Shadow History: Archive and Intermediality in Chinese Cinema an

Shadow History: Archive and Intermediality in Chinese Cinema an

Shadow History: Archive and Intermediality in Chinese Cinema an international conference in honor of the Paul Kendel Fonoroff collection October 12-14...

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Shadow History: Archive and Intermediality in Chinese Cinema an international conference in honor of the Paul Kendel Fonoroff collection October 12-14, 2017

Conference sessions are free and open to the public, and wheelchair accessible. Tickets, required for all film screenings, can be purchased in person at the BAMPFA box office or online here: Thursday, October 12, location: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), Osher Theater 4 pm welcome and keynote speech by Paul Fonoroff 7 pm film screening: “Long Live the Missus” (tickets required) Hu Sang (China, 1947) Introduction by Paul Fonoroff Friday, October 13, location: 142 Dwinelle Hall 9 am Welcome (Professor Andrew F. Jones and Professor Weihong Bao) 9:15 am Panel 1: Regional Chinese Cinemas and the Archive Chair: Jonathan Zwicker (University of California, Berkeley) Jeremy E. Taylor (University of Nottingham), “Lichees and Mirrors: Local Opera, Cinema, and Diaspora in the Chinese Cultural Cold War” Jean Ma (Stanford University), “The Songstress between Shanghai and Hong Kong” Zhen Zhang (New York University), “’Fate’s Monstrous Children’: Taiwan’s Post-war Melodrama of Decolonization” 10:45 am Panel 2: Transnational Circulation in Chinese Cinema Chair: Mary Ann Doane (University of California, Berkeley) Sheldon Lu (University of California, Davis), “The First Screenings of Lumiere Brothers’ Films in China: Conjectures and New Findings” Xinyu Dong (University of Chicago), “Moscow Laughs: Musical Comedy and the Two “Sovietisms” in Shanghai Cinema” Jason McGrath (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), “Vernacular Modernism or Strange Construct? Reading Yuan Muzhi’s Street Angel against Frank Borzage” 12:15 conference proceedings adjourn until 3:30 pm Friday, October 13, location: 180 Doe Library 3:30 - 4:30 pm Roundtable on Chinese Film Preservation and Archival Work featuring Wenning Liu (China Film Archive) Paul Fonoroff David Wells (National Film Preservation Foundation) Friday, October 13, location: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Osher Theater 7:00 pm film screening: “Quest for a Long-Lost Husband” (tickets required) Tan Youliu (Hong Kong, 1950) Introduction by Yingjin Zhang, UC San Diego (continued over) • [email protected] • 510-643-6321

Saturday, October 14, location: 142 Dwinelle Hall 10 am Panel 3: Alternate Archives Chair: Weihong Bao (University of California, Berkeley) Yingjin Zhang (University of California, San Diego), “Film Posters as an Alterative/Alternative Archive for Chinese Film History” Ho Lok Victor Fan, (King’s College, London), “Tracing Sense-Media: The Archive as Consciousness” Yiman Wang (University of California, Santa Cruz), “DIY Archivization: Chinese Cinema from the Bottom Up and Outside In” Miao Li (Yunnan Normal University), “Views of Overseas Chinese on Chinese Films: A Case Study of the ‘Film’ Column in Chinese Newspapers in Thailand in the 1930s” noon: lunch break 1 pm Panel 4: Before Cinema, Beyond Cinema? Intermediality and Transmediality Chair: Jinsoo An (University of California, Berkeley) Guo-Juin Hong (Duke University), “The Returning Gaze: Photography by Western Sojourners in Early 20th Century China” Jie Li (Harvard University), “Where the Movies Were: A Palimpsest History of Manchuria’s Cinema Theaters and Projection Networks” Yomi Braester (University of Washington), “Collecting Film Memorabilia: Cinephilia as a Time-lagged Practice” 2:45 pm Panel 5: Alternative Histories and Cinematic Forms Chair: Andrew Jones (University of California, Berkeley) Li Daoxin (Beijing University), “An Asian Perspective of Film History: A Possible Approach” Ying Qian (Columbia University), “When Taylorism Met Revolutionary Romanticism: Documentary Cinema in China’s Great Leap Forward” 4:00 – 5:00 pm Roundtable: New Directions in Chinese Cinema Research: From Curated Collections to Digital Humanities featuring: Zhong Dafeng (Beijing Film Academy), “The Value of Historical Materials in Different Media in the Digital Age” Ying Qian (Columbia University) Jie Li (Harvard University) Saturday, October 14, location: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Osher Theater 8:00 pm film screening, “Suspicion” (tickets required) Xu Changlin (China, 1948) Introduction by Weihong Bao, UC Berkeley

This conference is held jointly with the Shanghai-Berkeley Film and Media Research Center. Cosponsors include the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), Institute of East Asian Studies, Department of Film Studies, C.V. Starr East Asian Library, The Townsend Center, University of California, Berkeley. It is made possible by a generous grant from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation. • [email protected] • 510-643-6321