saturday academy - Western Reserve Academy

saturday academy - Western Reserve Academy

S aturday A cademy Enriching the Educational Experience W estern Reserve Academy’s Saturday Academy program has changed the way faculty and students...

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S aturday A cademy Enriching the Educational Experience


estern Reserve Academy’s Saturday Academy program has changed the way faculty and students look at Saturdays. Now in its fourth year, Saturday Academy is an innovative and creative seminar and module based program that supports the transformational experience of a WRA education. Academic ECHO modules and year-long class seminars are designed to extend, enrich and support student learning in a way that would not be possible in the Monday through Friday schedule. “This is a reaffirmation of the goals and characteristics

“Saturday Academy is relevant, it is fun, it is thought provoking, it is experiential. Who knew Saturday could be such an amazing day to go to school?” Joe DiBiase Mathematics Department Chair ECHO Module Faculty

we have tested and valued at WRA for generations,” said Head of School Christopher Burner ’80. “As a residential school, we have always held classes on Saturday and we are recommitting the entire school – faculty, staff and students – to meaningful learning experiences on Saturday that also allow flexibility to meet the many other activities scheduled.” Students enroll in two ECHO modules each academic year, during a six-week trimester that aligns with the fall, winter and spring athletic seasons. Students have numerous courses to choose from (see reverse side), allowing them to discover a new passion or pursue an area of academic interest in depth. The offerings are diverse, reflecting the broad interests and expertise of WRA’s talented faculty. In addition to the ECHO modules, Class Seminars are organized by class and meet seven times a year. They are tailored to the needs of students at different levels of academic, social and personal development. Programs include health, leadership training and college counseling. Seminars take place on Saturdays when ECHO module meetings do not take place.

ECHO Module Catalog 2015-16 ECHO modules are designed to extend, enrich and support student learning. The modules provide students with the opportunity to discover a new academic passion or to pursue an area of academic aptitude in depth. The following courses are available:

FALL OFFERINGS Aeronautical Engineering: Physics of Flight and UAV’s Contemporary Poetry Food: Local, Organic, GMOs — What is the Difference? Forensic Science Technology From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Case Study Approach to Understanding the World of Business Ice Cream: History, Production and Marketing: The Ice Cream Industry Introduction to Web Design Musical Theater: Exploring Broadway and Beyond Native American Culture and Shamanism: Living with Nature Nature: Writing and Doing Poetry in Motion: Hiking and Poetry Writing in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Race, Gender and Class Representing the Right: Who Will Be the Next Republican Candidate for President? The Chemistry of Cooking: Discovering Connections between the Laboratory and the Kitchen! The History of Western Reserve Academy The Legacy of Title IX Write ON!

WINTER OFFERINGS An Introduction to Chinese Culture: When “Hello!” Meets “Ni hao”

Theory of Special Relativity Boys in the Boat Chemistry in the Arts Choosing a Newbery Medal Winner: Learn How These Iconic Classics were Selected

Tubez!: Experimental Music with PVC Pipes Tuning and Temperament: The Science of Music Women in Politics

Creative Movement Eastern Philosophy and Meditation: Living Like the Dalai Lama

SPRING OFFERINGS A Study of Sherlock Holmes

Ekphrastic Writing

Arabs in America

Exercise Physiology: An Investigation into Nutrition, Body Composition, Anatomy and Training Practices for Athletes

Are Humans ‘Born to Run?’

Game of Chance: Creating and Evaluating Probability and Statistics History of World War II: How and Why the World Changed as a Result of World War II

Building Blocks: Architectural Primer of the Western Reserve Current Events and Media Criticism From Bach to Rock: A Survey of Fingerstyle Guitar Justice

Introduction to Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Introduction to Innovation, Creativity and Personal Fabrication Introductory Microbial Pathogenesis: Human vs. Microbe

Language & Society: An Introduction to Sociolinguistics & Fieldwork Lightroom Nutrition for Life

Introductory Robotics

Pure Genius: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Intuitive Calculus


Music and Politics: Music of the Revolution

Solitude, Peace and Grace: The Monastic Life

Philosopher and Madman: The Life and Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche

Stand Up

Stonehenge: Understanding Its Wonders and Mysteries

Technology and You: Learn How to Work with our Robot Overlords of the Future!

The Business of Restaurants: Beyond the Dining Experience

Understanding the Arab Uprisings Virtual Trip to Spain: A Taste of Lorca