senior and junior camps - RAC Saddle Club

senior and junior camps - RAC Saddle Club

SENIOR AND JUNIOR CAMPS Adopt a pony or bring your own for a fun filled holiday at the RAC Saddle Club. ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES Arrivals 8.30 hrs - da...

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SENIOR AND JUNIOR CAMPS Adopt a pony or bring your own for a fun filled holiday at the RAC Saddle Club. ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES Arrivals 8.30 hrs - day depending on the camp you are attending, Junior or Senior Departures 16.00 hrs – day depending upon the camp you are attending, Junior or Senior If you need to depart or arrive outside of these times, please inform the office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs ADOPT A PONY FOR THE CAMP Each rider has their own horse/pony to ride and care for at camp. A great chance to find out what it’s like to have your own! Complete beginners to advanced riders welcome. Small riding groups, determined by ability. A TYPICAL DAY 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 13.30 14.00 16.00 17.00 19.00 21.00

Alarm call Breakfast Catch, bring in, feed and groom your ponies in preparation for the morning lesson First lesson Stable management lecture Lunch Prepare your ponies for the afternoon lesson Second lesson Tack clean, turnout ponies and set fair Dinner Evening activities Lights out

COMPETITION DAY The last day of every camp is competition day. Everyone get the chance to win rosettes! Friends and family are invited to watch the fun. Although competition day starts at 10.00 (with dressage and tack and turnout), most parents arrive in the afternoon to watch the more spectator friendly show-jumping and cross country. ACCOMMODATION AND EQUIPMENT Our young guests stay in cosy cabins. The cabin supervisor sleeps in an adjoining room. A suggested list of items that the children should bring with them is below. It is only a provisional list and parents are encouraged to add or subtract items from it bearing in mind both the short duration of stay and the fact that the Saddle Club cannot accept any responsibility for personal and expensive items lost or damaged. Meals are taken in our Coffee Shop, please speak to Sue if your child has any dietary requirements. AGE GROUPS Each camp will be tailored for children of mixed age groups. When booking, parents are requested to note the riding ability requirement of each camp. Children outside the ability for a particular camp will only be accepted at the Chief Instructors discretion. The groups are as follows: 1. Junior Non Residential & Residential Camp: Walk Trot & Canter, Trot Poles and perhaps Small Jumps 2. Seniors: See Steph. 3. Adult: Over 18 or by invitation. NUMBERS We will endeavour to ensure that all children get a chance to ride the pony of their choice at some stage during their camp. Parents and Guardians of children wishing to attend this year's camp are requested to complete the attached form and return it as soon as possible with your remittance to the Chief Instructor to avoid disappointment.

SUGGESTED CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT LIST 1. Jodhpurs 2. Riding Boots 3. Sweat Shirt/Jumper 4. Riding Hat (Can be provided) 5. Waterproofs 6. A change (or two) of Underclothes and Socks 7. Washing Toiletries 8. Swimming costume and towels 9. Change of clothing for evening 10. Camp Bed 11. Sleeping bag 12. Blanket and Pillow (please note that it can get quite cold at night). 13. Mug/Cup 14. Tea Towel 15. Torch (with spare batteries) 16. Pocket Money (Max £10) Please remember any trips arranged with be charged as extra. COULD ALL PARENTS PLEASE PROVIDE A CAKE TO BE HANDED IN ON ARRIVAL FOR AFTERNOON TEA. SAFETY Always foremost in our minds 24 hour supervision Alarmed accommodation Instructors are British Horse Society trained and qualified and all employees are CRB checked. Horses and ponies are carefully selected Qualified first aiders are always on duty. A PARENTAL CONSENT FORM MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CAMP EVENING ACTIVITIES MAY INCLUDE Games Karaoke Treasure Hunts Cinema

The RAC Saddle Club team are committed enthusiastic people who aim to make you stay fun and worthwhile. Friends from all over the county return year after year for an exciting fun packed holiday. CHARGES The Charges for participation are listed on the schedule on our schedules and entry forms page. Those charges will cover the cost of providing food, accommodation, instruction and a pony for the duration of each camp. Those members attending with their own pony/horse are subject to a slightly reduced rate as are the juniors who will not be staying in the accommodation. DISCIPLINE AND BEHAVIOUR Instances of bad behaviour and deliberate damage will not be tolerated, the Chairman and the Chief Instructor retain the right to ask persons misbehaving to leave the yard, any damage wilfully caused will be reported to the parents of those concerned, and the parents will be asked to reimburse the yard for any damage caused by their children. DATES The dates for each camp can be found on our Forecast of Events SUMMER CAMP FORMS Please fill out the relevant Summer Camp Form for the chosen age group and camp. All forms may be downloaded from our schedules and entry form page on our website