Sarah Bixby - Fulton County Schools

Sarah Bixby - Fulton County Schools

Sarah Bixby I am a mother of four who has a passion for the education of my children. I want to be sure we are addressing not only the academic needs ...

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Sarah Bixby I am a mother of four who has a passion for the education of my children. I want to be sure we are addressing not only the academic needs of each child, but also the child as a whole. Three of my children are current students at Lake Windward Elementary and one will be coming in the not so distant future. Each of my children have different learning styles and needs, which gives me so many different perspectives on education. I was on a School Improvement Team as a middle school and high school student. Now it would be rewarding as an adult to hopefully accomplish similar gains for my children that we were able to manage back then. I was a foreign exchange student my junior year of high school and lived with German teachers who taught in their various leveled schools. While I do not overvalue one system over the other, the experience enriched my understanding and provided a different outlook on education. After graduating university in International Relations with high honors, I worked in National Security during the War on Terror and the Iraq War. I managed various programs and operations during the height of these conflicts. These often required collaboration among multiple agencies and personnel. As a result, I am well versed in the necessity of working as a team. I also learned to focus on the big picture. I believe that in our push to the top, we often forget about who we are teaching and what is best for the health, minds, and character of our children.