Science Laboratory Rules and Regulations

Science Laboratory Rules and Regulations

  Science  Laboratory  Rules  and  Regulations   Science  is  a  process  of  discovering  and  exploring  the  natural  world.  Exploration  occur...

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Science  Laboratory  Rules  and  Regulations  

Science  is  a  process  of  discovering  and  exploring  the  natural  world.  Exploration  occurs  in  the   classroom,  laboratory  or  in  the  field.  As  part  of  your  science  class,  you  will  be  doing  many  activities  and   investigations  that  will  involve  the  use  of  various  materials,  equipment,  and  chemicals.   Safety  in  the  science  laboratory  is  the  FIRST  PRIORITY  for  students,  instructors,  and  parents.  To   ensure  a  safer  laboratory,  the  following  Science  Laboratory  Rules  and  Regulations  have  been  developed   for  the  protection  and  safety  of  all.  Your  instructor  will  provide  additional  rules  for  specific  situations  or   settings.  The  rules  and  regulations  must  be  followed  AT  ALL  TIMES.     After  you  have  reviewed  them  with  your  instructor,  read  and  review  the  rules  and  sign  the   permission  slip.  Your  signature  is  required  before  you  will  be  permitted  to  participate  in  any   investigations.  Your  signature  indicates  that  you  have  read  these  rules  and  regulations,  understand   them,  and  agree  to  follow  them  at  all  times  while  working  in  the  classroom.     Standards  of  Student  Conduct  in  the  Laboratory:     1.  Conduct  yourself  in  a  responsible  manner  at  all  times  in  the  laboratory.  Frivolous  activities,   mischievous  behavior,  throwing  items,  and  conducting  pranks  are  prohibited.     2.  Lab  safety  information  and  procedures  must  be  read  before  starting  any  activity.  All  verbal  and  written   instructions  shall  be  followed  in  carrying  out  the  activity.     3.  Eating,  drinking,  gum  chewing,  applying  cosmetics,  manipulating  contact  lenses,  and  other  unsafe   activities  are  not  permitted  in  the  laboratory.     4.  Unauthorized  activities  or  investigations  are  prohibited.       5.  Removing  chemicals  or  equipment  from  the  laboratory  is  prohibited.     Personal  Safety:     6.  Approved  chemical  splash  goggles  or  safety  glasses  shall  be  worn  at  all  times  in  the  laboratory,   including  during  clean-­‐‑up,  unless  the  instructor  specifically  states  that  the  activity  does  not  require  the   use  of  glasses.     7.  All  accidents,  chemical  spills,  and  injuries  must  be  reported  immediately  to  the  instructor,  no  matter   how  trivial  they  may  seem  at  the  time.  Follow  your  instructor’s  directions  for  immediate  treatment.     8.  Dress  appropriately  for  laboratory  work  by  protecting  your  body  with  clothing  and  shoes.  This  means   that  you  should  use  hair  ties  to  tie  back  long  hair  and  tuck  into  the  collar.  Do  not  wear  loose  or  baggy   clothing  or  dangling  jewelry  on  laboratory  days.  Sandals  or  open-­‐‑toed  shoes  are  not  to  be  worn  during   any  lab  activities.  If  in  doubt,  ask!     9.  Know  the  location  of  all  safety  equipment  in  the  room.  These  include  the  eye  wash  station  and  fire   extinguisher.     Specific  Safety  Precautions  Involving  Chemicals  and  Lab  Equipment     10.  Avoid  inhaling  fumes  that  may  be  generated  during  an  activity  or  investigation.  Always  waft,  never   sniff  directly!      

11.  Proper  procedures  shall  be  followed  when  using  any  heating  or  flame  producing  device,  especially  gas   burners.  Never  leave  a  flame  unattended.     12.  Remember  that  hot  glass  looks  the  same  as  cold  glass.  After  heating,  glass  remains  hot  for  a  very  long   time.  Determine  if  an  object  is  hot  by  placing  the  back  of  your  hand  close  to  the  object  but  do  not  touch  it.     13.  Should  a  fire  drill  or  other  evacuation  emergency  occur  during  an  investigation  or  activity,  make  sure   you  turn  off  all  gas  burners  and  electrical  equipment  and  exit  the  room  as  directed.     14.  Do  not  return  unused  chemicals  to  the  reagent  container.  Follow  the  instructor’s  directions  for  the   storage  or  disposal  of  these  materials.     Standards  for  Maintaining  a  Safer  Laboratory  Environment:     15.  Backpacks  and  books  are  to  remain  closed  and  stored  under  a  desk  during  labs.    Have  your  lab   manual  and  materials  out  and  ready  before  you  begin.       16.  Never  sit  on  laboratory  tables.     17.  Work  areas  should  be  kept  clean  and  neat  at  all  times.  Work  surfaces  are  to  be  cleaned  at  the  end  of   each  laboratory  or  activity.    Desks  left  dirty  will  result  in  half-­‐‑credit  on  the  lab.    If  counters  and  floors  are   left  dirty,  it  will  result  in  half-­‐‑credit  for  the  class.     18.  Solid  chemicals,  metals,  matches,  filter  papers,  broken  glass,  and  other  materials  designated  by  the   instructor  are  to  be  deposited  in  the  proper  waste  containers,  not  in  the  sink.  Follow  your  instructor’s   directions  for  disposal  of  waste.     19.  Sinks  are  to  be  used  for  the  disposal  of  water  and  those  solutions  designated  by  the  instructor.  Other   solutions  must  be  placed  in  the  designated  waste  disposal  containers.         20.  Glassware  is  to  be  washed  with  soapy  water  and  scrubbed  with  the  appropriate  type  and  size  of   brush,  rinsed,  dried,  and  returned  to  its  original  location.       21.  Handle  glassware  with  care,  but  should  it  break  notify  the  teacher  immediately.    Broken  glassware   should  be  cleaned  up  with  a  wet  paper  towel  and  placed  in  the  broken  glass  disposal  container.            


    Detach  at  the  line  and  return  the  portion  below  to  your  teacher  

    I  have  read  the  above  Science  Laboratory  Rules  and  Regulations,  and  I  agree  to  follow  them  during  every   science  activity.  I  acknowledge  that  these  rules  are  necessary  to  prevent  accidents  and  to  ensure  my  own   safety  and  the  safety  of  others  around  me.  I  will  follow  any  additional  instructions  given  by  my  instructor.   I  understand  that  I  may  ask  my  instructor  at  any  time  about  the  rules  and  regulations  if  they  are  not  clear   to  me.  My  failure  to  follow  these  science  laboratory  rules  and  regulations  may  result  in  discipline  and  loss   of  points.     ___________________________________________________   ___________   Student  Signature                         Date   ___________________________________________________   ___________   Parent/Guardian  Signature                       Date