SPEYER CITY SCAVENGER HUNT Three Tours: A Altpörtel – B Kaiserdom – C Altstadt This is how it works …. On each tour you will be asked questions re...

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Three Tours: A Altpörtel – B Kaiserdom – C Altstadt

This is how it works …. On each tour you will be asked questions regarding Speyer’s history, it’s landmarks or curiosities. You will find the right hints and answers when you walk the tour. Just keep your eyes open and look for signposts, lables and displays. Large groups can split into smaller ones who run the tours in parallel – either one, two or all three. Plan with approximately 45 minutes per tour. For some questions you have to watch out and look very carefully. Those are marked with a little “Sherlock Holmes”. All teams should agree on a time for the end of the scavenger hunt. Also, pick a meeting point for evaluation of the questions and the “award ceremony”. One of Speyer’s many wine bars or cafes are a perfect spot for this... Finally, your forms will be checked versus the sheet with the correct answers. Each correct answer is awarded one point. It’s very simple - the team with the most points wins. In case of a draw there is a few more questions on the answer sheet to finally identify the winner..

one more thing… do not google!

Have fun and good luck!

Tour A - Altpörtel The tour starts on Königsplatz. On Saturdays there is a farmer’s market with a great choice of local food.

Question A1 – On top of the fountain you find a boy holding something in his hand for which Speyer is famous. What is this?

Question for Detectives A2 – If you look closely, you find a mason’s mark on the fountain. Draw it in the box below.

Keep walking down Ludwigsstrasse and make a left into Allerheiligenstraße. After 100 meters you find the house in which the Speyrer painter Anselm Feuerbach was born. Proceed through Feuerbachand Zeppelinstrasse and make a right into Strasse am Drachenturm.

Question for Detectives A3 – You can find Anselm Feuerbach’s initials in his paintings – and also on the house. Draw it in the box below.

Question A4 – You see three towers of the former city wall. Write down their names. Tip: Check the nearby playground.

Follow Hilgardstraße back to Ludwigstraße and turn into Marienstraße.

At the end of Marienstrasse make a left into BartholomäusWeltz-Strasse. From here you can spot the neo-gothic Gedächtniskirche.

Question A5 – House # 2 belonged to a famous Speyrer merchant. The unique grape-vine that grew in his backyard was named after him. What is the grape’s name? Tip: look for a brass plate.

Question A6 – How tall is the spire of Gedächtniskirche?

Tour A - Altpörtel

Question A7 – The statue of which famous man can be found in the foyer of Gedächtniskirche?

Question A8 – What is the meaning of “Gailer” ?

Walk down Gilgenstraße towards city center. Make a right into Große Gailergasse.

Question for Detectives A9 – What letter can be found on the unicorn’s head?

Question A10 – Inside the passage of the gate you find an iron object in the wall. What is this?

Question for Detectives A11 – The clock on Altpörtel is very unusual. What time is it when the index of the upper face points towards VII and the index of the lower face points towards IIII?

Question A12 – In the tiny Ledergäßchen you find a curiosity. What is it and what is it’s name?

Proceed through Grosse Gailergasse until you see a small place called “Schulplätzel”. You will find a unicorn fountain. Continue through Roßmarktstrasse until you see the ancient city gate “Altpörtel”.

Follow Maximilianstraße towards the catherdral and make a left into Ledergäßchen.

Tour B - Kaiserdom The tour starts in front of the cathedral at the “Domnapf”.

Question for Detectives B1 – How many liters fit into the Domnapf? Tip: You won’t find the answer right at the Domnapf. Look around.

Question B2 – On which occasion does the Domnapf get filled and with what?

Now look at the fassade of the cathedral.

Question B3 – On the fassade there are four figures with wings. What figures are these and what do they stand for? Question B4 – How tall is the nave?

Question B5– On the right side of the fassade there is a bronze plate. What does it commemorate? Now enter the cathedral. Question for Detectives B6 – The main portal is a huge heavy bronze door with scenes from the bible. Find Jesus Christ. He is surrounded by how many sheep?

In 1146 Bernhard von Clairveaux preached in the Speyer cathedral to convince Emperor Konrad III. to initiate a crusade.

Question for Detectives B7 – According to legend Bernhard made three giant leaps when he entered the cathedral. Still today you can find what he exclaimed with each leap. Write it down.

Tour B - Kaiserdom Question B8 – Which dynasty of German Emperors is burried in the catheral of Speyer?

Take the stairs down to the crypt where the graves of the German Emperors can be found. In the staircase check for an engraving on the right wall.

Question for Detectives B9 – Draw in the box below what you can see on the wall (behind a glass screen).

Question B10 – According to the legend the German Emperors were heading to the Rhine to help the Empire which was in great trouble. How many Emperors are calling out for the ferryman?

Walk into the park behind the cathedral towards the Rhine river. You will find a bronze sculpture about an ancient Speyer legend.

Question B11 – Name Speyer’s twin cities. Leave the parc and head towards the “Historisches Museum”. You pass a monument commemorating Speyer’s twin cities.

Question B12 – In Kleine Pfaffengasse 8 is the entrance to a yard with the remains of the ancient synagogue and an important monument of medieval jewish culture (the oldest still intact one in middle Europe) What is it? At the museum turn into Große Pfaffengasse and continue through Judengasse into Kleine Pfaffengasse towards the cathedral.

Tour C - Altstadt The tour starts at the statue of the pilgrim on Maximilianstrasse.

Question C1 – Find a quote from the bible on the statue. Write down book, chapter and verse.

Question C2 – Go to the townhall across the street. It was built from1712-1726. Who was the builder?

Go to the townhall.

Question for Detectives C3 – Behind the gate of the townhall there is a staircase leading to the “Ratskeller” – a restaurant in the basement. At the entrance there is a cap stone showing the fassade of the cathedral. How many windows / gates do you count?

Question for Detectives C4 – In the yard (Kulturhof) behind the townhall you can find a sculpture by Eckart Schembs What is the name of the raven? Next stop is at the fountain (Georgsbrunnen) in front of the “Münze” building.

Question C5 – The heads of which animals can be found underneath the huge bronze basin?

Question C6 – In which year was the Georgsbrunnen built? Proceed through Salzgasse into Johannesstraße und look for house # 30.

Tour C - Altstadt

Question for Detectives C7 – On the portal of house # 30 from 1710 you find a latin phrase. Write it down and translate. (It could be the motto of Speyer’s joie de vivre)

From there head towards the Fischmarkt. In St. Georgengasse 2 you see another old portal.

Question C8 – What can you see on the capstone of the portal? What used to be behind the portal in ancient times.

Question C9 – To which patrician dynasty did the house belong?

Turn right towards Holzmarkt and go straight into St. Velten Gasse. You will find the remains of a patrician house from the 13.th century.

Question C10 – A very famous Saint once lived in the monastery St. Magdalena (entrance house # 32) Who was this?

Question for Detectives C11 – On the portal of the monastery you can find the “truth”. Where?

Proceed via St. Margarethen Gasse and Mittelsteg into Hasenpfuhlstrasse – the heart of Speyer’s old city. Walk through Sonnengasse back to the cathedral.

Question C12 – From here you have a stunning view on the mighty cathedral. How many family homes would fit into it. Make a guess.

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