Skid Row Community - DTLA 2040

Skid Row Community - DTLA 2040

Los Angeles Department of City Planning Neighborhood Vision Workshop: Skid Row Community Monday, June 5th 2017 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM James M. Wood Commu...

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Los Angeles Department of City Planning Neighborhood Vision Workshop: Skid Row Community Monday, June 5th 2017 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM James M. Wood Community Center | 400 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Consolidated Notes from Breakout Group Discussions: Observations and Recent Trends:            

There has been an increase in homelessness and residents who live on the streets There has been increased development, resulting in the need to find housing for people Some group members expressed that trends are staying constant; little changes Single Room Occupancy limits the housing options for families, especially those with children Infrastructure is aging Seniors, women, and families with children are not adequately being taken care of There is a disconnect between community street life and community that reside in service provider spaces There is a digital divide, the area could benefit from free Wi-Fi access As population increases, there are greater public service and amenity needs o Burden is often shifted to service provides, which are at capacity Range of age groups exist in the community, and all need to be addressed Community engagement and public outreach strategies should be inclusive and collaborative Community needs to be viewed & advocated for in a manner that acknowledges Skid Row as a community

Land Uses:   

       1

Identify areas that prioritize permanent supportive housing Prioritize housing affordability at all levels and lifestyles, including; seniors, families, women, children, homeless, those in need permanent supportive, mixed gender housing Need mix of housing types, including boarding care, services, traditional housing o Some group members voiced a desire for these, others did not o Some voiced the need to focus on permanent housing Consider implementing interim housing options to meet immediate needs Create more incentives for development to include affordable housing and community amenities Limit liquor licenses. Desire to see less access to alcohol, as current uses are incompatible Ensure that zoning tools supporting social services allows for the widest range of services so that it is flexible in its application, while also being enforceable Support social enterprise within the community Expand opportunities for mixed income housing Need program to ensure no net loss of affordable units

     

There is a need for expanded services and recovery programs Suggestion to set low base FAR in areas where housing is not allowed Incorporate community meeting & collaborative spaces in new development Allow for more healthy and affordable food options Allow for trade schools and skills training programs to locate in the area Maximize the range of land uses along Main Street

Streets & Public Realm:      

Make streets safer, with traffic controls such as speed bumps Improve east-west linkages Enhance streets to be more inviting, with pedestrian-oriented design and wider sidewalks Streets should better support bicyclists, install more bike infrastructure Require new development to include meaningful open space Encourage creation of more open spaces o When public space is included in private development, these spaces need to be identifiable and accessible from outside of the building, with proper and legible signage. o Open space with community-driven programming for art and performances o Green, shaded spaces, vertical gardens o Expanded park hours Publicly accessible resources and amenities, look to Our Skid Row document o Public restrooms and other public facilities in parks o Facilities that are not affiliated with a particular service provider, this would allow those who are not affiliated with the service provider to benefit from the facilities. o Water fountains, hand washing, mobile showers o Property storage o Electric charging stations, laundry o Benches and seating o Workout equipment, outdoor recreation, and playgrounds for children o *Case study: San Francisco pit stop program & city attendants o *Suggestion to include these amenities in private development, and in public spaces such as parks

For more information, contact Downtown Community Planning Staff: Bryan Eck, Project Manager [email protected]

Tal Harari [email protected]

Clare Kelley [email protected]

Patricia Diefenderfer, Senior City Planner [email protected]

Brittany Arceneaux [email protected]

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