serino. We are planning as soon a c o p y o f o u r fi l m t o t h e C i r c u L o all see what a beautiful work of art community has made for us all dur

ing thirty-three years of his life. However, since we are a volunteer committee, getting things done takes longer than if we were a paid organization. So please, dear Serines!, be patient.

We have received the photographs taken by Sig. Martone Francesco,

S. Sossio-Serino, 83020-Pr.Av. Please thank him for us, they are truly beautiful photographs. Please ask him to send us an 8 by

10 inch enlargement, glos^ print of the page of Sabato'.s birth re-

gVistration in the Commune of Serino, (Mr. Cirino, will you please translate this page for usO and the same size enlargement of the s t r e e t w h e r e S a b a t o R o d i a w a s b o r n , Vi a P i e d i c u p a , N o . 1 0 i n R i v o t o l l i . The arches of Sabato birth street are very much like the arches on his f r o n t To w e r s


Also when we were in Rivotolli the priest promised to send us the in formation concerning Sabato Rodia's baptismal registration in the Catholic Church, ^^o were his God parents? Could you take a photo

graph of this page . Sabato was born-in February of I879. Could you also tell us something about Sabato's mother and father and his brother

and sister. Their names and birthdates and when they left Rivotolli and where they went. Who did his sister marry.? Where did go? To America? Did they communicate with the family in Rivotolli once they had gone to America? About Sabato Rodia. When did he leave Rivotolli? We have heard

that he left before he was twelve (12) years old. Why did he leave so young? Did he go alone to America and who met him there. At V. ' h a t p o r t d i d h e e n t e r A m e r i c a . D i d h i s b r o t h e r A n t o n i o m e e t h i m

there. Did Sabato go to America with his family since he was so young? Were other realtives already in America? Where did the Rodia family go with the small Sabato? Did they go to New York? Some place in Pennsylvania, or did they like the 15,000 other Serinese go to Patterson, New Jersey? I have written to the Italo-Americano Clubs of Patterson

asking for information. If Sabato's family accompanied him to America, did they remain there, or did theytreturn to Rivotolli? Did Sabato

write letters to them? Does anyone have any letter from him , or any photographs of the young Sabato. Perhaps a school photograph, or a

page three Under separate cover ve will send a copy of the engineering test t h a t s a v e d t h e To w e r s . I t h i n k i t w i l l b e o f s p e c i a l i n t e r e s t t o y o u a n d t o D o t t . E n z o Te d e s c h i .

If you care to answer in Italian, I have friends who will help translate.

In fact they have helped me with these questions which rjiaybe will be of help to you in answering some of the information I am s( eking: w


Concerning Sabato Rodia: Che mestiere faccevano i genetori? il padre? la madre?.

Quando parti il fra-tello per 1 •America?

Qu^ando parti Sabato? y che eta^... .anno.... Perche par ti Sabato? perl'America Qu'i ando con Sabatino?

Con quale parente ando ad abitare? Andd" a scuola prima di partire per 1•America?

La famiglia era religiosa? e"^aveva del parenti preti? Che




Ha mai manifestato interese per l^arte? Era un bravo ragazzo S batino? Oppure irrequieto? Perche andb per 1'America Sabatino?

La familgia proveniva da ^perinc? Rivotolli? Aveva altri fratelli o sorelle? e quali sonc i nomi Dove ando in Am.erica e qui lo encontro? Ha scrito mai a casa? A qui altro puo avere scrito? Ha ma lettera di Sabatino e potrei vederla? Conoscete la donna che ha sposato?

^ di dove era? ,

if quando si e sposato? Conoschete la famiglia Calicurchio? Avete contacti con lore?

Cono^chete la famiglia Pelligrino? Chi Q Immaculata Rodia?

Q h i e s t a t o i l p r i n o a p a r. l a r e q u i a S e r i n e d e l l e t o r r i ? e q u a n d o ? Conoschete qualcunc dl vol che a visto le torre? Avete mai sentito delle torre da parte di Sabatino. ?

Recently the City of Los Angeles honored its Volunteer organizations with a program called SALUTE TO VOLUNTEERS and cur Committee was among the participants.

With the hope that we can expect your valued collaboration in this work. Sincerely yours.

On behalf of the COMNaT^E FOR SIMOR RODI/^' 53/TOV/ERS IN WATTS,

Mae Babitz, G c.y-Arch^ist 1955 N.Wilton Place

Los Angeles, C lifornia 900^8 U3A