'Showcase' Workforce Transformation Through Codesign - Canterbury

'Showcase' Workforce Transformation Through Codesign - Canterbury

Integrated Care Workforce Case Studies ‘Showcase’ Workforce Transformation Through Codesign - Canterbury, New Zealand In 2007, Canterbury’s health sy...

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Integrated Care Workforce Case Studies

‘Showcase’ Workforce Transformation Through Codesign - Canterbury, New Zealand In 2007, Canterbury’s health system was in crisis. Rising demand caused regular hospital gridlock. An ageing population meant things were forecast to get worse. The commissioner/provider split and paying providers by procedure fractured the workforce into zealous defenders of their own patch. Leaders knew that transformation required buy-in from a wide range of healthcare professionals, staff and public. So they shifted focus from cutting costs and the needs of particular organisations, to creating a shared vision across Canterbury Health system as a whole. To spread the case for change and actively engage staff in redesigning a system, ‘Showcase’ was developed. ‘Showcase’, an interactive experience, was built in a large, disused warehouse with a series of activities that teams of staff, patients and the public could go through together. It began with an exploration of the current system, it’s strengths and weaknesses, building a case for change. Then groups were given the opportunity to play with life-sized mockups of hospital wards, health centres and homes so that they could design the healthcare service and system of the future that they would want to see. At the end of the experience each person was given a card, signed by the CEO David Meates, which read: “You have permission to change the system”. Vision was turned into action by creating the structures for staff to affect change. A ‘Business Development Unit’ was set up with the power to turn staff ideas into reality and a dragon’s den style competition gave teams the freedom to drive their own ideas forward. More than 2000 people took part in ‘Showcase’ over a three month period helping to shape the redevelopment plans for two major hospitals and the healthcare system as a whole. Today, Canterbury is going against the national trend, and no longer needs to expand its acute bed base. General practice and well designed “HealthPathways” are reducing hospital admissions and ensuring people are discharged into well constructed networks of community support.

“Some people will always be innovators, regardless. Five to ten per cent won’t give a damn. The rest will change when offered the opportunity to be genuinely involved in creating a different future.” David Meates CEO, Canterbury District Health Board

Principles • Managers knowing that there is a case for change is not enough, it needs to permeate the system • You believe in what you build - staff are encouraged to see themselves as empowered designers of the system • All staff are agents of change

Do you want to learn more about this? Brilliant King’s Fund report: bit.ly/1bCP4Ob Write up from the programme designers: bit.ly/1fdTikE

Question : How are your staff engaged in transforming the system? Comment, ask questions, share what you’ve done in Twitter @careto_share, #integrationpioneer HORIZON SCANS l Exciting case studies from around the world