State Wrestling 1970-1974.xlsx

State Wrestling 1970-1974.xlsx

IHSA  STATE  INDIVIDUAL  1974  CLASS  AA Keith  Hackney,  Lake  Park,  (So,21-­‐6-­‐1) (Elgin,  1st) Walter  Dye,  Fenton,  (Sr,31-­‐1) Dye 10-­‐5 ...

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Keith  Hackney,  Lake  Park,  (So,21-­‐6-­‐1) (Elgin,  1st)

Walter  Dye,  Fenton,  (Sr,31-­‐1)

Dye 10-­‐5 Cizek 16-­‐11

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Jim  Cizek,  Oak  Lawn,  (Jr,28-­‐0) (Rich  East,  1st)

Bob  Daulton,  Buffalo  Grove,  (So,26-­‐7)

Cizek 9-­‐1

Cizek 10-­‐4;  OT

(Barrington,  2nd)

Tony  Ruh,  Chicago  (Lane),  (So,36-­‐5) (Chicago,  1st)

Russ  Halbrook,  Granite  City  So.,  (Jr,29-­‐3-­‐1)

Halbrook 14-­‐2 Halbrook 15-­‐4

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Kevin  McNinch,  East  Moline,  (Sr,28-­‐3-­‐2) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Sean  Sterr,  Joliet  (Catholic),  (Fr,26-­‐7)

98  lbs.              

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McNinch 8-­‐5 Cizek 9-­‐3

(Bradley,  2nd)

Kalvin  Nelson,  Danville,  (Jr,26-­‐4) (Bradley,  1st)

Keith  Hulbert,  Bloom,  (Jr,30-­‐2)

Hulbert 8-­‐5 Hulbert 7-­‐1

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Tony  DiGuida,  Ridgewood,  (Sr,31-­‐0-­‐1) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Mike  Farina,  York,  (So,25-­‐4)

Farina 11-­‐10;  OT Reiser 3-­‐0

(Elgin,  2nd)

Mike  Sullivan,  Carmel,  (So,24-­‐2-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Kevin  Kurrie,  Chicago  (Dunbar),  (Sr,26-­‐4)

Sullivan 4-­‐3 Reiser 10-­‐3

(Chicago,  2nd)

Jim  Reiser,  Belleville  (East),  (Sr,28-­‐0-­‐1) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Doug  Schaffer,  Sterling,  (So,21-­‐4)

Reiser 5-­‐3

1st-­‐Jim  Cizek,  Oak  Lawn,  (Jr,32-­‐0) 2nd-­‐Jim  Reiser,  Belleville,  (Sr,31-­‐1-­‐1) 3rd-­‐Walter  Dye,  Fenton,  (Jr,36-­‐2) 4th-­‐Keith  Hulbert,  Bloom,  (Jr,33-­‐4) 5th-­‐Mike  Sullivan,  Carmel,  (So,28-­‐4-­‐1)

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Sectional  Placing  Under  Name

Halbrook Daulton   (1st  Rd.  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist) Ruh  (1st  Rd.  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist)

Daulton 10-­‐0 Dye 12-­‐2

Dye  ( 1/4  final  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist ) McNinch  ( 1/4  final  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist)

Dye 16-­‐0


Schaffer 5-­‐0 Sullivan 2-­‐1

Farina  ( 1/4  final  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist ) Sullivan   (1/4  final  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist)

Halbrook Sullivan Forfeit

Nelson  ( 1st  Rd.  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist) Schaffer  ( 1st  Rd.  loser  of  semi-­‐finalist )

Dye Default

Sullivan 6-­‐2

Hulbert 7-­‐6 Hulbert

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Dye Fall  2:34


Brian  Mitchell,  Belleville  (West),  (Sr,26-­‐3) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Randy  Shaw,  Moline,  (Sr,25-­‐3-­‐1) Vito  Vee,  Notre  Dame,  (Sr,29-­‐4) Joe  Williams,  DeKalb,  (So,23-­‐3-­‐2)

Vee 3-­‐2 Cabrera 5-­‐0

(Elgin,  2nd)

Jeff  Levitetz,  Deerfield,  (Jr,14-­‐10) (Barrington,  1st)

John  Cabrera,  Joliet  (West),  (Sr,28-­‐2)

Cabrera 7-­‐1 Cabrera 12-­‐0

(Bradley,  2nd)

Mark  Butz,  Carl  Sandburg,  (Sr,23-­‐1-­‐1) (Rich  East,  1st)

Anthony  Lockhart,  Chicago  (Dunbar),  (Jr,16-­‐7)

Butz Fall  5:13 Cabrera 4-­‐1

(Chicago,  2nd)

Gary  Evans,  Schaumburg,  (Sr,10-­‐0) (Elgin,  1st)

Cashette,  Granite  City  So.,

Evans 5-­‐2 Hightower 6-­‐3

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Bernard  Hightower,  Chicago  (Tilden),  (Jr,20-­‐0-­‐1) (Chicago,  1st)

Jesse  Watson,  Woodstock,  (Jr,29-­‐2)

Hightower 5-­‐1 Adams 2-­‐0

(Barrington,  2nd)

Jim  Adams,  Pekin,  (Sr,32-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Carl  Foreside,  Proviso  (East),  (So,28-­‐1)

Adams 3-­‐0 Adams 4-­‐2

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Mark  Jordine,  Bloomington,  (Sr,32-­‐1) (Bradley,  1st)

Tom  Matti,  Fenton,  (Jr,23-­‐7)

Jordine 6-­‐0

1st-­‐John  Cabrera,  Joliet  (West),  (Sr,32-­‐2) 2nd-­‐Jim  Adams,  Pekin,  (Sr,35-­‐2) 3rd-­‐Bernard  Hightower,  Tilden,  (Jr,24-­‐1-­‐1) 4th-­‐Mark  Butz,  Sandburg,  (Sr,27-­‐3-­‐1) 5th-­‐Mark  Jordine,  Bloomington,  (Sr,36-­‐3)

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Vee Williams Levitetz

Williams 9-­‐1

Butz 12-­‐2


Foreside Fall2:56 Jordine 15-­‐1

Evans Jordine

Vee Jordine 10-­‐8

Watson Foreside

Butz 3-­‐0 Butz 5-­‐1

Mitchell Butz


Vee 14-­‐8

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd) (West  Leyden,  1st)

105  lbs.

Mitchell 12-­‐5

Jordine 13-­‐3

Hightower 4-­‐2 Hightower

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Hightower 7-­‐5


Russell  Jackson,  Chicago  (Tilden),  (Sr,21-­‐1) (Chicago,  1st)

Phil  Lapinski,  Granite  City  So,  (Sr,8-­‐3)

Triveline 5-­‐4

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Dave  Triveline,  Thornwood,  (Jr,26-­‐1) (Rich  East,  1st)

John  Loffredo,  Waukegan,  (Sr,20-­‐6)

Triveline 3-­‐2 Triveline 9-­‐2

(Barrington,  2nd)

Mark  Peterson,  Glenbard  (West),  (Sr,28-­‐2) (Elgin,  1st)

Paul  Phillips,  Normal,  (Sr,26-­‐2-­‐1)

Peterson 4-­‐2 Rossetti 7-­‐4

(Bradley,  2nd)

Mickey  Rossetti,  New  Trier  (West),  (Sr,29-­‐2) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Mark  Ehni,  Peoria  (Richwoods),  (Jr,26-­‐3)

Rossetti 13-­‐6 Maxey 7-­‐4

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Rudy  Pyle,Granite  City  No,    (Sr,26-­‐1-­‐1) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

John  Keane,  Sandburg,  (Jr,21-­‐3)

Pyle 8-­‐3 Ruddy 2-­‐0

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Jorge  Cervantes,  Rock  Falls,  (So,25-­‐3) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Terry  Ruddy,  Schaumburg,  (Jr,26-­‐4)

Ruddy 7-­‐4 Maxey 17-­‐6

(Elgin,  2nd)

Greg  Maxey,  Joliet  (Central),  (Sr,29-­‐0) (Bradley,  1st)

Charles  Blum,  Chicago  (Bogan),  So,17-­‐4)

Maxey 15-­‐3 Maxey 19-­‐6

(Chicago,  2nd)

Scott  Schaffer,  Antioch,  (Jr,29-­‐3) (Barrington,  1st)

Mike  Bryan,  Arlington,  (Sr,25-­‐4-­‐2)

112  lbs.              

Lapinski 2-­‐1

Schaffer 8-­‐1

1st-­‐Greg  Maxey,  Joliet  (Central),  (Sr,33-­‐0) 2nd-­‐Dave  Triveline,  Thornwood,  (Jr,29-­‐2) 3rd-­‐Mickey  Rossetti,  New  Trier  (West),  (Sr,32-­‐3) 4th-­‐Terry  Ruddy,  Schaumburg,  (Jr,29-­‐6) 5th-­‐Mark  Peterson,  Glenbard  (West),  (Sr,32-­‐3)

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Rossetti Loffredo Loffredo 5-­‐4


Rossetti AA Peterson 5-­‐3

Lapinski Peterson 2-­‐1


Peterson Peterson 5-­‐0



Cervantes 11-­‐5


Schaffer 6-­‐4

Pyle Schaffer 4-­‐2

Schaffer AA  =  Automatic  Advancement

Ruddy 5-­‐4 Ruddy

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Rossetti 5-­‐1


119  lbs.              

Bob  Saric,  Homewood-­‐Flossmoor,  (Sr,20-­‐6) (Rich  East,  1st)

Carlos  Weston,  E.St.Louis,  (Jr,22-­‐9-­‐2)

Weston 2-­‐0 Commisso 5-­‐2

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Mel  Commisso,  Sterling,  (Sr,34-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Walter  Perkins,  Chicago  (Dunbar),  (Jr,8-­‐1)

Commisso 16-­‐1 Sullivan 3-­‐1

(Chicago,  2nd)

Bill  Parkinson,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,29-­‐4) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Tim  Staley,  Crete-­‐Monee,  (Sr,20-­‐6)

Parkinson 8-­‐3 Sullivan 10-­‐4

(Bradley,  2nd)

Albert  Sullivan,  DeKalb,  (Jr,26-­‐0-­‐1) (Elgin,  1st)

Jack  Cotto,  Glenbrook  (North),  (Sr,27-­‐2)

Sullivan 8-­‐6 Mulrenin 8-­‐6

(Barrington,  2nd)

Jeff  Schelinski,  Warren,  (Sr,26-­‐2-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Brad  Martin,  Rochelle,  (Sr,27-­‐6)

Schelinski 11-­‐2 Hestrup 9-­‐3

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Lionel  Suber,  Chicago  (Vocational),  (Sr,31-­‐1) (Chicago,  1st)

Joel  Hestrup,  St.  Charles,  (Sr,27-­‐4)

Hestrup 11-­‐2 Mulrenin 11-­‐6

(Elgin,  2nd)

Scott  Trizzino,  Joliet  (Central),  (So,23-­‐2-­‐1) (Bradley,  1st)

Jay  Check,  Maine  (East),  (Sr,18-­‐10-­‐1)

Trizzino 2-­‐0 Mulrenin Fall  5:47

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

John  Niebur,  Granite  City  So.,  (Sr,36-­‐0) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Terry  Mulrenin,  Oak  Lawn,  (Sr,22-­‐3-­‐1)

Mulrenin 7-­‐2

1st-­‐Terry  Mulrenin,  Oak  Lawn,  (Sr,26-­‐3-­‐1) 2nd-­‐Albert  Sullivan,  DeKalb,  (Jr,29-­‐1-­‐1) 3rd-­‐Joel  Hestrup,  St.  Charles,  (Sr,31-­‐5) 4th-­‐Jack  Cotto,  Glenbrook  No,(Sr,30-­‐4) 5th-­‐John  Niebur,  Granite  City  So,(Sr,39-­‐2)

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Commisso Perkins Cotto

Cotto 18-­‐1 Cotto 10-­‐5

Weston   Parkinson

Parkinson 11-­‐1


Niebur 5-­‐3 Niebur 11-­‐5

Schelinski Trizzino

Commisso Niebur 10-­‐6;  OT

Suber Niebur

Cotto 10-­‐5

Schelinski 5-­‐0

Hestrup 5-­‐4 Hestrup

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Hestrup 7-­‐2


David  Thomas,  Springfield  SE,  (Sr,27-­‐1-­‐1) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Ed  Heidenreich,  Chicago  (Bogan),  (Sr,17-­‐6) Rich  Morris,  Elk  Grove,  (Sr,24-­‐2) Ron  Brown,  Rock  Falls,  (Sr,24-­‐5)

Morris Fall  4:42 Morris 6-­‐5

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Alex  Riccomini,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,30-­‐0) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Dave  DeRose,  Waukegan,  (Sr,24-­‐5)

Riccomini 13-­‐5 Riccomini 18-­‐2

(Barrington,  2nd)

Dale  Larson,  Hillcrest,  (Sr,23-­‐5) (Rich  East,  1st)

Rod  Bohm,  Pontiac,  (Sr,27-­‐1)

Larson Fall  3:09 Morris 6-­‐5

(Bradley,  2nd)

Dale  Eggert,  Libertyville,  (Sr,25-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Mike  Keane,  Sandburg,  (Sr,22-­‐4-­‐3)

Eggert 4-­‐1 Eggert 3-­‐0

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Carmelo  Flores,  Chicago  (Lake  View),  (Jr,24-­‐4) (Chicago,  1st)

Jerry  Whittaker,  Evanston,  (Sr,27-­‐2)

Whittaker 7-­‐1 Eggert 2-­‐0

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Joe  Perez,  Joliet  (East),  (Jr,28-­‐0) (Bradley,  1st)

Don  Heath,  Granite  City  So,  (Sr,33-­‐3)

Heath 8-­‐4 Puebla 11-­‐2

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Kevin  Puebla,  Moline,  (Jr,32-­‐0) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Andy  King,  DeKalb,  (Sr,24-­‐4-­‐1)

Puebla 9-­‐6

1st-­‐Rick  Morris,  Elk  Grove,  (Jr,28-­‐2) 2nd-­‐Dale  Eggert,  Libertyville,  (Sr,28-­‐2) 3rd-­‐Alex  Riccomini,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,33-­‐1) 4th-­‐Kevin  Puebla,  Moline,  (Jr,35-­‐2) 5th-­‐Jerry  Whittaker,  Evanston,  (Sr,31-­‐4)

(Elgin,  2nd)

Riccomini Brown DeRose

DeRose 1-­‐0

Larson 9-­‐8


King 9-­‐7 Whittaker 4-­‐3

Whittaker Heath

DeRose Whittaker 3-­‐2

Keane King

Riccomini AA DeRose 3-­‐2

Thomas   Larson


Morris 12-­‐4

(Chicago,  2nd) (Elgin,  1st)

126  lbs.

Thomas Fall  0:55

Whittaker 13-­‐0

Puebla  11-­‐7;  OT Puebla

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Riccomini 8-­‐2


Kevin  Moylan,  Chicago  (Lane),  (Sr,28-­‐5) (Chicago,  1st)

Steve  Hefley,  Hillsboro,  (Sr,20-­‐1)

Frazee 14-­‐7

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Tim  Rumler,  Moline,  (Sr,27-­‐6) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Paul  Frazee,  Niles  (West),  (Sr,15-­‐1)

Frazee 11-­‐4 Frazee 7-­‐4

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

John  Beck,  Conant,  (Sr,26-­‐1) (Elgin,  1st)

Tim  Gerdes,  Oak  Forest,  (Sr,26-­‐1)

Beck Fall  5:01 Mueller 11-­‐9

(Rich  East,  2nd)

King  Mueller,  Romeoville,  (So,29-­‐0) (Bradley,  1st)

Drew  Meshes,  Deerfield,  (Jr,29-­‐3)

Mueller 11-­‐3 Krist 6-­‐4

(Barrington,  2nd)

Steve  Voorhees,  Roxana,  (Sr,27-­‐6-­‐1) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Mike  Hayse,  Morris,  (Sr,27-­‐3-­‐1)

Hayse 8-­‐0 Krist 16-­‐1

(Bradley,  2nd)

Ernie  Krist,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,28-­‐0) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Chris  Donaldson,  Wheaton  Cntrl,  (Sr,21-­‐8)

Krist 10-­‐1 Krist 8-­‐3

(Elgin,  2nd)

Robert  Powell,  Thornwood,  (Jr,18-­‐3) (Rich  East,  1st)

Dirk  Palmer,  Rock  Island,  (Sr,26-­‐3-­‐1)

Palmer 9-­‐0 Smith 7-­‐4

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Mark  Smith,  Waukegan,  (So,21-­‐5) (Barrington,  1st)

Lawrence  Thomas,  Chicago  (Prosser),  (Sr,23-­‐2-­‐1)

132  lbs.              

Hefley 13-­‐6

Smith 13-­‐4

1st-­‐Ernie  Krist,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,32-­‐0) 2nd-­‐Paul  Frazee,  Niles  (West),  (Sr,18-­‐2) 3rd-­‐King  Mueller,  Romeoville,  (So,32-­‐1) 4th-­‐Mark  Smith,  Waukegan,  (So,24-­‐7) 5th-­‐John  Beck,  Conant,  (Sr,30-­‐2)

(Chicago,  2nd)

Mueller Rumler Meshes

Meshes 19-­‐3 Beck 12-­‐1

Hefley Beck

Beck 15-­‐6


Thomas 4-­‐2 Thomas 3-­‐2

Hayse Palmer

Beck Beck 8-­‐2

Donaldson Thomas

Mueller AA

Hayse 3-­‐0

Smith AA Smith

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Mueller 17-­‐2


138  lbs.              

Rick  Slider,  E.St.  Louis  (Lincoln)  (Sr,31-­‐2) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Mark  Furlong,  Hersey,  (Jr,20-­‐6)

Furlong  Fall  7:25;  OT Furlong 7-­‐3

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Tony  Cortez,  West  Chicago,  (Sr,26-­‐2) (Elgin,  1st)

Rick  Johnson,  Bloomington,  (Sr,  29-­‐3-­‐2)

Cortez 8-­‐3 Bardis 14-­‐6

(Bradley,  2nd)

Andy  Rich,  Rock  Island,  (Sr,29-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

John  Trice,  Zion-­‐Benton,  (Jr,28-­‐3)

Trice 9-­‐7 Bardis 17-­‐6

(Barrington,  2nd)

Jesse  Hernandez,  Chicago  (Amundsen),  (Jr,6-­‐0) (Chicago,  1st)

John  Bardis,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,26-­‐1)

Bardis 14-­‐2 McCray 3-­‐2;  OT

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Ken  Ambrose,  Decatur  (Eisenhower),  (Jr,27-­‐3-­‐1) (Bradley,  1st)

Larry  Patterson,  Chicago  (Dunbar),  (Jr,8-­‐1)

Ambrose 19-­‐4 Woodward 9-­‐4

(Chicago,  2nd)

Gary  Carr,  Ridgewood,  (Sr,30-­‐0) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Joe  Woodward,  Downers  Grove  (North),  (Jr,27-­‐3-­‐1)

Woodward 6-­‐4 McCray 6-­‐3

(Elgin,  2nd)

Leonard  Simon,  Rockford  (East),  (Sr,31-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Jim  Owen,  Dixon,  (Sr,26-­‐8)

Owen 7-­‐6 McCray 10-­‐2

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Ron  McCray,  Bremen,  (Sr,27-­‐3-­‐1) (Rich  East,  1st)

Don  Hasty,  Granite  City  So,  (Jr,15-­‐5-­‐1)

McCray 15-­‐2

1st-­‐Ron  McCray,  Bremen,  (Sr,  31-­‐3-­‐1) 2nd-­‐John  Bardis,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,29-­‐2) 3rd-­‐Mark  Furlong,  Hersey,  (Jr,24-­‐7)

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

4th-­‐Joe  Woodward,  Downers  No,(Sr,29-­‐5-­‐1)

5th-­‐John  Trice,  Zion-­‐Benton,  (Jr,32-­‐5)

Furlong Slider Hernandez

Slider 9-­‐1 Trice 3-­‐1

Cortez Trice

Trice Fall  1:19


Carr 6-­‐2 Carr 7-­‐1

Ambrose   Owen

Trice Trice 2-­‐0

Carr Hasty

Furlong OT,  RD

Owen 12-­‐5

Woodward AA Woodward

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Furlong 8-­‐3


Leo  Montemayor,  Elk  Grove,  (Jr,24-­‐2) (Elgin,  1st)

Nick  Liakos,  Glenbrook  (North),  (Sr,29-­‐3-­‐1) Dave  Rushing,  Granite  City  So,  (Sr,30-­‐5-­‐1) Drew  Whitfield,  Glenbrook  So,  (Jr,28-­‐6-­‐1)

Whitfield 11-­‐1 Montemayor Fall  3:21

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Jim  Friedrich,  Pekin,  (Sr,28-­‐5-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Jim  Harris,  Danville,  (Sr,25-­‐2-­‐1)

Harris RD;  OT Moore OT,  3-­‐2

(Bradley,  2nd)

Cedric  Webster,  Chicago  (Vocational),  (Sr,27-­‐3) (Chicago,  1st)

Greg  Moore,  Richards,  (So,9-­‐6-­‐1)

Moore 4-­‐2 Beeks 5-­‐4;  OT

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Ed  Beeks,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,23-­‐1-­‐2) (Rich  East,  1st)

Lon  Yeary,  Glenbard  (North),  (Sr,33-­‐2)

Beeks 7-­‐2 Beeks 2-­‐1

(Elgin,  2nd)

John  Dobbie,  Crystal  Lake,  (Sr,31-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Chico  Atkins,  Chicago  (Harlan),  (Sr,31-­‐3)

Atkins 16-­‐12;  OT Beeks 10-­‐2

(Chicago,  2nd)

Rod  Holland,  East  Leyden,  (Sr,11-­‐0) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Don  Reveters,  Lincoln,  (Sr,21-­‐8-­‐1)

Reveters 9-­‐5 Reveters 14-­‐5

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Bill  Masters,  Joliet  (East),  (Sr,13-­‐2) (Bradley,  1st)

Ken  Bybee,  East  Moline,  (Sr,29-­‐4-­‐1)

Bybee 7-­‐3

1st-­‐Ed  Beeks,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,27-­‐1-­‐2) 2nd-­‐Leo  Montemayor,  Elk  Grove,(Jr,27-­‐3) 3rd-­‐Don  Reveters,  Lincoln,  (Sr,24-­‐9-­‐1) 4th-­‐Drew  Whitfield,  Glenbrook  So,(Jr,32-­‐8-­‐1) 5th-­‐Greg  Moore,  Richards,  (So,12-­‐8-­‐1)

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Moore Liakos Webster

Webster Forfeit

Whitfield Fall  2:50


Yeary 12-­‐2 Bybee Fall  0:36

Atkins Bybee

Moore Moore 9-­‐7

Yeary Holland

Whitfield 4-­‐0 Whitfield 11-­‐1

Whitfield   Harris


Montemayor 12-­‐4

(Barrington,  2nd) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

145  lbs.

Montemayor Fall  5:15

Bybee Fall  3:04

Reveters AA Reveters

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Reveters 1-­‐0

Dave  Powell,  St.  Charles,  (Sr,30-­‐0)


(Elgin,  1st)

Al  Adams,  Barrington,  (So,5-­‐2)

Powell 11-­‐0

(Barrington,  2nd)

Brian  Wilson,  Granite  City  So,(Jr,26-­‐6-­‐2) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Rich  Laffnitzegger,  Glenbrook  So,  (Sr,31-­‐5)

Wilson 21-­‐8 Powell Fall  1:44

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Tom  Payne,  Kankakee  East,  (Sr,26-­‐5) (Bradley,  1st)

Robert  Fleming,  Bloom,  (Jr,30-­‐3-­‐1)

Fleming Fall  1:05 Kerr 11-­‐2

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Derrick  Bradley,  Chicago  (Harlan),  (Sr,25-­‐3) (Chicago,  1st)

Jim  Kerr,  East  Moline,  (Sr,25-­‐1)

Kerr 6-­‐3 Powell 10-­‐0

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Dan  Koch,  East  Peoria,  (Sr,29-­‐4-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Jeff  Newmark,  Chicago  (Lane),  (Jr,27-­‐9-­‐2)

Koch 4-­‐0 Koch 5-­‐3

(Chicago,  2nd)

Lon  Marchel,  Palatine,  (Sr,28-­‐4) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Don  Smith,  Wood  River,  (Sr,26-­‐6)

Smith 6-­‐1 Holliday 5-­‐2

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Joe  Kukla,  Grant,  (Sr,22-­‐4-­‐1) (Barrington,  1st)

Gehrig  Dergo,  Morris,  (So,23-­‐7)

Kukla 6-­‐1 Holliday 6-­‐5

(Bradley,  2nd)

Richard  Holliday,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,24-­‐5) (Rich  East,  1st)

Jeff  Hochleutner,  Downers  Grove  (North),  (Sr,18-­‐7)

155  lbs.              

Powell 23-­‐1

Holliday Fall  5:37

1st-­‐Dave  Powell,  St.  Charles,  (Sr,34-­‐0) 2nd-­‐Richard  Holliday,  Rich  (Central),  (Sr,27-­‐6) 3rd-­‐Jim  Kukla,  Grant,  (Sr,27-­‐5-­‐1) 4th-­‐Brian  Wilson,  Granite  City  So,  (Jr,30-­‐8-­‐2) 5th-­‐Dan  Koch,  East  Peoria,  (Sr,32-­‐6-­‐1)

(Elgin,  2nd)

Kerr Adams Bradley

Bradley 2-­‐1 Wilson 15-­‐3

Wilson Fleming

Wilson 9-­‐5


Hochleutner 8-­‐6 Kukla Fall  1:46

Smith Kukla

Kerr Koch 3-­‐1

Newmark Hochleutner

Wilson 11-­‐0

Kukla 15-­‐4

Kukla 4-­‐0 Koch

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Kukla 1-­‐0


167  lbs.              

Dwayne  McCallum,  Joliet  (West),  (Sr,29-­‐0) (Bradley,  1st)

Steve  Larson,  Lincoln,  (Sr,25-­‐6-­‐2)

McCallum 5-­‐0 McCallum 3-­‐1

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Clifton  Thurman,  Chicago  (Orr),  (Jr,25-­‐2) (Chicago,  1st)

Perry  Acervi,  East  leyden,  (Jr,16-­‐2)

Thurman 11-­‐5 McCallum 7-­‐2

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Ken  Smith,  Wheeling,  (Sr,33-­‐0) (Barrington,  1st)

Larry  Conrad,  Glenbard  (South),  (Sr,27-­‐2)

Smith 18-­‐1 Smith 15-­‐4

(Elgin,  2nd)

Brad  Harbach,  Freeport,  (Sr,31-­‐0) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Chuck  Freiberg,  Richards,  (Sr,23-­‐6-­‐1)

Harbach 9-­‐2 McCallum 8-­‐3

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Craig  Beadnell,  Reavis,  (Sr,21-­‐1) (Rich  East,  1st)

Jay  Hangartner,  Pekin,  (Sr,34-­‐2)

Beadnell 13-­‐3 Bartasis 6-­‐5

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Jim  Bartasis,  Downers  Grove  (North),  (Sr,28-­‐1) (Elgin,  1st)

Jose  Nino,  Chicago  (Kelvyn  Park),  (Jr,32-­‐5-­‐1)

Bartasis Fall  3:03 Hagestrom 8-­‐4

(Chicago,  2nd)

Mike  Skoullos,  Maine  (South),  (Sr,23-­‐2) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Anvil  Nelson,  Danville,  (Sr,25-­‐4)

Skoullos 4-­‐1 Hagestrom 18-­‐8

(Bradley,  2nd)

Steve  Hagestrom,  Edwardsville,  (Sr,30-­‐0) (Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Bryan  Willman,  Mundelein,  (Sr,26-­‐1-­‐3)

Hagestrom Fall  5:57

1st-­‐Dwayne  McCallum,  Joliet  (West),  (Sr,33-­‐0)

2nd-­‐Steve  Hagestrom,  Edwardsville,(Sr,33-­‐1) 3rd-­‐Jim  Bartasis,  Downers  Grove  No.,(Sr,32-­‐2)

(Barrington,  2nd)

4th-­‐Ken  Smith,  Wheeling,  (Sr,36-­‐2) 5th-­‐Bryan  Willman,  Mundelein,(Sr,29-­‐3-­‐3)

Smith Larson Conrad

Larson 4-­‐3 Larson 5-­‐4

Thurman Harbach

Thurman 5-­‐4


Willman 5-­‐0 Willman 4-­‐2

Beadnell Skoullos

Larson Willman 2-­‐0

Nino Willman

Smith 10-­‐2

Beadnell Fall  4:16

Bartasis 4-­‐0 Bartasis

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Bartasis 17-­‐5

Tim  McCoy,  Roxana,  (Sr,32-­‐3)


(Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Mike  Klansek,  Moline,  (Sr,23-­‐11) Bob  Hayes,  Downers  Grove  (South),  (Sr,28-­‐3) Al  Black,  Rockford  (Jefferson),  (Jr,17-­‐9-­‐1)

Hayes Fall  3:37 Ayres 12-­‐4

(Barrington,  2nd)

Robin  Ayres,  Rich  (East),  (Sr,31-­‐0) (Rich  East,  1st)

Tim  Gruber,  Joliet  (Catholic),  (Jr,25-­‐4)

Ayres Fall  3:07 Ayres 6-­‐4

(Bradley,  2nd)

Mike  Mead,  Chicago  (Tilden),  (Sr,19-­‐1) (Chicago,  1st)

Jim  Whitfield,  Glenbrook  (South),  (Sr,31-­‐5)

Mead 3-­‐2 Ayres 13-­‐2

(West  Leyden,  2nd)

Alan  Marzano,  Niles  (Notre  Dame),  (Sr,30-­‐3) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Mark  Stettner,  Elgin,  (Sr,28-­‐4)

Marzano 7-­‐3 Marzano Fall  1:39

(Elgin,  2nd)

Terry  Flannery,  Glenbrook  (North),  (Sr,22-­‐4) (Barrington,  1st)

Greg  Dennison,  Springfield,  (Jr,28-­‐1)

Flannery Fall  5:18 Marzano Fall  5:51

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Jim  Marsh,  Dixon,  (Sr,30-­‐1) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Don  Thurston,  Sandburg,  (Sr,20-­‐4-­‐2)

Marsh 6-­‐5 Marsh 12-­‐3

(Rich  East,  2nd)

Eddie  Long,  Decatur,  (Sr,27-­‐6) (Bradley,  1st)

Brent  Dienethal,  Chicago  (Lane),  (Sr,27-­‐7)


Hayes 8-­‐2

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd) (Elgin,  1st)

185  lbs.

McCoy 5-­‐4

Long 12-­‐4

1st-­‐Robin  Ayres,  Rich  (East),  (Sr,35-­‐0) 2nd-­‐Alan  Marzano,  Niles  (Notre  Dame),  (Sr,33-­‐4)

3rd-­‐Terry  Flannery,  Glenbrook  No,  (Sr,27-­‐5) 4th-­‐Mike  Mead,  Chicago  (Tilden),  (Sr,23-­‐3)

(Chicago,  2nd)

5th-­‐Bob  Hayes,  Downers  Grove  (South),  (Sr,31-­‐5)

Hayes Black     Gruber

Black 3-­‐1 Mead 7-­‐3

McCoy     Mead

Mead Fall  1:38


Thurston 6-­‐0 Flannery 9-­‐4

Flannery Long

Hayes Hayes 8-­‐0

Stettner Thurston

Mead 8-­‐4

Flannery Fall  2:17

Flannery 9-­‐0 Marsh

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Flannery 6-­‐3

Chuck  Urban,  Highland,  (Sr,22-­‐3)


(Granite  City  So.,  1st)

Stan  Cordts,  Maine  (West),  (Sr,22-­‐4) Carl  Sansone,  Reavis,  (Sr,21-­‐5-­‐1) Bob  Noelke,  Glenbard  (West),  (Jr,18-­‐6-­‐3)

Noelke 7-­‐2 Nino 11-­‐3

(Elgin,  2nd)

John  Nino,  Chicago  (Kelvyn  Park),  (Sr,34-­‐0-­‐1) (Chicago,  1st)

Tom  Rucks,  Waukegan,  (Sr,27-­‐3)

Nino 7-­‐3 Nino OT,  3-­‐3,  RD

(Barrington,  2nd)

James  Taylor,  Peoria  (Woodruff),  (Sr,30-­‐0) (Peoria  Richwoods,  1st)

Dale  Holcomb,  Romeoville,  (Jr,22-­‐7)

Taylor 1-­‐0 Gurka 3-­‐2

(Bradley,  2nd)

John  Gurka,  Joliet  (East),  (Jr,27-­‐0) (Bradley,  1st)

Dave  Berousek,  Riverside-­‐Brookfield,  (Sr,20-­‐4-­‐4)

Gurka 5-­‐2 Gurka Fall  3:23

(Rich  East,  2nd)

John  Griffin,  Wheaton  (Central),  (Sr,27-­‐1-­‐2) (Elgin,  1st)

Dudley  Stennis,  E.St.  Louis  (Lincoln),  (Sr,30-­‐5)

Stennis 7-­‐1 Gurka 6-­‐4

(Granite  City  So.,  2nd)

Steve  Montgomery,  Libertyville,  (Sr,25-­‐0) (Barrington,  1st)

Thaxter  Hurd,  Chicago  (Dunbar),  (Sr,30-­‐5)

Montgomery 7-­‐1 Montgomery 3-­‐2

(Chicago,  2nd)

Ron  Grant,  Maine  (East),  (Sr,16-­‐1-­‐1) (West  Leyden,  1st)

Bob  Taylor,  Pekin,  (So,26-­‐6-­‐1)

Taylor 4-­‐3

1st-­‐John  Gurka,  Joliet  (East),  (Jr,31-­‐0) 2nd-­‐John  Nino,  Chicago  (Kelvyn  Park),  (Sr,37-­‐1-­‐1)

3rd-­‐James  Taylor,  Peoria  (Woodruff),  (Sr,35-­‐1) 4th-­‐Steve  Montgomery,  Libertyville,(Sr,28-­‐2) 5th-­‐Dudley  Stennis,  E.St.  Louis  (Lincoln),(Sr,34-­‐7)

(Peoria  Richwoods,  2nd)

Noelke Sansone Rucks

Sansone 15-­‐3

Taylor 3-­‐1


Berousek 2-­‐1 Stennis Fall  1:44

Stennis B.  Taylor

Noelke Stennis 5-­‐3

Berousek Hurd

Taylor Fall  2:24 Taylor Fall  2:46

Urban J.Taylor


Noelke 10-­‐1

(West  Leyden,  2nd) (Rich  East,  1st)


Urban Fall  3:49

Stennis Fall  4:50

Montgomery Fall  1:44 Montgomery

Assembly  Hall,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  March  1st  and  2nd

Taylor 3-­‐0