Shadow Surfer-The Origin Story

Shadow Surfer-The Origin Story

Shadow Surfer-The Origin Story Chase Crawford was at a beach with his friend Arthur Angus on a bright July afternoon. He was swimming in the outer oce...

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Shadow Surfer-The Origin Story Chase Crawford was at a beach with his friend Arthur Angus on a bright July afternoon. He was swimming in the outer ocean, when he felt motion against his legs. He looked down and saw a huge monster, a mysterious creature. “What-” he exclaimed. The monster rose above the water, and pulled Chase under the surface. Chase struggled, and the monster attacked him. The impact hurt him, and he fell back on the ocean floor. The monster swam away. “AAAH!!” Chase screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt some chemical in his body, and he ducked underwater. Miraculously, he was breathing. Suddenly, his body started turning into different creatures rapidly, and then it stopped. He sighed, and thought of home. He wished he could be there. Then, he appeared there. Chase wandered around the house, knowing he wanted to tell someone about the incident at the beach, but he knew he couldn’t. When he walked by the fish tank, he had a flashback. The whole time he was underwater, he could breathe. “How was this happening?” he asked himself. From that moment he realized that he could breathe underwater. “What am I, a fish?” he murmured sarcastically to himself. His heart racing, he plopped himself down on the couch and turned the TV on. “And now, Mysterious Sea Creatures!” the announcer of Discovery Channel exclaimed. Chase was struck by another flashback. While he was underwater, he had also started transforming into different sea creatures. “Now I’m a shapeshifter,” Chase burst out loud. Chase decided to go grab a quick snack. All of the flashbacks had made him worn out, tired, and hungry. Suddenly as Chase reached into the refrigerator he was hit with a final flashback. After he came above the surface of the ocean, he had appeared at home. “I’m in a dream,” he decided, and fell asleep. The next day, Chase went outside, and found a green rock. He brought it to his bathroom, where he washed it off. The rock melted. “Oops,” Chase muttered. As he went to clean it up, some got on his hand. “AARGH!!” he yelled, and quickly wiped it off. After a quick look on the internet, he found out that it was quadratic acid. “So now I have a weakness,” he told himself. On the other side of the world, Arsenal Drown Drought was taking over sea territories. “Now I’m unstoppable!” he cried. But little did he know, that his arch nemesis was rising.

The Shadow Surfer was born.