Sorting – this is how to do it. - Stadt Aachen

Sorting – this is how to do it. - Stadt Aachen

Then, what’s left over ... yellow bag © Nik - Small electrical appliances Lightweight packaging This belongs in here: End-user packagi...

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Then, what’s left over ...

yellow bag

© Nik -

Small electrical appliances

Lightweight packaging This belongs in here: End-user packaging . Plastics: plastic bags, plastic bottles, (e.g. drugstore products), plastic tubs (e.g. yoghurt tubs, cream, buttermilk, margarine), film/foil Metals: tins and drinks’ cans, bottle tops Composites: drinks’ and milk cartons, vacuum packaging, tubes, (e.g. toothpaste or mustard tubes) Polystyrene packaging, e.g. for electrical appliances …

This does not belong in here: Items that are not packaging Paper and cardboard Glass Residual waste Green waste, leftovers of food The Yellow Bag is collected every fortnight! A list of the centres which stock the Yellow Bags is available at or through the Service Center at Aachener Stadtbetrieb [Aachen Municipal Maintenance Service] from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday; the telephone number is 0241-432 18 666.

Small electrical appliances (e.g. mobiles, computers, vacuum cleaners, etc.) may be handed in at all of the recycling yards operated by Aachen City Council. Small-scale appliances measuring less than 30cm (edge length) will also be accepted at the green-waste container centres and by the mobile toxic substances’ unit / stationary collection point for toxic substances (recycling yard located at Kellershaustraße). The collection and removal of large electrical appliances such as, for example, refrigerators, cookers, or televisions can be organised by appointment throughout the entire city zone.

Toxic substances Toxic substances (e.g. aerosol cans, paints, varnishes, solvents, acids and chemicals, energy-saving lamps, etc.) will be willingly accepted at the re­cyc­ling yard located at Kellershaustraße or, alternatively, by the mobile toxic substances’ unit, which covers various routes within the city zone on pre-arranged dates.

Waste glass Waste glass (bottles and food jars for example) may be disposed of in waste-glass containers located at various sites throughout the entire city zone or, alternatively, at the Aachen City Council recycling yards.

CD’s, corks and batteries CD’s, corks and batteries may be handed in at all administration buil­dings as well as at the Aachen City Council recycling yards. Further infor­mation and collection dates can be found in the waste-disposal calendar or, specifically for your address, at

Sorting – this is how to do it. We recycle your waste!

Questions? The Service Centre at Aachener Stadtbetrieb will be pleased to answer any questions on waste disposal (e.g. arranging appointments, locations, etc.) and can be reached from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday; the telephone number is 0241/432 18 666. You will also find this and further information on our Internet website at Printed on 100% recycled paper

Stadt Aachen The Lord Mayor Aachener Stadtbetrieb Madrider Ring 20, 52078 Aachen phone: +49 241 432-18 666 fax: +49 241 432-18 665 [email protected]

green dustbin

© alphaspirit -

© Lichtbildnerin -

blue dustbin © Deyan Georgiev -

grey dustbin

Residual waste

Paper and Cardboard

Biodegradable waste

This belongs in here:

This belongs in here:

This belongs in here:

Unexploitable waste Soiled packaging Sweepings, ashes, cigarette stubs Vacuum-cleaner bags Nappies, hygiene items (sanitary pads, etc.) Wallpaper, special-purpose papers, photos Soiled animal litter Records, video cassettes, disks Light bulbs, fabric remnants/soiled textiles, pens/pencils, filing folders …

This does not belong in here: Exploitable waste: paper, glass, metal, plastic, composite packaging and old clothes Kitchen and green waste Toxic substances (e.g. paints, energy-saving lamps, batteries, aerosol cans) The residual-waste bin (grey) is emptied weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. Waste which cannot be exploited or which is too big for your residual-waste bin comes under the category bulky waste (e.g. furniture, mattresses, rolled-up carpets, or laminate, bicycles, etc.). The collection of bulky waste is organised throughout the entire city zone on a by-appointment-only basis. The following are not accepted as bulky waste: Waste originating from building work such as old doors or windows, wash-hand basins, motor-vehicle waste, all small parts, even where packed in cardboard boxes or in bags.

Clean paper packaging with and without Cardboard boxes (folded or torn up) Catalogues, prospectuses Writing paper Newspapers, magazines Letters and envelopes Notepads, postcards and exercise books Books (without binding), wrapping paper …

This does not belong in here: Wallpaper, photos, soiled paper Composite materials such as, for example, milk cartons or juice packaging Foil paper, foil giftwrap The paper-waste bin (blue) is emptied every four weeks! It is also possible to deposit paper and cardboard with all Aachen City Council recycling yards!

From the kitchen: uncooked or cooked food leftovers, potato peel, fruit skin, eggshells, vegetable peel, meat and fish leftovers, bread, cheese, coffee filters, teabags, cooking fats and oils (e.g. deep-frying fat) From the garden: flowers, branches, leaves, weeds, lawn, hedge and shrub cuttings, windfall Miscellaneous: hair, feathers, wood chippings (untreated), indoor plants …

This does not belong in here: Liquid food leftovers Nappies, plastics Glasses, animal litter (with or without excrement) The biodegradable-waste bin (green) is emptied weekly! Biodegradable-waste bin in the winter: wrap wet waste up in newspaper and/or cover the base of the bin with a layer of newspaper. If possible, have the waste bin stand where it is protected from frost (garage, cellar). If, despite this, the biogradable waste still sticks to the bin, separate carefully from the bin, e.g. using a spade. Biodegradable-waste bin in the summer: If possible, have the waste bin stand in the shade. Compostable biodegradable plastic bags may also be used for pre-gathering biodegradable waste in the household; however, use only those showing the „seedling“ logo (see left), which are available in many drugstores and grocery stores.