season two- character descriptions - Starz

season two- character descriptions - Starz

-SEASON TWOCHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS ASHLEY “ASH” WILLIAMS (BRUCE CAMPBELL) Ash returns as the blowhard heroic monster fighter now struggling with the li...

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season two- series synopsis - Starz
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-SEASON TWOCHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS ASHLEY “ASH” WILLIAMS (BRUCE CAMPBELL) Ash returns as the blowhard heroic monster fighter now struggling with the limitations of his middle-aged self. It was over 30 years ago, while vacationing in the woods with friends, he encountered creatures of unspeakable evil. Ash survived the battle, but it cost him his hand and his sense of security. Responsibility and ambition are not part of his limited vocabulary. PABLO SIMON BOLIVAR (RAY SANTIAGO) Pablo is Ash’s loyal sidekick struggling to seal with the trauma suffered in the cabin. He recognizes that fate has put Ash in the center of a battle of good vs. evil. Pablo feels that his destiny is to fight alongside Ash. Originally trained to follow in his uncle’s footsteps to become a Brujo, a Honduran shaman, Pablo has left his legacy behind to pursue the American Dream. Pablo is the only one who believes in Ash even when Ash doubts himself. KELLY MAXWELL (DANA DELORENZO) Kelly was always rebellious but has become hardened and cynical by the cards life has dealt her. Now she only desires payback for what the Deadites have done to those close to her. Unwilling to let go of her rage she won’t let others get too close. With her family destroyed, she turns to Ash and Pablo, the only ones who have ever stood by her. She will not stop until the last evil Deadite is destroyed. RUBY (LUCY LAWLESS) A seductive and reclusive figure well steeped in the ancient mythology surrounding the Evil Dead. She currently possesses the Necronomicon but her hopes for her spawn don't go quite as planned. As havoc ensues, she has to rethink the deal she made with Ash as well as acknowledge his part in fighting evil.

CHET KAMINSKI (TED RAIMI) Ash’s best friend from High School who never left the party. He’s always willing to help Ash when he’s in a bind especially if the solution includes hitting up a strip club, throwing a rager or breaking and entering. LINDA B. (MICHELLE HURD) The girl that got away. Ash regrets taking another Linda to the cabin way back when, but then again this Linda would be dead if he hadn’t. She’s married to the Sheriff, but deep down she may still be harboring feelings for her high school sweetheart. LACEY EMERY (PEPI SONUGA) Daughter of Linda and the Sheriff. She’s a rebellious 20-something that finds herself in the wrong Delta 88 at the wrong time. Thankfully she finds solace and safety with Pablo until her own father makes her a pawn in his game to take down Ash. BROCK WILLIAMS (LEE MAJORS) Ash’s surly father. He was once the owner of Elk Grove’s thriving hardware store, but ever since his son was labeled a serial killer his business has tanked. Now he spends his days in his easy chair watching television or enjoying a beer or ten at the Elk Lounge Bar. He is none too pleased to see his son is back in town and makes sure Ash knows it. But deep down he might just love him a little, little, little bit. SHERIFF EMERY (STEPHEN LOVATT) A former high school Hall Monitor turned town Sheriff. He claims to love the law, but really he uses his badge to hide his insecurities and with Ash back in town, he’s got a lot of them. He’s married to Ash’s former flame, Linda B. When a town on the brink of Armageddon pushes her into the arms of his biggest nemesis, the Sheriff turns to the dark side for help to get rid of Ash once and for all.