Sports College Newsletter December 2014 - Herne Bay High School

Sports College Newsletter December 2014 - Herne Bay High School

Herne Bay High School Sports College Newsletter The who, what and when from PE & Sport between September-December 2014. Special points of interest: ...

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Herne Bay High School Sports College Newsletter The who, what and when from PE & Sport between September-December 2014.

Special points of interest:


94% of Year 7 students attended an extra-curricular sports club in 2014.

Congratulations to Georgia Legge (Year 9) for reaching the last stage of the England football team selection!

Well done to Kloee Worboyes (Year 8) for reaching National Level in kick boxing. Well done to Kyron Connolly (Year 11) for being chosen to represent Kent FA U16 football and captain the side. A sad farewell to Mr Wooldridge who leaves us at Christmas.

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Joe Holland—YSP Award


Btec Results


Sporting Opportunities


Sports Leadership


Outdoor Education Wales Residential


Get Set to Make a Change


Gold School Games KiteMark


Gifted and Talented


Fixtures and Results


Football Academy


Community Links


Charity Work


Farewell Mr Wooldridge


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De c e m b e r

2 0 1 4

Sports Awards Evening 2014 The 2014 Herne Bay High Sports Awards evening took place in the new venue, the Bay Theatre, on Wednesday 24th September. The audience was made up of parents, staff and governors who created a great atmosphere in the theatre. The audience were entertained by exceptional performances from the Boys Vocal Choir, Ju-Jitsu club and the Mixed Dance Company. However, the main attraction for the night was the presentation of the awards by GB Long Jumper JJ Jegede. JJ gave the audience an inspirational speech about his pathway into sport. He started being a keen footballer at school until he was persuaded to try athletics by his PE teacher, where he later gained selection for the national squad. He then discussed the hard work and dedication it takes but also the love he has for what he does, humorously adding—”all I do is travel around, run a bit and then jump a bit”. Unfortunately he didn't complete a jump in the theatre, but he did demonstrate the distance he can jump, using two pupils to demonstrate his start and end points and leaving the audience gasping.

The awards began with 45 students gaining ‘Colours Awards’ for representing the school in 4 or more sports. 110 students gained ‘Bronze, Silver or Gold Sports Star Awards’ for regularly attending 5 or more PE clubs. And finally, the opportunity came to recognize the individuals who have had extra special achievements and commitments in PE and Sport. This years winners were: “Outstanding Sports Leader in School” award winner: Megan Washington, Yr13.

“Outstanding Achievement in ExtraCurricular PE & Sport” award winner: Oliver Dickson, Yr10. “Outstanding Achievement in OAA” award winner: Angus Wilson, Yr8. “Outstanding Commitment to ExtraCurricular PE & Sport” award winner: Chrystal Ferguson, Yr7.

“Team of the Year” award winners: “Outstanding Sports Leader in ComYear 10 Boys Football Team. munity” award winner: “Brian Steele PRIDE Values” award Phoebee Green, Yr12. winner: Joe Holland, Yr13. “Outstanding Sports Leader in PartCongratulations to all the winners and ner Schools” award winner: we look forJoe Holland, Yr13. ward to anoth“Outstanding Dance Leader” award er successful winners: year ahead. Ben Curtis & Jake Ashby, Yr11. “Mat Parsons Active Lifestyle” award winner: Nathan Waddingham, Yr10.

Lizzy Yarnold Visits HBHS! On Monday 15th September, Lizzy Yarnold (Olympic Gold Medalist in the Skeleton at the Sochi Winter Olympics) spent the day at HBHS working with and inspiring primary pupils, sixth form sports leaders and Year 10 science students.

schools attended with a total of 72 young pupils, who participated in a carousel of practical and interactive activities. Here, they learned about heart-health and the importance of active lifestyles and healthy eating.

The visit was arranged as a reward for the involvement of Canterbury Coastal district schools in the Kent INSPIRE Olympic Legacy programme. In the morning, Lizzy attended the Primary School “Happy Hearts” Health & Fitness workshop, planned by Year 13 HBH students as part of their sports leadership qualification. 6 primary

Lizzy then went on to work with Year 10 Science pupils, helping them design Skeleton sleds like her own sled named Mervyn. She gave advice on design, friction, drag and aerodynamics. Then, with some inside knowledge given, a few changes were made to see if they could give Mervyn a run for his money!

P a g e


INSPIRE Awards Dr Owen and Mrs Bourne were invited to the Kent INSPIRE Celebration in Maidstone in September. The afternoon reviewed the multitude of events, programmes and initiatives that had been part of the KCC programme in the build up to London 2012 and as a legacy left by the games. Herne Bay High School received an award as a thank you for taking on the Lead School role for the Canterbury District. On top of this, Mrs Bourne received an individual award for driving the programme and putting in so much hard work to help build and inspire the legacy.

Joe Holland’s Youth Sports Trust Award On top of Joe’s awards at the school Sports Awards Evening, he continued to top off his highly successful year with yet another national award. You may recall that Joe was awarded the National BTEC Sport Student of the Year for 2014, receiving this at the House of Lords in July.

“Students benefit from a very wide variety of afterschool clubs and out of school activities” Ofsted, 2014

The school also nominated Joe for the Youth Sport Trust “Outstanding Young Person” award for all his volunteering that he has done for the Sports Partnership. Awards day came and Joe scooped the award, adding to his highly

successful year. The legacy which Joe is leaving behind at Herne Bay High now that he is studying at university will inspire and motivate students for years to come. Congratulations Joe and all the best in the future from everyone here at Herne Bay High!

In order to collect his award Canterbury Christchurch University allowed him a day off to attend the Youth Sport Trust National Summit in Coventry.

Btec Results 2014 Year 13 - BTEC

Year 11 – BTEC Sport

Year 11 – BTEC OAA

BTEC courses in the 6th form last year were very successful and finished with 100% pass rate for all students completing the Extended Diploma (3 A Level equivalent) and Diploma (2 A Level equivalent). 8/14 Diploma students gained the maximum grade of D*D* and 2/5 Extended Diploma students gained D*D*D*.

Once again the Level Two BTEC Sport courses have been very successful. The diploma group achieved twenty three distinction*, three distinctions, three merits and three passes. There were two Extended Certificate groups who between them gained fifteen distinction*, two distinctions, eleven merits and fifteen passes.

The Level two BTEC Sport OAA course was successful with candidates obtaining expected results. The Diploma group achieved 1 merit, 5 passes; Extended Certificate achieved 1 pass.

This set them in great stead with some of their exit routes including various universities for Sports Science, PE teaching, coaching, the army, the fire service and the fitness, sports and leisure industry.

H e r n e

B a y

H i g h

S c h o o l

A huge thank you needs to go out to all the teachers, parents friends, family and most of all students who have worked so hard to achieve some truly amazing results. Well done!

I s s u e

1 2

P a g e

Sporting Opportunities Box 2 be fit We have been lucky to gain funding through ‘Sportivate’ to provide us with new ‘Box 2 b fit’ equipment and on the 10th October and the 4th November a number of PE lessons through years 7-11 had the opportunity to be put through their paces by professional boxing trainer John Mc Cormack.

Badminton Smash Up On the 23rd September coaches from ‘England Badminton’ hosted their Badminton Smash up initiative tour at Herne Bay High.

John was here to lead a number of fitness sessions on behalf of his company ‘Box 2 b fit’. John left us with some brand new equipment so we can continue to run ‘Box 2 b fit’ sessions as part of the PE curriculum. Pupils from year 711 took part in the sessions and really enjoyed them, giving plenty of positive feedback and asking questions on how to join a local club. The PE department are looking forward to continually making use of the equipment we have gained in PE lessons and in extra-

The coaches led sessions to boys and girls in year 7 and 10 lessons, as well as hosting lunch time and after school clubs. The sessions were so enjoyable and successful that participation numbers in our own clubs have grown. England Badminton also left us with a number of new resources and equipment that is continually being used in lesson and extracurricular clubs.

curricular clubs.

Cricket This year we have been able to continue our link with the Kent Cricket scheme ‘Chance to Shine’. One of their coaches Buzz Gould has been in to promote the cricket hub club and indoor tournaments that will be taking place later in the year. Hopefully the indoor cricket will continue to be successful in encouraging a range of abilities to participate in training and competitive events. Buzz is hoping to work alongside other Kent cricket coaches to run taster sessions within the school and give more opportunities to students to participate in cricket. The scheme has also funded a member of staff to gain a level two cricket qualification so they too can offer a higher standard of cricket provision within the school.

This has proven to be a great way for pupils to get engaged and enthusiastic about physical activity throughout all year groups. These high levels have remained in sessions led by the Herne Bay High staff within lessons.

Sports Leadership Sports Leaders Courses The Higher Sports Leaders (HSL), who take the course as part of the BTEC National in year 13, organised two separate sports tournaments as part of their final assessment. One was a basketball tournament for primary children held in the ‘Bay Arena’ which saw six different teams battling it out. The second was a benchball tournament held at Hampton Primary School.

“The mentor sports programme is a great way for students from all year groups across the school to interact and work together” Mr Scorer, 2014

mentary about the leaders and the event they had organised and run. The Community Sports Leadership (CSL) programme was delivered as part of the BTEC National course to year 12’s and they also completed their final assessment when they successfully helped to run sports day for the school.

Both tournaments were very successful with the pupils taking part thoroughly enjoying them. The teachers accompanying the pupils were extremely compli-

Morning mentor sport The scheme is up and running for the third year with new sixth form students taking charge. We have selected 44 pupils from over 70 applicants to become morning mentor sports leaders for 2014-15. The leaders have just finished their training and are ready to organise sporting competitions for interested mentor groups. So far we have had 13 mentor groups interested and are hoping to get 3 more. Lets look forward to a successful year in mentor sports!

Outdoor Education Wales Residential The OAA residential to North Wales over the October half-term was deemed a success, with positive feedback from the inclusion team. In addition to allowing a number of extra-curricular OAA students who regularly attend the OAA clubs to attend the residential, it was run alongside an OAA / inclusion initiative. This involved the inclusion students having to earn their right to

attend the trip, through achieving a set number of Heron points in order to successfully earn their place. The trip ran from Friday 17th to Monday 20th October 2014. During their time in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales students were able to take part in different OAA activities. These included rock climbing, both outdoors on real rock

and at a indoor centre and a mountain walking day up Snowdon itself. Unfortunately the weather restricted the students to just below the summit, reaching around 800m of the 1085m high peak of Snowdon. It was still an enjoyable trip and a jaw dropping opportunity for some students who had never left Kent before, let alone been in a mountain environment!


P a g e

Get Set to Make a Change


A group of Year 13 students who completed the Get Set to Make a Change initiative over the 2013-14 academic year recently attended a special Celebration Evening in Canterbury where they met Olympic canoeist Etienne Stott and Paralympic skier Millie Knight. The initiative challenged the group to make a pledge to engage in their community and the team successfully planned and organised a disability sports festival and a “Happy Hearts” fitness workshop for primary pupils. As part of the Celebration Evening the team accepted an invitation to present their work to the audience and they ran some entertainment activities.

Gold School Games Kite-Mark “Students have many opportunities to develop in Sport” Ofsted, 2014

The School Games Kite mark is the Governmentled awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. We were awarded the Gold standard for the 2012-13 year against the criteria which relate to amount of Level 1

School competitions (intraschool mini-community sport), Level 2 inter-school sport and Level 3 (county and national competitions). The criteria also assesses the involvement of students in the organisation, leading and officiating of

sport and competitions and the school’s links with community clubs. We re-applied in September and are delighted have been awarded the Gold Kitemark once again for our good practice for 2013-14.

Gifted and Talented As always we are fortunate enough to have some very talented athletes within the school. Unfortunately we cannot list them all but here is a short selection of some of the best achievements of out G&T students recently:

Kyran Connolly (year 11) has been selected to represent the Kent FA U16 side in which he is also captain.

the district football team.

Georgia Legge (year 9), of Chelsea FC, is through to the last stage for England selection.

Oliver Dickson (year 11) finished his time trial bike season and won Kent Cycling Association Junior Best All Rounder - he is ranked 6th in the country.

5 year 7 footballers, 2 of which play for Kloee Worboyes (year 8) – NaGillingham FC, have been selected to represent the district side.

tional Kickboxing.

5 year 8 footballers are representing

County Rugby.

the district football team of which 4 have been given the opportunity to go and take part in the Valencia CF roadshow at Simon Langton Boys’ GS.

2 year 9 footballers are representing the district football team.

2 year 10 footballers are representing

H e r n e

B a y

H i g h

S c h o o l

James Dyson (year 9) – Kent Sydney Davies (year 8) Gillingham ladies FC.

Connor Garvey (100m), Jamie Loveridge (Long/Triple Jump) & Luke Adby (Discus/Shot) – Intermediate District Athletics.

Jamie McVey (year 10) and Jack Thomas (year 9) attended a Roller Hockey training camp in Portugal.

Notable talented year 7s who have joined our school – Mia Stevenson (County Gymnastics); Max Ndah and Ryan Neal (Gillingham FC); Tommy Matthew (International BMX racer). Congratulations to every student who have achieved something in the last few months and we look forward to seeing you go from strength to strength in the coming months. Well done! If there are any of you out there with sporting talents we don’t know about please share your achievements with us by emailing [email protected]

I s s u e

1 2

P a g e

Fixtures and Results

Football It has been another successful year for the football teams at Herne Bay High. The year 7s, playing the new FA designated 9 v 9, have won the district league, remain unbeaten and they are still in the Kent Cup and the National Cup. The wealth of footballers within year 7 has led to a B team emerging. The B team were entered into a Kent FA Cup Competition and an English Schools FA competition. Following a bye in the English Schools competition, the team are currently awaiting the second round to be played. In the Kent Cup they beat Westland’s 1-0, scoring within the first three minutes and then holding on well to the lead for the remainder of the match. The year 8s also won the district league remaining unbeaten but unfortunately lost 2-0 to last year’s national semi-finalists, The Howard School. A small selection of the year 8 team were also chosen to undertake a training day with Valencia FC at Simon Langton Grammar School. The year 9 football team have had their best year to date. After playing all 5 games in the district ‘B league’ Herne Bay finished top and so far remain undefeated this year. In the Kent cup they had a very close game with the North School resulting in a penalty shoot-out where the boys have made the 4th round. Robbie Baker has been successful this year in gaining a positon in the district squad and we wish him all the best with their season. The year 10 football team only managed to finish mid table in the top division of the district league despite some encouraging performances. They came unstuck against Canterbury Academy, SLBS and QE who have been consistently strong at this age group for the past four years. Hopefully they will have a good cup run in the district cup. The year 11 football team this year has been impressive. Following on from their District Cup win last season they have started the year demonstrating vast amounts of dedication and commitment to training. This has led to them running their own training sessions when the teacher in charge is not around. This dedication and commitment has peaked in fixtures, putting on some very good displays and getting through some tough matches. The team remain unbeaten in all competitions, conceding only 4 goals and scoring 20+, a just reward for their hard work. They have reached the 4th round of both Kent Cup competitions and are optimistic of continuing their progression towards the final. After Christmas they have the opportunity to defend their district cup and are hopeful of doing so on the back of good Kent Cup runs. Girls Football - We have had lots of interest again this year with girl’s football and in the U13 and U14 age groups we have got to the 3rd round of the Kent Schools cup. We have won all our games so far and hope to progress to the quarter finals. Girls Futsal—Congratulations to the under 14 girls futsal team for winning the qualifying competition and now going on to represent the East Kent Costal alliance at the Kent School Games later in the year. Well done girls!

Netball For the year 7 team there was a very good turnout for the trials and the standard proved to be very high. They have shown commitment and dedication to their training and this has been evident in the matches they have played already, having played 3 games so far and winning all 3. They have managed to convincingly beat Spires, Canterbury High and Simon Langton Grammar School and have a few more games arranged this term. Hopefully this winning streak will continue and prove successful in the district tournament. The year 8s had a really successful year last year and this continued in their District netball tournament last March where they came 3rd in the district. They have all done themselves and the school proud in every game they have played this season. Congratulations to: Libby Fielder (Captain), Mia Godden (Captain), Libby Cook, Molly Godden, Molly Walker, Beth Sullivan, Ella Edwards, Lacey Compton, Katie Rees and Sophia Brown. Let’s hope we are as successful next year!! So far this year the year 9 netball team has been really successful winning all of their games, including Simon Langton Girls School and Barton Court. Training has continued to go well and the team are showing great progress. Hopefully their performance will continue to improve and they will perform well in the end of season tournament in March.

Football Academy study for academic qualifications alongside a professionally run football coaching and playing schedule.

In-conjunction with Herne Bay FC and Charlton AFC, a 6th form football academy has been established. This gives the opportunity for students in further education to

The squad have been training twice a week with Charlton and have the opportunity to play at Herne Bay FC. They have all purchased training kit and play in a brand new academy kit.

Later on in the year they will be giving work back to the community by helping coaches run soccer schools and primary school events.


Community Links Active Life The holiday sports camps programme, set up and run in conjunction with Active Life has been very successful over the year. Activities in a wide range of sports have been made available every school holiday and numbers attending are continually growing. 175 participants attended the half term holiday courses. This has also meant a number of 6th form students have gained employment as instructors on the holiday scheme and many continue to work for the company as recreation assistants. Herne Bay Rotary Club Last school year Mrs Bourne and Mrs Wrigley developed strong links with Herne Bay Rotary club. They have now pledged financial support for a wide range of school activities including the annual drama production, creative writing competition, rewards activities and subject competitions. We have been trying to establish a volunteering programme in the 6th form based on their community programme “Interact”. As part of this, several 6 th form students regularly attended Age UK in Herne Bay to teach their clients ICT skills. Community Sports Clubs We have continued to work on setting up enhanced opportunities and community clubs for children and now have an established community trampolining club. We continue to work on developing a sustainable tennis coaching programme and we have strong links with Herne Bay Youth FC who have supported our school boys and girls’ football teams with coaching and pathway clubs to continue their football beyond school.

If you are involved with a club that would like to work in partnership with Herne Bay High School please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Sport Nicky Bourne at [email protected]

Charity Work This term Children in Need took place. We had a helping hand from the student forum in running events. Throughout the week leading up to Children in Need a number of events took place including a cake baking competition, cake sale, mario cart competition, non-uniform day and individual mentor challenges. The school dance company successfully toured primary schools in the area showing off their Dance Dash routine and raising in excess of £2000 to be contributed towards the schools total! Planning is already underway for the next charity event which will be Red Nose Day on the Friday 13th March.

Extra Curricular Participation By the end of last year 94% of pupils in year 7 had attended at least 1 extra-curricular sports club with the exception of 16 pupils out of the 263 present in the year. A great effort by year 7 and we hope to see their high levels of commitment continue! Every year group up to 6th form had pupils participating in extracurricular clubs, be it lunchtime or afterschool. The fitness suite was incredibly popular for KS4 and KS5 boys who attended on a regular basis throughout the year.

As always the clubs on offer for the first term have had fantastic numbers attending. 40 clubs throughout breakfast, lunchtime and afterschool have been on offer with an average of 20 pupils to each club. With some even majorly exceeding these numbers, such as year 7 Roller Skating on a Tuesday lunchtime which has had up to 80 pupils at some sessions! This year we will aim to gain maximum attendance of Year 7’s and encourage year 8 pupils to keep the same commitment levels as they had last year.

Farewell Mr Wooldridge At the end of this term we will sadly be saying goodbye to Mr Wooldridge who is leaving us to progress his teaching career at another school. Thank you for all your hard work and we wish you the best of luck with your new job and role!