Setup the Bluetooth

Setup the Bluetooth

Connecting Wii Devices with a CSR BT dongle Andrew Kary and Helen Huang [email protected] [email protected] 1) Not all Bluetooth dongl...

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Connecting Wii Devices with a CSR BT dongle Andrew Kary and Helen Huang [email protected] [email protected]


Not all Bluetooth dongles are compatible with the Wii. Check here for a list of working Bluetooth devices & dongles.


Some connect and interface more easily than others. The exact steps for connecting the Wii devices will differ, depending on your Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth stack.


The dongle that we have used most is old and difficult, so here are instructions for connecting it (CSR BT) a. Plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into the computer. b. Bluetooth icon, , will appear in the system tray (bottom right corner of the screen). Double-click the icon. c. The following window will open. Click Add.

d. This will open a wizard to connect the Wiimote.

e. Open the battery case on the underside of the Balance Board. Press the sync button. The light on the front of the Balance Board will begin blinking. Press this button periodically throughout the connection process, so that the lights keep blinking and the device stays discoverable. f. Once the lights are flashing, Check the “My device is set up and ready to be found” box. Click “Next”. g. After the wizard is done searching for Bluetooth devices you will see a screen similar to the one below.

h. The Wii Balance Board is the device named “Nintendo RVL-WBC-01” and will have the property “New device” underneath it. Select the Wii Balance Board and click “Next”. i. The next step of the wizard prompts you to assign a “passkey” to your Bluetooth device. The Wiimotes do not use a “passkey” so choose the “Don’t use a passkey” option and Click “Next”.

j. After that the wizard will install the Wiimote and you will get a “The Bluetooth device was successfully connected to your computer” message. Click “Finish” and the Wiimote is now connected to your computer. The lights on the bottom of the Wiimote will continue to blink if it is connected.

**** If the wizard completes successfully but the Wiimote does not display as “Connected”, to your computer then go to the Bluetooth Devices window and and click on Properties. Go to the Services tab, check the Drivers… box, and click apply. This generally fixes the problem.

If you are in doubt, run WiiLabTest.exe. Click on the “Connect” button. The LED on the Balance Board will go from flashing to steady if the computer is connected to the Balance Board. WiiLabTest may crash, but this does not seem to affect the functionality of the Balance Board. ***If none of this has worked, remove the device and start again from step 1.***