Skid Row v4 - Junto Entertainment

Skid Row v4 - Junto Entertainment

SKID ROW L.A. MISSION A Series Treatment Junto Entertainment 5001 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 112 Los Angeles, CA 90036 213-841-8435 213-234-4545/fax www.juto...

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SKID ROW L.A. MISSION A Series Treatment

Junto Entertainment 5001 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 112 Los Angeles, CA 90036 213-841-8435 213-234-4545/fax

On any given night there are nearly 80,000 homeless people on the streets of L.A.’s Skid Row. This five-block area, also known as The Nickel, is the Nation’s biggest open drug market, has its highest concentration of convicted felons, and the location of its highest number of hospital dumpings. It is also the workplace of some of the Nation’s most tireless heroes. SKID ROW: LOS ANGELES MISSION is a reality series about a dynamic and diverse group of Social Workers, working together to meet the needs of one of the toughest neighborhoods in America. With passion and enthusiasm, they serve a part of our population that has fallen through the cracks. For this population, they are often the last hope. The guiding principle of the show is the fact that Skid Row proves the adage, “But for the Grace of God go I.” Each episode will be self-contained and focus on one or two case stories. ________________________________________________________________________ SAMPLE EPISODES BASED ON TRUE STORIES THE RESCUE: Patrice is kicked out of her house when her boyfriend wins a restraining order against her for abuse. She ends up on the street. One of the students at the ADC knows Patrice and hears that she on the streets. The question is: Can the Missions staff find Patrice and bring her in before the streets take too much of a toll? At the same time, Chapain Keith meets with Officer Devon and a new officer on the Skid Row beat. PROBATION: Chaplain Keith has been asked by James, a student, who’s the same age as him, to be a character witness in his meeting with his parole officer. Keith knows that James has not lived up to some obligations of his parole, like going out after curfew and congregating in areas he’s not supposed to. Keith also knows James doesn’t deserve to be sent back to prison. It’s up to Keith to figure out how he will explain James’ progress without getting him sent away. Meanwhile, Francine, the mother of a student at the Mission, asks Executive Director Tina Babcock to talk to her daughter. To Tina’s surprise, it’s Francine that needs more attention then her daughter. EX-CON: Mikey, a young ex-con, is a brand new Student. Upon arrival, he is shocked to learn that he has family members also staying in the Mission. Chaplain Keith is worried that Mikey’s straight out of prison attitude may disrupt or rekindle old family arguments or make the senior students uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Miss T is orchestrating a reunion between one of her students, Sasha and Sasha’s estranged mother who’s’ an LAPD officer. RAGAHOLIC: Carmen was very young at 19 when she came to ADC. She really was doing so well, but her issues with rage caught up with her. She was caught on videotape

beating up another student. Now the question is: Can the center risk keeping her and helping her try to control her anger. THE PARENTS ARE THE PROBLEM: Lindsey is 18 and living with her parents in the Pacific Palisades. But she is lying, using drugs and stealing from her parents. Her folks hear about the LA Mission. The question is: Can they convince Lindsey that her problems are real and get her to commit to the LA Mission’s program. And will she stay? In the process, the Mission staff learn something shocking about Lindsey’s parents. THE EX: Henry sings up for the Mission’s recovery program to impress his girlfriend with the fact that he could live a sober life. During his time in the Mission, he has only thought of her. Chaplain Keith wants him to focus on himself, but he can’t. Keith holds a counseling session between the two, and Henry re-examines his past. At the same time, the dependent ex-boyfriend of a student named Elizabeth has found out she’s in the Mission. Chaplain Bridget has learned that she’s illegally snuck a cell phone into the facility to talk to him at night. THE NEW GIRL: Chaplain Bridget has just made contact with Lorraine, a new woman to enter the program. Lorraine is currently incarcerated. Bridget picks her up from jail and takes her to the Mission to restart her life. Meanwhile, Miss T tries to organize a dance class and Chaplain Keith tells the story of how he met his wife. TOWN HALL: The staff of the Los Angeles Mission opens up their auditorium to the students and public to voice any issues they are having with operations. Chaplain Keith bemoans the process. It is necessary but pure chaos verging on anarchy, because these are people who have never really had a voice of influence in a pubic forum. TWO LITTLE BOYS: Dorothy and her two little boys are going to be evicted tomorrow; it’s a race against the clock to keep them off the street. Meanwhile, due to lack of space, some of the Students are moved into shared housing with some of the guests,(people coming in directly off the street for one night stays). The Students are not happy. RED TAPE: Hopes are high for the new property the Mission has acquired. It has enough space to get 110 people off the street. The City has put up a roadblock, allowing only 30 people to be helped there. Tina Babcock organizes her case to challenge the Mayor and the City bureaucracy. Meanwhile, Chaplain Keith bends and allows the LAPD to talk to a group of his Students. DISAPPEARING ACT: Charlie was a very successful software entrepreneur until a few years ago. When his business failed, he started self-medicating. He would “bench press” at least a bottle of vodka a day. One day, he had enough presence of mind to check himself into the LA Mission. Recently, however, the staff has noticed signs that Charlie is in the Red Zone, which is a clear indicator of a coming re-lapse, violent altercation, disappearance or suicide. The next thing they know, Charlie’s gone. Can they find him before his six months of hard work evaporate in a haze of drugs and drink?